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Jasper arrived at the Newton house faster then he normally would have. If Mike was standing on the finish line, he was fairly sure he could even beat Edward in a foot race. But he was digressing from his true purpose.

Slowly Jasper rounded the house, feeling around for Mike's emotional heat signature. It was alive, burning frantically, and the only one in the house. He was upstairs in his bedroom I guessed. There was a balcony attached to the room he was in and the doors were open. "God I love being a vampire sometimes." I mumbled to myself before I leapt up, grabbed the railing of the balcony and back flipped up onto the landing. Clean white curtains were blowing in the cool wind and I slowly passed through them to lean in the door frame.

Mike was laying on the bed in his boxers watching porn on a king size bed. He laid there on the white thick comforter, looking like an angel as his fingers casually drifted over the growing bulge covered by black satin. His sexual frustration filled the room and I breathed it in like it was my last breathe. My eyes closed as I let the lust fill me and sizzle across my skin. I could feel the golden coil in my groin grow tighter in anticipation.

Waking from my reveries, I looked at the TV screen: gay porn. "How… appropriate." Jasper mused, alerting Mike to his presence.

"What the…" Mike yelled as he tried to cover himself with the white blanket; only succeeding at falling out of the bed.

Jasper chuckled and walked over to the boy as he fumbled to untangle himself from the comforter and stand up. Jasper just grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet.

"Jasper…" Mike murmured as he stood in front of the vampire.

Looking at Mike closely, Jasper could see the cold trails on his cheeks where tears had fallen perhaps only minutes before he had arrived. Jasper brought a finger to the watery streaks and caressed them gently. Shivers running down his spine from the sadness and frustration that filled them. "Mike, don't you look just lovely tonight?" Jasper cooed.

A faint blush came to Mike's cheeks and he quickly took a step back from Jasper to grab a sheet off the bed and wrap it around his exposed flesh. "Jasper, what are you doing here? How did you even get in here?" Mike asked as walked over to the balcony and looking over the edge to see if there was a ladder.

Jasper walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around the boys waist, one of his hands slipping between the folds of the sheet to lightly run across Mike's flushed skin. Mike couldn't suppress the moan that left his lips and Jasper chuckled happily against Mike's neck. "I came to see you. You've been crying." Jasper sighed before placing a series of sweet kisses along Mike's neck.

Mike grasped the railing on the balcony and groaned softly as his body grew hot with desire. Jasper sucked it up with each fiery kiss to Mike's throat, letting to flow through his blood stream like wild fire.

Mike could feel Jasper's arousal pressed against his ass. Fear suddenly shutter through out his mind as he became fairly curtain of who would be topping in this affair. But the even more frightening part was the fact that Mike knew he would let him.

Mike's sudden change in mood hit Jasper like someone had dropped an ice cube down the back of his shirt. He cringed at the sensation before letting out a shutter moan. His moment of shock, however, was enough for Mike to slide out of his grip and slink back into the house. Jasper followed, his posture changed to one of a predator stalking his prey.

The last few chaotic weeks with Mike had caused Jasper to gain an addiction. He was starting to have withdrawal. He needed this, this fix, and Mike was the only way he could get it. Stalking forward, Mike started walking backwards. Jasper quickly caught up with him however and grabbed the back of Mike's neck roughly; pulling the boy into a dark and passionate kiss.

Mike stiffened against Jasper and struggled against the kiss. Jasper parted his lips from Mike to murmur softly against Mike's lips. "Please, I need you." Jasper's head was starting to spin as conflicting emotions ran wild with Mike.

"I know." Mike whispered back, his body relaxing again and molding itself against Jasper's. Jasper found himself clutching onto the boy, breathing in his scent, nuzzling the hot beating artery in his neck.

"Then why are you fighting it?" Jasper moaned as he kissed Mike's golden hair.

"Because we can't do it here?" Mike answered between heated breathes. "This is the guest room. It's where Jessica and I used to fool around." The mention of Jessica's name sent shivers of hatred and sorrow throw out Mike and Jasper had to contain his new found loathing of the girl.

"Forget her." Jasper cooed against Mike's ear; gently taking the lobe between his teeth and tugging playfully. "I'll help you forget."

Mike's breathing had calmed to slow even breathes as he leaned his forehead against Jasper's chest. Jasper wrapped his arms around the boy, trying to comfort him back into the passionate play they had been at before. Slowly, Mike raised his eyes to meet Jasper's amber ones and Mike smiled.

The surge of happiness was like an aphrodisiac to Jasper and his lips came down on Mike's in a breath taking kiss. Mike was the one to break the kiss as he took Jasper's hand in his and pulled the vampire out of the room and down the hall.

"Where are you taking me?" Jasper asked with a smile.

"My room." Mike informed before biting his lower lip playfully. They entered the room at the end of the hallway and Mike pulled Jasper into the dimly lit room before locking the door.

Mike flipped a switch on the wall and several strings of colored lights came to life along the wall. It gave the room a warm and comforting feel. Mike's bed was large, a queen, dressed in black satin sheets. Looking Jasper up and down, Mike let the white sheet wrapped around him fall to the carpeted floor. He was once again exposed in exception to his black boxers, which hugged his bulging erection quite beautifully in Jasper's opinion.

Grabbing Jasper's hand once again, Mike pulled him toward the bed, making Jasper sit down on the edge. Jasper happily complied. Seductively, Mike got onto his knees and began to rid Jasper of his clothing. Jasper's shoes were tossed aside, followed by Jasper's shirt, his pants came last. There were no boxers underneath and Mike's eyes lit up with a devious light. Jasper chuckled as Mike's face grew a smirk and mischievousness filled his senses.

"Bring it on." Jasper thought to himself. He was in for one hell of a night.


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