A New Life, an Old Story

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A steady knock brought me from my thoughts of ages past. I glance up towards the door, catching a look at myself in the mirror. My long black hair hangs in gentle waves cradling the easy lines of my face and stunning green eyes remind me, not of my mother in this time, but of a mother from ages past. Each time is the same and after centuries of this cycle, I am bored with it.

"Enter," I answer calmly.

"My lady, they have arrived."

"Please send then to me ,Trent, I am prepared to meet with them."

"Yes, Mistress."

I stood gracefully, as I had been taught and took my place of honor.

Another steady knock and the door opened slowly to reveal five noble men. The five men entered but did not bow,
and I only expected as much. They had no idea who I was or why, I, someone of no consequence to them would request an audience. I guess the only reason they came was because of the trinkets I sent them. Trinkets to remind them of who they are.

"Gentlemen, how nice to see you." I can tell exactly who they are immediately, just by looking at them. They stand in the formation I have seen a million times, but one they do not realize. Directly in front of me stands the true bloodline of Earth, he was once called Endymion. To his right stands the noble bloodline of Venus, Kunzite, and behind him I can see the aura of Jupiter rolling off of the man who is the bloodline of mighty Jupiter,Nephlite. Then to the left of Endymion, I see the bow strung around Mars' bloodline, Jadeite, and there behind him the cool comforting aura of Mercury, Zoicite stands. They are all here and I must reveal to them what I know.

"You summoned us. What is the purpose, and what do we care for silly baubles?" Nephlite asks cautiously. His curious eyes roam the room for any sign of danger to the group.

"Please sit, join me for refreshments. My husband will arrive shortly, he will be thrilled to see you all again."

They move warily to sit at the small ladies table in my private study. A ladies table isn't the most appropriate place for men to sit, much less conduct a meeting at and I can see the aversion to it on their faces. But they sit nonetheless, seeming to decide to go along with me, although they obviously think they are only entertaining a simple-minded fool who has confused them with someone else- how very wrong they are.

"Gentlemen I will not waste your time. My name is Luna, my husband is Artemis." The blank looks I receive tell me my words mean nothing to them, though they should.

"And we care why, exactly?" Jadeite asks this time. The look of pure irritation is plain on his face and I can see he is still not patient. He hasn't been patient for the millennia I have known him, you would think after countless lives, he would have received the wonderful quality at least once. These men had run my patience down to treads.

"Well, I was hoping you would be further along than this, but there is no time. You gentlemen represent half of the Galaxies royalty. The time has come for you to build the Crystal Kingdom." I said, looking at each of them in turn, they glance at each other with exasperated frowns. And now Zoicite will question me, as always.

"That old fairytale, you expect us to believe that?" Zoicite asks while a shocked and offended look works its way into his features.

"Yes, I do. Now if you will allow me to show you, again…" I hope I can finish this with out so many interruptions, just this once.

"Wait, how can we trust you?" Endymion asked icily. He never was one to trust easily or listen for that matter.

"You know, Endymion, it is always nice to see you too. You are just going to have to trust me. I understand all this is hard to grasp, but if you will only listen for a few minutes, I can finally make you understand. Now, please get out the trinkets I sent to you." They each did as I instructed, finally.

"Now, let us try again. Kunzite, you go first. Look into your trinket." He looks into the small key and a dim orange light begins to glow from it. Slowly his expression changes from confusion to knowing. "Do you understand?" I asked.

"Yes." Kunzite answered.

"Now, you, Zoicite." He will always follow Kunzite's lead. Zoicite removes his small key also and as he looks into the same light glows from it, only this time it is a beautiful teal that reminds me of the sea. This may be easier than I thought.

"Nephlite, Jadeite, you're next." The two most skeptical of the five men look to each other and nod, how typical they still don't trust me. But after a few seconds their keys glow just as Kunzite and Zoicite's did but in a beautiful forest green and a stunning crimson respectively. Now for the hard part, I wonder if Endymion will ask why his doesn't work? Of course he will, exactly like an alarm clock.

"Why is mine broken?" He questioned me after looking at his key so hard his eyes were bulging.

"Yours will not work until you have found Princess Serenity, and you accept the lives you are destined to live. Never before have two souls been so intertwined." I hated explaining this every time, and now I wait expectantly for the fit!!!

"What?" His eyes bulge and his jaw drops. Oh dear lord I hate my job.

"Ok, look, we have been through this for centuries. You do the same thing over and over. Now calm down and let me explain AGAIN!" I swear next time I'm going to go to them as a hallucination. I don't know how much more of this I can stand. "You ALL have a second half. But you have always fought with your destiny and they never have. None of you have a choice at this point. Centuries ago when you made your decisions to become immortal and live like this you chose to keep your soul mates. The sooner you all accept this, the better." If I had wanted to be a babysitter I would have opened a nursery, and it would have been a hundred times better than this. I hate my job.

"So, because I chose to love some random woman for eternity centuries ago, in a lifetime I know nothing about I can't choose anything in this life?" Endymion spoke with ice in his voice and anger in his eyes. I know this look, he is resolving to "I won't do this." Endymion finally spoke through his teeth, finishing my thoughts and giving a sure sign that the fit wasn't over.

"You have no choice! Princess Serenity is no random woman. I know you yearn for her, you dream of her. Don't fight it, not this time. She will be just as confused and upset, you must woo her, make her fall in love with you this time and remember all the other times you did the same." He just stands there with his arms crossed defiantly over his chest, his brow furrowed and his chin lifted slightly in his tell, tell display of defiance. I can't help but roll my eyes at him and his childish antics. "Now listen, Endymion, there is something coming and we are going to need all of you. This is your last chance to stop it. Earth is its ultimate prize. We must find the princesses and begin building!" I look around at each man, the shocked look on their faces telling me that they are coming around. Now all I have to do is sit here quietly and wait for five…four… three…two… one…

"How do we find these princesses?" Kunzite responds calmly. Thank God for Kunzite's calm understanding.

"Good, now Kunzite, Zoicite you two will search first. Princess Mina and Princess Amy have always been the easiest to persuade. You will go to them and give them these." I hand them both a small locket. One is heart shaped with the royal crest of Venus on it, the other looks like a beautiful shell with the royal crest of Mercury on it. "The key I sent to you matches the lockets but DO NOT try it until you've found them. It will put them in pain." Both men look at me with severe understanding and nod their heads quickly. When you find your princess give her the locket and offer to open it for her. When you do she will remember. She may fight you or she may run away, but these two usually remain calm. Princess Mina is in a house, working for the Lord and Lady DeMonren just East of here and Princess Amy is studying at the Academy in the South Go now and return quickly." The both nod their heads at me and leave. It's almost over for today. I get up to take my leave but Nephlite stops me.

"Lady Luna, what about us? When shall we depart?" He asks calmly as he is able.

"You will stay here; my boy Trent will show you to your rooms. I have to take my leave and meet Artemis. He should have found the others by now, and I must speak with him right away. He will meet with you first thing in the morning prepare for building your destiny. I bid you good night Lord Endymion, Nephrite and Jadeite." I bow and wait for the one more question in five, four, three, two, one…

"Wait, why do you call me Endymion? You know each of the other's names, why not mine?" He asks, his face twisted in his usual annoyed look.

"Old habits die hard, I guess. Endymion is your true name, what are you called this time? If you prefer I'll call you that." I say, discretely rolling my eyes. I find it's easier to just appease him, and at least then I can go have supper with my husband and go to bed. I deserve a bubble bath too, now that I think about it.

"Darien." He answers while raising his chin almost defiantly. That man will be the death of us all if he can't learn to curb that pride of his.

"Well good night Prince Darien." With that done I finally take my leave, walking swiftly so I don't get any more questions. The rooms pass by quickly and before I know it I arrive at our rooms. It irritates me that it's so hard for the royalty to join together, Artemis and I, have always been the same. We find each other, get married, and then spend the rest of our time in that particular life trying to find the Princes and Princesses and guide them to their destines.

"Artemis?" I ask calmly as I enter our peaceful rooms.

"Yes, my dear. Come into my study, I have some interesting news." He calls warmly and a little mischievously. I cross the room into my husband's study to find warm supper and a grinning husband waiting on me.

"Artemis, I'm so glad you're back!"

"Yes, and I'm glad too. Come sit, I have so much to tell you. I have found Princesses Trista, Michelle, and Amara. Princess Hotaru is still too young to be of any assistance but the other three agreed to bring her soon."

"Yes, but I'd wager that isn't what you would call interesting since they have done the same thing for centuries." The laughter in his eyes warms my heart. I always love to see him so happy, maybe that is why I always take the younger princesses and princes.

"Well, Michelle and Amara have decided not to marry. Actually, they have decided to be together." He smiles mischievously at me. That isn't anything exactly interesting and he knows that, so I just stare at him calmly waiting for whatever these young, immortals will try to do and drive us insane with this time. "Openly" he adds smirking at me.

"Oh my, that is interesting." I

"How was your day?" He asks averting his eyes, because he already knows the answer.

"If you don't stop teasing me about this, next time you can have the younger group. I absolutely despise the repetition of it all. Endymion and Serenity are always the worst." I can't control the emotional outbursts. I guess it is to be expected though.

"That good, huh? I'm sorry dear, maybe tomorrow will be better." He grimaces at me, not seeming convinced.

"Artemis, honey, I have to tell you that you may have to do more with the young group this time. You see in my current condition, excess amounts of stress aren't really a great idea." He is at my side in an instant, touching my forehead to check for fever and listening to my breath.

"What condition? You seem fine to me."

"I am, much better than fine actually, I'm pregnant!"