Well, here goes! The allegiances. Sniff sniff. Real FAREWELLS NOW...

Cast of Characters

Ruby- pale gray she-cat; kittypet, now loner

Socks- black tom with white muzzle, tail-tip, and paws; kittypet, now loner

Tiny/Scourge- black tom with ice-blue eyes and a white paw; kittypet, now rogue

Quince- old, pale gray she-cat; kittypet

Blaze- handsome ginger tom with flame-colored pelt and bright amber eyes; kittypet, now loner

Belle- pretty pale golden tabby she-cat with dark yellow eyes and white-tipped tail and chest; kittypet

Pine- old, large reddish brown tom; also known as Pinestar; former ThunderClan leader

Maple- cream and brown tabby she-cat with white-tipped tail and dark green eyes; loner

Tinykit (paw, fire) - small black tom with a white paw and warm orange eyes; loner, kit of Ruby and Blaze

Pinekit (paw, wood) - dark ginger tom with dark brown paws and amber eyes; loner, kit of Ruby and Blaze

Bellkit (paw, blaze) - dappled golden she-cat with dark yellow eyes and a white chest; loner, kit of Ruby and Blaze

Honey - small cream tabby she-cat with white-tipped tail and pale blue eyes; loner, kit of Socks and Maple

Gem - pale gray she-cat with enormous bright green eyes; loner, kit of Socks and Maple

The Big Author Note of Good-bye's:

It's amazing, isn't it? Ruby is going to end. I mean it IS ending NOW! I might make a sequel, if I get enough begging reviews and ideas... Hehe. Evil me! But, I feel so... emotional! xD It seems so sad that I'm about to end this story I've been writing for not even a month. This was a great story to write. And you all out there reading this right now... I love you guys! xD Your reviews always helped encourage me to keep writing. I shall now make some recognitions.

To the Erins and the Manga Artists: For making the characters Ruby, Socks, Scourge/Tiny, and Pinestar.


All my reviewers, and I'm listing them here! *sniffle* THANK YOU!:

Sorrelpaw, Michaiah, Cheesypineapple, Wildstar272819, Camryn, stormikat, Wildshadow24, person who wants another chapt (LOL xD), ~Grayfur~, Nightshimmer, Hazeldove, The Wolfie, benjv, Coby Cullen, WarriorsAddicted, dude1094, Anonymous, Anonymous, icetalon11, and (). Although I sometimes got random and weird reviews, I still appreciate them. xD

You all, THANK YOU!

I really enjoyed writing Ruby for all of you. It has been my greatest pleasure.

This will be my first completed story... But I wish there wouldn't be a second! xD Well then... Farewell. Bye! xD Find me in another story!

Love you all,