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Chapter 3-

Hinata woke up, her body warm under the huge blanket on top of her. Next to her Kiba lay asleep, his arm wrapped around her waist. He was snoring slightly, a small trickle of drool coming from his mouth.

The first snowfall of winter had come last night. Hinata looked out of the large circular window to see snowflakes falling gently, the night sky a dark slate color. She always liked winter the best, despite the cold. The snow was so beautiful, blanketing the world in pure white.

Hinata sat up a little and was exposed to the cold. She shivered before pulling the blanket up over her.

"Hey Hinata, are you awake?" Kiba asked. Hinata could feel his words vibrating deep inside his chest.

"Yeah, I am," she said softly.

Kiba turned over and kissed her forehead. "What are you thinking right now?" he asked.

"I'm thinking about the snow. It's so pretty…" Hinata said dreamily.

Kiba blinked for a second. He stood, stretching his arms high above his head as he did. He only wore his pants, while Hinata wore a one layer kimono tied around her waist with a simple sash. Kiba picked Hinata up and carried her over to the shoji door next to the window. He slid it open with his foot and deposited her on the balcony overlooking the mountains.

The balcony had an overhang, so she was not sitting in the snow. Snowflakes fell softly around her. She heard the padding of Kiba's feet in the room behind her, but she didn't look back. Instead she looked out onto the mountains. They were beautiful, the snow lightly dusting the tall trees. The grey sky overhead shed little light, basking the world in a dark glow.

Hinata felt a huge blanket around her. She looked over her shoulder to see Kiba sitting behind her, the blanket from the bed wrapped around both of them. He pulled her onto his lap, out of the snow. Hinata turned so her back was to him and leaned against his powerful body. His arms were around her, keeping her warm. She always marveled at how Kiba was never cold.

Together they looked out over the mountains at the beautiful scenery. Hinata felt completely and utterly at peace.

"Do you remember when we first met?" Kiba asked softly.

"Of course I do," Hinata sighed. "How could I forget?"


Hinata was ten years old, playing in the vast Hyuga gardens of their mansion in Kyoto. She was completely alone, having escaped her maids not long ago. She was in the maze surrounded by tall lush hedges that offered her protection. On one side was the entrance to the forest, a place where no one went. In the middle of the small enclosure was a small fountain with koi swimming lazily in the pond. She sat by the edge, letting her fingers trail in the water. Her kimono sleeve was pushed up to her elbow, something she would never do around her father or maids.

She heard a rustling sound behind her. Hinata turned her head to see a young boy trying to get through the thick bushes. His simple hitatare was a light grey with thinner pants than other nobles she had seen. He had two swords on his right, one shorter than the other. His hair was a messy brown and short, hanging just below his ears.

"Ahh, shit," he cursed. "Man now I'm lost.." he grumbled before looking up to see Hinata looking at him. "Uh, hello, sorry to interrupt you," she said with a smile in her direction. "I was just looking around the gardens and I got lost… can you help me?" he asked.

"Of course, what's your name?" she asked.

"Inuzuka Kiba," he answered.

Hinata looked him over once again. She knew the Inuzuka clan was coming for a visit. Her father was their lord and master.

"You're part of the Hyuga clan, right?" he said, kneeling on the ground so they were eye level.

"How could you tell?" she asked. Kiba smiled. "You all have the same eyes. Except yours are lavender and everyone else's are white," he said.

"I hate them," Hinata said quietly. "Why can't they be like everyone else's?"

"If they were like that, then they would be really cold. Your family doesn't have any warmth in them at all. But you have a lot of sparkle in your eyes that makes up for that," Kiba said.

Hinata smiled. "You think so?" she asked.

"I know so," Kiba said with a small blush.

"Come with me! I want to show you something," Hinata said, taking his hand and pulling him towards the forest. She led him through a small path into the trees to a lazy stream. It ran through the forest to a small bridge overgrown with plants. "This is my special place," she said, sitting on the bank of the river. "No one can find me here."

"Wow, this place is pretty," Kiba said. He sat down next to her."So you never told me your name, what is it?" he asked.

"I'm Hyuga Hinata," she said. "It's nice to meet you, Kiba-san. Are you a real samurai?" she asked.

"Not yet. I won't become a true samurai until I'm 15, but I've been training for years," Kiba said proudly.

"Wow, I've never met a real samurai," Hinata said wistfully.

"So Hinata, what's life like here in Kyoto?" he asked.

Hinata shifted a little. "It's okay. Kinda boring without okaa-san," she said.

"What happened to your okaa-san?" Kiba asked.

Hinata wrapped her arms around her knees. "She died over the winter," Hinata said quietly.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that," Kiba said.

"It's okay," Hinata said. "I still have Hanabi and Neji nii-san," she said with a smile.

"Lady Hinata! Lady Hinata! Where are you!" they heard a servant call from back at the maze.

"I have to go," Hinata said.

"Wait, can I see you again?" Kiba asked.

Hinata smiled again, her face lighting up the whole forest. "Of course. Bye Kiba-san," she said as she ran back to the maze.

Later Kiba would discover the young girl he met was his Lord's daughter.

2 years later

Kiba ran through the Hyuga gardens, trying to find his friend. He kept his ears open to avoid any servants that might see him. It was definitely against his code of honor to fraternize with his lord's daughter, but Kiba didn't care. He just wanted to see Hinata. He wanted to see how she was doing and make sure she was okay. He had heard about Hiashi's famed cruelty from his father and was worried for the young girl he met two years ago.

He found the fountain he met her at so many years ago. He sat down to wait, not knowing if she even remembered him. All he could do was hope.

Not too long after, he heard a rustling behind him. He looked over his shoulder to see a young girl standing at the entrance to the maze he just left. He smiled and was rewarded with a smile back. She was taller and her hair was longer. Her smile wasn't as carefree as the last time he saw her. He also saw she was taller and her hair was up in a tight bun. Her entire appearance was more timid, her eyes focused on the ground.

"Hey Hinata," he said smiling at her.

"Hi Kiba-san, how are you?" she asked shyly. He noticed she never met his eye, instead keeping hers fixed on the ground in front of him.

He stood and walked over to her. "I'm not Hiashi," he said quietly. "You can look at me."

She looked up at him, her lavender eyes wide with shock. She looked down again, a bright blush spreading across her cheeks.

"You've grown," she said to him. "How goes the samurai training?"

"Pretty good. Next year oto-san wants to make me commander of the armies," Kiba said, sitting back down by the fountain. Hinata sat down next to him, her feet tucked under her. Her hands were folded on her lap, her back completely straight.

"You've changed," Kiba said.

"I'm not a child anymore," she said.

"Thanks to Hiashi," Kiba growled.

"He's my father Kiba-san," Hinata said forcefully.

"I know how he is. Kindness isn't a word in Hiashi's dictionary," Kiba said. He grabbed her arm and pulled up her kimono sleeve, revealing dark blue bruises near her elbow. "It doesn't take a genius to figure out why you changed so much."

"Why do you suddenly call my father by his name?" Hinata asked, trying to change the subject. She kept her head facing forward, attempting to avoid his gaze.

"He doesn't deserve my respect if he treats you this way," Kiba said.

Hinata looked at him and smiled. "Is this a samurai thing? You trying to protect me?"

"No! It's just… uh… um," Kiba stuttered, letting go of her arm.

Hinata giggled, holding her sleeve to her face to hide it. Kiba smiled, liking her smile.

The sky grew darker as they talked. Kiba left Kyoto with the memories of Hinata in mind, hoping it wouldn't be long until he saw her again.

6 Months Later

Kiba was ecstatic, although he never showed it. There was trouble on the border of the Hyuga's land and Hiashi was coming to see Okami about fixing it. Kiba had found our Hinata was coming with him to visit. He wanted to show her the gardens in Kanato, but it was late fall and there were reports of wolf attacks in the nearby areas. He had bought a hairclip for her since he found out it would be her birthday while she was staying in Kanato.

He knew he liked Hinata. Kiba knew it very well. But he could never tell her it. If anyone found out he could be disinherited or even killed if Hiashi ordered it.

Kiba was walking through the mansion looking for Hinata. She had turned thirteen less than a week ago and he had his present hidden inside his armor. Every samurai wore his armor inside the mansion while there was not conflict, so he never looked odd around them.

He really hated Neji Hyuga. Neji had been glaring at him all day and Kiba knew Neji had caught him staring at Hinata a few times. A couple times Kiba had caught Hinata's eye, causing her to blush and him to smile. Neji saw it, however, and kept a close eye on him. Kiba didn't trust him and didn't want Neji to catch him near Hinata.

Hinata had gone exploring in the gardens, unaware Kiba was looking for her. She hugged her kimono closer to her, wishing she remembered it was fall. She sat down on the ground away from the entrance to the gardens so if someone entered they wouldn't be able to see her.

The forest was next to her, leading to the mountains. The mountains were beautiful, covered at the top with a little bit of snow. She waited, hoping Kiba would find her. They always met in the garden at the Hyuga mansion, so here should be no different.

She sat on the ground, waiting for Kiba to come. The trees were beautiful, but the wind was very, very cold. She was far away from the mansion on the wood's edge, so she couldn't go back and get anything to warm her up. Hinata sat, waiting….

She felt like it was forever she was waiting. The forest was silent, almost eerie….

Hinata jumped. She heard a rustling behind her. She saw Kiba walk into the garden and look around. He spotted her and walked over to her, a huge smile plastered over his face. Hinata smiled back, glad to see him.

"Hey Hinata how are you?" Kiba asked.

"I'm good Kiba-san," Hinata said.

"You can stop calling me san, Hinata. After all, we are friends," he said.

"As you wish Kiba," she said.

Kiba sat next to her, his armor clanking slightly. "I've never seen you in your armor. It suits you," Hinata said.

"I'm glad to hear it. A samurai's armor is his life," Kiba said.

Behind them came a growling sound. Kiba whipped around to see a gray wolf hiding in the shadows of the tree. Hinata looked around and saw it, her eyes wide with fear. The wolf inched out of the shadows and Kiba could see its ribs showing. The wolf looked starved and was foaming at the mouth. His yellow eyes locked on Hinata, and Kiba saw the insanity and hunger radiating from its yellow eyes. Kiba put his arm out, pushing Hinata behind him as the wolf sat back, ready to spring.

Kiba's hand went to his side and found his katana was missing. He silently cursed himself, remembering he had left it inside in his rush to find Hinata.

The wolf jumped, his fangs bared at Kiba's throat. Kiba pushed Hinata back, toppling her to the ground a few feet back.

Hinata screamed as loud as she could. The servants heard her and came running. They arrived to find Hinata on the ground and a wolf on top of Kiba.

The wolf started moving, causing all of them to shy back. Hinata's heart pounded as the servants pulled her away from Kiba's body.

"Uggh, this reeks," Kiba said, throwing the wolf off of him with a thud. He lay on the ground, looking up at Hinata upside down. "My Lady Hyuga, are you all right?" he asked. For a second Hinata wondered why he had reverted back to formally addressing her. Then she remembered that they were surrounded by people and it was a bad idea for anyone to know of their relationship, whatever it was.

"Yes, I am fine Lord Inuzuka," Hinata answered. Two samurai came running and helped Kiba to stand. Hinata smiled as she saw Kiba's lopsided grin when all the men congratulated him on his bravery.

"Cousin! Are you all right?!" she heard Neji yelling as he ran to see if she was okay.

"I'm fine Neji ni-san, Lord Inuzuka saved me," Hinata said, careful to keep her voice and demeanor calm. Neji was a genius and would pick up on Hinata's concern for Kiba in a second. As it was, Neji's eyes narrowed as he looked over at Kiba, showing his apparent dislike for the young samurai.

Neji walked over to where Kiba and his men where. They all looked at him strangely, a couple putting their hands on their swords as he approached. Some looked at him with hatred radiating from them while others had a look of confusion on their faces at the other men's hatred.

"Thank you for saving my cousin, Lord Inuzuka," Neji said, bowing to Kiba. Every one of the samurai had a look of shock written all over their faces. Hinata was in shock too. She never heard Neji utter a word of thanks to anyone before.

"Its nothing, Lord Hyuga," Kiba said, bowing back to Neji. They both straightened at the same time, intense looks of loathing written all over their faces. If looks could kill they would both be six feet under at that moment.

Hinata decided she needed to intervene. She ran over to Neji, taking his arm. "Ni-san, let's go inside, it's rather cold out here," Hinata said, pulling Neji away and breaking his eye contact with Kiba.

Neji's eyes softened seeing his adorable younger cousin. "Okay, let's go," he said.

Right then Hinata made a huge mistake. She looked back at Kiba, her face softening and her eyes glowing. Kiba's face changed too, to one of worry, with a kid of subtle longing in his eyes.

Neji saw everything. He could pick up on a person's emotions as soon as they felt them. He was not called a genius for nothing. Neji's blood boiled as he saw that Inuzuka trash dare to look at his younger cousin like that. He saw the worry, the longing, and the caring look cross Kiba's face all in a flash. It made Neji sick to see Kiba look like a lost puppy as Hinata led him away.

Much to Neji's enjoyment, Kiba looked up as Hinata led him away. Neji saw the hate in the look Kiba gave him. Neji smirked at him, angering the samurai further. He could feel the hate and rage rolling off Kiba in waves.

After all, it was only normal that samurai and ninja hated each other.

Later that night

Kiba was so glad that wolf attacked him. He was sitting at a long table in a huge dining room next to Hinata at the head table. Next to Hinata were Neji, and then Lord Hiashi Hyuga. Hiashi was honoring Kiba for saving Hinata. All of the samurai stationed nearby came to the feast, sitting at long tables set up in the hall.

He had been chatting away with Hinata the whole night. No one cared because he had just saved her. They paid no attention to the two of them. Okami and Hiashi were chatting away like old friends.

However, Neji had kept a close eye in him. Kiba couldn't resist smirking over Hinata's shoulder at her cousin, making Neji absolutely furious. Hinata didn't notice, probably because she ignored Neji all night. Kiba loved watching Neji squirm.

At the end of the night, Neji left to go to his room. Kiba guessed the genius ninja couldn't stand to see a samurai courting his younger cousin. Hiashi looked over at them and Kiba caught his eye for a second. "Come here," he said to Kiba.

Kiba walked over to him, sitting in between Hinata and her father. "Thank you for saving my daughter," he said.

"It is nothing Lord Hyuga," Kiba said bowing his head to the older man.

"I see Hinata has not shown her appreciation," Hiashi said. Hinata bowed her head in shame.

Kiba saw a smile on Hiashi's face. "Normally a young maiden gives her rescuer a thank you kiss," Okami piped up.

Hinata's face was beet red at that point. Kiba saw Hiashi smile at him and Okami's wink. "Hinata, do not shame the Hyuga clan by not showing your appreciation to Kiba for rescuing you," Hiashi said calmly.

"Y-y-yes f-f-father," Hinata stammered. She slowly reached up and gave Kiba a small peck on the cheek. Kiba's heart seemed to stop for a moment before a huge wolfy grin spread across his face. He heard Hiashi snort at his grin, but Kiba didn't care. He looked over to see amusement in the older man's eyes. Hinata was staring straight at her plate, her face red.

"Well Okami, your son is a good man," Hiashi said.

"Thank you sir. I try to keep life interesting," Kiba said.

"Good boy," Hiashi said, patting him on the back. "It's too bad a man like you wasn't born as a noble, we need more people like you. Maybe then I could actually find a suitable husband for my daughter," Hiashi said.

Hinata promptly left, saving herself from further embarrassment. Kiba thought she just might die if her father kept this up. Hiashi seemed more normal to him, almost like a human being.

Hiashi sighed. "It is really too bad about your son Okami. Emperor Minato has mentioned marrying Hinata to his son, Crown Prince Naruto," he said.

"Isn't that great, Lord Hiashi?" Okami asked confused.

"Naruto is a child that gets whatever he desires. The Emperor has many consorts, and Hinata would be one of them. The Crown Prince is already betrothed to Sakura Haruno from the Haruno Clan. She will be the next Empress. Sakura is also Hinata's friend. It makes for a volatile combination, both of them vying for the Emperor's interest. I might be a cold man but I want my daughter to be happy," Hiashi explained.

"Well, no one can say no to the Emperor without a good reason" Okami said.

"Exactly, which is why I need your help," Hiashi said.

"I'd be honored to Lord Hiashi," Okami said.

"This is to be kept confidential. No one is to ever hear a word of this," Hiashi warned.

"I understand," Okami said.

"I need you to create a disturbance in the providence. It can't be too big to start out with, but we need a reason to get Hinata out of Kyoto. I was thinking if you could start a rebellion of sorts, I could convince the Hyuga Elders to marry Hinata to Kiba," Hiashi said.

"I think I can help you with that," Kiba said.

Hiashi and Okami turned to look at him. Hiashi's ice cold stare seemed to pierce right through him. "Are you sure you're up to it boy?" Hiashi asked.

"Definitely," Kiba answered with confidence.

Hiashi smiled. "I knew I liked you. You're perfect for Hinata. So what is your plan?" he asked.

"I can light the fire to start the fake rebellion and then quiet down the soldiers after me and Hinata are married," Kiba said. "With Hinata in Kanato, I can protect her with the warriors we have here. I can make it so the warriors think there will be an uprising and I am sure I can get them to agree to peace."

"Hmmm, I like it," Hiashi said. "I'll leave you in charge of that. Okami, your boy sure is something," Hiashi said.

"Thank you Lord Hiashi," Okami said.

"It's too bad you and Neji don't like each other," Hiashi said thoughtfully. "Oh well, I only care about Hinata's opinion anyways," he said. Hiashi smiled at Kiba, "I've never seen my daughter so taken with anyone before. I can see you like her just as much."

"Yes sir," Kiba said truthfully.

"Good, then put your plan into motion as soon as possible," Hiashi said.

"Yes sir," Kiba said happily.

Even Later That Night

Hinata was getting dressed for bed. She had on a very plain kimono tied at her lover waist, the neckline showing a lot of skin she would normally cover. She hummed to herself as she brushed her hair, thinking about a certain samurai.

A small knock came on her door. Hinata went and opened the screen door but saw no on there.

Just as she closed it she heard another small knock. This one she listened to and heard it came from the opposite side of the room. Surprised, Hinata walked over and slid open the door.

"KIBA!!" she yelled, seeing the samurai outside on her balcony.

Kiba quickly pushed her against the nearest wall, his hand over her mouth. "Ssshhhh, someone might hear," he said quietly.

"Sorry," Hinata whispered when he took his hand off of her mouth. At that point Hinata noticed the position they were in. She was between Kiba's legs, his body pressed tightly up against her. One of his hands held one of hers over her head, while her other hand was pinned behind her. He was wearing a simple gray kimono and had no armor on. Hinata also noticed she had on a very thin kimono as well.

"Umm, Kiba… well….." she started to say, her face beet red.

"Oh, sorry," Kiba said, letting go of her and taking a step back.

"Why are you here?" Hinata asked quietly.

"Well, I forgot to give you something. Today is your birthday, right?" Kiba asked. He pulled out a small bracelet from the obi of his kimono. "This is for you," he said sheepishly, with a blush on his face.

"It's beautiful," Hinata said. The beads on it were lavender glass, made by a master craftsman. It was beautiful and fit her perfectly.

"Hinata," Kiba started to say. "I have something to tell you."

Hinata's heart stopped. "I love you," he said.

A loud knock on the door scared Hinata out of her wits. "Hinata, open up! It's me, Neji!" she heard from the other side of the door.

"Shit," Kiba cursed. Hinata saw him run back to the door to her balcony.

"One second ni-san," Hinata called to Neji. She turned back to see Kiba disappeared. She closed the door to the balcony and ran across the room to open the door for Neji.

Neji walked in, surveying the room with a sharp eye. Hinata knew he was looking for any sign that Kiba had been there. She was slightly relieved when she saw nothing to indicate his presence.

"What is wrong ni-san?" Hinata asked innocently.

"Hmph, I thought I heard someone here," Neji said suspiciously. Hinata pulled down her kimono sleeve to cover her bracelet. He began to walk around her room slowly, looking at every inch of it.

"There is no one else in here. Maybe it was another room," Hinata suggested.

"Maybe…" Neji said thoughtfully. He turned back to look at her. "I noticed you aren't stuttering anymore, cousin," he said with a smirk.

Hinata gasped. She hadn't even noticed.

"So there must be something here making you calm," Neji continued as he walked around some more. He was getting closer to the screen door leading to the balcony. Hinata could only stall him and hope that Kiba got away.

"I'm not sure what you are talking about, but I feel much more at home here than in Kyoto," Hinata said truthfully.

"I see…" Neji said as he reached the screen door leading to her balcony. He pulled it open as Hinata's heart beat a double speed. She shuddered to think of what Neji would do to Kiba if he found the young samurai.

"It has nothing to do with a certain samurai, does it?" Neji asked, sarcasm dripping in his voice. He threw open the screen door and walked out onto the balcony He looked up at the roof, searching for something.

"Neji, please shut the door. It's very cold," Hinata said.

"Hmm, what is out here Hinata?" Neji asked, looking up at the roof. "There is something you don't want me to find."

"Neji, please, you are being ridiculous," Hinata insisted.

Neji sighed. "Fine," he said, walking back inside, shutting the door behind him. "I'll be in the room next door if you need anything. And please cousin, stay away from that samurai," Neji emphasized.

"I don't see why you are so worked up over this," Hinata said quietly.

"Because I know he likes you!" Neji roared. "I don't want you around that man, so listen to what I am saying! That samurai is bad news for you, and I don't trust him! Now do as I say," he said, calming down a little.

"But Neji…."

"No buts. This is for your own safety," Neji said. "Don't worry, we'll be leaving for Kyoto soon," he said calmly, shutting the door as he left.

Hinata stayed frozen for a minute. Then she broke down crying. She felt like her hear was breaking apart piece by piece. Neji was right about one thing. There was no way she and Kiba could ever be together. She would likely be married off to some lord and he was free to do whatever he desired.

She loved him. She loved everything about him, everything. Hinata was not a court lady who took appearances into consideration. Kiba was so kind and different from the other nobles she grew up with. Was it so bad to fall in love with a man like him? He had more honor in him than any noble ever had.

It was at that point Hinata realized she loved him back.

He never came back that night, which Hinata was grateful for. Neji would surely catch him if he did.

The very next morning she left for Kyoto. Hinata never even said goodbye.

End Flashbacks

"Awww, even back then you couldn't resist my manly charms," Kiba said.

"Oh stop it you oaf," Hinata said, reaching back to slap him on the head. Kiba laughed at her, making Hinata smile more.

"So it was all my father's idea," Hinata mused.

"Hey, what about me?" Kiba asked indignantly.

"You're important too," Hinata said.

"You bet," Kiba said.

"In my wildest dreams I never thought we would end up here," Hinata said quietly.

"Me either," Kiba answered, hugging her tightly to him.


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