A.N. Glory be, I love these two. This poem is SAP like whoa. I'm a sucker for this stuff-don't be too shocked.

I also really like adverbs.

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Past and Future


He is reminded, quite without warning

(Not that he ever really forgot,

Of course.)

But his sudden guest strikes reminders in his heart

He sees youth

He sees life

And he remembers the old days

And the old feelings

Although it hurts, he forces himself to admit just that-

Those days are past, not for him anymore.

The other's days are here, and he doesn't quite comprehend

The reports of animosity.

He reaches out for a connection

Somewhat selfishly, he admits-

He needs some familiarity

One last gasp of the old days.

There is no disappointment.

They part, his guest smiles to him, and returns home.

The days to come will be good, even if they can't be his.


He is seeing with new eyes

And things are clearer than before.

It is good, even if

He hurts –physically-

He bleeds –mentally-

He is tired –totally-

Originally he hadn't intended on acting how he did.

He doesn't like being injured

-To say nothing of causing others pain-

But he remembers a feeling of something

And realizes it as his world begins to fade.

He surrenders, as if apologizing

He chokes aloud, as if in penance

Yielding to the warm elegant fingers encircled about his throat.

He figures there are worse ways to die.

He sends compassion, to fend off pain

Caring, to heal wounds of neglect

And one more, which was new to him as well.

Suddenly he can breathe again

Within dark eyes, he sees a glimpse of reciprocation

But only for a moment.

It will all be alright.

They have all the time they need to bridge the gaps

The future is theirs.


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