A/N: I do not mean to insult anybody or anything about the movie or books, it's just what I think might have gone through bookverse Dorothy Gale's mind if she saw the movie.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Oz books or the Wizard of Oz movie.


Dorothy Gale was now no longer a little girl. In fact, she was now 50-years old. She was married, had 4 children, and one of them was in college now.

But tonight was a special night, because tonight she was going to see the Wizard of Oz, a movie based off of the first of many books about her wonderful adventures in Oz. She was really hoping they did the movie justice, and kept it true to the book, which was true to her adventures in Oz. But only a few select people knew that the events in these books really happened.


The movie opened up, and she was a bit nervous and a bit excited, even though she couldn't quite figure out why.

The theater was packed with people, but when the music of the movie started it almost immediately got quiet.

Then it got to the Kansas farm she used to live on, and it actually looked a lot like it. However, there had never been any farm hands…and who was this Mrs. Gulch? She never even knew a Mrs. Gulch.

The movie was still really good so far. The girl playing Dorothy looked several years too old for the role, and she had long brown hair instead of short blonde hair, but she was doing an excellent job in the roll.

But seeing the shoes being ruby instead of silver nearly made Dorothy's jaw drop. Was that change really neccasary? She could see why they combined the Witch of the North with Glinda the Good (Witch of the South), but why the color of the shoes? And not all the Munchkins were that small…

The ding dong the witch is dead song was catchy, though. Actually, Dorothy realized, all of the music in this movie is catchy.

Most of the other changes in the movie she could understand…it would've been hard to get Mice to pull away the Cowardly Lion in a movie and have the Wizard appear in a different form for each person.

But they completely changed what gifts the Wizard gave to them for what they wanted. Oh, well…

And then the ending. They made the ending look like it was all a dream, even though Dorothy knew it definitely wasn't a dream at the end. Maybe they just wanted to make the movie to be more realistic.

Over all, she really enjoyed the movie, it was just that a bit of it was ruined for her because she had actually been the real Dorothy who went to Oz, and she knew what really happened…but it really was a good movie.