It was new years eve on terra Atmosia, and everyone was partying like mad

The (old) Stormhawks had been invited to of couse, since they were the best

"Man I wish I could've brought Aerrow," Aerrows dad said

"Ya this is one wil party," Dark Ace (when he was with the Stormhawks) said "They even got beer,"

"I there Storrmhawks eh," Suzy Lu said

"Greeting," Aerrows dad said

"This is one crazy party eh," Suzy said

"Yep" Aerrws dad said

"Let's boogie eh," Suzy said

And with that they, along with all the other warriors of Atmos partied. Hard.

When the party was over Aerrows dad and Suz were on a couch, naked

Whoa...what happend eh?" Suzy said

Just then she felt a low stomach ache

"That's odd I don't remeber getting sick n the morning," Suzy said

-nine months later-

"Aerrow," Aerows dad said

"Ya?" Aerrow said

"You know how u asked for a brother?"

"Yes," Aerrow said

"Well...I kinda got you one,"Aerrows dad said

"Really!?" Aerrow said

Just then Aerrows dad gave his son a baby Radarr

"Huh? Daddy he's a mini-blizzarian," Aerrow said

"Ya," Aerrows dad said

"Why isn't he human like us?" Aerrow asked

"Never drink beer at a party son," Aerrows dad said "Now I have to help the other skyknights destroy Cyclonia,"

Just as Aerrows dad was off he said one more thing

"Aerrow just telpeople hes yur pet," he said

"Why?" Aerrow asked

"Just do. Oh and his name is Radarr,"

With that he was gone

That just may be how Radarr came to be