I decided t make a follow-up sequel to "A Penguin's Funeral", my second Surf's Up fic from November 2007 and I hope this sequel will have the same respect as the last one. This fic is dedicated to my friends: Open Season Fangirl 5000, Wolf Mystic and Cody the Maverick. Hope you guys like it.

Someone's Watching Over Me

by: Terrell James

Chapter 1: Life After Mom

It's been 5 weeks since Cody's mom passed away and he's been thinking a lot about her throughout the experience. He felt as if he was alone in the world, especially from Shiverpool. Growing up, he didn't have a father and that his passion for surfing kept him going and also he was smaller and different from every other penguin in his hometown. To realize something like his mom gone, he wondered that with two parents gone and Glen still alive, meant that he would be separated from his family. Since his 2 months living in Pen Gu Island, he felt like it's a good place to live and he's always dreamed about surfing for as long as he can remember and it brought him to where he's at now. He felt like he's happy here, but there was an empty feeling like his family was gone forever.

With his mom on his mind, he sat near the waves on Z's beach, looking at the sky, watching the clouds roll by and every cloud reminds him of his mom up in the sky. He held his head down and curled himself in a ball and felt like he should've done something to prevent it from happening.

Lani and Z were walking towards the beach, and they saw Cody, curling himself in a ball and they grew a little concerned. Lani went up to him with Z behind him and she asked, "Hey, Cody, what's wrong?"

"You okay, buddy?" asked Z.

They heard Cody sigh heavily and he lifted up his head and they saw two tears coming out his eyes. They realized something is definitely wrong with Cody. Lani wiped his tears for him and Z asked, "Hey, something wrong?"

He looked at Z in the eye and replied, "No."

Lani looked at him and wondered something was wrong with him and knew what it was and asked, "It's about your mom, isn't it?"

He turned to her and nodded his head slowly. Z came towards him and gave him a big hug. Lani joined in and felt that Cody needed some comfort and someone to care for. Z asked him, "What do you miss most about her?"

"Everything, man. Her face, her eyes, her caring and gentle voice, and that she took care of me well. Even though, she was a little against my dream for surfing, she's giving me some support and made me happy throughout my life." he said, tearfully.

"I'm sorry about your mom dead, Code. We thought your mom's funeral was amazing." said Z.

"Yeah, I remember. It was so beautiful." said Lani.

"Thanks, guys. I really appreciate you coming to Shiverpool to come over. I really wish you met her again before she died. She would've wanted more than anything, man."

"I'm sure she was very proud of you following your dream."

"Yeah, I wish."

Chicken Joe was walking across the beach, seeing Cody, Z and Lani talking to each other on the beach and wanted to come in on the conversation as well. He came from behind Z and Lani saw him standing there. She asked, "What are you doing here, Joe?"

"Hey, don't let me stand in your way. I saw you guys talking to Cody and I wanted to see what is up." said Joe.

"We're talking about Cody's mom." said Z.

"Oh, right. I remember the funeral. I'm sorry you lost her, dude." said Joe.

Cody turned to Joe and smiled at him and said, "Thanks, man."

"You're welcome, dude."

Cody stood up and he and Joe did their signature handshake to cheer him up and gave him a hug to go along with it. Joe said, "Dude, you know I'm here for you, right?"

"You always have, man." said Cody.

"It's like you two are brothers. One is a penguin and another is a chicken. Throw them together and you have an unlikely pair of social outcasts from different universes and collide together to make two cool, funny, wacky guys both friends for life." said Z.

Cody and Joe were both cracking up laughing hysterically about that comment and were very flattered by that. Cody said, "Thanks, man. I think."

"We're really wacky, aren't we?" asked Joe.

"It's a good wacky."