Far Side of the Moon

A/N: Told from BPOV. This is the role reversal of Twilight. Bella is one of the Cullens and Edward is the new student in Forks. Of course this means that they are OOC. Bella can read the minds of everyone – apart from Edward. There are some slight changes to how they came to be where they are today, but it all leads to the same conclusion: They are inexplicably drawn to one another. Darker and cruder than the PG-13 version! Rated M for L&L (language and lemons!)

This story follows almost the same path as the books. Same type of angst and a bit of fluff added in for fun, but with the story being reversed, some things have to change. Sorry if this seems too OOC for anyone, but with the Edward being human, it wouldn't be right for him to do the same things Bella did in the book, and vice versa. Just think if Bella was a vampire for almost a century, how would her mannerisms change? If Edward was a human in the 21st century, how would he be different from the character that we know? Here they are a little more "real". Their features are the same, except Bella is pale and ice cold, Edward is warm blooded and tan. (He lived in Phoenix for goodness sakes!) Enjoy!!

I am cursed to go through this again and again. It doesn't matter that I can speak Spanish a hundred times better than the teacher; I still have to take the obligatory two years of foreign language to get my diploma. Just another piece of paper to me, but a necessary evil to maintain our lifestyle. It doesn't help that in our last "life" I completed yet another degree in Psychology. Maybe this time I will do something different-

"Senorita Cullen?" Mrs. Sanders, the Spanish teacher must have caught me in my "daydream". Even though I did not hear the question, I could pick out the answer in her mind. She looked at me like she finally caught me without the right answer. I could see it in her pointy face, like she just won a battle. So, I let her enjoy it for about two and a half seconds before I replied.

"Las hermanas son gemelas, Profesora Sanders." I flashed her one of my bright smiles and she walked away, her pants making an annoying swooshing sound. I doubt any of these children would have been able to guess the riddle even if it was in English. Well, at least she didn't insist on calling me Isabella. She was so excited when I joined her class since I had an ethnic name. I really did not like anyone calling me that. It brought back too many memories. I did not remember much of my human life, but what I did remember was not good. That was the past; there is no use in dwelling over it. Just like the future that will never end. It really doesn't matter what I decide to do in the next few years. All of it will amount to nothing, but starting over again.


One word: repulsive. Human food gets worse as the years go by. Even I missed eating real food that was cooked by real people. Not processed junk that has been manufactured by machines. How did they even stomach the smell, much less eat it? I tried to find the most suitable props for my tray: an apple, a bottle of water and a bag of chips. At least the bag would stay sealed so it would close off the stench.

Alice walked up behind me with Jasper in tow. He seemed to be taking today a little easier. Hunting last night must have been good for him, since it had been a while. He still had a hard time adapting to our "vegetarian" ways. Jasper gave her a little twirl making her skirt flare above her knees. Yep, he's doing a lot better, I thought. I could even see him staring down her low cut shirt. She swears that dressing to get his attention actually helps him to forget about his thirst. I never argued with her on that. It actually does work! They are almost complete opposites of each other. Her designer fashions and pixie like features contrast wildly with his tall frame and the clothes that look like they came from a consignment shop. Even so, they are perfect for each other.

I sat down at the table in the corner where Emmett and Rosalie were already waiting with props of their own. This was our table. Out of all the white, round tables in the lunch room, this one was the only one that no human bothered to come to. They might not know any better, but their instincts protected them from us. It always amazed me how naïve humans were, even when every sense told them to get away from us, they still considered us as one of them.

Jasper and Alice made a show of gracefully walking toward our table with their food. Jasper lead her with one hand and held the tray with the other. Emmett scoffed at them and Rosalie just rolled her eyes. Anyone could think that Emmett would be on the football team with his build, but we weren't allowed to play any sports in school. Superior strength, speed and all that wouldn't quite help us fit in. Rosalie sat at the table pretending to pick at her food. I know how much she hated even touching it. I sure didn't like to get any of it in MY nails, but her nails were always very neatly done. Today, her nails matched her outfit – burgundy red. She was being daring by wearing a burgundy lace top with too short white shorts. Only she would dare wear something that was against school rules. No one in the school administration would even think about mentioning anything to her. Like I said, we are unapproachable. Emmett was sporting a green t-shirt with jeans. This was just simple enough for him.

Since we would be sitting here for at least another half hour with this stench drifting about in the air, I tried to breathe as little as possible. It wasn't that hard to do, since I really didn't need to breathe, anyway. My sense of smell was helpful when I hunted, or if there were others of our kind near. We could never be too careful, since not all of our kind thought highly of our choice of food.

I looked around at the student body. They would be going places in their lives, even if it was just to get pregnant and drop out of school, or to get arrested in college. They still had progression in their lives that we didn't. We were stuck in an endless cycle of moving and starting over again.

Rosalie glanced ahead of her and smiled at me. "Check out the new one! He's actually cute for a human." She elbowed me in my arm to look towards the other side of the cafeteria. Sure enough there was a new student in Forks High today. From what I've heard in others' minds, his name was Edward Masen. The Masen family moved here from Phoenix, Arizona since Edward Sr. got a promotion that required him to move to the rainy state of Washington. I bet they just love it here, I thought, sarcastically.

Emmett glared across the room and rolled his eyes. "You know he's too short for you, Rose." Since Rosalie loved Emmett's height of 6'6" he knew that she was only teasing with that remark. Rosalie winked at Emmett and made a display of kissing him at the table. Another thing she could get away with in a public school since no one would do anything about it.

"So, I guess they are giving the gory details about us," Alice said, looking over at the other table. Since they all thought they were whispering low enough for only Edward to hear. They would never think that we could hear them from across the lunch room. Even if they happened to be quiet enough, I would still hear what they were thinking. That helped us get an idea of anyone had any qualms about us. Never once have they gotten it right, but there was once that an overactive imagination led us to make a sudden move across country, just to be on the safe side.

Jessica Stanley was sitting extremely close to him, she tried to flirt with him by whispering in his ear, "They are all together." She crossed two fingers as an example that my adopted siblings were each coupled off with each other. "They live with Dr. Cullen and his wife. They adopted them, I guess since she couldn't have kids of her own."

That was when I really got a look at Edward. He was actually good looking for a human. You could tell he loved the sun by the way his skin a golden tint to it. He had long legs, so he could not be too much shorter than Emmett. He wore a button up shirt with a white t-shirt underneath and dark jeans. His eyes were an emerald green with gold flecks in the middle. His hair looked like he had been running his hands through it all day, but that look actually worked for him.

That was when I realized that he had been staring at me. How long was I staring at him? I hope he didn't notice that too much. The last thing that I needed was another incident like when Mike Newton thought I was flirting with him. He didn't stop talking about that to his buddies for a while. His vulgar thoughts were enough for me to want to walk out of the school and not come back. Thank goodness Jessica distracted him after a while; he now only had lewd thoughts when he saw me do something he considered sexy.

"Who is she…?" Edward leaned over to Mike and motioned over to our table. "The one with the long, brown hair."

Mike just snorted. "Don't even try. She is the Ice Queen. She won't even give you the time of day. She actually started flirting with me one day, and then the next she dumped a salad plate on my clothes." I remembered that. It was the time that he was imagining me bent over the lunch table…

'So, what does the new kid think of us so far? Anything interesting?' Jasper thought to me.

I looked over that way cautiously, since I didn't want him to catch me staring again.

Jessica was rubbing up against his shoulder, Wow! He must work out a lot. Mike is scrawny compared to him.

He better stay away from Jessica. I wouldn't put it past him to use his new kid status to make a move on the most popular girl in school. That was Mike, even though he was sitting on Jessica's other side holding her hand.

I looked over at Edward and listened. Nothing… not a word, no images in his mind… Okay, that is strange.

"I don't think he will suspect anything. He seems pretty quiet," I answered Jasper's question just as the lunch bell rang. We all picked up our uneaten food and threw it in the trash. I am still amazed that no one ever pays enough attention to the amount of food we throw away every day.


I made it to my next class before any of the other students. I sat at the table that I had to myself, since Mr. Banner decided that I knew Biology enough to not need a lab partner. His real reason was that he would feel sorry for anyone that had to sit next to me. Even Mike Newton, with all his false ideas of me would not choose to sit next to me for an hour every day. This room was filled with the theme of the class. With the obligatory skeleton sitting to the side and shelves of various plants and animals in formaldehyde, it completed the classic science room. Each table had two stools to sit on and a microscope in the middle to share.

The students started to trickle in. I could hear my name being spoken down the hallway. Mike was talking to someone about me being in this class and giving information about the teacher. He must be talking to the new student. Everyone else would already know. Well, unfortunately for Edward, the vacant seat next to me was the only one available to him. That would make this semester a long one for the poor guy. Maybe now I would be able to hear his thoughts. I've never needed to be close to someone, but who knows, maybe Mike's thoughts were too penetrating at the time.

Sure enough, they both walked in and Mike went to his seat two tables down from me. Edward started to walk up to Mr. Banner with a slip of paper when he walked in front of the fan. His scent smashed into me like a ton of bricks. It was the most wonderful blood I had ever come across in my life. Venom pooled in my mouth as the air circulated around me. He barely took half a step when I bolted up from my seat. Another half a step and I looked around me to survey the damage… There were nineteen students and one teacher.

Twenty people were going to die today.

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