A long time ago, I learned that life… is a game.

Now, in this game, there are pawns.

And there are those who control the pawns.

Those who control, fight one another, in a quest for dominance. It is how they win the game.

Those who are pawns, do the controller's bidding. They help them to gain control of the other pawns, sometimes by controlling the pawns themselves.

When a pawn no longer holds use to a controller, the pawn is destroyed.

Such, is the game of life.

I, like most others, am a pawn.

I am controlled by myself, strange as it seems.

There is a demon, who lives inside my mind. I am her pawn. She takes control of my body whenever she pleases, and I have no control over her.

When she appears, she takes on a monstrous form. She takes away all life and destroys all that is in sight, until there is nothing left. When she is gone, I am left alone, and realize I have done her horrible bidding yet again, and people have died at my hands.

There is nothing but rubble where towering cities once stood.

There are only bloody fragments of the innocent people that thrived here.

The ground is barren and broken apart.

The trees have been torn apart and carelessly thrown aside.

Even the lake is drained of life, turned a dark amber from the spilling of its peoples' blood.

There is no sign of any life for miles and miles. I am wondering if there is any left.

This is where my story begins. I am alone, dressed in shreds of old rags. I sit, crumpled over, in the middle of what was once the greatest city in my world. All that is left is the dust of the ground, and the blood that now mixes with it.

I am weeping for these lost people. I am confused. I am wondering why the demon does this to me. I am wondering why I am her pawn, and why I must kill so many for no reason.

Suddenly, I feel a presence behind me.

Life? Here? I was sure I had destroyed everyone…

I turn slowly to face them, and cannot believe my eyes. On the opposite side of the once-was city, there is a small figure, looking no larger than myself.

He is a jester, dressed in colorful purple and yellow, and accented with a deep black. He has no face, but wears a mask with a painted smile and glowing eyes.

His smile widens, and he floats towards me.

This is his game.

This is my life.

And this… is our story.