(Just a short drabble written for a prompt on the kink meme asking for a fem!England being all motherly.

APH is still not mine.)

America had been told time and time again not to run in the house, but he did so anyway. Whenever England visited, America liked to spend as much time with her as possible, but she was usually busy with her work. So America would run through the house in the hopes of attracting her attention. Whenever she caught him, he would be punished, but in the end, she would put aside her work for the afternoon and they would spend time together, whether it be playing or just talking.

This day in particular had started out like so many before. England woke up and went straight to her office after making a nearly inedible breakfast for America. America poked at the food, eating about half of it before deciding that he could stomach no more, finally pushing the plate away. His mother Nation was still in her office, and when America investigated, he found the door to be locked. With a sigh, he scuffed his foot on the floor before spotting his pet rabbit down the hall (another point of interest he and England fought about). Grinning, he began to run after the rabbit just as he had countless times before. Unlike previous attempts, however, America misjudged the distance between himself and a table down the hall, plowing into it.

"Ow!" He exclaimed before he started wailing.

Concerned, England came rushing out of her office. "What happened?"

America looked up at her, still crying. "I-I…hi-hit the taaaaaable," He whined, dissolving into fresh tears.

England sighed as she walked over and scooped him up, holding the young Nation close. "What have I told you about running in the house," She murmured, running her free hand through his hair in a comforting manner. She held him close, letting the boy finish his crying before pulling away to look at the mark on his forehead. "You're going to have a bruise. Hopefully that'll be a reminder for you to listen to me, hm?" America nodded, miserably pushing his face into England's shoulder again.

The older Nation looked down at him as she began carrying him to the kitchen. "Let's make some tea. I'm sure it'll make you feel better after your, ah, harrowing ordeal."

America glanced up at England and grinned. "I'd like that. Can I put lots of sugar in it?"

England looked pained, but nodded. "As much as you want," She said quietly, returning the boy's smile, all plans to get her work done early completely forgotten.