Split Second

SERIES SPOILERS!! You can't say I didn't warn you! I freaking love Mikage/Teito and as well their individual characters. I wanted to make my own little tribute to them and their bond. To me, they were/are very much soul mates. T.T These are all one sentence challenges I just kind of wrote for myself (and to everyone who loves these two as much as me). There are nine because of a model I keep doing and it's one of my favorite numbers. Any and all comments will be thanked with heaps of dark chocolate covered cherries. Nomnom?

Disclaimer: 07 Ghost belongs to its creators...and Teito's collar says he belongs to Frau apparently... O.o


Mikage untwisted the cap to the bottle of protein pills, spilling the yellowish brown contents over the ledge of the roof— "These things will kill you buddy, I know it."


The bishops freak out the first time the little furry pink creature bites Teito; the dark haired boy only laughs out loud as it purrs (what sounds apologetic), and with an amused smile, he asks Labrador for a bandage.


A part of me wants you cold, Teito; wants you stark and colorless against everyone else because that's why you caught my eye in the first place.


He felt himself balance on his regulation steel-toed boot's tiptoes as his best friend froze and Teito moved in quickly, touching his dry lips to the X-shaped scar.


"I promise to never betray you," He said, golden brown eyes shimmered with unshed tears; the ex-slave rolled his eyes at the sentimentality of his statement but could not ignore the flurry of warmth in his chest.


Life is beautiful, Mikage, at least...it was beautiful when you were in mine.


Sex in a church may have been blasphemous— but instead of a God's wrath, they both feared separation from each other more.


Off on further grounds of the military academy, Mikage inhales as the rushing wind picks up, musing out loud, "Is it weird that I think my soul might be the color pink?"— and his companion scoffs, "It's only weird when you have to ask someone."


They were not a Romeo and Juliet story— sheepishly, Mikage walked around his classes with a swollen cheek after he teased his best friend in a theatrical oath to serenade him from the bottom bunk that evening— but Teito wished— sobbing in his cot the evening of Mikage's death— they could have had a similar ending.