This will be the last ever A/N for Twilight Reflected in Brown Eyes

I am donating a happily ever after futuretake for the Fandom for Sexual Assault Awareness. Please see my profile on how to donate to receive the compilation of lots of wonderful author's work. If you can't contribute to this amazing cause, I will be posting the outtake in early August, so please be sure to add my TRIBE outtake listing to your story alerts.

I already have posted a High School outtake if you want to check that out as well. It's under the TRIBE Outtake listing in my profile.

Here's a little teaser in case you're curious. This takes place ~15 years after Epi #1 left off. Enjoy!


Bella had been going nonstop since I left; handling everything from getting Kate to all of her piano classes and recitals along with Gavin's various sporting events. She'd been a trooper and I couldn't wait to show her my deepest appreciation when I got my hands on her. All over her. My mind was just drifting off into rated-x land when the pilot's voice interrupted.

"We are on our initial descent into Los Angeles International Airport. Flight Attendants, please prepare the cabin for landing."

"Mr. Masen, is there anything I can get for you before landing?" the perky red headed first class attendant asked, just as I pressed the button straightening my seat back. She flashed me a coy smile, which even after all these years, people's flirting attempts made me wildly uncomfortable. It didn't help that her hair color was only a shade off from Victoria's.

"No, thanks. I'm fine," I mumbled, shifting my eyes back to the window and the tiny houses and streets below. Ever since the incident with Victoria, red-heads creeped me out, and even after spending years and years in therapy, I had a hard time being in the same room with anyone who had a shade remotely as shocking as the woman who tried to ruin my life.

So - there is a little snippet. I loved writing TRIBE and am going to miss it so very much, but I have a few things coming soon.

I'm writing a new full length fic - called Behind The Velvet Rope - The Emmett Chronicles - it will be told all from Emmett's POV, but will be about all the sordid things that go on at a nightclub. Our favorite characters will all be included, so if that sounds like something up your alley, put me on alert.

I'm also donating a new O/S called Dreams He Sold Her for the Fandom For Storms. Bella's a naive girl who meets a mysterious man at a bar one night. They spend two weeks together before he has to ship off to foreign lands for work. Will he be back to fulfill all the promises he made? Details are on my profile if you want to donate or you can find it here in August.

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