Standing on the beach, waiting for a sign to tell something, something important.

a F O R G O T T E N memory

Who are you?

You forgot my name? Thanks a lot, Kai-!


I wrote it yesterday, to the boy I can't remember. I said that no matter where he is, I'll find him.

One day...

words left u n s a i d

Remember what you said before?


I'm always with you too!

These words, I've heard them before, I'm sure of it.

Wait, didn't I say something like that before?

wherever you go, I'm always with you

The islands...where we used to play together.

Maybe it's fate. I don't know.

Where's my sky? Where's our sky?

s o m e d a y soon

We'll meet again.

Maybe waiting isn't good enough.

Bad or good, I don't know.

My heart belongs to me!

About a year ago...

some things happened

You're lucky.

You make a good other.

Believe in yourself.

Do you hate me for taking your friend away?


Where are all these words coming from?

These thoughts, the voices...

They aren't mine.

Letters begin to spell a word. It's forming in my mind...


Eyes widen in shock as the last two letters finished the word.

No, a name.



Those few lines, I then knew.

a C O N N E C T I O N shared

Who are you? And that's not my name.

I'm Kairi.

Kairi...I know you. You're that girl he likes.

Please, a name!

I'm Roxas.

Okay, Roxas, but could you tell me his name?

Starts with an S.



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