Chapter 1 – The Fated Battle Between Geniuses

It was over. Light had lost. As Light ran down the sidewalk he bled profusely from the five gunshot wounds Matsuda had given him. "It hurts so much." "Misa, where's Misa?" he thought as he ran. Eventually the injured Light found a staircase to lie on and he closed his eyes for the last time.


"Everything is going as planned," thought Lelouch the new ruler of the world as he passed the crowd of citizens upon his massive mobile throne. Lelouch looked at the rows of rebels he was about to execute. At least that is what the public thought. Lelouch acted surprised when he looked up ahead and saw the all recognizable masked figure of Zero blocking the road. Immediately the figure sprinted towards Lelouch leaping past his two massive Knightmare guards and his officer Jerimiah Gottwald. Lelouch put on a face of astonishment as the figure of Zero stabbed him through his torso. "Everything has gone as planned, I have taken all of the world's hate and cast it upon myself and ended my life." Zero, as it turns out was Suzaku, Lelouch's lifetime friend who helped him plan his own assassination only days earlier.


Lelouch's and Light's souls went their separate ways, Light's soul going into limbo and Lelouch's soul traveling to the place where he was to find out whether he would be admitted to heaven or to hell. What is even more interesting about their deaths is that they occurred at the same moment in two neighboring dimensions.


Ryuk arrived back in the shinigami realm to the surprise of some of his shinigami friends. "Hello everyone, it has been awhile."

"Hello Ryuk, how was your time in the human world?" said a shinigami.

"It was a lot of fun, humans can make great use of a simple notebook."

"Is that so? You're back so I assume you finished off the human who got ahold of the notebook."

"I have his name written down right here in my notebook," said Ryuk showing it to his friends. Ryuk proceeded to tell his friends about Kira and L and how Near had beaten Light in the end.

After Ryuk had finished telling his story C.C. entered the shinigami realm. She was immediately showered with attention from the shinigami previously listening to Ryuk.

"How was your time away C.C.?"

"Can I get you anything C.C.?"

"Tell us about your time in the alternate human world C.C."

C.C. was one of the few visually appealing shinigami and also a substitute shinigami. C.C., as one of the few possessors of the code, gained immortality and the ability to grant the power of geass to humans. Given to her by the substitute shinigami before her, she kept the code until she was ready to pass it on to the next in line.

The code gave C.C. immortality without the need to kill humans to stay alive. This however, came with a price. C.C. was one of the few shinigami to be able to be seen by humans and did not possess a death note or the shinigami eyes.

C.C. smiled at the shinigamis as they approached. The shinigami realm was one of few places that C.C. felt at home in. All of the shinigamis including Ryuk listened as C.C. told of her stories with Lelouch and the Black Knights.

"Ah, it appears C.C. found as worthy a recipient for her geass as I found for my death note," thought Ryuk.

This was the most excitement that had happened in the shinigami realm in ages. It wasn't long before Ryuk heard some shinigami discussing who would have won in a fight between Light and Lelouch.

"I think Light would have won," said the first shinigami, "After all, C.C. was keeping Lelouch alive and saved him from death multiple times while Ryuk simply stood back and observed."

"I disagree," said the second, "I believe Lelouch would have won because Light often got close to his intended victims before he killed them allowing Lelouch to cast his geass on him then."

Ryuk stepped into the conversation with his usual grin, "I believe that my boy would have taken care of Lelouch quite easily."

"Is that so?" Ryuk turned around to see C.C. standing behind him grinning, "Care to make a wager on that Ryuk?"

Ryuk looked at her, "Heh heh, that does sound interesting C.C. Except they are both dead and only the shinigami king has the authority to revive human souls. Even if we did get the shinigami king's permission we wouldn't have a suitable place for their battlefield."

"We could use Dimension 4," said C.C. with a smile.

"Yes, I suppose we could," said Ryuk.

Dimension 4 was a dimension much like the one Light lived in. However, in this dimension there was no L, there had never been a Kira, and the most noticeable thing about Dimension 4 was that not one of the humans that lived there had a soul. It was of literally no use to the shinigami as it didn't add any years to their lifespan when they killed the citizens with their death notes.

"The only thing we need is the shinigami king's permission to revive Light Yagami and Lelouch vi Brittania," Ryuk said looking up with a pondering look.

"I can get the shinigami king to give me anything," said C.C. giggling.

"Ah, well that settles that," said Ryuk, "Now you can see what Kira is capable of."

"You underestimate the power of Zero," said C.C.

Ryuk and C.C. stared at each other with rivalry in their eyes. Something big was about to begin.