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Pairings: Chloe/Oliver, Chloe/Clark, and Lois/Oliver

Summary: The events of the life after Chloe Sullivan decision to stay with Davis Bloom caused a lot of lives to change and Chloe has to live with the consequences. Clark Kent is dead so that means Chloe Sullivan no longer exists but some things lead her to the destiny she was chosen to do.

Destiny: Part 1

Prologue: Cassandra Sandsmark (aka Chloe Sullivan)

(Cassie's POV)

In Athens, Greece a woman by the name of Cassandra Sandsmark is enjoying a beautiful day when all of a sudden a commotion stirs. Cassie turns around and sees this beautiful tall woman with dark hair being attacked; it looks like she is outnumbered, and so Cassie decides to help this woman. What this woman does not know is that Cassie Sandsmark is actually Chloe Sullivan who this woman's mother sent her to find. Cassie runs toward the direction and speaks in the native language.

Cassie: Hey would you like some help?

Donna: Sure that would be great and you are?

Cassie: Cassie Sandsmark and you?

Donna: Donna Troy and we will talk later once we take care of these guys.

By the time Cassie went to help Donna had most of the guys unconscious but some still needed to be taken care of.

(Donna's POV)

As I stood back and watch this woman that offered to help she could not help but be impressed. Sure Cassie was small but she was very impressive in her fighting style but it still needed some fine tuning. Also Donna thought maybe after these men are taken care of she will invite this Cassie to the Themyscira to help her better control her style. All of a sudden Donna was brought out of her thoughts when one of the guys she knocked out woke up.

Donna: Oh no you don't.

(Donna knocks him out again and then looks up seeing Cassie struggling.)

Donna: Cassie look out!

Cassie: Huh?...oh !

(Then Cassie was knocked out. Donna ran over to her.)

Donna: Cassie are you ok? Come on wake up.

Donna waited a few more minutes but Cassie did not wake up. So Donna picked Cassie up taking her to the invisible jet flying her to Themyscira. On the flight Donna did more assessment of Cassie this time on her injuries. The injuries were quite serious but then they seem to be disappearing and then she thought could she be Meta human. Could she be the Chloe Sullivan I was sent to look for? I will ask mother when I get back.

(Cassie's POV)

The next day Cassie woke up with a huge headache and then noticed her surrounding that she was not familiar with. Wherever she was it was beautiful and then she turned opening her eyes to see Donna the woman she helped. Donna noticed she was awake and then spoke.

Donna: Oh Cassie you are awake. How are you feeling?

Cassie: Fine except for this massive headache. How long was I out?

Donna: You were out for a day and half. Also don't worry you are safe and on the island of Themyscira.

Cassie: Great every time this happens I happen to be out longer and longer. Wait a minute that means my power is back I thought it was gone with Brainiac. Woah did you just say the island of Themyscira as is Greek mythology?

Donna: Yes I did and I am what they call an Amazon and you are among Amazons. Did you just say your power came back? Would that mean you are Chloe Sullivan that my mom sent me to find you?

Cassie: Yes and Yes, but I prefer later about Chloe Sullivan to not be discussed. Why did your mom sent you to find me?

Donna: Because of a legend that is in our books on the island that concerns you. More specifically your destiny that is why you are here and feel free to look around I will be back soon.

After Donna left Chloe decided that her headache had gone down a little so she decided to look around. Chloe got out of bed and noticed that she was out of her cloths from earlier in a nice gown. Also she could not believe that she was living something that she thought was myth and then again she did live in Smallville where strange things happened all the time. To make matters worse Lois Lane her cousin was still missing and worst of her best friend and the man still love gave up on humanity. Clark Kent was dead, Lois Lane was missing, and most of all her husband Jimmy Olsen was killed right in front of her eyes by a man she thought she could trust thinking the monster was the problem when really it was the man Davis Bloom who was the problem.

[Flashback to the events]

Clark: Chlo, Chloe are you ok? What happened?

Chloe: I did what you wanted using the Black Kryptonite to split the Kryptonian from the monster.

Clark: (looking around) ok where did the monster go?

(Clark got his answer from Oliver and then heading off to the direction of the monster. That was not before he told Chloe that Jimmy will take her and Davis someplace safe. That where things went downhill with Jimmy killed right in front of her eyes after saying her knows about Clark. After Davis stabbed Jimmy he goes after her saying that he loves her and thought she cared about him but Chloe responded but it was not the answer he was expecting. Finally before Davis had a chance to stab her Jimmy did one last heroic act killing Davis and then dying in her arms. After the funeral she is where the life changing event happened.)

Chloe: Clark you are alive. (Hugging him) how did you survive the blast?

Clark: (Pulled away starting to answer and then changed it) I don't know Chloe but get rid of this place.

Chloe: Clark you don't understand Jimmy here he bought this place as a beacon. Also this is the Watchtower.

Clark: Still get rid of this place. Also human emotion is keeping from the hero I need to be.

Chloe: Human emotion is what made you the hero you are today.

Clark: Clark Kent is dead.

(Then he just walked out.)

[End of Flashback]

Still to this day she cannot figure out if it was figment of her imagination or just his ghost. After some time she started noticing things changing in her and figured it was the effect of the Black K. First her memories started going one by one and then mood changes. Also because of her decision with Davis Bloome the league started to distrust her so she made this plan to leave the old life behind.

(Donna's POV)

Donna returned to the room seeing Chloe looking out on the balcony so she went over to join her. She noticed also that Chloe seemed lost in her thoughts so she interrupted. Donna broke the ice with a common phrase from the man's world. Chloe noticed that she was not speaking the Greek but her English.

Donna: Penny for your thoughts!

Cassie: Oh just lost in the past but it has to do with something I rather not talk about.

Donna: Would this have to do with why you don't want to be Chloe Sullivan anymore?

Cassie: Yes as far as the world is concerned Chloe Sullivan is dead and let's just leave it at that. Donna how are you feeling after the fight?

Donna: I am feeling fine. Anyway I like to take you to meet my mother who is the queen so we can explain more of this legend that concerns you.

Cassie just followed Donna out of the room. Donna and Cassie got to know each other more on the way to the dinner. Donna and Cassie finally enter the great hall where dinner was served and Donna introduced Cassie to Queen Hippolyta.

Donna: Mother I like to introduce you to Cassie Sandsmark who helped me in Athens.

Hippolyta: Well Cassie it nice to meet you and thank you for helping my daughter Donna.

Cassie: It was no problem plus in the past I have been in a lot worse.

Hippolyta: Well you are welcome here and since Donna informs me that you don't go by Chloe Sullivan for reason that are personal I will respect that. Anyway I will explain over dinner why I had my daughter bring you here.

Cassie: Yeah Donna tells me it has to do with legend that has been around this island for some time. So I like to hear about it when we eat.

(They all sat around the table to eat and Hippolyta explained the legend.)

Hippolyta: At first I thought the legend applied to my daughter Princess Diana but unfortunately my daughter was killed by Ares god of war one of my long time enemies. Also it was not long after that I figured out that the legend did not apply to my daughter but it applied to the daughter of a friend of my daughter Diana Prince when she was in the man's world when she was Wonder Woman.

Cassie: Wait I think my dad told me about when mom Moira Sullivan met Diana Prince. That explains a picture that I have had since my mom left when I was young.

Hippolyta: Yes and I met your mother she was an amazing woman. Also I met you when you were very little and knew that you were the one this legend applied to. Anyway the legend goes like this there is a very special human blessed with abilities that will help and intergalactic traveler to protect the Earth. These two special souls where destined to meet as children form a bond that can never be broken.

Donna: That is why I need to know what happened saying that you are not Chloe Sullivan anymore?

Cassie: If this applies to the person I think it is he is why Chloe Sullivan is dead. This intergalactic traveler know as Clark Kent gave up on humanity goodness. He told me that Clark Kent is dead and that he is Kal-El the last son of Krypton. Therefore Clark Kent is dead and Chloe Sullivan died with Clark Kent.

Hippolyta: Precisely that who it applies to but this causes a problem. Also time will tell when things will work out. Finally you are welcome to stay as long as you want because my daughter saw you fighting skills and can train you to control them better becoming a strong warrior.

(They finished dinner and then commenced for the night.)

Donna took Cassie back to the room she is staying in so she can think of what she had been told. Cassie thanked Donna for all the hospitality and then Donna left hoping that Cassie will decide to stay.

Chapter 1: Metropolis

(Lois's POV)

On year later Lois Lane woke up in an alley that she had no idea how she got there. Also she opened her eyes to see none other than the Green Arrow looking at her at concern. Finally the Green Arrow helped Lois up off the ground taking her to the clock tower to talk. When they got to the clock tower and into the living room Lois was the first to speak.

Lois: Ollie what the heck is going on?

Oliver: Lois where the hell have you been for the past year?

Lois: I don't know the last thing I remember was fighting Tess at the Daily Planet over this orb and then a ring falls out of a box the next thing I know is I am waking up in the alley with you. Ollie did you just say a year?

Oliver: Lois you have been missing for a year. Your cousin Chloe and I tried everything to find you but after six months she had a nervous breakdown after the events with Davis Bloom there was nothing we could do.

Lois: Ollie where is Chloe now because I would of thought she be the first one you call?

Oliver: Lois your cousin Chloe Sullivan is dead but before she died she gave me this.

Lois: Thanks Ollie. Can I stay here while I sort things out?

(Oliver answered her question with a yes and then left her alone.)

Lois turned to see Oliver leave to his room and then broke down and cried. After a while Lois wiped her tears enough to open the letter that Oliver gave her. Finally Lois get it opened and starts to read noticing a key taped to it.


If you're reading this letter something happened to me when you were missing. For that I am sorry because it was mostly my fault with the decisions I made with Davis Bloom. Just know that I did it to protect the people I love. If you go looking for someone who is not there don't because Chloe Sullivan is dead. Enclosed is a key to a safe deposit box of a few things that I feel you should have. Remember I loved you more as a sister than a cousin.


Lois broke down into tears again but then after some time she stopped. Finally she got up headed to the guest room for rest. Tomorrow was a full day ahead for her.

(Oliver's POV)

Meanwhile after I told Lois that her cousin was dead it broke my heart to see someone who was so close to her cousin break down. Also I figured she wanted sometime alone to process the information so I let Lois be. As I went back into my room I figured it was the best thing because first I still had feelings for Lois but also I had feeling for Chloe but still could not trust Chloe so our relationship was based on a lie. I still remember the falling out we had when Chloe figured it out.

[Flashback to the falling out]

Chloe: Ollie how long has this lying been going on?

Oliver: Chloe what?

Chloe: You know full well what you still don't trust me after the Davis fiasco.

Oliver: If I don't trust you why am I in a relationship with you?

Chloe: I don't know because why are you going behind my back hiring a new Watchtower or sidekick?

Oliver: Chloe I am just concern you are handling too much. Plus your moods have been a little bit more erratic than usual.

Chloe: You know full well why my moods have been erratic that was my fault and partially your fault. I can't live like this anymore so I quit being Watchtower and your sidekick. Oh and one last thing when Lois return give her this letter. Chloe Sullivan is dead to the world.

[End of Flashback]

Still to this day he cannot figure it out that what brought that on but he figured Chloe had her reasons. So he just let it be and anyway tomorrow Lois is going to need help putting her life back together. Finally Oliver closed his eyes going to sleep for the night.

(Lois's POV)

The next morning Lois woke up to a bright fresh day remembering the events since her return. Anyway she opened the door of the room to head out into the kitchen for breakfastget some coffee. Finally she walked to the kitchen to see that Oliver was already up preparing breakfast.

Lois: Ollie you did not have to do all this?

Oliver: Lois if I remember precisely when we were dating you are not such a morning person. Also I figured that after everything happened yesterday you could use a break.

Lois: Thanks Ollie. Anyway I guess I have to find my stuff and get a new apartment. Then finally get my job back at the Daily Planet.

Oliver: Lois don't worry about that. Besides Chloe kept your apartment up and as far as the Daily Planet job I took care of that after we talked so you're all set.

Lois: Thanks I guess I better get changed after head to work. Also I want to know where Chloe is buried so I can pay my respects.

Oliver: She was buried in Samllville next to Alicia Baker. So I guess I see you around.

(Lois finished her breakfast and coffee then headed out the door.)

Ten minutes later Lois changed to head back to work. Also she found it odd that Chloe Sullivan was buried next to Alicia Baker there has to be something about that. Anyway she has to leave things alone for now because she needs to get back to work. Twenty minutes later Lois arrived back at the Daily Planet to start work. She entered the doors and decided to head to the editor's office to say that she is back to the bullpen. Lois reaches the editors' office to talk to the new editor.

Lois: Perry White I am Lois Lane my friend Oliver Queen called about my situation.

Perry: Yes, yes he called me yesterday it good to have you back. You see I have read some of you work in the past and you got potential as much as your cousin Chloe Sullivan had. Sorry to hear about Chloe Sullivan.

Lois: You knew my cousin?

Perry: Yes I did, I had met her when I was traveling through Smallville during her senior year as editor of the Torch. Also I met Clark Kent do you happen to know what happened to him?

Lois: No that is much as a mystery as my cousin's death which I still not believe she is dead.

Perry: Well let's bygones be bygones. Anyway I want you to find out what going on at Luthor Corp because Tess is up to something.

Lois: Great Tess is the reason I went missing in the first place so I guess it time to confront her. I'll get right on it Chief.

(Lois left the office heading back to her desk.)

Lois headed to her desk to get settled and start research on the latest activities with Luthor Corp. Also exactly what Tess Mercer has been up to for the past year? That night after work Lois headed back to Smallville to pay respect to her supposed dead cousin.

(Oliver's POV)

During the day after Lois left Oliver informed the League about Lois's return. Also told them to keep on high alert about Tess's activities because if he knows Lois she going to follow the story. Most of all Oliver just wanted to protect the woman he still loves. That is why he called the meeting of the League.

Oliver: Ok everyone now that Lois is back we need to keep a watchful eye.

Dinah: Does she know about Chloe and Clark?

Oliver: I told her about Chloe but Clark she does not know yet but in time I will tell her. Anyway we know that Tess was the cause of her disappearance so Lois will want revenge.

Bart: So what do you need us to do?

(Oliver filled them in on the rest of the plan and then attended to other duties.)

Once the meeting was done Oliver tended to other business among the company. At the end of the day he decided to take a trip to Smallville and talk to Lois see how she is holding up. Finally he arrived at the cemetery to saw Lois.

Oliver: Lois how are you holding up?

Lois: Ollie I don't know something tells me that my cousin is still alive. How could you not tell that Clark is missing?

Oliver: Lois I did not want to burden you with more bad news after telling you about your cousin. Anyway I was going to tell you about Clark eventually.

Lois: One thing at a time I still trying to figure out the year that I lost. Ollie when did things fall so apart?

Oliver: It all started because of Davis Bloom and spiraled down from there. About your cousin Lois don't go looking for things that are not there. As for Clark he will come back on his own time.

Lois: Funny you should say that about my cousin because she said the same thing to me. As for Smallville I suppose you are right. So Ollie have you had dinner yet?

(Oliver answered her question and then they left for dinner.)

Lois and Oliver enjoyed their evening of dinner. Over dinner Oliver told Lois that before Chloe died him and Chloe did date for a bit. Lois responded that she was glad to find Chloe was happy for a little while before she died. Finally Lois and Oliver talked about their unresolved relationship decided to give it another shot.

Chapter 2: The Fortress of Solitude

(Kal's POV)

It had been a year and half since Kal-El the Last Son of Krypton put Doomsday underground and went into training cutting all ties with human emotions. Also that meant cutting ties with the one person that was by his side through everything Chloe Sullivan. For now there was no time to dwell on that because he had a destiny to fulfill. Finally he was half way through his training his father allowed him to have a break in training so Kal-El stepped out of the training field having gained muscle mass looking like the savoir he needs to be. Finally now he is allowed a break and told further instruction by his father. Kal-El was alarmed when as soon as he stepped out of the field alarmed of Jor-El voice.

Kal-El: Jor-El what is with that tone?

Jor-El: (AI) Kal-El it concerns one of your friends?

Kal-El: Jor-El I cut all ties to human emotion before I left for training.

Jor-El: (AI) Kal-El I know but you are not the only one your soul-mate has given up.

Kal-El: My soul-mate but who?

Jor-El: (AI) I cannot tell but in your heart you know who.

Kal-El: Well if cannot tell I then how am I supposed to help?

Jor-El: (AI) she has to figure out her destiny on her own. There is one thing I can show you.

(Kal-El just turned to the crystal as it showed the scene right before his eyes. Kal-El could not believe what he was seeing.)

Kal-El: Father is this what I think it is?

Jor-El: (AI) yes my son it is the island paradise of the elite group of the Amazon Warriors.

Kal-El: Themyscira and the Amazon Warriors but I thought that was just mythology here on Earth?

Jor-El: Trust me it is very real but this island is hidden to the humans so it is believed to be mythology. The fact is I want you to focus on the scene in the courtyard with the two women fighting I think you might recognize one of them.

(Kal-El did as he asked focusing on the two women fight with the stick. Noticing that they both pretty in their own ways on had dark black hair and dark skin, but she was not the one that got his attention it was her opponent. The opponent was in contrast had creamy white skin and long blond hair but it was her face that he recognized those eyes gave it away.)

Kal-El: Chloe?

Jor-El: (AI) yes my son Chloe Sullivan but she is not the same person that you see now.

Kal-El: Yes I see. She is fighting in a way I never seen her before and she is taller. Father is this the friend you are talking about?

Jor-El: (AI) yes she is but her destiny she needs to find out on her own. Now my son it is the time of your training that you go back into the world honing your powers so you can become protector you go to Africa for the next two and half years to complete training. Remember you must not go searching for Chloe Sullivan because to the world she is dead.

Kal-El: Father may I ask what she goes by in case I run into her in the future?

Jor-El: She goes by Cassandra Sandsmark.

Kal-El thanked his father and then left for Africa to complete his training. He flew at supersonic speed to Africa.

(Cassie's POV)

Meanwhile Cassie and Donna were working out some frustration with their fighting. Cassie's skills had gotten better since the injuries she sustained due to the last battled three months ago. These injuries hit the last straw in Cassie's memory loss she does not remember who she was in the past meaning that Chloe Sullivan no longer exists. Anyway the Amazons were able to heal the injuries with healing clay and then she was given powers by the gods. These powers are her original power to heal, empathy plus, strength, speed, and flight that she needed to learn to control. All of a sudden Cassie and Donna were brought out of the fighting when they heard a supersonic boom in the sky and Cassie got the strangest feeling. So Donna got her attention by one last blow.

Cassie: Donna not fair I was a little distracted by the noise.

Donna: In battle a warrior must not lose focus but I do admit I was distracted by it two by the supersonic boom. You have seemed a little distracted all day what is it?

Cassie: I don't know I feel that someone close to me is watching and I get the strange feeling I know who did that supersonic boom.

Donna: Cassie that is impossible it could be that you are pushing yourself too hard after healing from that accident.

Cassie: Nah I feel fine but I say I have been keeping up with you better.

Donna: True but you still got a lot to learn because your need to balance your powers better.

Cassie: One more round then we will call it a day.

So Donna and Cassie finished their stick fighting last round and then headed off to do before dinner. After Donna and Cassie split for some time Cassie got a horse to for a ride to think. Also Cassie got to the edge of mountain off the horse and then she was startled by a figure in the sky looking down upon her.

(Kal-El's POV)

Kal-El knew that he should not stop and look going straight to training but he could not help it. Also when he saw her get on a horse he needed to see for himself and then he startled her looking into the beautiful green eyes with gold tint into them. Finally he realized she spoke but not in English but the Greek language so he had to answer.

Cassie: Are you a god?

Kal-El: No jus someone not from this planet.

Cassie: You mean like an intergalactic traveler sent here as a savior?

Kal-El: Yes exactly you are the most remarkable woman I seen.

Cassie: Thank you. Why do I feel that I know you somehow?

Kal-El: Maybe in another lifetime but I have to get going.

Cassie: Will I see you again?

Kal-El: I am always around.

(Then Kal-El flew off.)

As Kal-El was flying off he thought his father was right. That she was not the same person he once knew. The sparkle in her eye is gone and the smile that used to light up her face is gone. He hated to admit it she changed Chloe Sullivan died when he said 'Clark Kent is dead' to her a year and half ago. Finally he did one last supersonic boom to reach his destination.

(Cassie's POV)

As Cassie watched to figure fly off she could not get let go of the feeling that she knows him somehow. Anyway she cannot worry about that right now she needed to sort out her feelings about her destiny. All of a sudden she was brought out of her thoughts by Donna who appeared.

Donna: Hey Cassie are you ok?

Cassie: Yes remember the supersonic boom we heard I met the figure who caused it.

Donna: You did who was it?

Cassie: Our savior that the legend foretold.

Donna: Wow…well mother wants us to join her for a special dinner.

(Donna and Cassie headed back for dinner. They put horses away and when they got to the hall and saw only the queen waiting for them.)

Cassie: Hippolyta what is all this?

Hippolyta: Well I just thought that since all three of us haven't had time together that we have it tonight.

Donna: That sounds great mother by the way Cassie met the savior the legend foretells.

Hippolyta: Really is he as remarkable as the legend describes?

Cassie: Yes and then some. Also I can't shake the feeling that I know him somehow but that impossible right.

Hippolyta: Not necessarily it could be but you need to focus on your training.

Donna: Mother is right but now is not the time training is more important.

Cassie: Ok, ok I get it anyway let's talk about other things.

(They finished their dinner with a change of subject.)

They had a great dinner and then retired for the night. Donna and Cassie talked some more before they both retired for bed. Cassie went to bed finally after Donna left at that night she flashed to the scene earlier today then a memory that went deep back.

[Flashback to Fortress of Solitude]

Chloe: Jor-El I love your son so please trust me.

(Then she saw a flash of light while this blond girl rose in the air and then got her powers back.)

[End of flashback]

Cassie woke up on with a jolt but still did not know where that dream came from. Then she went back to bed thinking nothing of the dream again.

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