Chapter 7 – Defeat

Ryuk and C.C. were on the edges of their seats. "This battle has developed well," said C.C. turning to Ryuk.

"Yea, I agree," said Ryuk, not turning away from watching Dimension 4.


The police were currently traveling towards Tokyo Kogei Tanki University with the orders to arrest Light Yagami and confiscate all of his possessions. However, Light was not at the university. Light had walked home to get the notes he'd taken for his project.

It just so happened that they had a substitute teacher today. The substitute couldn't do much except to tell them to quietly continue the project they had been working on.

In reality Light had written the professor's wife's name in the death note before he had forfeited ownership. He had made her commit suicide the day before he lost his memories.

"Of course the professor wouldn't go to work the day after his wife died. The substitute can't do much except make sure the students don't get out of hand. I'll most likely want to work on my project," thought Light, the day before he forfeited the death note.


The police arrived in Light's classroom with their guns drawn, "Where is Light Yagami?" said one of the policemen.

"He went home to get notes for his project," said the rather surprised substitute.

Half of the policemen stayed at the college to wait for Light and half of them got back into their police cars intending to arrest Light at home.


Light arrived at his apartment and turned on the light. He looked around and saw his notes in a stack on his kitchen table. Light walked over to the papers and grabbed them instantly regaining the memories he had lost.

Light dropped to his knees, his eyes rolled in the back of his head, and he let out an unearthly yell the likes of which had never been heard in this dimension. After the unpleasant experience, Light arose smiling, "I've won."

Quickly, Light took the tape recorder he left in his jacket. Just in case Lelouch reveiled something. He rewinded it to the time when Lelouch cast his geass on him. Clear as a bell Light heard, "Lelouch vi Brittania commands you..."

Light's eyes grew, "His name, the idiot really revealed his name."

Light quickly grabbed a pen and put it to the paper he had used to regain his memories. Light began to write, "L-E-L-O-U-C-H V-I B-R-"

Light was suddenly stopped by a voice from behind, "I now have no doubt in my mind that you are Kira."

Light's eyes opened widely and he turned around to see the mask and figure of Zero with a gun to his back. "Hello Light, or should I say Kira?"

The police pulled up to Light's apartment building at this moment and Light looked out the window with a look of terror in his eyes. "Damn you Zero, this is impossible! I will not lose again!"

A calm look came over Light's face and he began laughing. "Tell me Zero, will you be happy back in your dimension as a normal civilian?"

"What is Light talking about?" thought Lelouch with his finger still on the trigger.

"We both know the rules of this fight Lelouch, the prize is to return to our dimension without our current power, but what if you could return to your dimension with my power?" Light moved his head up and looked at Zero right in his eyes smiling. "Do you want the death note Lelouch?"

Lelouch winced behind his mask, "Shit, he's presented an offer that is too enticing for me to refuse,"


Back in the shinigami realm C.C. was screaming at Lelouch to kill Light. Ryuk was simply watching, laughing. "Light, you are the most manipulative human I have ever had the pleasure to meet."


Lelouch lifted the gun and aimed it at Light's head, "Alright, show me where the death note is, but if you even make one quick movement, I will kill you."

Light walked over to his bedroom and opened a drawer with Lelouch still behind him. Light lifted the false bottom out of the drawer and presented Lelouch with the death note. "I would read the rules of it before you use it, Lelouch," said Light as Lelouch snatched his death note.

At this moment the police had finally found Light's apartment and burst in through the front door. Two police came in and placed Light in custody, handcuffing his hands together in front of him. "Light Yagami, you are under arrest."

Zero touched the death note with his gloved hands, "I've won Light Yagami."

Light was placed in the police car and driven to the police station as is done for every routine arrest.

Lelouch hardly cared, he had the death note, Lelouch could kill Light any second he wanted to. After Lelouch carefully read each of the instructions in the death note he turned to the first blank page.

"Goodbye Kira," he said as he wrote "Light Yagami" clearly in the death note.

Lelouch held the death note close to him and closed his eyes. "Kallen… Suzaku… Nunnally… I'm coming home."

Lelouch counted in his head, "36… 37… 38… 39… 40…"

Suddenly Lelouch opened his eyes wide. A searing pain hit his chest like a truck. "What's wrong? I followed the instructions exactly" he thought as he dropped to his knees grabbing his chest. The images of all of his friends began to fade from his vision. He wasn't going home again. "K-Kira…" he said and fell down, closing his eyes for the last time.


(40 seconds earlier)

In the back of the police car Light smiled down at his open wristwatch. "This time, I've really won Lelouch." Light took one last look at the piece of paper that had been hidden in his wristwatch. On it was "Lelouch vi Brittania" scrawled out in Light's blood.

Light smiled, "In 30 more seconds Lelouch would be dead. No doubt he's planning on writing my name in that fake death note."

This was the very reason Light had made that fake death note and hidden it in a separate place then the original.

"36… 37… 38… 39… 40…" Light smiled, "Goodbye Zero…" as Light looked up from his watch he noticed both of the policemen looking back at him with red eyes.

"Could Lelouch have used his power on these two policemen?" thought Light with realization in his eyes.

The policeman sitting in the passenger seat lifted his pistol up and aimed at Light's head. "Damn you Zero," said Light grinding his teeth. The policeman pulled the trigger as Lelouch had ordered him to, killing Light in his seat.


Back in the shinigami realm the tension was high. Both of the contenders died at the exact same moment. Shinigami who had placed bets were arguing over who actually won, but both Ryuk and C.C. knew that neither of them had achieved victory.

It had been a good show, but they both failed in killing the other and getting away with it. Ryuk turned to C.C. and stretched out his hand, "Good match C.C."

C.C. took Ryuk's hand with her own and shook it in a symbol of friendship. "They both did very well," said C.C. accepting the outcome of the fight.

"I suppose this means that I won't get to know your real name," said Ryuk.

"Light didn't beat Lelouch, so why would I tell you my real name?" said C.C. looking sarcastically at Ryuk. The shinigami eyes didn't work on other shinigami or substitute shinigami.

Ryuk had been curious about C.C.'s name ever since he learned that killing her with the death note would give him her eternal life.

C.C. knew what Ryuk was planning to do with her name if she had lost, but didn't care much; she had lived long enough already.

They had agreed that if Lelouch had lost then Ryuk would get to learn C.C.'s real name, but if Light had lost then Ryuk would have to forfeit his death note and shinigami eyes to C.C. making her the most powerful shinigami, possessing the code, the eyes, a death note, and the power to grant geass.

However, it was a tie. Life continued as normal for C.C. and Ryuk and it wasn't long before Dimension 4 forgot about the battle between Zero and Kira.