Author's Note: I do NOT own Twilight and or any character or plot lines associated with Stephenie Meyer's creation. This fan fiction contains yaoi a.k.a. homosexual relations between males. It is rated M for mature. Italics are thoughts. This is a prologue to Overdose: A Jasper x Mike Story.


Jasper liked going to school. Sure at first it had been like hell. Everyone smelt so good. But it faded and then he got to enjoy the real draw: the emotions. To Jasper the chaotic feelings and impulses of the average teenager was enough to get a buzz. When you're in a place that holds about 400 of them, the effect was… let's just say all the drama was enough to make Jasper a very happy camper.

He was going to miss Fork's but he relished the idea of college drama. It was even better then high school. In high school students still lived with their parents. As such, the drama revolving around the school was usually about boys or girls or the average mistake. In college is when those mistakes involved alcohol and drug use. Jasper couldn't wait to get out of Fork's and start his freshmen year at Arizona State University. It was the number one party school in the nation and was also number one for STDs. Jasper practically moaned whenever he thought about it. However things don't always go according to plan.

It all started in Jasper's History class his "senior year". It was first period and was also taught by someone Jasper was pretty sure he had fought along side with in the Civil War. Needless to say, half the class was asleep most of the time and the teacher's eye sight was so bad he couldn't see past the first row.

Jasper eyed his lethargic classmates in despair. It didn't look like anything would ever happen in this class much any substantial emotional content. Jasper laid his head down on his desk and groaned, "Please God, I know I'm going to hell for being a vampire but could you please let me sleep just for at least first period. I'll be good."

However, Jasper soon ate his words as the one and only Mike Newton walked through the door just after the bell rang. Their decrepit teacher noticed this amazingly and began to scold the young man for being late on the first day of class. Instantly a wave of frustration and annoyance crashed down on Jasper like smack to the face. Jasper closed his eyes as the energy sent little fire balls zipping through his veins. "Maybe first period won't be too bad after all."

If Jasper loved the average teen's emotions, he was utterly obsessed with the so called "popular kids". They were the highest class of emotion wreaks at Fork's High School and Jasper adored each and every one of them. But there was no one in the entirety of Forks High School that caused more drama then the infamous Mike Newton. To steal a line from his cheesy little brother, Mike was like Jasper's own personal brand of heroine.

It had started with little things, cat fights between girls over who would go to the movies with him, his best friend's girlfriend making out with him, and various other things. Each little incident was like a hit of the strongest weed and sooner then Jasper expected, he was hooked. That's when the real fun began.

Surprisingly enough, the moment Mike had entered the room he had acted like an electrical charge. Everyone in the class was alive again and practically buzzing with gossip and emotional baggage all directed toward the lovely Mike Newton.

Jasper smiled, very pleased with how his first class was going. This was just what he needed each morning. A quick fix before he slacked off the rest of the day. "Man, I love school." Jasper sighed as he leaned back in his desk, very happy with himself.


The rest of history had been awesome. The teacher never turned around from facing the chalk board and the class had remained at a healthy level of intoxication. Jasper walked out of the room feeling very refreshed and even smiled when Emmett walked by him in the hall.

"That was weird." Emmett whispered to Rosalie at their lockers.

"What?" Rosalie chimed unconcerned as she put on lip gloss.

"Jasper was smiling, he never smiles at school." Emmett explained still dazed and confused.

Rosalie shrugged, "Maybe he went hunting this morning. You never know. Whatever, Jasper is creepy. Now come on, we have to get to our fashion design class. I can't wait to use you as a model." Rosalie purred.

Emmett arched his eyebrow intently, "Oh really, will we be practicing taking our clothes off too?"

Rosalie looked up at Emmett in disgust, "Eww no, now come on we're going to be late." Rosalie began walking to class, her stilettos making tiny clicking noises. Emmett followed behind obediently pleading about how long it had been since their last sexual encounter.

Jasper sighed happily at his siblings issues. It was going to be a good day. It got even better when he walked into his second period anatomy class to find that Mike Newton was in yet another of his classes.

Jasper's smile grew even wider as he sat in the back row with the same goth kid he had had as a lab partner since freshmen year. Neither of them really talked and they had come to the understanding that working together silently was a better alternative then working with the other people in the class. They had made sure they were in the same science classes every semester since.

Mike was seated one row in front and one over from Jasper, smack dap in the middle of the class room. His lab partner was his current and long standing fling, Jessica. Together they made quiet a pair of emotional conductors.

As class began Jessica placed her arm around Mike's shoulders. But as the class moved on, he hand seemed to move lower and lower down Mike's back. The pair of girls behind them shook their heads in disgust. In Jasper's mind it was like eating ice cream for dinner. Finally, just as the teacher was started explaining how they would be studying the reproductive organs, Jessica's hand slid to Mike's ass and squeezed. Mike let out a small yelp, drawing the teacher's attention.

"Is something wrong Mr. Newton?" The teacher asked as he eyed the pair.

"NO.. nope.. Umm ahh, nothing wrong here, just got a cramp… in my leg." Mike fumbled, stretching out his leg in an attempt to make the horrid lie more legitimate. The whole class became a sea of giggles .

"God this is like living on a pot farm." Jasper thought as he chuckled alongside the class. "I love you Mike Newton."

The bell singled the end of second period and the beginning of lunch. Jasper quickly left the class room buzzed out of mind and made his way to the cafeteria to sit with his siblings.

Jasper got a plate of wasted food and sat down next to Alice, "his wife." "So how were your morning classes love?" Alice asked cheerfully as she smoothed piece of hair behind Jasper's ear.

Jasper smiled in earnest, "They were great. Mike Newton was in both of them. I'm practically stoned."

Alice giggled in delight. "Ooh that sounds exciting. What happened?"

"Oh you know, just the general shit, but in science Jessica grabbed his ass. It was hilarious. I think it'll be high for the rest of the day after that stint." Jasper sighed contently.

"I wish I could have seen it." Alice laughed

Rosalie just shook her head, "Who's to say you didn't?"

"Hey Rose butt out! You're the one who always wants us to act normal." Alice retorted.

Of course like most minor disagreements between the two, things got a little out of hand. Jasper just sat back and watched as the pair whispered insults back and forth for the remainder of lunch.

The bell rang and Jasper head off to Sci-fi and mythology. It was a throw away class and most slackers and nerds took it for an easy A. Jasper took it as a break from the classical drama. Nerds and Slackers didn't really have a lot of drama and if they did they never really brought it up in classes like these.

Jasper walked into the classroom and sat down in the back by the same goth kid he had sat next to in science. They were silent friends. They had had multiple classes together every semester since freshmen year and the most they had said to each other was chemical equations. They had planned to take classes together only by pointing on the course list the classes they wanted to take. They didn't even know each other's name but they were probably best friends.

Jasper settled into his usual mood in classes like this: bored and blank. He needed to clam his nerves a little after the intense morning of Mike Newton. Luckily they were watching a movie. The lights went out, half the class passed out, and Jasper meditated. However every once in awhile the thought of Mike would float across his subconscious and I bothered him.

Speak of the devil. About fifteen minutes into class, Mike scrambled into the classroom almost knocking over a book shelf as he wandered in the dark to the teacher's desk to explain that he had just transferred into the class due to scheduling errors.

Jasper's eyes went wide at the realization that ironically he had yet another class with the boy. "God damn it!" Jasper mumbled under his breath. Even more ironic was that the only empty seat in the class room was right in front of Jasper. Jasper groaned in frustration.

The rest of his "calming class" was even worse then to two before because this time every nerd in the room was plotting the downfall of the "invader". "How dare a jock take the nerdiest class at Fork's High." Jasper thought sarcastically. After a while however, Jasper grew into liking the waves of hatred that streamed up the room like a sauna. It was like hot boxing your car.

After an hour and a half the bell finally rang and Jasper bolted for the door, not even bothering to wave goodbye to his friend. He had to get away from Mike Newton and his crazy little drama bubble before he ended up a drunk.

However Jasper wasn't as lucky as he had thought as he walked through the door to his Calculus class just as the bell was about to ring; who just happened to be seated at the only table with room for one more person? MIKE FUCKING NEWTON!

Jasper considered just turning around and walking out of the classroom to rip his hair out. But the teacher had already seen him and he would have felt awful about ditching on the first day. Grimly he walked to the remaining table and took a seat next to Mike Newton.

"Maybe he just won't talk to me." Jasper thought hopefully. No such luck. The minute the teacher began droning Mike leaned over to introduce himself. "Hey, you're Jasper Hale right? You're in like all my classes this semester. I'm not even taking P.E. this semester because I need credits for college but yeah, I'm Mike Newton." Mike said as he held out his hand.

Jasper politely shook his hand and tried not to think about the waves of some weird emotion being shot at him from Mike. It was almost like taking Ecstasy or dropping acid, when Jasper was this close to Mike and the confusing hazy emotions drifting toward Jasper from Mike didn't make it any better.

Mike was about to continue talking when the teacher started to hand out the homework and the assignment for the day which took the rest of the class period. When the final bell rang, Jasper left before Mike could even say good bye.

Jasper laid on the floor of his room watching the ceiling fan spin around in slow lazy circles. The blades looked like snowflakes in Jasper's mind. It had been four hours since he had gotten home from school and he still hadn't come down from his high. He was getting freaked out. This was like a bad trip, but it was amazing at the same time. He had never felt this good. It was like he was floating on cloud nine and everything he touched felt soft. He had even started stroking Rosalie's cleavage on the car ride home. Sure he had gotten punched in the face by Rosalie and Emmett, but he hadn't felt a thing. And despite his worry that this was becoming a bad situation he couldn't wait for tomorrow.


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