After my story a lot of people wanted me to do a Taiora one-shot and I will, but I had an idea for this one first, so this one is Sorato. If you have any ideas for the Taiora one tell me! On with the story...

Tai was pacing angrily around his living room while Agumon watched with concern. His partner had just invited Matt over.

Agumon knew that Tai planned to tell Matt off for dating Sora, but what Agumon was worried about were the after-effects. Tai often acted without thinking, something his friends had come to know and love about him. But he was pretty sure Sora wouldn't be too happy with him if he went through with this.

"Hey, Tai?"


"Don't you think you should think about this some more?"

"What for?"

"It's not Matt's fault, you know. It won't help if you blow up at him about it."

"Matt knows I've liked Sora for as long as either of us can remember!"

"But, Tai, she asked him."

"He didn't have to accept her offer! Matt could get just about any girl in the world! Why'd he have to chose Sora?" The slight whine in his voice made Tai even more annoyed.

After that Agumon stayed quiet and eventually left the room. Tai, however, did start to think a bit more about their conversation. It finally really sunk in that it had been Sora's decision to reject him. He'd spent most of the time blaming the boy she'd rejected him for.

He wasn't going to get mad at Sora, but it wasn't Matt's fault.

So his best friend was going out with his crush. He could live with that if he had to. Now that Matt was coming over for a few minutes it would be the perfect time to tell him that he'd finally accepted that fact.

Sora chose Matt over you, he reminded himself. Deal with it. It's not like you didn't see this coming.

It was true. As soon as the new kids had been chosen and the original digidestined weren't needed as much any more, Tai and Sora didn't see each other as much. She had most of her classes with Matt and she was the only digidestined who never missed even one of his concerts. She'd even blown off one of her tennis practices to go to one.

In return Matt was always at her tennis matches and they always worked together on school projects. It was obvious, but Tai had always kept up some hope that when the time came Sora would still chose him.

Oh well, at least it wasn't some jerk he knew nothing about.

When Matt showed up, Tai stuck to his plan. And he surprised even himself. Tai truly wasn't mad at Matt anymore. He'd resolved one of their problems and they hadn't even fought about it. This was a first.

"What's up? You sounded pretty upset on the phone." Tai had actually sounded like he was going to strangle Matt but he'd decided not to mention that.

"I was. I want to talk to you about Sora."

Matt's face fell. "Oh, listen Tai-"

"I said I was mad. I'm not anymore," Tai interrupted. "I wanted to say that I've accepted the fact that Sora chose you over me."

"Oh... that's real grown up of you."

"Thanks," said Tai who took it as a compliment.

"No, I meant it was real grown up of anybody. It was especially grown up of you."

This time Tai stayed quiet.

"Thanks though, really," said Matt. "I was worried that you were still mad at me."

After a little while Matt left and Tai thought back to the day that Sora had made it clear that she liked Matt.

"Hey!" he exclaimed suddenly. "She never made us those cookies!"

Read and Review Please! If you didn't see the episode you wouldn't have gotten that last part. It's in the second season. I'm not sure what episode it is but I'm pretty close to positive that it's called A Very Digi Christmas. I don't own digimon! This was my first one-shot. Was it at least okay?