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Title: The Best Way to a Girl's Heart is Through Her Stomach

Author: Neon Chandlier

Manga Series to Read: From Far Away (Try MangaFox)

"Mommy, do I have to go to kindy-garden?" Five year old Yui gazed up at her mother, her eyes pleading and her bottom lip jutting out. Her eyes were slowly beginning to fill with sad and angry tears as she frowned. Yui had that look of defiance on her face that only a five year old child could pull off.

Yui's mother sighed and shook her head, her short, fluffed out bangs falling onto her face and tickling her eyebrows. "Yui," She began, "We've been through this already, honey. Kindergarten is fun. I'm sure you will absolutely love it."

"Yeah, yeah. I know." Yui didn't look as if she knew, she looked as if she didn't even want to know.

"Honey be reasonable." Her mom tried again. "You can make new friends and learn to read. You can play on the swings, or in the sandbox, or even do some arts and crafts to show me when you get home. You will have so much fun you won't even want to come home!" She promised, enthusiastically.

Yui looked at her mother, disbelief all too clear in her eyes.

"Tell you what, we'll compromise."

"Com-pro-mice." Yui tried to say, scrunching up her nose. "I don't think I like that word unless it means I can go home with you now."

"How about this; You can go to school for the morning, and if you still hate school by lunch time then your teacher can call me and I'll come and get you straight away, OK?"

"What's the point in going at all if you're just gonna have to come and get me again right away?"

"Yui...." The older woman's voice had a tired sort of authority to it. She needed her daughter to go to school for awhile. She wanted a little break to catch up on her housecleaning and to watch the soap she'd been missing since Yui had stopped taking naps. She loved her daughter, but she just had so much energy and she wanted human companionship all the time. "You're going." She said with new resolve as she thought of the over flowing laundry bin in the bathroom. "And that is final."

Yui looked at her mother, betrayal and hurt clearly portrayed on her face.

"But you will come and get me later, right?" Yui asked hopefully. "Promise."

Her mother nodded, clearly relieved. "Pinky-swear."

The two linked fingers and her mom gave Yui a hug before pulling their purple van up to the curb and smiling at her daughter's terrified expression. "Sweety, you will be fine. Now go have fun." One more supportive smile and Yui hopped reluctantly out of the vehicle, watching the hunk of purple metal round the corner.

"I don't want to make friends!" Yui whispered and her hands formed into two little fists. Tears pricked at her blue eyes and her whole body shook with righteous anger. She yanked the school door open, made her way through a sea of unfamiliar faces and spent the morning blatantly rejecting all who came toward her, ignoring the ones who didn't. She just wanted to go home and be with her mommy.

Later that day Yui had moved from her self-designated spot, the corner closest to the story book shelves, and had set herself up on the front step of the school, her Powerpuff girl lunchbox open on her lap. She was waiting for her mom to come and get her. She had been right, even after a whole morning she still hated school.

She had thought that her mother would already be waiting for her in the car when she got outside, perhaps with one of the funny looking books with the shirtless men and pretty girls that she could often be found reading in her spare time, but she wasn't. Yui immediately came up with the only thing that could have possibly happened; her mother had lied to her! And that meant she probably wasn't coming at all. With a sinking feeling in her chest, she raised her sandwich to her mouth, fully prepared to take out all of her anger on the unsuspecting meal.

"Is that peanut butter?" A voice was whispering into her ear longingly.

Yui felt the mouth that had asked the question about her lunch breathing on her right cheek. She turned to see a pair of large brown eye, attached to a chubby face with reddish hair. The girl looked to be about her age and was probably one of Yui's classmates.

"Can I have a bite?" the girl pleaded. "Please?" She added, seemingly as an after thought.

"No." Yui was not going to just share her lunch with some weird stranger!

"C'mon! Please, please! I'm starving." The girl's stomach rumbled in response to her answer, almost as if asking for the nourishment of Yui's peanut butter sandwich itself.

"No." Yui repeated, although a little less sure of herself than the last time.

"Please, pleeeeaaasse!" The girl was begging now. Why couldn't she just get the picture?

"No. What happened to your lunch anyway?" Yui asked before taking a bite. It really was a good sandwich that her mother had made for her.

The ginger-brunette sighed. "My brother stole it. The jerk! He wouldn't even play with me a little earlier!" She looked a little sad then. Heartbroken for some reason, though Yui wasn't sure about whether it was because her brother had rejected her or because she didn't have any food to eat.

"What's your brother's name?" Yui asked, noticing how, with each bite she took the girl was becoming more and more enraptured with watching her.

The girl shrugged. "Onee-san is Onee-san."

Well, that helped a lot. "What's your name?" Yui was now fighting with her oath to not give the girl any of her lunch. It couldn't hurt, could it?

"Miaka. That's Mee-Ack-A! Just don't ask me how to write it. I don't know."

Yui sighed, the girl was still looking at her lunch like it was Aladdin's lamp, capable of granting her three wishes.

"I'm Yui. That Y-U-I, for spelling." Yui relented.

"Wow, Yui. You can spell your own name! You must be so smart!" Miaka's eyes were now glowing brightly, shining with happiness for some reason or another. "I can already spell dog. D-O-G! See I'm smart too!" Miaka grinned, then paused for a second. "Yui?"

"Yes?" Yui gave her a look, she was honestly a little wary of the unpredictable girl.

"Can I please, please, please have a bite of your lunch? Pretty please with whip cream and a chocolate cherry on top?"

Yui sighed before giving up and handing her lunch box to her new acquaintance. Miaka was still babbling with her mouth full of food.

"Yui?" The chubby child called her by name again.

"Yes, Miaka?" She saw the girl eyeing her homemade brownie. "You can have one bite only!" She cried, already having realized that arguing with Miaka would do her no good.

She giggled as the girl took a huge bite of her brownie, still grinning widely on her chocolate-smeared face.

"Thanks, Yui! I have the bestest idea!"

Yui smiled, "You don't want my apple too, do you?"

"Nope, silly, that's fruit. It's healthy, and my brother says that healthy is gross! What I was going to say was, 'Let's be Best Friends!"

Yui smiled as she watched Miaka try to get some peanut butter out of her frizzy locks of hair. She had a feeling that today wouldn't be that bad after all.


"Really, really!?" Miaka cried out. Yui nodded as her response. "ThankyousomuchYui! Ican'tbeleiveIgettobeyourbestestfriend,! Wearegoingtohavesomuchfun!" She pulled Yui into a tight hug, smearing her fingures on Yui's new white school dress.

"No, Miaka. Thank you."