A.N.: This is justa little idea that popped into my head a remake of page 62 in Hunted. I wrote this before Tempted came out.

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He sounded so sexy and turned-on that for a moment I was confused about what I really wanted. I did want to be with him again, and he was really familiar and…

And then I just went with him. His lips slid back to my mouth and he quickly deepened the kiss. He was pressed against every inch of me.

He suddenly pulled me into a small alcove off the main hallway and pulled my dress off. I was in nothing but my black lace underwear. He moved his mouth back down to my neck. I didn't know why I rolled my head to the side but I did. He moved his hand from the small of my back and up to my neck. There was a slash of pain followed by an intense pleasure. I let out a moan. We were on the ground completely naked before I realized what we were doing.

Then our heartbeats became one and I could feel his love for me, his lust for my blood, and his desire for my body.

He lunged into me then and moved his mouth once again to mine. At first each lung was calculated and slow but as his and my need became more pronounced his movements became faster and harder. He had his hand on my hips guiding me as he moved deeper and deeper into me.

I woke up about three hours later to find him putting his clothes on. Now that he wasn't touching me anymore there was a pain in my body.

"Come on, get dressed, and we'll take over for Darius and Aphrodite." He told me.

I did so quickly and grabbed his hand. We went straight to the ladder out of the tunnels where we climbed into the basement. When we got upstairs Aphrodite had her head resting lazily on Darius's shoulder with her eyes halfway closed.

"Why don't you guys head on down and get some rest and Zoey and I'll take it from here," Erik said.

They got up and headed to the ladder. Aphrodite went down first and Darius headed down behind her. "Oh, and by the way, I can smell her all over you." He told Erik just before his head disappeared.