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Pairings: Chloe/Clark, Dick/Donna, Kara/Michael, Lara/Rokk, Irma/Kyle, and Diana/Jonathan

Summary: The events of the life after Chloe Sullivan decision to stay with Davis Bloom caused a lot of lives to change and Chloe has to live with the consequences. Clark Kent is dead so that means Chloe Sullivan no longer exists but some things lead her to the destiny she was chosen to do.

Destiny: Part 15

Chapter 42: The 31st Century

(Chloe's POV)

That is right after all Chloe Sullivan has been through she's back to being Chloe Sullivan and now it Sullivan Kent. Also the year is 3009 and a lot has happened much like Chloe her little brother Michael went back to Michael Vale Sullivan but kept his Kryptonian name Lor-El. Also he was becoming quite the hero much like Chloe and Clark who were still Watchtower and Superman. Now she was sitting in her office at the Daily Planet because she was the editor of the paper now. So she was just waiting on for the person she interview and it five minutes late. Finally the person shows up and she finishing something up on the computer.

Linda: Mrs. Chloe Sullivan Kent sorry that I am late I got held up saving someone.

Chloe: That is ok Linda Danvers please sit down I will be with you in a minute.

(Linda went over to sit but also noticed the pictures of familiar people that she had not seen in a long time.)

Linda: So it is true what they say in the history books about Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan Kent. I can't believe it about my cousin and his best friend.

(All of a sudden Chloe looked up from what she was doing and instantly recognized that Linda was none of the than Kara.)

Chloe: I should have known that Linda Danvers was none of other than Kara Zor-El my husband's cousin.

(Chloe got up and gave her a hug then had Kara close the door to answer any questions she has.)

Linda: Chloe what I don't understand is how you survived this long?

Chloe: It a long story but it has to do with your cousin coming to Earth and none other than the Luthors themselves.

Linda: Well so is it true that the Watchtower and Superman killed all the Luthors?

Chloe: Yes and no, Lex killed his father Lionel and the heroes killed Lex but Lucas was another story. So have you figured out who is Watchtower yet Supergirl?

Linda: Well I figured that out when I discovered Lara who is the Oracle reminded me of someone which was you and then figured it can only be one person that is you.

Chloe: Lara is such a mini-me as Kal states it and it scary some times. As for me I was Watchtower first then Wonder Woman and then back to Watchtower and I plan on staying that way.

Linda: So the name changes are true?

Chloe: Yes they are true after Lex fired me from the Daily Planet first time he branded the name of Chloe Sullivan in journalism, the whole Doomsday fiasco which was mostly my fault caused me to lose my memories with black Kryptonite so I changed my identity to Cassandra Sandsmark, then Cassandra's hero identity got branded a public enemy so I was Lori Lake, then I felt like losing my identity so I went back Cassandra Sansmark up until recently I am back to Chloe Sullivan. So that my story. As for the interview don't worry about it you got the job because I remember when you first worked here under the name I created.

Linda: Thanks I have been meaning to ask: what is your relationship with my boyfriend Michael Vale Sullivan?

Chloe: He is my little half brother who parents died when he was six year old so Clark and I raised him. Anyway for the powers he is part Kryptonian so don't worry about him revealing your secret. So Kara I was not aware that you came back to Earth until Supergirl showed up at the Legion last week. How long have you been back on Earth?

Linda: A week and I instantly met your little brother.

Chloe: Geez us Sullivans can't resist the house of El or the Kent charm. Anyway I better get back to work and I see you tonight for dinner at the Kent farm. You can head down stairs and meet with Michael because you are partners now.

(Linda got up headed out the door after saying goodbye and Chloe just smiled.)

After Kara left never in a million years Chloe would have thought that she see Kara again. Also then she called Clark because she had to tell him that Linda Danvers is none other than his cousin. Finally she also had to tell him that Michael is like his sister in the Kent charm. So she finally took a break and called her husband to give him the news.

(Clark's POV)

Clark was at the farm fixing up some things while he was taking a break from writing his book. Also he could not be more proud of his children and wife living there dreams. First off there was Michael who was working at the Daily Planet in investigative reporting who took after his sister so much who happened to be his wife Chloe, then there was his miracle daughter created by Lex with his and Chloe's DNA who worked at the Isis Foundation, and finally there was Jonathan the youngest who worked at the Gotham Gazette as an investigative reporter. All of a sudden he was brought out of his thoughts by his cell phone ringing so he grabbed it and answered it to hear the voice of his wife.

Chloe: Geez Kent lost in your thoughts again.

Clark: You know me to well Chlo. What do I owe the pleasure of this call?

Chloe: You never guess who I just hired today?

Clark: What why would I want to know?

Chloe: Remember the cousin you had we thought we never see again?

Clark: What Kara but how?

Chloe: Our suspicions about Supergirl were right she is your cousin and she goes by the identity of Linda Danvers.

Clark: Michael's girlfriend the Linda Danvers.

Chloe: That the one us Sullivan's can't resist the Kent charm. Anyway I wanted to give you a heads up before she surprises us at dinner tonight with Michael.

Clark: Thanks Chloe I love you.

(Clark then closed his cell phone after saying goodbye to his wife.)

Then Clark headed out of the barn to fix some more things before Kara came over. Also he grabbed some old pictures to show Kara of the time was here a long time ago. Finally he kept his mood happy and that life could not be better. So he decided to surprise his wife in her office for some time together.

(Linda's POV)

Linda headed to Michael's office she could not believe that they became partners. As she made it to the office she just stood at the door watching Michael seeing that he had little quirks that his sister had. Then she walked in to the office surprising him. So they talked and she shared the news that she is his new partner.

Linda: Michael Vale Sullivan why did you not tell me your older sister was none other than Chloe Sullivan Kent and Watchtower for that matter?

Michael: Well Linda it kind of slipped my mind and I was going to tell you. Wait a minute how do you know Chloe and Clark Kent?

Linda: Because my real name is Kara Zor-El and I am the biological cousin of Kal-El. You see like Kal-El I was sent to Earth by my parents as a protector for young Kal-El but my ship was submerged under water and I was in suspended animation for a while. When I came out of suspended animation Kal-El was grown and Chloe helped me create the identity of Kara Kent cousin of Clark Kent. Anyway I lost my memory due to Brainiac and was trapped in the Phantom Zone for a while until Lois and Clark got me out and then I went in search for Kandor found it and stayed there until I came back a week ago. So that is how I know them.

Michael: Wow no wonder my sister said from the beginning that her life was complicated ever since she met Clark. Anyway what are you doing here?

Linda: Well I was just hired as your new partner by your sister. I worked here when I first came here so I figured I get my old job back.

Michael: Oh this is great I get to work with my girlfriend as a hero and under my secret identity. Anyway how did Chloe take the news we are dating?

Linda: Typical Chloe fashion from what I remember and she has no problem with it. Anyway let's get to work so I can see my cousin faster tonight.

(Michael just pointed at the empty desk in his office and Linda got everything settled.)

Linda could not be happier she finally fitted in on Earth. Also she loved being close to family but there were some things that were still some things bothering her. Finally she figured that she will ask Clark and Chloe tonight. So here she was starting her new life with family and heroes.

(Chloe's POV)

Chloe could not believe the day she was having but it was great to see Kara again and great to know that Clark had more family around. This past week they had all been busy and she was looking forward to tonight hanging out with friends and family at the farm. Also over the years there were only four surviving members of the Justice League it was Watchtower, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as for the latter two Dick Grayson was Batman and Donna Troy Grayson was Wonder Woman. That left the four members kids to form the Legion of Super Heroes. Clark and Chloe's kids took the mantles of Michael being Nightwing, Lara was Oracle, and Jonathan was Superboy while Kyle Grayson was Green Latern and Diana Grayson was Troia after her mother including the three that save Chloe in the past Rokk Krinn as Cosmic Boy, Garth as Aqualad, and Irma Ardeen as Saturn Girl. So here she was ponder her good mood when strong hands wrapped around her waste in the office.

Chloe: Clark what do I owe the pleasure of this visit not that I don't mind?

Clark: I just wanted to surprise my wife and also sneak a peek at my cousin.

Chloe: That is a good excuse and I paired her with Michael by the way.

Clark: I am sure Michael is ecstatic.

Chloe: He is and I can see it in his face. I was just about to take a break so we can head over to his office to see them.

(Chloe just grabbed Clark's hand leading him to Michael's office. They made it within minutes while Michael was explaining a lead he had on his latest article. Linda looked up to see her cousin and ran over giving him a big hug.)

Linda: Kal it good to see you?

Clark: I could say the same Kara. I thought I never see you again.

Linda: I could say the same but I thought it was time to head back after I found Kandor. Anyway What I was more surprised about was to see Chloe still alive.

Chloe: Not that I have not died but nothing really stick because of my Kryptonite infection.

Clark: That is true but I would not have it any other way.

Linda: You two never change it reminds me when I met you two in the 21st century. It is good to see you two so happy I just only hope I can find that now that I am back.

Chloe: Well I can say you are off to good start by picking my little brother Michael Vale Sullivan. Anyway we just wanted to stop by and say hi.

(Clark and Chloe left leaving Michael and Linda to talk. Also Chloe noticed the look in his eyes when he was listening what they are saying.)

Chloe: Clark what is it?

Clark: It just Kara read about what happened to Jimmy but she wants to know the whole story.

Chloe: I figured I will tell her tonight when they come over. I still miss him sometime but that whole situation made our bond grow stronger. Clark what are you smiling about?

Clark: It just that she is happy to see me so happy with you because Lana never made me this happy. Also she knew from the minute she met you that you were the one for me.

Chloe: Everybody's says that but I was glad you finally figured it out.

(Chloe just gave him a kiss and then they headed out to lunch for a while.)

After lunch Chloe headed back to the office and finished work for the day. Also she checked on Michael and Linda to see how they were doing. Finally she made it back to her office preparing for finishing early. So when the day was done she headed home to help Clark prepare for the little get together with friends and family.

Chapter 43: Bludhaven Police Station

(Donna's POV)

Around the same time in Bludhaven just outside of Gotham Donna Troy Grayson was sitting in her office pondering the things that happened to her in her and Dick's loves. After she lost Kyle Rayner he first husband she did not know what to do but her and Dick reconnected. Also Dick gained immortality two years after their marriage because she was not going to lose another husband when she was pregnant again so she threw him into the Lazarus pit to get healed so here he is. Dick was not happy with that at first but she told him she was pregnant and Dick wanted to be there for his kid. Also they lost Barbra's kids when Martha Jamie Grayson was 70 years old and Jimmy Grayson was 80 years old. As for the other two kids Kyle Bruce Grayson and Diana Lyta Grayson they are half immortal so they live longer. All of a sudden she was interrupted by Kyle who was bringing over his girlfriend to meet and possibly get a job here.

Donna: Kyle what do I owe this visit?

Kyle: Mom I like you to meet my girlfriend Irma Ardeen and was wondering if she can get a job in law enforcement.

Donna: Sure no problem and Kyle I need you to check out a lead we got on a leak in Grayson Industries.

Kyle: Sure no problem mom I see you around bye.

(Kyle just gave his mother a hug and then headed out leaving Irma to the interview.)

Irma: Donna it nice to meet you?

Donna: I can say the same but for a second there I thought you were Linda.

Irma: I know I get that a lot anyway Linda just got a job at the Daily Planet.

Donna: I am sure Chloe is having a ball with that and the fact she is dating Michael her younger brother.

Irma: So the history books are true that Chloe Sullivan is alive.

Donna: Yes they are true and how do you know about Chloe?

Irma: Well I was one of the Legion members that traveled back in time to help rid Chloe of Brainiac changing history. Anyway that machine we took out now is Brainiac 5.

Donna: The whole Doomsday incident. Anyway I take it you noticed that the Kent kids take after her and Clark.

Irma: Yeah Lara and Jonathan are so much like those two it is scary even heading into journalism like them. Also come to think of it Michael is that way too because I can tell he is Chloe's brother.

Donna: Yeah and by the way what is your experience with law enforcement?

Irma: Well I think I can handle it because it is not too much different than the Legion.

Donna: I sure you will do fine and you got the job. Report to Kyle your new partner when he gets back.

(Imra got up and shook her hand and then headed out.)

Also Donna just watched her leave and then made a call to her husband. Also she wanted to see how Dick was doing because it was the anniversary of Barbra's death. Finally her husband answered not in quite a good mood but Donna understood. So she just let him vent and also tell him the good news.

(Dick's POV)

Dick was at home in the Wayne Mansion because that is where he lived now. Also he heard the phone ring and knew that it was his wife checking on him. Also he just got finished talking to Clark and noticed his wife was not doing so well either because her first husband died in her arms today. Also Donna husband died too and it was not a good day for all of them. So they all be glad when they get together for the Kent's barbecue tonight in Metropolis.

Dick: Hey Donna how are you doing?

Donna: Hera I could say the same about you but as well as can be expected.

Dick: I know it seems that I just got finished talking to Clark and Chloe not doing so well either. Also he has family that showed up and Chloe hired her on the spot.

Donna: Yeah I know what you mean I just hired Kyle girlfriend Irma who seems to have a connection to Chloe's past.

Dick: Man the Kent's has one strange life but it has only their bond is stronger because of it. Anyway I just hope our life goes as great as them. So what is Irma like?

Donna: Nice and seems to keep Kyle happy. Anyway you will meet her tonight at the barbecue.

Dick: Will do. Have you heard from Diana today?

Donna: Not really I guess her and Jonathan are busy at the paper today. Anyway I just wanted to give you a heads up and will see you tonight.

Dick: Thanks Donna take care I love you.

(Dick hung up and then went back to work at the mansion.)

Dick could not believe how their life has come full circle. Also he never been prouder of her two kids Diana Barbra Grayson went into journalism and became good friends with Jonathan Gabriel Kent. As for Kyle Bruce Grayson he has followed in both his father's footsteps and is a responsible kid. Finally Dick went about his work waiting for the rest of his family to come home. So the day went about as usual but he went to make one visit to Barbra's grave.

(Irma's POV)

So Irma was waiting for Kyle to return to his desk and happened to see the pictures on his desk of everyone. Also she noticed a picture that she had not seen in a while but had a flashback to the day her, Garth, and Rokk saved Chloe. So she picked it up and then saw the one next to it realizing that Clark and Chloe's bond was an unbreakable bond. Also she noticed how tight knit the Grayson's and Kent's are. All of a sudden Kyle showed back up.

Kyle: So I take it the interview went well.

Irma: Sure did and my suspicions about the Kent's seem right.

Kyle: What you met the Kent's before?

Irma: Kyle do you remember what I told you about how I have lived a different history before?

Kyle: Yes that you, Garth, and Rokk have but what does that have to do with the Kent's?

Irma: Well it all goes back to the events of Brainiac infection of Chloe Sullivan and Doomsday the destroyer of Kal-El. We went back to get rid of Brainiac and kill it host but Clark was insistent that we do not kill Chloe who was the host. So we found another way to get rid of the Brainiac infection saving Chloe in the process and the rest of what happened is recorded in the history books.

Kyle: Well I guess you are excited to see them tonight at the barbecue.

Irma: Yeah I am so let's get to work before we have to go.

(Kyle just smiled and gave her a quick kiss before showing her the ropes.)

Later that day Donna stopped by to see how the new partners are doing. Also Donna told Kyle she was leaving early to prepare for tonight. Finally Kyle and Irma found they can work together in the regular life as well has as the hero life. So they had a great rest of the day before heading off to the barbecue.

(Linda's POV)

Meanwhile back in Metropolis at the Daily Planet Linda was finishing up for the day but noticed that Chloe had made it back to the office. Also she noticed that Chloe was heading her way. So she went to talk to her.

Linda: Chloe what do I owe this visit?

Chloe: I know you probably want to hear the whole story of what happened to Jimmy because the history of the incident has been vague.

Linda: Yes I want to know why?

Chloe: Do you mind if I close the door?

Linda: No go ahead.

(Chloe closed the door and then went to sit down relating the story.)

Chloe: Well it all happened with Brainiac infecting me after you got trapped in the Phantom Zone. Brainiac infection created this connection to the Ultimate Destroyer that was sent here to kill Kal-El. Anyway after I was set up by Lex who fired me at the Daily Planet getting captured by DDS which did not exist I met this paramedic called Davis Bloom. At the time I had just gotten engaged to Jimmy after I was rescued by Clark. Anyway Davis came to me for help him because I was working at Isis since Lana left. Davis warned me about he would have blackouts and not remember what happens during the time. Anyway it was the Beast or the Ultimate Destroyer would come out. Within that time I married Jimmy but that was part of Brainiac plan the Beast attacked the wedding injuring Jimmy in the process and Brainiac completely took over. So that was around the time Irma Aldeen, Rokk Krinn, and Garth all traveled to stop the host that would bring Doomsday to kill Superman. They freed me from Brainiac infection but it did damage to Jimmy and my marriage and we separated after he healed. Then I took measures to protect Clark so I ran off with Davis and with black Kryptonite split Davis and Doomsday. Finally Jimmy showed me his wedding present to me the Watchtower taking Davis and I to safety. So Davis woke up after I told Jimmy I did this all to protect Clark any after Davis heard the confession he killed Jimmy right in front of my eyes. The last part with what energy Jimmy had left killed Davis before Davis could kill me Jimmy died right in my arms confessing that he loved me.

Linda: Wow I can understand why you in is not recorded because it was one of the hardest parts of your life. Anyway I wanted to ask you why do I get this strange felling every time walk by the grave marker stating Henry James Olsen?

Chloe: Because Henry James Olsen is the Jimmy Olsen we knew and loved.

Linda: Thanks Chloe for sharing the story with me. I will see you later tonight.

(Chloe just got up and gave Linda a hug and left. After ten minutes Linda left the office to make a visit to Henry James Olsen's grave and pay her respects.)

Linda: Hey Jimmy it is Kara but I guess you probably know that because you have been watching over everyone. I just wanted to pay my respects to a dear friend and someone I really cared about. I loved you and I wanted you to know that. Anyway I wanted you to know that I have become a great hero along with your wife and friend Kal-El. Thanks for watching over me even when I did not know it. Bye Jimmy.

(Linda flew off and prepared for the nightly barbecue.)

An hour later Linda and Rokk arrived at the Kent Farm. Also she was amazed how Chloe and Clark kept it up after all these years. Finally she asked if there was anything she could help with. So she went to help while Rokk and Clark talked waiting for the other guest to arrive.

Epilogue: Legion of Superheroes

(Chloe's POV)

Chloe was in the kitchen at the time guest arrived first Kara came in and joined her. After another five minutes Donna, Irma, Lara, and Diana all joined her. So they all sat down and talked before taking the food out. Also first Chloe introduced Donna to Kara because they had not met yet.

Chloe: Donna Troy Grayson or Wonder Woman I like you to meet Kara Zor-El as Supergirl.

Donna: It nice to meet you Kara and I heard so much from my kids about Supergirl.

Kara: It is nice to meet you too and I take it Green Lantern and Troia are your kids.

Donna: Yes they are.

(Chloe let to the living room with Irma and Lara to leave the other three alone.)

Chloe: So Irma it good to see you again.

Irma: I could say the same because you are one special soul Chloe.

Lara: How is that?

Chloe: Lara remember when I told you about the time I was taken over by Brainiac well Irma along with Rokk and Garth saved me from Brainiac.

Lara: Oh yeah and it nice to put a face with the name.

Irma: I can see why people say you two are alike it like looking at a clone.

Chloe: Hey I can't help it but it is fun. Anyway let's go out and join the boys.

(Chloe, Irma, and Lara went out to join the boys.)

Chloe first let Irma and Lara leave first just watching the interaction between everyone. Also after about five minutes Chloe noticed the other three joined in. Finally Chloe went over to join Clark at the grill too see how the men are doing. So after five more minutes everybody gathered around the table.

(Dick's POV)

Dick can't remember a gathering this big since after Barbra and him got married. Also now that he has been with Donna for several centuries it just great to see his family doing so strong. Also he could not believe how far he has come since his life changed since he met Bruce centuries ago. All of sudden he was brought out of his thoughts by his wife.

Donna: Dick what are you thinking about?

Dick: Donna just about how blessed my life has been.

Donna: I agree with that all of us have come a long way.

Dick: That is true and there is more to come.

Donna: I know just look at our kids.

Dick: I still cannot believe that Diana dating Jonathan Kent who has turned out a lot like his father. As for Kyle Irma Aldeen seems perfect for him and Kyle seems very happy.

Donna: I know and our friends are waiting.

Dick: True because we need to make an announcement to the kids.

(Donna just grabbed Dick hand finally they joined everyone at the table.)

Before the announcement Dick and the others ate dinner. Also they enjoyed the view of the farm in Smallville. Finally it was time to make the announcement that everyone is going to turn the reigns over to the Legion. So he watched as Clark got up to make the announcement.

(Clark's POV)

Clark got up to make the announcement that him, Chloe, Dick, and Donna are retiring among the superhero community. Also them as parents could not be more proud. So here Clark makes the announcement to the children and guests.

Clark: Everyone Chloe, I, Donna, and Dick would like to make the announcement that we as superheroes are retiring and leaving the reigns to the Legion of Superheroes. We also wanted to say how proud we are of our children carrying on our legacy. I like to turn over the title of Superman to my youngest son Jonathan Gabriel Kent who was named after two great men that held an important part of my life in my heart always.

Jonathan: Thanks dad I will be honored to carry one the tradition of the house of El.

(Chloe then got up to share her thoughts.)

Chloe: I had never expected to live this long but I am grateful for the people I met and the people I saved. Also I am grateful for all the friends I have gained and the family that is still part of my life. I like to turn the reigns of Watchtower over to Lara Moira Kent who is Oracle already but gets the added skills of Watchtower.

Lara: Thank you mother I will keep the name of Oracle but be honored to add the tradition of Watchtower to my abilities in the house of El.

(Then Clark and Chloe turned to Michael Sullivan to share a special honor on to him. Also Kara had an announcement that she needed to make.)

Clark: As for Michael Sullivan even though you are not a blood relative you held a special place in my heart since I met you. So along with Jonathan becoming Superman Michael you will carry on the honored tradition of NIghtwing into the house of El.

Chloe: This means Michael that Nightwing stands among Superman, Watchtower, Superboy, and Oracle as a hero in the house of El.

Michael: Thank you Chloe and Clark for this honor and I never thought that my life would lead to a life so rich of blessing. My life has brought me a great perspective after I lost my twin sister, mother, and father centuries ago. Finally I am honored to be among the house of El.

Kara: I also like to make an announcement that I am retiring Supergirl and become Power Girl which was hero of the past that turned out to be me from a parallel universe. So here is a new hero to add among the house of El.

Clark: That the announcement among the Kent's house hold.

(Clark sat down and joined everyone for more conversation.)

After the Kent's made their announcement Clark and Chloe waited for Donna and Dick to make theirs. Finally it was time for Dick and Donna to carry on the tradition. So the time came for the Grayson's announcement.

(Donna's POV)

Donna got up to make the announcement among family and friends. Also Donna could not believe how far she has come since she has lived in the Man's World. So here comes the announcement.

Donna: Well for the Grayson's announcement it is not as big as the Kent's but we like to honor our children. For Diana I want to say how proud I am for you to carry on the honored tradition of Troia among the Amazons representation of heroes in the Man's World. So now I like you to take the mantle of Wonder Woman which was carried by your Aunt Diana princess of Themyscira and Cassandra Sandsmark known as Chloe Sullivan at one point to represent the Amazons in the Man's World.

Diana: Thank you mother and I would be honored to have the mantle of Wonder Woman in this world.

(Now, Dick stood up to address Kyle Bruce Grayson.)

Dick: As for Batman I am leaving that honor to Terry McGinnis who will spend full time in Gotham. Not that I am leaving Kyle Bruce Grayson out he will continue the mantle of Green Lantern that his biological father had for that I am grateful he carried on the honored tradition. Kyle I also want you to know that you will have added responsibilities with the Green Lantern mantle as a mentor and guide to Terry working as the new Batman.

Kyle: Thanks Dad and I will be honored to carry on this tradition.

(Finally Rokk and Irma spoke up.)

Rokk: As for the changes among the heroes I am honored to serve with great heroes. I also like to say they are following the great footsteps of their parents who if it was not for them our future would have been different.

Irma: Like Rokk here I am grateful to serve with these great heroes. Also I have sensed a lot of growth among these people I am glad to call friends.

Donna: Thank you everyone for a wonderful day of remembrance.

(Donna finally sat down and joined the others in light conversation.)

After a few minutes of light conversation the adults observed their children heading off to protect the world. Also they said their goodbyes as the Legion of new Superheroes went to protect the world. Finally the adults went to just hang out. So Donna and Dick stayed a while and then headed home. As for the Kent's they retired to live immortality for as long as they live. Also the journey was complete because of the connection between two best friends Chloe Sullivan and Clark Kent who met in high school.

Here you go the story is completed. Thanks for the reviews and feedback. Also I am taking a break from writing because school starts up soon so I will only be writing on vacations and weekends if I have time. So enjoy the conclusion.