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Maybe Tomorrow I Won't Love You Anymore

Chapter 5

Time. Life has been pretty fast-paced for me the past weeks. After all the drama that has been happening in my life our school finals exams were a blessing. It made me focus on something else than my heartache. And now, that the classes are finished and all the hazy events in the past, I find myself at peace. They say that time changes everything; that it heals all wounds. Maybe it does, I don't really know. But I think the most important thing that time may give us is the opportunity to grow.

If there was one good thing about Itachi breaking up with me is that it allowed me to grow and mature. It showed me that life isn't all sunshine and happiness. It brought my sight to the right direction and my views into the right perspective. And for that, I was thankful for the heartache. I think I've grown, I think I've matured. I hope that I do. But I guess; only time can tell. Maybe life without Itachi isn't what I've wanted. It sure is not what I've expected. One thing's for sure – it is a blessing. And now that I've opened my eyes, I'm excited at the notion of tomorrow. Tomorrow wouldn't be so bad – I know it!

Naru's POV

Today is the day that we go to the beach and like all teenagers do… have fun! Our whole class is going to celebrate the end of the semester hanging out all day under the sun.

I was waiting at our porch for Sasuke and Haku to arrive; they were my ride to the beach. When I saw Sasuke's car pulling over, I immediately said goodbye to my parents and went out of the house. In a matter of minutes I was inside the car and we were on the road.

"Hey guys!" I greeted both Sasuke and Haku.

I received a 'hn' from Sasuke and a greeting from Haku. "Hey Naru! Are you excited to go to the beach?"

"I am! I've been missing the sun, it's been raining for weeks and I wouldn't miss the opportunity to spend some time under the sun." I answered quite happily.

"That's good. You're finally out of your emo-depressing-state dobe." The bastard known as Sasuke interjected.

"You're so mean Sasuke. Sorry if I took the emo thing from you. I know it's your thing." I said, finishing my retort with me sticking my tongue out which he answered with a smirk.

Haku just laughed at our exchange and said, "Hey, I heard James would be there too. Maybe that's the reason you're excited. You want to see his wet sexy body don't you?"

"I don't!" I said immediately. Looking away, trying to hide my blush from Haku.

The whole ride was spent with Haku teasing me about James. And although, I was the one being teased, I was happy. I was around friends and everything was going back to normal.

We arrived at the beach shortly. Everyone was there already. We got down the car and started walking along the throngs of people looking for Sakura and the gang.

"Naru! Haku! Sasuke! We're over here!" Ino was shouting at us.

"Hey guys! How're you all doing?" I greeted them.

"We're doing great! The sun is so nice. It's time to have my tan back." Sakura answered.

"Hey guys let's hit the waters!" Kiba shouted and we all followed him.

We spent the whole day running along the beach and just having fun. We swam and had a good time. Even Shika joined in our water splashing competition. After a couple of hours, we decided to rest and just hangout. I think it was Hinata who suggested that we stay until after sunset and we all agreed, not really wanting the day to end. It has been the most fun I had since I broke up with Itachi and I didn't even remember him for even a single moment. If this means that I'm moving on or at least starting to, then the future seems great.

Everyone was just lounging at the beach and enjoying each other's company. I can hear the girls gossiping about something while Kiba was roughhousing with Chouji, Lee and Kankuro. As usual, Shika was sleeping but what's surprising is his head resting on Shino's lap. Next to them, Neji and Sasuke were having a silent conversation about some business stuff that I don't really care about.

I was talking to Gaara when Haku came over and asked us, "Gaara, Naru! Could you help me get some refreshments from the van?"

Gaara and I walked with Haku to the van, talking the whole way there. We were teasing Gaara about Neji, and even though Gaara's face was expressionless, I could clearly see the he was blushing.

Sasuke is my best friend, but Gaara, he would probably be like my brother. We are brothers in everything but blood. We just understand each other in ways that no one else could. I remember meeting him at one of our parents' business parties. We were still children then, I noticed that he was lonely and just by himself. I approached him and introduced myself, and from then on we became friends. I think I am his first friend.

As we were getting back carrying the refreshments, someone tapped me on my shoulder. "Hey Naru"

I turned to see who was touched me and was instantly faced with those beautiful green eyes again. I stopped in my tracks and was just mesmerized. I must be looking like a dork because the next thing I knew, Haku was elbowing me and Gaara was coughing.

"Hey James! Did you need anything?" I said, trying to act cool.

"Well, I just wanted to know how you are feeling. It's been a few weeks since we talked and after the incident at the carnival I was pretty worried about you."

I was looking at his face, and I just noticed this adorable lightning shaped scar at his forehead. It was interesting. Again, I caught myself staring and tried to answer quickly so no one would notice. "I'm doing pretty well. Thank you! And I don't think I ever thanked you for helping me back then, so thank you very much!"

"It's quite alright. I was just happy to be there and help you."

It's surprising how comfortable I am around James, even if I am just starting to get to know him. James and I were just smiling at each other.

"Naru, why don't you take James here to the ice cream parlor. It's the least you can do to thank him." Interjected Haku.

"But we still need to get these back to the group and I'm sure James is busy." I answered, trying to get out of the situation. I know I like James but I'm too shy about it. And besides, I'm just starting to move on from my breakup.

Gaara then spoke, "We can take these back. And I'm sure James would like some ice cream, wouldn't you James?"

"Yeah, it's ok with me." James answered, smiling at me.

Before I could even answer, Gaara and Haku was pushing James and me towards the ice cream parlor. Oh my, this is embarrassing! What if he doesn't even like me?

Gaara's POV

Naruto has always been like a brother to me. He's the first person to have come to me and wanted to be my friend. And I cherish him for that. I was a very lonely boy. I was a child when Temari, Kankuro and I lost our mother. Maybe it was sadness that made me choose to close myself towards others. But Naruto was different. Instead of letting me be by my lonesome self, he actually broke the barrier and befriended me. In which, I am most thankful for. Without him, I wouldn't know what could have happened to me.

We were going back to our group when this guy, James showed up and talked to Naru. I can easily see that they like each other. I know the breakup has been hard on my brother, and seeing him smile like that towards somebody else was a good sign for me. At least, he isn't fixated on just Itachi anymore. Speaking of Itachi, once I see him again, I'm going to kill that bastard. But that's beside the point. I was observing Naru and James interact when I heard Haku say, "Naru, why don't you take James here to the ice cream parlor. It's the least you can do to thank him."

I'm not sure if that was really a good idea. But seeing Naru's blushing face made me support Haku's idea. The next thing I know I was pushing Naru towards the ice cream parlor and glaring at James, trying to tell him not to mess with my brother or else.

I looked at their backs for a while before going back to our group.

I hope Naru finds the happiness he deserves.

Naru's POV

It's sunset already. And I was sitting at the beach with James.

I had a great time getting to know him. It was our first real conversation and I was pleasantly surprised that we have so many things in common.

As the sun was setting at the horizon, I find myself just staring at his handsome face – his beautiful emerald eyes; the cute lightning-shaped scar on his forehead and his red lips. I was so caught up at the moment. Just being with him makes me happy.

I was still staring at him when I started noticing that his face is moving towards mine.

Is he trying to kiss me?

What should I do?

Do I stop him?

My mind was going blank. And I decided to just go with it. I closed my eyes waiting for his kiss. Waiting for those lips to touch mine.

It was sunset.

And James… he was going to kiss me…

Maybe this is the change I needed…

Do I let him?

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