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Chapter 1- Clan Meeting

Kiba sat in the Hyuga mansion on their land, waiting for the meeting to begin. His father and mother were the leaders of the Inuzuka clan, the most feared and revered clan of samurai in the land. They were in the service of the Imperial Court, under the Hyuga clan. The Hyuga clan was a branch of the Imperial family and very influential in the court. Kiba hated Kyoto, the Imperial capital. It was too crowded for him. He liked the distant land of the Inuzuka lands. He also liked the Hyuga lands, which were protected by his family.

Tsume and Okami Inuzuka sat next to him, waiting for the Hyugas. Next to him sat his older sister Hana. He and his father were wearing full samurai armor and had their swords by their sides. Their helmets sat in the corner, removed as a sign of respect to their employers. There also sat three servants near the wall, there to serve them.

The screen door opened and the Hyugas walked in. Kiba and his family stood as the two families bowed to each other. Hiashi was a man that commanded respect, even from the Emperor Naruto himself. Next to Hiashi stood his nephew, Hyuga Neji. Neji was Hiashi's heir and betrothed to Hiashi's younger daughter Hanabi.

Behind Hiashi stood a beautiful young girl. She was his elder daughter Hinata. Kiba had met her at other meetings. She bowed to him, smiling gently. Kiba bowed back to her. Her hair was swept back into a bun on the nape of her neck, the two bangs in the front hanging down in front of her face.

The two families sat down facing each other. Hinata stood and offered tea to Kiba's family. She poured the tea for them, her small hands handing each of them a cup. Together, all toke seated took a sip as a greeting. Hinata sat next to Kiba, smiling slightly. She sat straight as a tree, her head bowed slightly in submission to her father. Her eyes were cast downward, her hands twining together in the folds of her ornate kimono. Kiba could tell she was trebling slightly, although her face did not show it.

"Welcome Lord Inuzuka," Hiashi greeted Kiba's father.

"You have our thanks Lord Hyuga for inviting us to your main mansion here in Kyoto," Okami said, bowing his head to Hiashi. Hiashi was a daimyo, a powerful lord and Kiba's family was a samurai family that served the Hyugas. For generations the Inuzukas were the Hyuga's most important ally, because of the strength of the samurai. The Inuzukas were known for their strength and brutality in battle, which made them a perfect bargaining chip for the Hyugas. Lately, there had been some tension between the clans and the leaders had come together to try and fix it.

Their solution was to marry Kiba and Hinata.

Normally it would be an impossible solution. Hinata was way above Kiba's social status and was even a noble lady in the Emperor's court. Kiba was a samurai destined to serve Hinata's father for the rest of his life and would normally never have ever talked to Hinata.

However, Kiba would never tell anyone, he had met Hinata when they were younger. He was 14 and a man in his own right, while Hinata was 13 and still a child. Hiashi had come to visit his land and had brought her along. Kiba found her playing in a garden alone and had shyly walked up to her. She was smiling and happy, unlike now. She never smiled in front of Hiashi if she could help it, for he did not tolerate kindness and shows of emotion.

From that moment on, Kiba fell in love with his lord's daughter. He had kept these thoughts to himself deep within the recesses of his heart. He never expected to be marrying her.

"I know you are anxious to get the formalities underway, Lord Hyuga, but I would like to know why you chose my son for your daughter," Okami said.

"It is complicated. What is said here is never to leave this room, understand?" Hiashi said. The Inuzukas nodded. "Very well, the Emperor has set his eyes on my daughter, as well as some other noble families," Hiashi said.

"But isn't that great?" Tsume asked, unsure of what Hiashi was trying to say.

"In most cases, yes, but the Emperor has no intention of making Hinata his wife or consort. He merely sees her as a diversion and a challenge. I am not so heartless as to sell my daughter's body for power. Therefore, I wish to put Hinata in your care to protect her," Hiashi said.

"Lord Hyuga, Hinata will be safe in my care," Kiba said. Next to him Hinata's shoulders slumped slightly in a silent sigh.

"That is the plan," Neji said.

"Now Neji and I must attend to a court function. We will leave you to do what you like," Hiashi said. He and Neji stood, the Inuzukas following in suit.

"Meet me in the garden," Hinata murmured to Kiba, so low only he could hear.

The servants pulled the paper door open for Hiashi and Neji. They left down the hallway as a servant came to lead the Inuzukas to their rooms. Hinata gave Kiba a quick smile before going the other way.

Kiba followed his family for only a few moments before slipping away. He knew they would not notice his absence.

Kiba quickly located the door to the gardens. He opened the rice screen, careful to not make a sound. He walked through the calm garden and across a bridge that stretched over a lazy stream. The path he was on led him to a small forest on the Hyuga land. He walked through the woods, enjoying the slight breeze and the calm quietness.

He saw a path that looked like a trail. If he had not been looking to the sides of the road he never would have seen it. Tied to a branch was a thin silver hair comb that depicted an ornate butterfly. Kiba remembered just seeing one exactly like it in Hinata's hair.

He followed the trail through the woods where it winded around some large bushes. It entered a clearing next to the bank of the stream, secluded and hidden from the main road.

His eyes immediately went to the girl in the clearing. She stood tall, her slender neck showing her pale skin above her kimono. She seemed to be staring up at something, her heat tilted slightly upwards. Her hands were in front of her, cradling the low-hanging branches of a cherry blossom tree.

"Hinata," Kiba said. His armor clanked slightly as he walked towards her. She stood perfectly still.

"Do you remember a day like this not so long ago when we first met?" she asked. Her voice was quiet, almost like the whisper of the wind.

"I couldn't forget it," Kiba said, drawing closer. He stood behind her, his body almost touching hers. He leaned down, his head near her ears. "Hinata," he murmured her name falling gracefully from his lips.

"I know what you tried to conceal," she said.

"And?" he asked. "How do you feel?"

"Relieved," she said, turning her head to see him, her body still facing forward. Kiba smirked as he wrapped his arms around her waist, drawing her closer to him. "I was so scared I was to be sold for power to a man that could never love me," she said.

"Lord Hiashi might be cruel, but he loves you," Kiba said.

"It might not have been my father's choice. It is simply part of life as a noble," Hinata said.

"There is no need to worry. I'll scare all the other men off," Kiba growled. Hinata giggled.

"You're such a rogue," she said.

"Ah, but you like it, don't you?" he said teasingly.

"Kiba stop it," Hinata said playfully.

"If you didn't, you would have never invited me here," he said. "Hinata, what do you feel? You know of my feelings. It is only fair you trade yours."

She sighed, turning back to face the river. Kiba moved his arms to wrap around her shoulders, his head buried in her neck. "I think I have fallen for a rough man with a kind heart," she said.

"When I find that man he's dead," Kiba warned, his voice muffled by Hinata's shoulder.

"Silly!" Hinata said.

Kiba lifted his head a huge grin on his face. "So, a kind heart huh?" he said.

"Oh stop it," Hinata said.

"Now, don't tell me you don't like the way I try to win you over. I know," he said, his face lighting up. "How about I try the way a noble would court a great lady?"

"What," Hinata said. "Kiba you are simply too much."

"Ah hem," Kiba cleared his throat mockingly. He let go of her, standing back. He pulled himself up to his full height, a good head taller than Hinata. "My Lady, while I was staring at the boring trees I could not help notice you beauty," he said, over exaggerating his gesture to the trees around him. Hinata giggled. "It makes the cherry blossom trees weep with envy and the birds of the sky sing their praises," he said in an over pompous manner.

Hinata giggled louder, trying to stifle her laughs. "I would quote an ancient poet now, but I have no brains of my own and cannot think of one. Therefore I shall recite one of my own made up on the spot to seem educated in the arts," Kiba said.

At that Hinata burst out laughing. She quickly covered her mouth and tried to stop her giggles to no avail. Kiba enjoyed seeing her happy, since he knew Hiashi never tolerated kindness or emotion towards those lower than him.

"Kiba, you have no idea how true your impression really was," she said once she finally managed to stop laughing.

"No need to worry about poems with me," Kiba said.

"Why not?" Hinata asked with mock sadness

"We Inuzukas prefer to devote ourselves to martial arts rather to real arts. Poetry and painting do not win wars," he said.

Ah I seeā€¦" Hinata said. "Will you have to leave for long campaigns?"

"Not unless Lord Hiashi orders me to or someone threatens the Hyuga lands," Kiba said. "Nothing like that has happened for a long time though."

"I'm glad," Hinata said.

"Me too," Kiba agreed. He put his hand on Hinata's shoulder, pulling her closer to him. He could feel her tense as he pulled her closer. Her eyes shut as he drew closer, their faces almost inches apart. He waited a second, wanting to know if she would return his advances.

Hinata closed the gap between their lips in one swift movement. Kiba pulled her body close, his arms completely circling her waist. Hinata sighed slightly as he pulled away from their chase kiss, his arms still encircling her body.

"The rest can wait," he whispered to her.

"Lady Hinata!" they heard a servant yell. Kiba instinctively reached for his katana at his waist, pulling Hinata behind him.

The servant was on the path and could not see their meeting place. Kiba's keen ears could hear her wooden sandals on the path. She was huffing as if she had run from the Hyuga mansion. "Stay silent," Kiba whispered to Hinata.

"Lady Hinata! Please, are you here! The Emperor has come to see you!" she yelled.

Beside Kiba Hinata stiffened. Kiba turned and put an arm around her waist pulling her closer to him. "Stay still," he whispered in her ear. If someone was to find them together it would mean trouble for Hinata. Hiashi would assume the worst and break off their engagement. They had taken a risk meeting each other, but it was worth the risk to Kiba. He held her trembling petit body close to him until he heard the servant keep running down the path.

"I have to go," Hinata said, pushing Kiba's body away.

"I understand," Kiba said. Let me escort you."

They walked back slowly on the path through the forest. "Oh, I forgot, here is your hairpin," he said, handing the butterfly back to her.

"Keep it," Hinata said.

Kiba smiled as he tucked it into his armor chest plate. "Thank you," he said.

"Consider it a good luck charm for when you go to battle," Hinata said with a smile.

"I will," Kiba said.

They had reached the front door of the mansion. Kiba saw it was in pandemonium. Servants were running around everywhere, with three large palanquins in front of the house. There were guards everywhere.

Kiba saw all the pandemonium was surrounding three people. One was a blonde man a little shorter than Kiba. He had on traditional robes made from the finest silk and his sleeves were together in front of him. The man next to the blonds had slightly long raven black hair and dark eyes. His kimono was dark blue with a white obi and a fan on his back. The girl had pink hair and a red kimono adorned with cherry blossoms. Her hair was up in an ornate bun, two long hair ornaments hanging down on either side of her face. The overcoat of her kimono was red and sewed with gold thread.

Hinata walked up to them, bowing as she went. Kiba bowed low to the blonde, knowing it was the Emperor. Hinata had bowed lower to him than the other two.

"Ah Hinata, it is good to see you," the emperor said.

"Emperor Naruto, it is a blessing for you to visit the Hyuga clan," Hinata said.

"And who is this?" he asked, spotting Kiba behind her.

"This is Inuzuka Kiba, heir to the samurai clan that serves the Hyuga," Hinata said.

"Oh Hinata, is this your future husband?" the lady asked exited.

"Yes he is Sakura," Hinata said. "Kiba, this is my friend Lady Haruno Sakura."

"A pleasure to meet you, Lady Haruno," Kiba said bowing to her.

"Ooh, it is great to finally meet you," Sakura said with enthusiasm.

"Let me introduce Emperor Naruto Uzumaki and Lord Sasuke Uchiha, Chief Advisor to the emperor," Hinata said.

"A pleasure," Sasuke said curtly. Kiba got the impression he wasn't a talker.

"It is great to finally meet Lady Hinata's husband," Naruto said. Kiba could hear the sarcasm dripping from Naruto's voice. "I hope you find the country life to your liking," he said to Hinata.

"Fear not my lord. The Hyuga estate out in the Kanato region is where I grew up before joining the court. I shall be fine," Hinata said with a smile.

"Oh I hate that you're going away!" Sakura whined. "Why can't you marry someone in Kyoto so we can still see each other?"

"I'll visit you Sakura," Hinata reassured her. "Please, all of you come inside."

Sakura and Hinata walked in first, followed by Naruto, Sasuke and Kiba. "Inuzuka, if you think this means you have won Hinata, think again," the emperor hissed as he walked away.

"I agree. This is not over," Sasuke said.

Kiba smirked. "Seems I have more competition than I thought," he said. "No matter, I will not let either of you touch my wife."

"You speak as if you are already married peasant," Sasuke hissed at him. "Know your place."

"I do. It's at Hinata's side," Kiba said. He smirked as he saw the Uchiha grow more frustrated by the second. This was going to be interesting.


Kiba was riding home, glad to be leaving Kyoto. Truthfully, he hated the Imperial Capital, mostly because of the people in it.

Naruto and Sasuke had been quite outspoken in their attempts to convince Hiashi out of Hinata's marriage. Naruto had nothing to offer because Hiashi would not allow her to become his consort. It was a marriage offer or Hiashi would not even consider anything.

Kiba learned Sakura was Naruto's consort, although she would soon become his legal wife. Sasuke had not married and his eyes had fallen on Hinata. Kiba couldn't blame him, but he also couldn't forgive the stoic Uchiha. Hinata had confided in him that Sasuke had put forth an offer of his own and Hiashi had rejected it.

Sasuke and Naruto tried everything they could to humiliate Kiba when they visited. If Hinata had not been at his side, Kiba would have run those two sniveling pansies through with his katana. Their comments on his ragged hair (which Hinata had confided she liked), and his non-noble status were enough to drive him crazy. He had no idea how Hinata could stand being in a room with more people like that.

At least Sakura seemed nice. She had Hinata's best interests at heart and approved of Kiba, thinking her friend's marriage would be like some great love story. She was a complete airhead, but a likeable airhead at least.

Kiba spurred his horse forward, quickly looking back at the palanquin behind him. Inside sat Hinata, Tsume and Hana. Kiba could not help looking every few seconds to make sure she was still there.

After the Emperor's surprise visit, Hiashi had deemed it was best for Hinata to leave Kyoto as soon as possible. He knew Naruto would think of something before long. He was an idiot, Kiba could tell, but not entirely stupid. Hiashi was more worried about Sasuke. Sasuke was the one with the brains that did all the true ruling of the country, and he was also the head of Naruto's Imperial Army. He would devise a plan quicker than Naruto, and his would almost certainly work.

Therefore, Kiba left the next day, taking Hinata with him back to the Hyuga estate in Kanato. It had the best farmland in Japan, which was partly why the Hyugas were so powerful. They were travelling along the road to the mansion now, having reached the border of the Hyuga land a few days ago.

As they passed the miles of rice fields, Kiba looked out to see the Inuzuka Mansion. It was the stronghold of the Hyuga forces and Kiba's home. The mansion was a castle built into the middle of two mountains. It was many stories tall with thatched black roofs. It had two small towers that rested on one stone wall. The main tower was taller and was many stories taller. Around the castle was a stone wall that had soldiers on it, watching for attacking armies.

Kiba was so glad to see it. The tall walls and surrounding armies made him feel better about keeping Hinata within its walls. Even if Sasuke or Naruto sent an army, they would not be able to take the castle from him.

Okami had been putting him in charge of the armies for a while now. Kiba was the head commander and in charge of training. He made sure all the troops were ready for battle at a moment's notice. He had trained in the army since he was a small boy and was now training the men in combat.

They rode up to the front gate of the mansion and were immediately let in. Inside the front courtyard Kiba dismounted from his horse and walked over to the palanquin. He saw a servant open the door as it was set on the ground. He smiled a big wolfy grin as he held out his hand for her. Hinata took it and stepped onto the ground lightly, her petit feet peeking out from underneath her kimono. Her kimono was a green one with a blue obi and a dark green heavy layer on top. Fall was approaching and to was starting to get colder. Hinata had not travelled in an elaborate court kimono, something Okami and Tsume were expecting from a noble. She was definitely more practical and not as airheaded.

Hinata looked around, taking in the sight of the mansion. "Wow, it's been so long since I was here," she said as she gazed up at it.

"Really? When was the last time you were here?" Kiba asked as he led her inside.

"I think about 12 years ago. It was before my mother died," Hinata said. "I was a really small girl."

"Well, what do you think?" Kiba asked as they came into the entrance. It was a large reception room that was easily two floors and had a railing around the second floor, creating a balcony for onlookers. The room was fancy and ornate with several paintings depicting battle scenes and a few tapestries on the wall.

"Oh my," Hinata said softly.

"Not what you were expecting, eh?" Tsume said as she, Okami, and Hana walked in behind them.

"Not at all. I love it!" Hinata said happily. Tsume gave her a scathing look and Hana smiled as Hinata surveyed her new home, Kiba's arm around her shoulders. The Inuzukas were not the emotional type, but their lord's daughter had managed to find her way into their hearts. They had always seen the Hyugas as lords to be feared and respected, but never friends. Hinata seemed to lover her new family, much more than her old one, and it made them happy to know she was not dreading being married to Kiba.

Tsume was skeptical. She was the most observant out of the Inuzukas and she could see there was more than met the eye. Her son seemed to fall in love with his future bride overnight, and Kiba was not an open person. She had suspected Kiba and Hinata had met before, unknown to the rest of the clan. There had been a few times where she and Okami had taken Kiba to meet his future lords, but Tsume had never suspected Kiba knew Hinata. If Kiba had fallen in love with the heiress, Tsume was eternally thankful that everything had turned out for the better. She did not want her son to be unhappy.

"Wait until you see the gardens here," Kiba was saying to Hinata.

"Idiot, winter is commin. Everything is dead," Hana pointed out.

"Hey Hana, butt out this is between me and Hinata," Kiba snapped.

"Listen up kid, she's not your wife until the wedding, so share the love," Hana said, grabbing Hinata's hand and pulling her away. "I know we'll be great friends!" she said enthusiastically. "You can stay with me before the wedding and we can be like sister!"

"I would love that Hana," Hinata said with a smile on her face.

Hana stuck out her tongue at her brother.

"Hana, give me back Hinata!" Kiba roared as he chased after them.

"My, my, my, this will be interesting," Okami said with a laugh.

"I just hope she doesn't interrupt our live too much," Tsume said.

"I have a feeling nothing will be the same anymore," Okami said.


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