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Chapter 1 - Repercussions

Her body was finally beginning to stir in the bed.

Renee looked to her daughter with relief, watching as the seventeen-year-old's eyelids fluttered open. It was awful to see her this way, with clear tubes forming a large V on Bella's face as they passed oxygen through her nostrils. She had a large bandage wrapping the top of her head, another on her arm, and a cast on her leg.

"Bella?" Renee whispered, her hand reaching out to stroke her daughter's shoulder carefully and not wanting to cause further injury. Her poor daughter seemed to have been cursed since birth with a despicable lack of coordination…

"Mom? What happened? Where am I?" Bella replied, her breathing shallow as she fought to regain consciousness. The hospital room was hazy, but soon her mother's concerned features began to sharpen in her vision.

With a smile, Renee silently thanked God that her daughter's clumsiness had not led to her demise. "You're in the hospital," she informed her. Renee could tell by the alarm on Bella's face that she would need some questions answered. The youthful Dr. Cullen - who appeared to be the adoptive father of Edward - the young man who had not left Bella's side, had warned her that Bella might be confused when she awakened. "You broke your leg," she explained gently. "And you hit your head pretty hard and lost a lot of blood. You don't remember any of this, do you?"

Confused, Bella lightly shook her head, now feeling each injury as pain coursed through her right calf. "Nuh uh."

"Edward came down to Phoenix with his dad and tried to convince you to come back to Forks, and you went over to their hotel and tripped…"

Still, there was not a speck of recall on her daughter's face.

"And fell down two flights of stairs. You went through a window!" she told her regretfully, wishing that Bella had not inherited the cursed clumsy gene that had tormented herself as a child.

"Wait," Bella replied groggily, her eyebrows knit together. "Edward? Who?"

Renee shook her head in disbelief as her gaze shifted toward the handsome young man leaning against the wall with eyes closed. "You don't remember Edward?"

Unable to make sense of any of this, Bella shook her head as her gaze darted from the sleeping figure and back to her mother.

"Well, honey," Renee began, wondering now how much she should reveal. The boy was clearly taken with her daughter and had not moved from that spot all night. She knew so little about him. Charlie had only informed her that they had been dating. "Maybe, I'd better get a nurse," she told her with a wink.

"No. Wait," she called out weakly, but to Bella's dismay, her mother rose from the bed and hurried out the door.

Edward instantly rose from his sitting position on the pullout bed and approached Bella carefully.

"Hello, Bella," he greeted, his heart in his throat as he met the disillusionment in her chocolate brown eyes. Though Edward was very nearly indestructible with skin as impenetrable as granite and a body strong as steel, pain burned through him like fire at the sight of his beloved lying injured in the hospital bed, so close to death just hours before. For some reason, Heaven had smiled down on him and allowed his Bella to live, but at what cost? Carlisle had told him that until she was conscious that they could not fully predict the extent of the damages, but could only hope for the best. And his sister Alice's insight - well, he had not wanted to think about that.

And now, cursed with perfect hearing, his ears had heard her sweet voice utter his name as though she didn't know him.

"Hello," she replied uncomfortably, tearing her eyes away from his appealing golden gaze. To her horror she could hear the increased beeping from the monitors. At that moment Bella wanted to rip the little monitor from her finger, but every muscle in her body ached as the heaviness of her body held her pinned to the bed with the weight of an anvil.

This was another time for Edward when he hated not being able to read her thoughts, however the rush of blood that was filling her cheeks was a small consolation. He so loved that charming blush of hers.

"How are you?" he asked uncertainly. Her reaction to him, although awkward, was comforting.

She tried to shift her weight onto her right side, but the pain from her calf felt like a small explosion inside her leg, and Bella gritted her teeth. "Why are you…?" She stopped, reconsidering her words and straightening herself on the bed again. "You were gone," she told him, meeting the odd expression in his eyes.

Edward shook his head to correct her. At least she remembered him, after all. "No, I made it back, but unfortunately, not soon enough to…" He stopped, heaving a sigh. The blame of her injuries he would forever carry on his shoulders. "It's over," he began again quietly. "James is gone."

He was speaking clearly, but Bella could not make the meaning fit within her recall. "Who is James?"

His eyes blinked involuntarily. "You don't remember?"

"No." Her face turned away in frustration and met the floral print of the curtain on the other side of the room. "I don't know how I got here. I don't know what you're doing here, and I don't remember any of this!" she told him, clearly agitated.

Edward shut his eyes in disbelief, but forced his tone to stay calm. "Bella, tell me the last thing you remember."

"You were gone. You didn't come back to Biology…"

"When?" he asked. Due to some odd sunny days in the tiny town of Forks, he had had to skip school to avoid baring the unusual effects of his skin to the rest of the student body. Because of this, Edward could not imagine at what point in time she was referring to.

"The last time I saw you, you were talking to the receptionist…You were trying to change to another class." Bella turned her eyes to his then, angrily, the cold shock of her memory of his hatred hitting her again like an electric jolt. The memory of his hostility on her first day of school had been plaguing her for days. "Because of me. And then you didn't come back to class after that."

His golden eyes widened in shock, and he felt his heart shatter at the realization of her words. It couldn't be true. "No," he breathed. "Bella, that was over a month -"

He didn't get to finish his sentence as the nurse returned with Renee and Charlie. The chief of police had kept his face smooth and free of contempt at the sight of his daughter's beau when they entered. Edward guessed that he did this for Bella's benefit, although in the waiting room it had been a different story…

Bella's attention, he noticed, was on her parents as the nurse examined the monitors and picked up her chart. But before Edward left to find Carlisle, he shot one more remorseful look to the girl who had made his life complete.

In turn, Bella's gaze flickered to Edward, her eyes still brown and beautiful as always, their depths filled with uncertainty. His heart was resting there in that bed, and it felt like too much for him to take. Just the idea that she believed that he hated her sent a chill of self-loathing through his entire being. Now, he could not even imagine ever having felt that way toward her. It was a tribute to the monster that he was.

"Goodbye," he whispered. He lingered just a moment longer as Renee fussed over her daughter, reaching out to smooth the strands of her dark brown hair. The nurse hovered around the bed, adjusted the IV and poked at buttons on the monitors. With his rigid posture, Charlie stood there with hands in his pocket, facing them.

Edward could hear their thoughts. The nurse, who appeared to be diligently attending to her duties, was very interested in the handsome young man's availability. Renee worried that the loss of Bella's memory could be permanent. Charlie wanted to take the young man and introduce him to his pistol.

How could he blame the chief for feeling this way? Had she never became involved with Edward, Bella would still be in Forks at that moment, safe…as safe as Bella could be…possibly out with that mean-spirited Jessica, or even with Angela, who was the kind of friend that Bella deserved. Or…he admitted to himself grudgingly, with Mike Newton. Edward pushed that disturbing thought away. There was nothing he would have liked better than to punish the Newton boy for his improper thoughts.

This was a lot for him to think about.

Without another word, Edward left the room, in search of his own answers.

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