Five senses: part five: Sight

Castiel blinked against the blindfold wrapped around his head, eyelashes catching against the thin material, as light seeped through slightly, but not enough for him to see anything. He tugged against the tie restraining his wrists and moaned as he felt Dean's tongue slowly slide down his stomach, gliding further, further, further down his body.

Even though he didn't expect to enjoy the lack of sight, and had even thought it would make him feel vulnerable, Castiel found the experience very enjoyable. Every other sense and emotion was heightened, every nerve ending felt more sensitive, alight with liquid fire, want, need, and the angel gasped, groaned, moaned aloud when he felt Dean's mouth close around Castiel's weeping erection.

The angel cried out with more force when he felt Dean's tongue, teeth, lips move across his cock, and he arched his back, bucked his hips into Dean's waiting mouth, pulling against his tie in ecstasy.

He felt lust roar through him, threatening to overcome him, and he blinked sweat from his eyes, which threatened to blind him more than even the blindfold could . He cried out something unintelligible as Dean's teeth caught on the sensitive skin of his cock, sending shudders through him, and he cried out again when he felt Dean's tongue swirl against the head of his cock.

He begged Dean in gasping breaths, to hurry up, make him come, everything, twisting his hips, when Dean didn't go fast enough. His chest heaved in great gasping gulps, wishing he could just see Dean, even though it meant the heightened pleasures he was feeling now would be lessened. One more sweep of Dean's tongue against his cock, and Castiel lost it, stars bursting in myriad rainbows behind his eyes, as he came, releasing himself hard into Dean's mouth, shouting out Dean's name in undisguised ecstasy, not noticing when Dean pulled away.

He blinked against the sudden wash of light threatening to overcome his eyes, when Dean finally removed the blindfold from the angel's head, leaving Castiel to stare up into the hunter's amused gaze. Castiel tried to say something, but his chest was still heaving, his breath still threatening to choke him in strangled, pleasured gasps in a restricted throat, and Dean chuckled.

"I take it you liked that then, Cas," Dean said, leaning down to steal a kiss from Castiel's parted lips.

The angel responded, closing his eyes, but it wasn't the same. The lack of sight wasn't the same - this time it was voluntary, but Castiel didn't care. He wanted Dean, had always wanted Dean, and craved a repeat performance of the act they'd just performed.

"Please ... please, Dean," Castiel gasped out, finally after the kiss had ended, and his breath had calmed enough to let him speak. "Do that again."

Dean smirked, but didn't say anything; just tied the blindfold firmly around the angel's head again, before trailing kisses unseen down Castiel's sweat dampened body ....