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Next day

Ugh work how I wish I could work in the afternoon but I have Humanities. Though it seems I'm excited to hopefully bump into someone. Damn I need to concentrate. Ugh I wish Cass would shut up. She's so annoying. Oh it's time to go. Finally I pull out my iPod and turn it to Paramore. On the way to school I swear I was giddy like a school girl.

"Bye mom"

"What time do I pick you up?"


As I'm walking to Humanities I see none other than Liam himself. But he's with a black haired girl. Her hair is short like oh for the love of god I need to stop thinking about that again.

"Hey I'm Alice Liam's sister. You must be Bree"

"Um yah"

"Well I need to go I'll see you at home Liam"

Did she just wink at him? I swear I look dumbstruck but she acts like Alice Cullen. The style, the hair everything about her, it was just weird. Maybe she's just another Twilight fan.

"What class do you have?"

"Um women in the humanities."

"I do too."

"We should get to class"

"yeah we should"

I walked into class with Liam. I couldn't get the feeling out of my head that there's something about these two. As soon as I got into the classroom I took out twilight to read not really noticing that Liam was watching me when he spoke up.

"You like that book"

"Yah it's really good."

"Do you believe in that stuff?"

"What stuff"


"Yeah, I always have. Not wanting to be rude but why do you ask."

"I was just wondering."

Okay that was well I guess normal but there's still something about him. It seems the only thing I keep thinking of is the Twilight saga. For the love of god what is going on with me. Holy crap he is. But there's something in my heart telling me its ok to confront him. It's like oh it can't be. Though it feels like it. As the teacher came in I closed my book and set it down. It was hard to concentrate but eventually I was able to, though I could feel his eyes on me during class. Once I actually looked up at him without him knowing and he didn't even notice. I guess I was paying attention so much I didn't notice we got out early.

"Bree class is done."

"Oh sorry I was zoning."

"I could tell."

Well at least I have time to go and eat something before work. By this point we were at the doors.

"I hope I can pass my classes this semester." Oh crap I just said that out loud.

"What do you mean by that?"

Oh crap do I tell him the truth or just brush it off but I feel like I can trust him with anything. You know what I'll take it one day at a time.

"Right now isn't the right moment but I promise you I'll tell you."

Right at that moment my mom showed up.

"I'll see in class on Wednesday."

As I was walking out the door I swear I could see his face fall like he was expecting me to open up to him but I then noticed him leaving too and getting into convertible looking car.

"Everything okay."

"Yah just thinking about what I need to do for classes."

After that it was silence in the car until I couldn't stand it anymore and put my iPod in. Turned it to paramore. By this time the day had gone by so fast that I was already at home. After supper I went into my room and did my math homework. That night I decided that I would confront him about what he is. And tell him about my past this weekend. I hate to admit but I think love was blooming but how could it be that quick. Though it was for Edward and Bella. Here I go again. It just makes sense, for him to be that.

Next Day

As I was heading to math I was dreading what I was about to do but at the same time I know I needed to do it.



"Did you get the homework done?"

"Yeah it wasn't that hard but I need to talk to you about something important."

The look on his face seemed like he knew what I was going to ask him. Maybe Alice told him.

"Can we talk after class?"


All during class I kept thinking about how he would react. Though something in me said that it was a good idea. As the end of class got closer it seemed like a weight was on my shoulders. Finally the end of class came.

"Where do you want to talk?"

"Where ever it's just the two of us."

"What do you want to talk about?"

Here it goes. "I know what you are."

"I kind of figured you'd find out."

"Let me guess Alice had a vision."

"Pretty much"

"So what happens now? Considering what happened to Bella."

"I don't really know."

"I'm assuming Carlisle wants to see me considering Alice or Edward probably told him."


Just then a silver car pulls up. Wait a minute Edward drives a Volvo.

"Let me guess Edward?"

"Yes along with Alice and Bella"

"Should I be scared?"

"Now why would you be scared of me?"

"Let me guess there's a pixie with spiky black hair right behind me who saw all this happen."

"Yep" Popping the p. That smile of hers is so infectious.

"It's nice to meet you. Let me guess Edward is in the car?"

"Yes he is and so is Bella."

"I'm assuming they can hear me so hi to them. But im assuming you're here because Carlisle wants to see me."

At that moment it was like something in my gut was telling me to trust them.

"I wonder if you're like me."

"Well in fashion sense I hope so but I know Carlisle wants to know really how I know about you guys and I'm assuming what will happen if the Volturi find out about me."

I swear at that moment Liam and Alice were speechless. Well they better get used to being speechless when I explain everything to the whole family.

"Well we better get going so you're not late for work and don't forget to call your mom and tell her what's up."

Crap now I know how Bella felt when she had to tell half-truths to her father. Although I tend to not tell my mom how I'm actually feeling. Though I doubt she knows the extent of my feelings on everything. Shit I'm going to have to be careful around Jasper. At that moment mom picked up.

"Hey mom I'm going to hang out with some friends from last year. Is that okay?" God I hope so.

"What about work?"

"I'll take the bus."

"Have I met them?"

"No but I'm 21 I can take care of myself. I love you. Besides you get to relax and save gas."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'll make it to work on time." Knowing Alice she'll make sure.

"Knowing Cassidy she'll text me if I'm running late."

"Ok I'll see you later when I pick you up."


Now that that's over maybe my nerves will be less jumpy. I mean it's not like the Cullen's will eat me okay that was weird but they feel like family to me. Okay now I'm nervous about meeting the rest of them but well when it comes to Rosalie she'll be surprised. There was that same electricity from when I first laid eyes on Liam. I wonder if Liam felt it too but all too soon we were at the Cullen's house.