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Chapter One.

Bella's POV.

No words could describe the scene in front of me. Alice was crying mercilessly on the couch. Rosalie clung to my arm as if there was no tomorrow. Jasper was curled up in a fetal position from the blunt of the raw emotions present in the Cullen's living room. Emmett just sat on the floor, his eyes black and distant. Edward was cradled in the arms of his newly found mate, Vani. In the distance you could here the wolves howling in pain. I honest, to God, had no idea what was going on. All I knew was that something terrible had happened and I needed to do something fast.

It had been seven years since I rushed to save Edward from killing himself in Volterra and since then my relationship with all the Cullens has changed. Edward, no longer my boyfriend, became one of my best friends; Rosalie became a sister to me but more so my relationship with Carlisle and Esme became one of friendship. I no longer saw them as parental figures. It was strange really but according to Carlisle and one of his many theories, I had matured greatly over the past year during the Cullens' absence and now I could easily relate to the older members of the family other than just the 'children.'

Cautiously I lowered both myself and Rosalie to the ground only to have her cling herself to my chest. I held her in silence as she cried chanting over and over "bring her back." To me this phrase had no meaning.

Gently I pulled Rosalie's face away from my chest to look at her.

"Rose honey, what happened? Who do you want me to bring back?"

"I think I could answer that question, dearest Bella." I jumped in surprise both at the fact that I did not know of his presence and also that none of the Cullens reacted to him. With both pity and sympathy in his eyes, I turned to look Aro directly in his face and hopefully get the answers about why my family was so destroyed.

"Aro, what brings you to Forks?" I was surprised when I was able to speak without showing my fear because on the inside I was falling to pieces.

"Business my dear. Grave business, I'm afraid."

"Aro please, I would much appreciate it if I could get a straight answer. I know it must be grave business if my family is this destroyed," I said gesturing to the chaotic scene behind me.

Aro sighed heavily as he took in the scene behind me. "I agree with you but before I tell you, I must know if you are still intent on becoming one of us?"

I was furious not to mention impatient.

"God, Aro! Yes as agreed I will be changed after medical school by Carlisle. I have only two more years to finish my residence. Now could you please tell me WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?"

Jane hissed in response to my outburst. She should have known that I did not give a damn. I was already flustered and at my wits end as to why my family was hurt and now her JACKASS OF A MASTER was concerned about me becoming immortal.

"Certainly but I think it would be easier if you read it. You might not believe me." With that he handed me a black folder. Cautiously, I began to read. After about ten minutes of me reading, I felt my knees begin to weaken as the depth of what occurred began to sink in.

Marcus, seeing my reaction, walked forward and held me tightly against his chest. Marcus and I had formed a father daughter relationship over the years and I knew it hurt him to see me this way. Looking up at him, I asked

"What does this mean?"

Marcus sighed heavily and picked me up to cradle me to his chest before answering.

"It means what you think it does." Shifting me slightly so I was held by one arm, he used the other to point into the distance where a cloud of purple smoke could be seen. "It means that Esme Cullen is no more." Those were the last word I heard before the darkness took me.