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Maybe Tomorrow I Won't Love You Anymore

Time seems to go more slowly these days. I can't stop myself from falling into this depressing cycle of thinking of him – over and over again! It's frustrating; irritating to say the least. My days are now spent mostly with me, my bed, my pillows and my cell phone – still waiting for his call or even just a text message. I could wait all day long and yet the result would still be the same… I am still alone and not a single message from him! He hurt me and deserted me and yet I can't stop myself from wanting him even if it hurts me more than I let on. I act as if I don't get hurt. I smile like I am in no pain. And nobody sees the tears that I hide from everyone. Nobody even seems to care. I bleed and I die everyday. And no one would notice…

I long for the moment that I would forget about him. For the time that I would no longer wait for him to love me… that he would notice me and love me again…

Lately, my days have been a blur. Not because things go so fast, but because I don't even notice the events that's happening around me. I go to school. I attend class. Get A's. Smile with my friends and pretend like I'm having fun. Everything seems fine while I'm with everyone else. But now that I'm walking alone, I can't stop myself from crying again. Crying in the rain…

The rain…

It's one of the most constant things in my life…

It was said, that it was raining when I was born. The funny thing is, the rain gives me comfort. Making me feel that everything's going to be all right in the end. So I let my body be soaked by the cold yet welcome rain…

"Naruto!" I heard my name being called and stopped my musing to look at the person that yelled my name. I was surprised to see my three close friends.

"Oh hey guys!" I said and greeted my friends.

"You idiot! What are you doing here in the rain? You'll get sick!"

"Hehe.. Hey Sakura! I forgot my umbrella." I said while rubbing the back of my head.

"Why didn't you wait for us then? You're being your emo self again bro!"

"Kiba! I'm not emo. I was just in a hurry to go home."

"Here. You can share my umbrella with me then."

"Thanks Neji. Where's Hinata?" I inquired while moving closer to him.

"Oh. She's still at school. I think she has some club practice."

"Kiba! Shouldn't you be waiting for your girlfriend then?" I said turning my attention to my friend who was walking alongside us.

"I was suppose to wait for her but I have something important to do at home. Hey Naruto! Are you okay?" Kiba answered.

"What? Of course I am!"

"You seem off these couple of days."

I was about to say that I'm okay and that nothing's wrong when Sakura interrupted: "I agree with Kiba. You're a bit different."

"Is this about Itachi?" Neji asked looking impassive.

I sighed. These guys. They know me too well.

"I.. I – I'm okay" I answered, my voice quivering, while trying to stop myself from crying.

"Ohh.. Naru!" Sakura exclaimed while dropping her umbrella and hugging me.

"You know you can tell us about anything. We're your friends; we're always here for you. You don't have to hide anything from us."

I sobbed while hugging Sakura and let my tears just fall.

"I'm sorry, I just don't want to burden you guys anymore. I know you've got your own problems."

"Naruto. You'll never be a burden to us. Don't you ever forget that! Now, why don't we go to my house and get out of this rain. We can talk about it there."

"Okay. Thank you Sakura."

"No problem. Kiba, Neji you coming?"

"I can't. Sorry Naru but my mom needs me to get home early. I'll call you later though and maybe we can do something." Kiba addressed me.

"I need to go as well. But maybe we can do something this weekend? It's been quite a while since we went out." Neji suggested.

"That's a great idea!" I told them energetically; my mood slightly lightening up. "Hey guys, thank you! I thought that no one cares."

"You idiot!" Kiba yelled while bonking my head. "Of course we care. We all care. We are your friends. Now get out of this rain and we'll talk soon."

We went our separate ways. Kiba and Neji went home while I went with Sakura. We walked through the street with companionable silence. As I walk with Sakura, my heart feels lighter and my mind a little less hazy. I thought I am alone in this heartache. I really am an idiot. I forgot that I have friends that are ready to walk with me, no matter how rainy the days may be…

I love walking in the rain. I love getting myself soaked and wet by the pouring rain. But walking in the rain with someone that cares about you is so much better than walking alone. I may not know how to let go of this heartache but knowing that I have my friends with me makes me a lot happier.

"Hey Sakura. Thank you!" I faced her and showed her my genuine smile. Suddenly, my world seems a little bit brighter. Now I know that whatever happens, I will make it through the rain...

And maybe tomorrow… When the rains stops and the sun shines up in the clear blue sky… Maybe by then… Maybe tomorrow, my heart stops beating for him… Maybe tomorrow I won't love him anymore…

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