"Perfect Strangers" by MoonPrincess568

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Chapter 1: Pen Pals

The bell rang, signaling that fifth period was over. All the doors in the hallway popped open and a sea of students filled the once empty hall.

"I think I'm going to love fifth period," I said, following behind Mina out our fifth period English class, "Mr. Evans is awesome! And well, not to mention hot!" I let out a dreamy sigh.

"Haha, I know! He's the reason girls go to school everyday," Mina cheerfully agreed and gave me a wink. We headed straight to our lockers to drop off our English books and binders.

"Hey, you two still drooling over Mr. Evans?" a familiar voice came from behind us.

"How can you not!" Mina exclaimed with a big smile, as she turned around to Lita with her school bag over her shoulder. Lita was accompanied by our good ol' friend, Amy Mizuno, whose arms were crossed holding her books.

"I totally agree," Lita giggled, "You guys are lucky that you got him. I got Mrs. Jergens…"

"Mrs. Jergens isn't that bad, Lita," Amy butted in, "I remember last year when I had her for Pre-AP; she was an excellent teacher, well-organized –"

"Pssh… whatever, Amy," I said cutting her off, "All the seniors call her the 'Jerginator' and I heard that she piles the homework on weekends! Even for her regular classes!"

"Yeah I know! It's only the second week of school and I already have an essay! An essay! And she told us we're going to have one every week!" Lita complained in agony.

"It'll be okay, Lita. It'll be okay. You'll get used to it," Amy tried to comfort Lita by patting her on the back.

"Yeah, sure…" Lita said doubtfully, rolling her eyes. "I regret taking AP English now," she muttered to herself.

"So… on a lighter note! We get to talk to our pen pals today!" Mina said with a big smile, trying to avoid the previous conversation.

"Oh, yeah! I almost forgot!" I said.

"Hey, where's Raye?" Amy asked as she tiptoed trying to find our raven haired friend.

"I don-" Mina responded, but was cut off by Lita.

"Hey look over there, Serena's best friend!" Lita teased with a wink and mischievous grin. Oh, here goes my arch nemesis since freshman year: Darien Shields. He's just this annoying guy that always has a kick by insulting me every chance he gets. Every time you see us together, we're always arguing and calling each other names. And I'm surprised we haven't killed each other yet. Well, kill might've been a too strong of a word. Hmm… what's another way of putting it? Oh! It's like having an annoying older or younger brother who won't leave you alone. Yeah, that's a better way of saying it. I do not understand why Raye and everyone else find him so drop dead gorgeous. Yeah, he is the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. He has these jet black bangs that fall into his unusual deep blue eyes, and he's one of the star athletes for football and basketball or whatever. He's like the total package, but with the exception of his ugly attitude, which is so not attractive.

"Ughh…" I groaned as I put my English binder into my locker. In the corner of my eye, Darien was walking right over here. Crap, I think he did hear me… I'm just going to stare into my locker and act as if I'm looking for something. Yeah, that's a great idea. "Don't be affected, Serena," I whispered to myself.

"Hey, Meatball Head," He greeted. I could very well tell with his tone that he has this crooked smile on his face. He always does when he calls me 'Meatball Head'. I ignored him, and continued shuffling my things in my locker.

"Earth to Meatball Head?" he questioned, "Meatball Head? You there?" He placed a hand on my locker door and moved it, so he could see me face to face.

"What do you want, Darien?" I said, tipping the notebook in my locker. I turned my head with attitude, "And I do have a real name, thank you very much." I crossed my arms.

"Okay fine, Serena." He gave in. He leaned against my neighboring locker, but then quickly added with an amused look on his face, "So... Are you failing any classes yet?" As much as I try to ignore him, I can't. He just annoys every bone in body, and I can't contain myself. Just standing next to him aggravates me.

"No, I am not!" I answered and slammed my locker door shut. He flinched as he felt the door swing and backed away. That really hit home. I stepped forward with balled fists, scrunched eyebrows, and looked up to him furiously. He stood there with his arms crossed with a smile, trying not to burst into laughter. My face was hot with anger and yelled, "Fuck you, Darien!" He flinched once again. Ha! Got him there!

"Jeeze, Serena… Don't try to eat me!" he teased, chuckling.

"Asshole…" I grumbled and gave him a nudge as the warning bell rang. A rush of students began walking to their classrooms, slowly emptying the hallway.

"Well, I got to go to class. Bye girls," he said and winked at us. Maybe I'm being too cocky but I sure as hell know that wink was from me, so he could agitate me.

"I think he likes you!" Mina proclaimed as she nudged her shoulder onto mine, as we began to walk to sixth period.

"Yeah right, Mina." I said in disgust, "He lives to torment me. And besides, he has a girlfriend named Tessa, remember?"

"Pssh… whatever, Sere." Mina said, and began questioning, "Why would Darien make fun of you all the time and call you names? Winks at you every time he leaves? Laughs when you get all pissed off? Hmm… what else is there to say? Oh, and every time he talks to you, he tries to get close to you! Need I to say more?"

I growled at Mina and I felt blood rush to my face in irritation, "Stop instigating!"

"You know, Serena… The more flustered you get then the more he will make fun of you," Amy insisted with a very motherly tone, "And the more Mina will bug you."

"And the more flustered you get, the more he thinks you like him back," Mina said, mocking Amy's tone.

"Oh shut up, Mina!" I said, rolling my eyes.

Lita playfully pushed Amy aside and said, "I read somewhere in a magazine if a guy teases you, they actually like you."

"Where'd you get this from J-14, the pre-teen magazine?" I responded sarcastically with a raised eyebrow, "And plus he has a girlfriend."

"Actually, it was Seventeen magazine," Lita clarified.

"I thought they broke up over the summer?" Raye said, breathing heavily. I swear she popped out of no where when we entered the computer class!

"What the heck, Raye? Where'd you come from?" I said, cocking my eyebrow.

"Yeah, where've you been, Raye?" questioned Lita.

"Oh, some stupid kid's phone went off and we had to stay in class. I threaten him because this class was on the opposite side of the school, and I can't be late! He was so scared and finally he coughed the damn thing up. Gosh, stupid sophomores... so irritating," Raye ranted, rubbing her temples.

"Jeeze, Raye. You got some anger issues," Lita pointed out and leaned on Amy, who nodded in agreement.

"She should try going to anger management," I mumbled, and sat down at my seat.

"See! He doesn't have girlfriend! I know love when I see it, because I am the Goddess of Love just like Sailor V!" Mina declared. Oh typical Mina, always thinking she's exactly like Sailor V. Everyone always tells my friends and me that we look exactly like the characters in Sailor Moon. I really don't know what they're talking about. Well maybe personality wise, but not appearance wise. Actually, maybe a little bit. Yeah, I did do Usagi's hairstyle in middle school and throughout freshman year hence the reason Darien calls me Meatball Head. He should stop. I don't do it as often anymore, because of him.

"Mina…" I growled as the others laughed. Ugh! Why are we still talking about this…? Mina has the knack of continuing an interrupted conversation.

"You're just in denial, Serena. I know deep down you like him," teased Mina, playing with my hair.

"No, I DO NOT like Darien Shields," I yelled. I felt people staring at me and heard some whispers. 'Maybe I said it too loud…' "You guys let's please drop it. People are staring…"

Ring! The tardy bell rang. Mina stopped talking and looked to the front of the room, as did the rest of the class, waiting for our Pen Pals teacher to begin class. Talk about being saved by the bell.

"Hello class!" Mr. Daniels greeted as the tardy bell rang. "How was everyone's day?" A mixture of response erupted in the classroom.

"Alright class, I know all of you are excited to actually start chatting with your pen pals, and on the board over there," He pointed to the back wall, "…is your ID numbers and across from that is your pen pal's screen name. I recommend for everyone to write it down. And Row 1, you go first."

The first row got up and walked to back of the room.

"Row 2," He said after the first row returned to their seats. I waited patiently and tapped my fingers on my desk in boredom.

"Alright, Row 3. You're up."

Raye, Mina, and I walked together and fell in line for the list. Four more people and finally get to see who I got. When it was my turn, I went straight towards the light blue colored list and used my index finger to spot my ID number. Ah- ha! There it is. I ran my finger under my ID number and the screen name, just to make sure I got the right person.

Row 3

#10012569- GreenEyedGoddess

#10015374- Like_Oh_My_GOSH

#10033789- MangoKid_21

#10059831- lostpunk711

#10054129- GotMilk?

#1006832- xPinkPardisex3

#1007973- TuxedoMask87

#1009773- xo_sparklez_xo

#1009843- ArcadeGuy101

"Hmm, interesting name?" I said to myself aloud.

"Serena, who'd ya get?" Mina curiously asked as we walked back to our seats.

"I got someone called TuxedoMask87," I responded.

"Oooh, Tuxedo Mask?" Mina replied, "Interesting..."

"Haha, that's what I said. Do you think it's a guy?" I asked and sat down.

"Yeah, mostly likely!" she responded as she nodded.

"But why would he use a Sailor Moon screen name? Isn't it kinda gay?" I questioned apprehensively.

"Hmm… It kinda does. You should ask!" Mina suggested.

"Oh yeah, ask if he's gay! That would be a very interesting first conversation!" Raye snorted, flipping her hair.

"Jeeze, Raye…," I said, then asked, "So how about you, Mina?"

"Uhh… I think it was like Arcade Guy or something like that," she said.

"I bet you he's one those nerds always at the Crowne!" I accused.

"You guys need to stop being so stereotyp–," Amy turned around and commented.

"No shit, Sherlock," Raye blurted out, clashing with Amy's comment.

"Shut up, Raye," I said, then stuck out my tongue.

"Oh... Very mature, Serena!" She retorted, "What are we? In the sixth grade?"

"In case you didn't know, Raye. We're in the eleventh grade. Did you have some case of amnesia?" I said, mocking her tone. Humph, two can play that game. Raye ignored me and began typing on her keyboard. I started laughing, but then she gave me a quick and evil glare.

"Hmm… there are some cute guys there," commented Lita, like ten seconds too late. She had her right hand against her cheek and leaned against the table, daydreaming.

"What if it's Andrew?" Mina said, "His uncle does own that arcade."

"Maybe. I guess you gotta wait," said Lita and winked.

"But the again, you guys there are many arcades out here," Amy remarked.

"So…Who did you get Raye?" asked Mina turning towards her, ignoring Amy.

"I got Green Eyed Goddess," Raye stated.

"Oh, cool," Mina replied.

"Since everyone has their pen pals, please turn on your computers if you haven't already and log on to the server," he instructed while the last person sat down.

"Is everyone's computer turned on?" he asked after a few minutes. People nodded and he went back to his instructions. "Now, log on to the Pen Pals. Oh! I forgot to ask earlier… has everyone downloaded Pen Pals 5.0 from the school website at home last night?"

"Yeah," the class responded in unison.

"Okay then. So go on and talk with your pen pal," our teacher instructed with a shooing hand motion. A student raised their hand.

"Yes? Mr. Yamamoto?" Mr. Daniels said, looking towards the back of the room.

"Umm… So... Where are our pen pals? Like what city?" Kyle asked, standing up from his seat. The teacher's sweat dropped, so did everyone else. Typical surfer dude that sleeps all day in class, never pays attention, and talks nonstop about the beach.

"Well, Kyle. Weren't you listening to what I said last week?" he started and Kyle shook his head replying 'no'.

Mr. Daniel's continued, "Since our school budget is low, we decided to make it into six different classes at the school, all at the same period. So, no one will figure who your pen pal is."

"Ohhh…I see Daniels, my man," Kyle said. Mr. Daniels let out a disappointing sigh as he heard a few giggles around the room.

"Mr. Daniels?" Lita called with a raised hand.

He looked towards and her and responded, "Yes, Ms. Kingston?"

"Do we get to meet our pen pals?" Lita asked.

"No, you may not. Well, not until the end of the year. Everyone must remain anonymous," answered Mr. Daniels. "Anymore questions?" He looked around and waited. No one responded, so he sat down at his desk and it looked like he was grading papers from his previous periods.

Suddenly my computer notified and a flashing instant message box appeared on my desktop.

TuxedoMask87: Hi, what's up?

Moon Princess: Hey, not much

Tuxedo Mask87: What grade are you in?

Moon Princess: I'm a junior. You?

TuxedoMask87: Senior

Moon Princess: Cool cool

TuxedoMask87: What are we suppose to talk about?

Moon Princess: I don't know

TuxedoMask87: So why did you sign up for this class?

Moon Princess: It seemed like a cool and easy class. How about you?

TuxedoMask87: Same

Ten minutes later has passed and we ran out of things to say. I stared at the clock and we still had 30 minutes left in this class. I hope it doesn't stay this way or else this class would be so boring! All of a sudden, I saw my computer notify me that I had a new message.

TuxedoMask87: So… What do you like to do?

Moon Princess: I like to hang out with friends at the arcade, watch tv, and shopping!

TuxedoMask87: Cool, I like doing those too

Moon Princess: You like shopping?

TuxedoMask87: Sure, what's wrong with that?

Moon Princess: Nothing lol

TuxedoMask87: Uh huh, riiight

"Make sure to tell your most innermost thoughts to your pal. Just be honest and go with the flow," Mr. Daniels said.

TuxedoMask87: Did your teacher just ask to speak your mind?

Moon Princess: They're probably reading some handbook or something, because my teacher just told us the same thing

TuxedoMask87: Haha yeah. And what is on your mind?

Moon Princess: Who you are

TuxedoMask87: Too bad :P

Moon Princess: I guess I'd have to wait til the end of the year, huh?

TuxedoMask87: Haha yup

Moon Princess: How about you, what are you thinking about?

Tuxedo Mask: A lot of things

Moon Princess: You don't have to say it if you don't want to

TuxedoMask87: That totally beats the point of this class

Moon Princess: True, so tell me then

TuxedoMask87: Just the typical girlfriend problems

Moon Princess: Yikes...

Moon Princess: Oh, so you're not gay!

TuxedoMask87: What? Why would you think that?

Moon Princess: Well... C'mon your screen name came from Sailor Moon!

TuxedoMask87: Doesn't mean I'm gay!

Moon Princess: Sorry, it was just my first impression on your screen name

TuxedoMask87: Wow… That took a hit to my ego

Moon Princess: Haha my bad! So why did you pick Tuxedo Mask as your screen name?

TuxedoMask87: My girlfriend got me into the show and I can relate to him a lot

Moon Princess: Oh okay, how so?

TuxedoMask87: I don't think I should tell you why, because it might reveal who I am

Moon Princess: You have a point

TuxedoMask87: And where'd you get your screen name?

Moon Princess: It's from Sailor Moon also lol

TuxedoMask87: At least we have something in common, right?

Moon Princess: Haha yeah

TuxedoMask87: So… What's your favorite color?

Moon Princess: Pink! Yours?

Tuxedo Mask: Navy blue

Moon Princess: Cool

TuxedoMask87: Favorite show?

Moon Princess: Sailor Moon!

Moon Princess: Haha, are we playing some sort of 21 questions?

TuxedoMask87: I guess so, want to continue?

Moon Princess: Sure :)

TuxedoMask87: To be honest, I like that show

Moon Princess: lol! Wow… Too much information!

Moon Princess: jk

TuxedoMask87: Hahaha… I never said that to anyone before

Moon Princess: There's always room for firsts, right?

TuxedoMask87: I guess this is what this class is for. You can tell your pen pal anything and you won't be judged by it

Moon Princess: Yeah, I guess so! What's your favorite movie?

TuxedoMask87: I don't have one

Moon Princess: Same, I don't watch a lot of movies

TuxedoMask87: Same here. I'm always busy with work and school

TuxedoMask87: I say if we knew each other in person, we'd get along

Moon Princess: Yeah, I think so too

Another 10 Minutes Later

Moon Princess: I don't really know what to say

TuxedoMask87: Me either

Moon Princess: I can't think of any more questions... I'm so tired. Can't wait to go home

TuxedoMask87: For real, me too

Moon Princess: Aren't we suppose to get topics?

TuxedoMask87: Yeah

TuxedoMask87: Hold on… My teacher is saying something

"Okay class, now that you are acquainted with your pen pal. I should be giving you a topic to discuss about but…," Mr. Daniels said and continued, "Not today, the topic is rather lame. So today is a free day to get to know your partner. Screw the handbook."

Moon Princess: My teacher said we don't have to do the topic

TuxedoMask87: Haha, want to know the topic anyways?

Moon Princess: Sure, go right ahead

TuxedoMask87: The topic was about how can school change for the better

TuxedoMask87: Really dumb topic, I say

Moon Princess: Yeah, tell me about it. Even my teacher said it was lame

Moon Princess: Oh! My teacher just confessed that they do have a handbook lol

TuxedoMask87: Haha seriously?

Moon Princess: Yup

Moon Princess: Should we talk about the topic?

TuxedoMask87: Sure why not

TuxedoMask87: I think the school should really change lunch. It tastes like shit

Moon Princess: I totally agree, and I usually don't turn down food!

TuxedoMask87: For real, me too

Moon Princess: Yeah, food is like my best friend!

TuxedoMask87: lol, you're funny. How can food be your best friend?

Moon Princess: Can too! Food comforts me, satisfies me, and always there for me

TuxedoMask87: Haha you have a good point!

Moon Princess: lol told ya :P

5 minutes later

Moon Princess: So what do you think of Crossroads High?

TuxedoMask87: It's a pretty good school, but it doesn't compare to my old school

Moon Princess: Your old school?

TuxedoMask87: Before I went a private school a couple of miles from here, but I didn't have enough money to support the school fees, so I had to go here

Moon Princess: Oh, when did you go here?

TuxedoMask87: I started high school here. Do you like this school?

Moon Princess: I loooove this school, because all my best friends are here. I wouldn't trade it for the world

TuxedoMask87: That's good. Sounds like you're pretty popular?

Moon Princess: Haha no, I don't think I am

Moon Princess: Do you play any sports?

TuxedoMask87: Yeah. I play football, basketball, and baseball. How about you?

Moon Princess: Dang, it sounds like you're the popular one and very athletic

Moon Princess: Ooo, that will narrow down, who you are...!

TuxedoMask87: Haha, yeah but there is a lot of athletes at our school

Moon Princess: It narrows down to at least 100

TuxedoMask87: Haha true, but you're never going to find out :P

Moon Princess: Haha, I'll find out one day

TuxedoMask87: More like next year!

Moon Princess: Another thing you revealed, you like joking around. hmm…

TuxedoMask87: Yeah, but who doesn't?

Moon Princess: True haha

TuxedoMask87: How about you, on any teams?

Moon Princess: Haha no, but my PE teacher keeps on bugging me to run for track

TuxedoMask87: I'm guessing you run pretty fast

Moon Princess: No, I don't think so. It's more like a force of habit. I'm always late in the morning

TuxedoMask87: Interesting... I'm usually late too

Moon Princess: I wonder if we ever ran into each other?

TuxedoMask87: It could be a possibility

Moon Princess: Yeah. So… What is your favorite ice cream?

TuxedoMask87: Cookies and cream

Moon Princess: Omg! That is my second favorite!

TuxedoMask87: Awesome

Moon Princess: My ultimate favorite is strawberry cheesecake!

TuxedoMask87: Oh, I haven't tried that before

Moon Princess: Omg! It's the best with cheesecake chunks and strawberry pieces

TuxedoMask87: That does sound good. Let me guess you got a huge sweet tooth?

Moon Princess: Haha, hell yeah!

"Alright class, it's almost time for school to end, please say your goodbyes and shut down your computers," said Mr. Daniels.

TuxedoMask87: Well, I guess I'll talk to you later. The class is almost over.

Moon Princess: Yeah

TuxedoMask87: Bye

Moon Princess: Bye

Ring! The day was over and students rushed out of the class. I waited for the rest of my friends to get up. We walked together to our lockers and they were chatting away about their pen pals. I remained silent, stared into my locker, and sighed. All I could think about is TuxedoMask87. He seems like a really chill guy and pretty fun to talk to. Gosh, I wish I knew who he really is. We get along so well, too bad he has a girlfriend... Wait a sec? Am I developing a crush on someone online? A person I just met today? No, I can't be... I really think this school year is going to be interesting, very interesting. I can't wait to find out who TuxedoMask87 is!

Author's Notes: I hope you guys like it! I really think this improved a lot more than the old version. Please don't forget to review!

June 26, 2009