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*~Stepping Stones~*

A Bella & Jasper Story


Feeling a wave of curiosity gently roll over me, I slowly lifted my eyes from my book. I found myself starring into a pair of deep chocolate orbs. For a moment, her eyes reflected the same curiosity that had drawn me from my reading. She jumped, startled from my sudden gaze. I smiled politely and nodded my head, lazily lowering my eyes back to the worn war-based novel on my lap. After skimming over a very historically inaccurate passage, I snuck a quick peak back at Bella. She starred at the floor, her cheeks a deep shade of crimson. I doubt one would have to be the one a empath to feel the embarrassment radiating from her. Now I was the one full of curiosity.

What were you thinking Ms. Isabella Swan?

I watched as she absentmindedly brushed her fingers over the crescent shaped scar on her wrist, her eyes still glued to the floor. I couldn't help but notice the beauty of her deeply flushed features.

Edward's grip around Bella's waist tightened, drawing her closer to him. He shot a quick glare at me and returned his attention back to the large screen in front of them. Bella finally lifted her head, letting out a heavy sigh and nestled against him.

He still didn't trust me. I have maintained perfect control ever since the night of her party. I vowed to never again let my lack of control cause my family pain.

Edward tried not to upset me. He had never voiced his opinions on my ability to maintain control. He didn't need to. I could always sense his unease whenever I was anywhere remotely near Bella. Under no circumstances was I to be alone with her. He always found a reason to hover over her or pull her from the room.

I had never really interacted much with Bella, aside from the polite greetings and occasional small talk. Despite being the most distanced Cullen, I was still greatly fond of Bella. I loved her and accepted her as part of the family. Bella had the same affection for me as with the rest of our family. I would love the opportunity to get to know her better, but I'm sure Edward would never allow it. I know there was more to Bella then timid child she portrayed in Edward's presence. I'd seen it come out when she spent time with other members of the family, especially Emmett...

Breaking my train of thought, I allowed my eyes to drift towards the open window. It was an unusually beautiful day in forks. Edward and Bella had decided to spend the day watching movies. Right now a modern version of Romeo and Juliet was playing. I could tell Edward did not appreciate it as much as the original movie but Bella seemed to be enjoying it.

Rose and Emmett were off at some crappy motel, acting out one of their weekly fantasies. They would be gone all weekend. I was glad. I don't think I could handle any more of the lust the two were throwing around. Alice and I definitely needed to have a chat when she got home. The pixie had been acting strange lately, even for her. Something was out of place though I couldn't put my finger on it. She seemed to be doing as much as she could to put some distance between us. Esme announced that her and Carlisle were taking the weekend to travel down the coast and do some antique hunting. Alice practically begged them to let her go.


The most confusing part was that every time I did see Alice I could feel her love for me, she would still bound into my arms and giggle like a child. She seemed extremely happy all the time. I could sense that she was anticipating something, and it grew stronger each time I saw her. God only knows with my Alice. I miss my beautiful pixie....

If only I possessed Edward's abilities. I had questioned him about it a few nights ago. He told me that he had noticed that Alice was acting strange lately and that she was blocking him from her mind.

I sighed , rubbing my temples. I needed to be alone for a bit. I stood up and excused myself. Edward sent me sympathetic glance, then planted a gentle kiss against Bella's forehead before turning his attention back to the movie. As I started to ascend the stairs at a slightly hurried pace I stopped for a moment, looking over my shoulder. Once again my gaze met Bella's. She didn't look away this time, instead she gave me a sad smile. I held her gaze a moment longer, then continued up the stairs and into my study.


I can't believe he caught me starring like that. I couldn't help but wonder if his scars looked and felt like mine. I blushed as I pictured his bare chest...

Hmmm...I wonder just how far down those scars go...Oh God Bella! No, no, no....Shut up!!! That's just wrong! Its Jasper for crying out loud! Your best friend's husband!!!!! La La La La!!!! Get a grip woman!

My thoughts were interrupted as Edward tightened his grip around me. I sighed, leaning into him, taking in his wonderful scent. I closed my eyes, feeling completely relaxed. I'm not sure how much time had passed, the movie was now almost over. Jasper stood up and excused himself, moving at inhuman speed towards the stairs. He looked over his shoulder at me. He looked so sad. I gave him a weak smile. He gazed at me for few more seconds before disappearing to the second floor.

Poor Guy....

Alice had been acting strange lately, she seemed to find every excuse to leave the house....If I have to go on one more shopping trip this month, I'm gonna explode! We were definitely having a talk when she gets home. I know she loves Jasper more than anything else in this world. My best friend just wasn't making any sense.

Edward got up and stuck another movie in the DVD player a vampire speed and before I knew it, I was back in his arms. I leaned into him, my eye lids feeling heavy. His cold breathe against my neck sent chills down my spine. "Sweet dreams, love." I relaxed against him and slowly drifted off....


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