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"Look, Adam," Matt hicupped. "Look at them. They're animals."

Adam sighed and resisted to urge to roll his eyes. Matt was now sincerely drunk, and even in his drunken state, the only thing on his mind was his brother being violated.

Jeff and Phil had gone to dance, disappearing for a while until Adam could barely see their bodies tight against eachother's. Grinding. He clenched his jaw and looked down at the table. He was done drinking for the night, especially since his friend was already drunk, and he knew the responsibility of taking him back to the hotel was on him.

Now, Phil and Jeff were talking again, but the conversation looked much more heated. The younger Hardy's eyes were half-lidded and he was giggling as CM Punk whispered something in his ear.

"My baby brother," Matt grunted, cradling his face in his hands. "I'm a terrible big brother. I haven't taught him a thing."

He sounded so pitiful, that Adam couldn't help but feel sorry for him. "No, you're not. You've just gotta let go once and a while, man. Phil's not hurting him or anything."

Matt's eyes were now narrowed, staring at him hard. "He's not going back to the hotel with any of them. He's coming with us." Adam knew that what Matt was actually trying to tell him was to make sure Jeff was with him when they left and to not let him go with Phil.

"I got it," he sighed. "And I think you're ready to go home."

Before Matt could protest, Jeff appeared beside them, an easy smile on his face, green eyes twinkling happily.

"Hi, Matty." He kissed his brother on the cheek, and turned to Adam. "This is working out well." A sly grin pulled at his lips that made Adam quirk an eyebrow. So, he was planning something.

Adam chose not to question him in front of Matt, however, and pulled the older Hardy up from the stool.

"You're coming back with us, right?" he asked Jeff, who nodded.

"Of course. Who else would I go with?" His voice had a teasing tone to it.

Adam couldn't hold back the sarcastic reply. "Oh, I don't know. Any one of the four guys you were rubbing up all over?"

Jeff leaned forward, whispering lightly. "Relax, Adam. I'll explain later. No need to be jealous." He put an emphasis on the word in a hissing, sexy way that made shivers run up Adam's spine.


After dumping Matt back at the Hardy's hotel room, Jeff made sure he was asleep as Adam raked an anxious hand through his blonde locks.

He watched as Jeff was bent over, pulling his older brother out of his jeans. His own pants felt as if something inside was being stirred to life, carefully observing Jeff's body. His hips - how his pants rode low on them and how his thong peaked out from the waistband.

But there was also something else about Jeff that he found cute - the way he cared for his brother. He touched Matt's hair and kissed him on the cheek as the other barely stirred from his drunken sleep.

The younger Hardy finally pulled away, smiling at Adam. "Let's go," he mewled sweetly, grabbing his hand and leading them out of the hotel room.

Somehow, they ended up in Adam' room, where they stumbled around without light guiding them. Adam flicked on the dim lamp, the light making Jeff's eyes seem more of a darker green, but still stunning.

This time, Adam made the first move, cupping Jeff's cheek with one hand and leaning in to kiss him gently. No more second thoughts. No more hesitation. He knew he wanted Jeff badly, and denial played no part in this night.

Jeff parted his lips for him, and his tongue ravished his mouth hungrily. The Hardy placed his hands on the taller's shoulders, pulling him closer so that their bodies were tight against eachother, and Adam wrapped his arms around his waist. Their tongues swirled around eachother's endlessly, both so desperate for the other's taste.

They parted for air, and Adam breathed, "Are you sure you want this?"

Jeff didn't reply, instead moving to sit on the bed, bringing Adam on top of him as he lied on his back. Adam never thought they'd be in this position - him on top of Jeff, both aroused and wanting eachother.

Before they went any further, Adam spoke, "I still don't get your plan, Jeff. You never explained."

He allowed Jeff to explain while he leaned down to kiss his neck softly. "I... ah. I was with those guys so that Matty would make me come back here with you... You wouldn't have let Matty cause a scene. He gets drunk instead. Mm. At the end of the day, he can't separate us... he's too trashed... Get it?"

Shivers were running through him at Adam's actions on his sensitive neck. His tongue gently lapped up the areas of skin he nibbled at, earning himself a groan from Jeff. He chuckled a little bit, pausing.

"Kind of. I don't think it matters so much now," he muttered.

Pressing his clothed erection against Jeff's own, he held both of his wrists down over his head, grinding against him. Jeff's hips bucked as he moaned.

"Fuck me, Adam." His voice was shaky with need.

Their shirts came off, landing silently on the ground near the bed. Adam undressed Jeff first, pulling down his pants and thong, revealing a pair of smooth, gorgeous legs and a throbbing erection. He undressed himself much quicker, and their clothing made piles on the floor.

He took Jeff's already hardened member in his hand, stroking and pumping it. Jeff squirmed under him, releasing breathy moans and bucking into the other's hand. Adam smirked, enjoying the effect he had on the younger male. He leaned down and teasingly dragged him tongue along Jeff's length, causing him to dig his nails into his shoulders.

"Stop teasing me... Damn it." Jeff's voice was charged with desire, arching his back as he spoke.

"With all the teasing you've done to me tonight... you deserve it," Adam chuckled lightly, attacking Jeff's lips again with his own.

Jeff felt Adam's lingering hands on his body, and decided enough was enough. He wrapped his legs around his waist, forcefully pulling Adam down on him.

"Fuck me," he repeated.

Adam grabbed his knees, prying him off. "Let me get the lotion, sweetie. Be patient."

Jeff released him, rather annoyed, and watched Adam shuffle in his drawer for lube. He pulled it out and repositioned himself between Jeff's long, incredible legs. He licked his lips at Jeff's slutty mewls.

"... Have you done this before?" Adam asked, dunking two of his fingers in the bottle, coating them.

The younger Hardy shook his head as the other coated his length with the lube. "I'll be careful then," he spoke, positioning his fingers at Jeff's entrance.

Adam caught him blushing lightly as he said, "You don't have to be so careful..."

"I don't want to hurt you," he insisted, voice soft.

Jeff latched onto his shoulders again, and felt Adam enter him with his fingers, slowly stretching him out. It felt extremely uncomfortable but not completely unpleasureable. At least it didn't hurt - yet. He tensed, however, as Adam moved his fingers in a scissoring motion. He tried not to dig his nails into his shoulders, but what he was expecting to come had him worried.

Adam's gentle voice reached his ears, "... Okay, just relax. The more you tense, the more it'll hurt."

He tried his best to listen and calm himself, but as soon as the tip of Adam's length entered him, he tensed and shut his eyes quickly as they watered. His body trembled.

Adam pushed himself further into Jeff, earning himself pained noises. Jeff was extremely tight, and Adam grunted as the tight heat surrounded his throbbing cock. He wanted so much to just fuck him for all he's worth, but he forced himself to wait for him.

"It hurts, Adam..." Jeff whined, feeling hot tears cascade down his face.

The larger of the two comforted him as best he could before deciding it was probably best to just push himself in completely than to torture Jeff by taking it an inch at a time.

He instantly regretted his decision as Jeff let out a pained scream and a series of broken sobs.

"Shh. I'm sorry, Jeff, baby. The pain will fade, I promise," he comforted, kissing his neck again gently.

Jeff didn't think this was possible, but after a moment of nothing but pain, pleasure slowly began to show it's face in the situation. The throbbing and anxious length inside him began to feel good, and he gasped at the feeling.

"More," he demanded shakily.

Adam immediately obliged, pulling back so that only the head of his cock remained inside, and thrusted back into him. Jeff moaned loudly, arching his back. His body shook with lust, and noises he never thought he could make escaped his throat one after another.

The mattress began to whine as Adam kept a quick and hard pace into the Hardy.

"Harder... ! Faster... !" Jeff moaned hotly.

It was difficult for Adam, being so close to release, yet having it pushed just that much further away. He chased for release, speeding up his thrusts and making them blunt and brutal, all while Jeff's erotic noises was filling him with hot need.

Jeff's body was overtaken with pleasure, having no more control over himself. His body began to move by itself, successfully meeting Adam's thrusts so that his prostate was being slammed up against mercilessly.

"Fuck! Adam...!"

An intense feeling swallowed him up, white dots dancing before his eyes as he fell into release. He moaned sweetly, sending Adam over the edge. Jeff was filled with Adam's cum, whose body shook as he came just a slight moment after the younger Hardy. Soaring over highs, they came back down from it.

Adam pulled his cock out from Jeff, who was breathing hard. He lied beside him, his body too totaled to move another inch.

"Shit," was the only thing Jeff could mutter, his eyes shut.

Adam gathered what little strength he had left to pull Jeff into his arms, kissing his forehead in the process. Jeff relaxed in his hold, his breathing now deep and even.

"I love you," he spoke so quietly, he doubted Adam could hear him. After a moment of silence, he began to believe he hadn't hear him after all.

That is, until Adam replied, "I love you, too."


"Adam. Wake up, damn it. It's almost afternoon."

Adam stirred from his sleep, feeling a pair of hands shaking him hard. He grunted and tried to swat the offending hands away, but Jeff just shook him harder.

He cracked one eye open, and then the other. He saw that Jeff was fully dressed as the Hardy threw his boxers at him. It took a while for him to recall the night before, but he didn't feel shocked or regretted last night - he was actually happy that it happened, and by Jeff's expression, he could tell he was feeling the same way.

Adam sat up agonizingly slow, pulling his boxers up to his knees, and then finally stood to pull them fully on. Jeff began searching for something in between the remaining pile of clothes near the bed.

"You're okay?" Adam asked softly, looking down at him.

Jeff looked up, first appearing confused, then he smiled. "Of course. I don't regret last night a bit. ... Do you?"

"No way," he chuckled, leaning down to peck him on the lips.

The door was suddenly knocked on, ruining the moment between the two of them. Adam sighed and yanked the door open, forgetting to check who it was through the peephole first. Which was a huge mistake.

On the other side of the door, stood a hungover-looking Matt.

"Hey Adam, have you seen - ..." The older Hardy paused as soon as his eyes locked with his brother's.

He blinked once, bringing his gaze back to Adam, and took in the lack of clothes he had on. Then he glanced back at his brother, fully realizing that he wasn't wearing the thong he was sporting last night.

"... Jeff?" His voice was dangerously soft, like a mother who found her son's crappy report card.

Jeff straightened, eyes wide. He immediately blurted, "Matt, I can explain."

Matt blinked again, his headache growing worse. "What happened last night?" He asked this directly to Adam, whose mouth hung open.

Adam locked his gaze on the floor, nervously raking his fingers through his hair. No one said anything for a moment, but that was response enough for Matt to put two and two together.

He slammed the Canadian against the wall, forgetting all about his hangover. Adam gasped in shock as his back connected to the hard wall, Matt holding him tight against it.

"What did you do to my brother?" he seethed through clenched teeth.

Anger coursed through the older Hardy's veins, not thinking as he drew his fist back, intent on hurting Adam for hurting his baby brother.

"Matt!" Jeff leaped over and grabbed his brother's arm, trying to pull him off of Adam.

Matt jerked away, yelling loudly, "You fucked him didn't you?! You fucked my brother!" He backhanded Adam quickly across the face.

Jeff gasped as frustration grew within him. He's had enough of this from his brother. He pushed Matt away from Adam as hard as he could, not noticing the waterfall of tears running down his face.

"God damn it, Matt! I hate you!" He sobbed. There was nothing else running through his mind at the moment except, 'I hate you! I hate you!'

A look of shock crossed both Matt and Adam's faces as the younger Hardy took off out of the room.

Adam felt his heart tighten as he heard Jeff crying in the hallways, slowly disappearing as he ran away. He looked to Matt, who was still in shock, but resorted to pause in anger at him.

He pushed himself from the wall, narrowing his eyes at Matt. "The only person here that hurt your brother, is you."


Empty sobs filled Jeff's chest, his tears coating them.

He wandered aimlessly, not wanting to speak to or look at anyone right then, especially Matt and Adam. He hadn't meant to tell his brother that he hated him, and it wasn't true in the least, but it just poured out of his mouth.

It angered him when Matt hit Adam, and recalling that made him a little worried about what they were doing to eachother since he left. He dismissed the guilt, however, as he heard footsteps trailing after him.

He first thought it was Adam or Matt coming after him, but he was suddenly met with another familiar face.

Before Jeff could cry out, Chris had his hand over his mouth, and an arm around his waist tightly. The younger Hardy writhed in his grasp, making Chris grunt as he attempted to keep his hold tight on him. He was putting up a good fight.

However, Chris was still stronger.

Slowly, Chris managed to drag Jeff's thrashing form near his room. Jeff panicked. He knew exactly what Chris wanted all this time, and he was dangerously close to getting it. He twisted around, trying to slow Chris' attempt of forcing him inside the room.


Chris released Jeff immediately at the sound of his name, startled. He turned around to be met with the massive chest of Mark Callaway himself, instantly feeling himself get smaller compared to the enormous man.

Mark's eyes were narrowed, severely upset.

The two were staring at eachother, one intimidated, the other in anger, until the Undertaker made an animalistic growl from deep within his throat, thus scaring the shit out of Chris, who bolted in the opposite direction.

Mark watched him disappear, then turning to Jeff, who was crying softly to himself. His eyes softened.

As gently as he could, Mark pulled Jeff to him, allowing the younger to cry against his chest. Despite what some people thought, Taker knew his own strength. He felt Jeff's shoulders slowly untense as his sobs grew deeper and less restrained.

"You're okay," the Taker said. "You're gonna be fine, kid."

"Jeff," a stray voice called.

They turned to see Adam walking towards them, looking concerned but unharmed. Jeff pulled away from Mark, giving him a sad smile and whispering his gratitude, to which Mark patted him on the back for.

Adam studied Jeff a little before asking, "Did something happen?"

Mark answered for him. "Jericho tried something with Jeff, but he's long gone now."

The Canadian looked up at him, nodding his thanks before reaching out to stroke Jeff's cheek. "Are you okay? Did Chris hurt you?"

Jeff swallowed, wiping away the remainder of his tears. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Jeff, will you come back to the room? Matt and I were talking..." He discontinued when the Hardy began slowly nodding.

Mark was gone by then back into his own room, leaving them out in the hallway. Adam draped a comforting arm around Jeff's shoulders, leading him to the Hardy's own room this time, where Matt was sitting on the bed. His fists weren't clenched and his eyes weren't narrowed, but he did look quite uneasy.

Jeff sat beside his brother while Adam remained standing. Matt didn't want to touch him in any comforting way just yet, in case he was still mad at him.

Before any of them could start, Jeff said quickly, "Matty, I'm so sorry. I don't hate you. It just scared me when you hit Adam like that, I -"

"Shh," Matt interrupted. "I should be the one who's sorry. I'm always discouraging you from relationships, and that's not right. Somehow, I got it into my head that everyone who wants you will hurt you, and I just can't sit with the thought that you could get hurt. I did it out of love, but that's no excuse. I'm sorry, Jeff."

Adam smiled. "And after your brother here held me against the wall and made me promise and swear to never hurt you, we came to an agreement."

Jeff looked to Matt hopefully. Matt sighed dramatically, rubbing his temples. "I accept the both of you going out," he said, causing Jeff to lunge forward and hug him tightly. He let out a grunt.

"But," he cut in, pointing at Adam. "If you ever make him cry, you're done. There will be no more of you. No one will ever find out what happened to you. There will be no autopsy, because you will have stopped existing. Got that, Copeland?"

Adam laughed. "I got it, Hardy."

Author Note: It sounds done, but it's not. Chris is officially trash - I'm done with him here. That was a close one, huh? XD. Jeffie almost got raped. But Superhero Undertaker saved the day.

You know, I was gonna make Mark the bad guy instead of Chris, but I didn't have the heart. Mark has kinda grown on me? My teacher said he was a really quiet, good guy aside from wrestling. And Chris just strikes me as a naturally arrogant, get-what-he-wants kind of guy.

Oh, and the sex scene was an extreme form of fail, I know. D: I haven't written sex in forever, so I was like, "O_____O" the entire time writing it.