A/N: This is a side project, something that's been in my head, just... well.. it writes itself when its 4am... this'll be very small, chap-wise, and rather dark, i'm not sure if there's a happy ending in here -.-

Dis: only one i want to put, i don't own 'Naruto' or the movie 'Its a wonderful life' and if you've seen it... well... i guess you get where this is going... and this features one character of mine, plus a few concepts my wondering mind comes up with... tis all...

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The last thing seen in his eyes was a strange light glaring from the window beside his bed. In his dazed and groggy mind it was like the light of god slipping in to reach out and grab a hold of his ethereal self and drag it back to where ever the blinding light came from. As his head slipped back the light pasted his eyes until a gray mass was in front of him. The world was fuzzy, the light draining from the edges and being consumed by blackness. He never felt his head hit the backboard of his bed, nor its fall to the side along the soft pillows that called his weary body to their sweet embrace. His glazed eyes barely registered the gray shifting, moving around him and becoming a darker shade of blue. He lost track of the pounding in his mind that was slowly ceasing, the fading motion of rise and fall that was considered normal, the slow pressing numbing in his fingers, all sense of touch, smell, hearing and taste being absent. All that was left was his vision, and soon it too would disappear, be eaten away by the blackness at its edges, holes poking through it as the spots seemed to multiply, grow brightly then eventually fade out only to be replaced by a growing dimness that was slowly fading to black.


Even the voice in his mind could barely muster the strength to form a coherent thought, the other one gone long ago having been unable to fight its master's plans.

-Its… over…-

The haze had lost all color, grey raining supreme and merely awaiting the final fall of the last of the light.

-It'll… be… better…-

Heavy lids long forgotten began their purpose, ideally closing out the remaining light, for the last time.

-You'll… be… happy… now…-

The light faded, the images lingered and faded past still orbs, all was still.


A distant sound…


A fragment of movement…


A familiar presence…


And an empty blackness…