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Prologue: Answers

It was a peaceful day.

The sun was shining brightly and the clouds were thick and puffy. A slight breeze kept the temperature at a perfect level and whistled soothingly as it passed through the trees. The U-shape band of cabins stood in pristine condition. They had all received fresh paint jobs recently and looked as though they had just been built. The grass seemed greener than usual, and the Big House more…blue than usual. Of course, this was all natural weather for Camp Half Blood, surrounded by its magical boundaries that kept out even the rain. Even the baying of the hellhounds in the forest was low and muffled.

A very peaceful day.

Minus the angry demi-god that was storming across the camp, making a beeline for the bright sky blue barn. Sunlight bounced in all direction off of her golden hair, and a fiercely worried angry burned in her storm gray eyes. The owl earrings and bead necklace she wore jangled as she walked.

Correction, stomped.

Her name was Annabeth Chase, and she was nineteen years old.

And she was angry. Royally angry. Seething. Angry as Hades would be after discovering someone had released all the dead back to life. She had just received an Iris Message from her mother, Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy. What her mother had told her had shocked her beyond anything else. She had never thought that she would ever hear the words her mother said to her. They can't do that can they? After what he did? He's been corrupted, he's too far gone. They couldn't…could they? And despite three years of training herself not to think of it, her heart twinged in response to the emotions stirring in her head. Why? I shouldn't have these feelings anymore. What he did was unforgivable. Yet a small part of her hoped, prayed, that the IM had been right. She squashed that part, but it was still there, taunting her. She shook her head to clear it.

She had reached the Big House. She leaped up the steps in a single bound and marched to the door and yanked it open without slowing a step. When she was halfway across the foray, a man stood up from where he was sitting on a bench and approached her. He caught her by the shoulders and restrained her despite her best efforts to break free.

"Annabeth, stop. You can't go in there."

"Let me go, now."

"I can't. You can't. We can't."

"Let. Me. Go."


"Luke Castellan, let me go right this instant! I have to go in there. I have to confirm if it's true, and if it is, convince them what they're doing is wrong!"

"Annabeth, this is the gods' decision, we can't oppose it." Luke was exasperated at this point. "Why, why do you not want it to happen? You two were the closest of friends. You were even…"

Annabeth turned her head aside. "That all changed after the war, after he went insane, Luke."

"You don't even kn-"

"No more, Luke!" Luke started back. There were tears in Annabeth's eyes. "Let me through, now!" Though she tried to sound confident, Luke could here the distress and the desperation behind it. She pushed past the blonde boy and walked to the set of double doors. Luke did not try to stop her this time, he merely followed behind her as she entered the large conference room beyond.

There were several people clustered around a table. At the head, deep in conversation while sitting over a chess board, were a centaur and a man. The man was wearing a cheap Hawaiian shirt and was holding a Diet Coke in his right hand. His left hand was casually gesturing at the ground, where vines were growing as if from no where. The centaur, whose lower half was a beautiful white stallion, looked up in surprise when Annabeth stormed into the room.

But she ignored him, both he and the man. She had eyes for only one person in the room. A girl in black clothes with torn sleeves. She had a silver bracelet and head cord on and she seemed to be slightly shimmering. She had short, spiked black hair. She looked up and her blue eyes locked onto Annabeth's gray ones. They widened slightly, and Annabeth could see the thought racing around in her brain.

Oh shit!

Annabeth charged her, and grabbed two large fistfuls of her shirt and pulled her face close.

"Is it true, Thalia?"

She stared right back. "Is what true, Annabeth?"

"By the gods, Thalia, don't do this to me."


"No. No more excuses. I want the truth. I don't care if it comes from you, Luke, Chiron, Mr. D. over there, or even the gods. I just want an answer."

Annabeth glared at Thalia until she finally glanced away under the force of the daughter of Athena's gaze. Annabeth knew that she had won. Normally this would be impossible. Thalia would normally have thrown her right outside the door, straight on her butt the instant Annabeth touched her clothes. But this was different. This situation made them all...vulnerable.

Annabeth looked at Thalia for another minute in silence before finally asking a single question. Even though it was only whispered, it sounded loud as a church bell during a funeral in the silent room.

"What the Hades do they mean, 'We're releasing him'?"