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Staring into the blue

"Sorry, but your flight got cancelled"

I hear the words just fine, but it takes a while for my brain to register them and comprehend their true meaning… and when they finally sink in, I find myself face to face with the dilemma they represent.

I hang up my cell phone, not even bothering to warn my assistant on the other line that our conversation is done; I just focus all my attention on the woman who so diligently broke the news for me.

Maybe I didn't hear well after all… or her words got mingled with that of my assistant's, because there's no way the airline cancelled my flight.

I push my Gucci sunglasses up my face and let them rest at the top of my head. "Cancelled? That's not possible" A chuckle escape my lips, but it's not an amused chuckle, it borders more on desperation. "I need to take that plane now"

The woman doesn't even bat an eyelash; her countenance remains unperturbed as her fingers keep working the keyboard. "It got cancelled due to weather conditions" Her tone is monotonous, bored. "I have another flight available to that destination for tomorrow at two pm…"

"No, no, no… you don't get it. I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon. I need to be in South Africa by tomorrow!"

She doesn't seem impressed, but why should she? She's not the one that got screwed by the airline!

"This can't be serious!" I exclaim to no one in particular although I am looking up to the ceiling, kind of as if expecting God himself to give me a good explanation of why he is messing with me.

I get no response, not from God and not from the woman behind the counter.

The truth is that I'm already running in a tight schedule; there is no way I can wait until tomorrow to take a fourteen hours flight headed to the other side of the world.

Waiting is not acceptable, my time is limited here and I need to resolve this matter as soon as possible. I need to catch up with the international tour the company has embarked into and the sooner I get there, the better.

My phone starts to ring again, interrupting my thoughts with instant speed. I don't have to look at it to know it's my assistant so I just ignore it.

I sigh, trying to keep off the exasperation in my voice but failing miserably in my attempt. "Is there any other option other than tomorrow?" a boat? a spaceship? Perhaps a teleportation device? I'll take anything that will take me to South Africa today.

With the same dull expression she has been sporting since the moment I walked to this counter, the woman just stares at me indifferently. "We do have an independent line of private jets that could take you South Africa today. It would cost you more though…"

I almost chuckle, almost. Doesn't this woman know who I am? I'm Stephanie McMahon! Money is not an inconvenient for me… time is, and I already wasted enough of it.

I take out the company's credit card that I always carry with me in case a situation like this presents itself and pass it to the woman. "How soon will this jet leave?"

"I'll contact the crew so they can refuel the jet and make preparations for the take off. I say an hour, maybe less"

Somehow that doesn't sound like soon enough, but hey, it's better than tomorrow…

"Are you going to answer that or what?"

Raising an eyebrow, I venture to glance over at the man who is now standing by my side. I knew who it was even before looking; I would recognize that voice anywhere.

It's Chris, more likely than not one of the wrestlers daddy promised to send my way for the trip to Africa. At least things are starting to look promising. I successfully solved the jet thing and now I have a wrestler… and not just any wrestler, but one of the best in the business.

For a while there I was apprehensive they would send me The Great Khali… oh, but don't get me wrong, I appreciate all the talent we have; it brings diversity to the table. It's just that for this occasion I need a main eventer, someone of the caliber of Chris Jericho.

"So you finally decided to show up" I say, making point of his tardiness while silencing my phone. "I thought I would have to go there by myself, fix this mess and then wrestle too"

He chuckles, leaning into the counter and laying his hands on top of it to support his weight. "Well, sorry I didn't drop everything soon enough to join you in your little adventure to the African Continent Stephers…" I shoot him a cold glare, I do not appreciate his sarcasm nor do I like him calling me Stephers. "Anyway, tell how bad is this?" he asks while his eyes scan mine.

Shifting my weight, I let out a tired sigh. "It's bad" I confess, there's no point in denying, not when he is going to flight there and see for himself. But it doesn't matter, because I'll be able to fix it. It's what is expected of me and I have never fallen short with my responsibilities.

Now I know it will be a little tricky, because the tour hasn't even properly begun and it's already bound to be a disaster… but I'll make it work, I'll make it be the success our international tours always are.

"Batista got injured" I say aloud. I'm not sure why I'm sharing this with him… maybe I just need to vent; I can vent and still sound professional… "He tore a muscle without even stepping into the ring, Orton caught some kind of bug that won't let him compete and Maryse's visa got denied before leaving the country. That leaves me with three wrestlers short and a promoter that is a good for nothing commodity… are you the only one Vince sent? I was expecting at least two"

The joys of being one of the McMahon children! Vince, my dad, is always pushing us to our limits. I guess I'll have to manage, one is better than none. Now, the divas match is the one I have to figure out…

He smiles, his eyes shining with amusement as he looks down on me. I know only by that glint in his eyes that business-Chris is done for the day and that he's back to his old regular self. "Come on Stephy, why would you need anyone else when you have a charismatic, honest man to save you and the entire African continent?"

I frown because rolling my eyes would be out of character for me. "Right…" I'm really not in the mood for his nonsense so I focus on signing the papers I need to sign so that we can leave.

So I sign these things, trying to ignore his eyes on me. It has always been like this, he enjoys annoying the hell out of me and I let him crawl under my skin. Of course, I had never let him know that little tidbit of information… unlike him, business-Stephanie never steps back, and business-Stephanie shows no weakness.

"Everyone has accepted me as their savior, so when are you going to see the light and follow the path to salvation?"

Once again I have to fight the urge to roll my eyes. "Chris…" I'm done with all the papers, so now the only thing left for us to do is aboard the plane/jet or whatever it is and get out of here. I look up at him, noticing the way his smile has broadened as he just stands there. "You are good… but you are not that good"

There, straight to wound his massive ego. I hope that will make him shut up for the next fourteen hours or so.

But I know it won't…

He laughs; a raspy sound tore from somewhere deep inside of him. "See, there's where you are wrong Stephers, I am that good"

There's the thing about Chris; he's good, he knows it and it makes him over confident. "Yeah… well, then take that greatness of yours and let's start moving. We have a long flight ahead of us"


I wake up startled and disoriented; a feeling I always get whenever I wake up anywhere that is not my own bed. I blink a couple of times; trying to gather up the last memories I had before getting caught in the arms of Morpheus.

I can't get much out of my still drowsy brain; the last thing I remember is working on my computer and then nothing. So I remember that much, but I can't, for the life of me remember what was I working on.

I rub the sleep off my eyes and take a look at my laptop… the monitor is just a black canvas that mocks me by showing me my own reflection. I assume the battery just died while I dozed off.

I grunt, just very convenient… I grab my cell phone with the intention of calling somewhere in South Africa to let them now I'm on my way, but when I try to turn it on I find it has died too.

Great, just what I needed! No laptop, no cell phone… I look down to my wrist and notice that my watch is not working either… Just great! Now I'm in a limbo when it comes to knowing what time it is and how long I was out…

Despite myself, I frown at all these coincidences, hoping we are not flying over the equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle… or even worse, over some mystery island with a huge magnetic force that has the power of manipulating time and space…

Because this plane crashing would be the ultimate inconvenience.

I take a look out the window pane and through it I see nothing but blackness. It's the same panorama I got before falling asleep and forgetting all about my work on the computer.

"Whatever" I mumble under my breath. I just hope we are close to our destination already because there are a few calls I need to make.

I get up to my feet, I'm going to find someone from the crew and make them fill me in as of why my phone is not working… could it be the altitude?

Looking around to see if I spot anyone that could help me here, I notice Chris sitting not too far from where I stand.

His eyes are closed while his head rest casually against the back of the seat, making his face look relax and tranquil. I can't tell from here if he is sleeping or not… he probably is, even when I can hear the music blasting from his iPod.

And whatever he is listening sound horrible.

I bite down the smile that wants to form on my lips. I remember a time when I was close with him… not close as 'friends' close but close as two people that worked together on regular basis.

He kind of annoyed me in ways I couldn't decipher… he still does. The only difference now is that I don't work with him anymore; I don't work with any of them. I'm not part of their family… and if I am it's more like the distant cousin they only get to see on the Holidays.

My time among them is done; my role now is backstage, running the show in anonymity. I rather have it that way.

If I have to be totally honest, I don't like getting close to the talent, last time I did, I ended marrying the guy… he ended up using me.

A mistake I'm still trying to fix.

So I detached myself from all of them, and I know that this business attitude I've assumed has won me some names among them, the Ice Queen, The Bitch and so on… I don't really care, let them have their fun, I still have the power to bury them in the dust whenever I chose to…

I gasp in surprise and take a quick hold on the edge of the seat, because with a scary suddenness matched only in movies, the plane took a quick descend that almost made my sprawl to the floor.

Almost, I managed to hold on.

With my heart beating ridiculously fast inside my chest, I look over to where a very awake Chris is sitting; he has taken off his iPod's headphones and is now looking around the cabin.

God, my eyes feel like two huge sockets in my face. I hate turbulence…

I begin to prepare mentally with the task of moving my glued feet off the floor when the plane takes a quicker descend into nothingness, too violent to give me time to think, and this time I'm not able to hold myself. I end up down on my knees… my pride hurting more that the damn knees.

"Are you ok?"

I hear him say as I attempt to get up to my feet. It's not an easy task, because even when the plane is no longer free-falling it is shaking.

I nod through my shame, biting hard on my lips and trying to look as graceful as anyone in my situation could manage.

He offers me a hand and I take it, allowing him to help me up to the chair next to his.

"What's going on?" He asks… as if know!

Right on cue, the flight attendant came walking toward us. She is smiling and that kind of alleviates some of my worries…

"I'm going to need you to fasten your seatbelts. We are experience some turbulence but nothing to worry about, it will be over soon"

I do as she says, still unable to utter a word. The plane is violently shaking and I don't like it.

With my eyes, I follow the young flight attendant as she walks to the back of the plane and sits in one of the chairs over there. She fastens the seatbelt and stays there…

Nope… I don't like this at all.

"This is really some turbulence uh?" Chris says but I'm not in the mood for chatter right now, not with the plane shaking like this.

I look up to where I was sitting and notice my laptop laying in pieces on the floor… there goes my work, crap!

All of a sudden, a deafening noise drills into my brain, making me cringe in response. My head feels about to explode, it's awful…

Then as if made out of paper, I watch in horror as a the jet starts to crack… and no longer after that first crack it just brakes, the stupid plane breaks in half, the section where the woman who told us not to worry about the turbulence disappearing into the blackness of the night.

"Oh My God, OH MY GOD!" I chant over and over again, but I'm sure no one can hear me. I close my eyes and grip the edge of the chair with all my strength, feeling the force of the wind hit me hard in the face.

This is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening!

I'm still asleep, this is a nightmare… the plane did not just broke in two while in mid air!

But it did, I saw it happen… and I saw a woman get swallowed through the darkness!

I should pray, but I can't remember the words.

I feel someone grab my face and yank it to the side. I don't want to open my eyes, what if its death trying to take me away… because I'm sure going to die of a heart attack before hitting land… or ocean, whatever is coming.


But no, I won't die of a heart attack; how could that be possible when I'm about to throw my heart out! I can already feel it in my throat…

"Stephanie, look at me!"

I shake my head, I don't want to… I don't want to die just yet, there are so many things I wanted to do before this moment…


I swallow my heart back to place and open my eyes at the sound of that name, finding myself lost in a pair of pale blue eyes that stare back at me.

Can he see the terror reflected in my eyes? Does it matters that I finally show weakness in the verge of dying?

I hear him saying something, something about my seatbelt, I don't know what it is, but then I feel him unbuckling it.

No! What are you doing! I want to yell at him, stop him! But can't, I'm petrified… staring into the blue.

And staring into the blue I feel something hit me in the head, almost knocking me out with the force of the impact...

It hurts, but I'm not sure of anything anymore.

Everything around me is a fuzzy mess. I can only feel a killer pain in my head… and water, my feet are getting wet… and my knees. Why are my knees wet?

"Look at me Stephers, stay with me"

I look up to him, feeling water raising up to my waist and his hands on my face… my head hurts… and his face, his face is fading right before my eyes… I try to hold on, but then there's nothing.