"Then the great, big, slimy monster jumped out at him!" Miaka's brother jumped up and let out a very realistic roar, expanding his arms and shuffling his feet from side to side, just how he had envisioned the monster to walk.

The girls snuggled closer together, entwining their fuzzy blankets and clinging each others hands desperately. It was Yui and Miaka's third sleepover, but this was the first time that they had stayed at Miaka's instead of Yui's. It was also the first time that Miaka's older brother was home.

He was telling them scarey stories from a book Yui had brought over, and they were positively terrified.

"What happened next?" Yui's voice was barely audible, and it was filled with tension and anxiety, but the other two heard it all the same.

"It gobbled him up like hot cherry pie!" Her best friend's brother exclaimed.

The girl's gasped simultaneously.

Outside the wind howled angrily and Miaka began shivering. Thunder cracked in the distance and the power flickered on and off.

"What time did you say Mom was coming home at Big Brother?" enquired Miaka. Her chattering teeth and wide eyes made quite the sight, but it was obvious she was trying not to begin crying. Yui caught on immediately. It was a scary story, but even she hadn't been that scared. Miaka could be such a baby! She was so lucky to have a big brother and a best friend, or else she would always be in so much trouble.

"Don't be scared, Miaka!" she exclaimed. "We can keep the monsters away!"

Yui lead the group into the kitchen, walking over the overflowing pots and pans cabinet. Stretching her hands deep inside, she pulled out a large skillet and two smaller pots. Deeper ventures into the cupboards unearthed three long wooden spoons and a rusty cheese grater.

Yui quickly explained what they had to do, and by the time Miaka's mother arrived home she was bombarded with a herd of kitchen musicians and a very bright house.

After all, as Yui had pointed out, the only way to keep the monsters at bay are to turn on all the lights and make loud music.

Pots and pans littered the floor, and there were stains from a failed attempt at making a grape smoothy all over the floor, but the young woman was sure that she had never seen her daughter smile quite like she was when she walked through the door. In the end it seemed like a fair enough trade.

End Drabble Notes:

Um... So this was nice in my head. It was also written, edited, and published in, like, fifteen minutes total while I was reading Kitchen Princess, so don't shoot me. I thought the image was nice. I used to make 'music' with kitchen utensils and appliances too.

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