You still awake?

What if Neji went blind? A simple thing like, getting in bed, could turn into an awkward situation.- implied TentenXNeji

Hi everybody! This is my first fanfic and all I can say is…I tried OK?!

Enjoy the story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Family Guy.

Neji opened the bathroom door wearing nothing but his boxers and the blue-blocker sunglasses he'd been wearing for the past 2 weeks. He thought about how he lost his sight that day. It had been so careless and avoidable. He had gotten too close to a light bomb and the flash had taken his sight. The good news was, there was an optometrist's office just a few blocks away, and he had an appointment next Monday. 'Why can't today be Monday?' thought Neji.

He had thought about not wearing his sunglasses when he was just around his team. They would understand, probably not even afraid. Neji had nearly white eyes to begin with, so what difference would it make? Still, he kept them on, just to be safe.

It was late and the rest of his team was asleep. If he was very quiet, he could sneak into the bedroom and get in bed without waking Tenten up.

Neji slowly made his way down the hall, his hands pressed up against the wall, feeling for his bedroom door. He felt one door, - it was closed. So he took a few steps to the next one. After reaching out and sensing it was open, he walked in, and crawled in bed.

"You still awake, Tenten?"


"Shhh…don't talk. Let me do all the work"


"Mmmm…feel my breath on the back of your neck, my hands running down your strong abs to your- …"

Neji's hand suddenly bushed against something, causing him to jump back off the bed in surprise.


Neji, incredibly flustered, was trying to find something to say, anything at all to say.

Neji: "Uhh…hi Lee…..what's up?"

Lee: "Nothing…much..."

This situation had been equally awkward for him too.

Neji: "You got the last of that… mission report turned in…right?"

Lee: "Yeah…I did a long time ago."

Neji: "Alright, good…j-just checking."

Neji came to the doorway and turned around. " 'night Lee." he said in almost a whisper. He walked back into the hallway and felt the next door. After sensing it was open, he walked in.

Neji: "Hey, you still awake?"

Gai: "What the hell?"


Note: Ok, if you're wondering why Team Gai is in the same house, - they don't live together. They're staying in one of those huge guest houses (with a few other teams) because they're on a long mission that's far from Kohana. Just thought I'd clear that up. And yes I got this idea from Family Guy.

Another note: you probably already figured this out, but that first door he passed that was closed was the door he was looking for.