After the Honeymoon

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Chapter 1: After the Honeymoon

Edward's POV

Our plane was beginning it's descent toward Fairchild International Airport, and Bella still slept soundly against my left side. Carefully I passed my hand over her head and down the soft curls of her hair. "Bella, love, we are preparing to land," I whispered.

My wife stirred against me, curling her body closer to my own, still sleeping. After all the activity at the Island it wasn't surprising that she had slept nearly the whole trip from Houston to Port Angeles. Bella had shown me that I was strong enough not to hurt her, and we had enjoyed time exploring the Island as well as the deeper aspects of our love.

When the plane touched down there was a small jolt and my wife lifted her eyes looking into mine with confusion before she realized where we were. "I slept the whole way?" she asked in astonishment.

"You've had a busy month," I replied leaning down to take her lips with mine. We shared a kiss that was all too brief before the stewardess came over the speaker telling us that we had landed.

We had decided to leave the Island a few weeks early, so that Bella could see Charlie before we left for Hanover, and what I hoped would be at least a year of college for my wife before she asked me to change her into a vampire.

As we stepped off the plane, my family was waiting and Alice was the first one to break away and greet us, giving Bella a hug and asking her all about our honeymoon. It was like I wasn't there, but I didn't fault my sister for that. She and Bella were close friends and she was excited for my wife.

While Bella talked about how beautiful the Island was, Jasper approached me and I could already hear his thoughts. He was concerned because he could feel Bella's exhaustion, and I wasn't sure about discussing with any of them what had gone on physically between my wife and me. I'd been able to control myself and not leave any marks on her save for that one time, but I was still concerned about how much damage I may have caused internally. Somehow I had to find a way to convince Bella to let Carlisle have a look at her, and knew that she was likely going to try and push it off.

"It was a long flight," I said as Jasper and I began to walk over to the rest of the family.

"If you say so," he said knowing not to push me into answering something I didn't want to discuss.


Once we were home, Bella was hungry and sat on the kitchen counter while I got out the things I'd need to make her a cheese omelet. "How are you feeling?" I asked as I put the last item on the counter next to her.

She took my hand pulling it toward her, so I moved in front of her. "I'm starving but maybe for something a little different," she whispered.

I leaned down and brushed my lips against hers carefully before pulling away. "Do you mind eating before we move on to that," I asked, keeping my voice down as well, though I'm pretty sure everyone in the house was aware of this double edged conversation.

Her stomach growled and we both laughed before I moved back to the stove, turning the gas on and igniting the right burner. While the frying pan began to heat, I quickly mixed up her eggs, pouring in just a little bit of milk.

"How long can we stay?" Bella asked as I put the eggs into the pan.

"Two weeks. The house is all ready for when we move."

My wife nodded, biting her bottom lip, laughing again as her stomach gurgled. She hadn't had anything to eat on the flight home due to being asleep, and once we were sitting at the table Bella began to eat at a very fast rate, drinking down a full glass of sun tea nearly in one breath. When she finished the plate of eggs she asked for anothe,r and I didn't mind making her more as Carlisle came into the kitchen.

For Bella's benefit he spoke aloud the words I could already hear in my mind. "Esme and I have decided to spend some time in Denali, when you leave in a few weeks."

My wife looked over at him, and then at me as I slid the omelet onto her plate and sprinkled cheese over it, "So it will just be Edward and me?"

"Only for a month or so. I have an offer to teach some night classes at the college, and plan to be back in time for that, and so Esme can do some house hunting."

My wife nodded before she began to dig into her second omelet.

"Haven't you been feeding her properly?" Carlisle thought.

I grinned, but he caught something in my expression.

"Is there something you wish to discuss?"

"Later," I mouthed with Bella turned away from us.

My father nodded, patting my shoulder before he left.

Not all that much later, I rested in bed with Bella settled against my chest already asleep. She'd talked to Charlie, agreeing to have lunch with him tomorrow, and let Rosalie and Alice help her unpack for some girl time. Rose was happier that my wife was still mortal, and I had to admit I was as well.

"Edward?" Bella mumbled into my chest.

"Yes, love."

"Is it silly to be afraid to leave here and move across country to a different place?"

"Not at all, what has you frightened?"

My wife sighed before lifting her head to look at me. The moon light washed over her and it was difficult not to focus on how stunningly beautiful she looked, but I focused on her expression and her words, "I wasn't afraid of moving from Phoenix to here. I was sad at first, but knew it was the right decision. I know moving again is what we need to do, but I guess it's just not knowing the part that comes next."

"Well, we will need to unpack all the things the movers bring to the new house, and then there's the task of getting our books for classes," I began, teasing her.

Bella rolled her eyes and brought her lips down on mine, kissing me once before pulling away, "I didn't mean that part, I just meant the part about living together as husband and wife. I never had a really great roll model with Renee, she was always the one I needed to look after."

Instantly, I understood her meaning and leaned forward, catching her lips with mine and molding mine to hers. Bella's arms wrapped around my head and her fingers laced through my hair. Her mouth fell open and the warmth of her breath and sweetness of her mouth caused me to lose my train of thought. As her tongue jutted into my mouth I felt my control slipping further, but fought to gain some of it back. I wanted nothing more to continue this journey we were about to take, but also wanted to reassure her. I was the first to ease away, and Bella groaned with disappointment, "I believe you need some reassurance," I told her, kissing her twice before she opened her eyes.

Bella nodded, still trying to catch her breath and I reached out tracing my finger over her perfect lips. "There isn't really one thing we need to concern ourselves with. I want you to be comfortable in our new home. If you would like we could try going out at night, perhaps to see a play, or out to eat."

My wife glanced at me doubtfully, "But you don't eat."

"I can pretend. I've had years to practice," I pointed out, causing her to smile and blush.

"Who cleans the house around here?" she asked moving her cheek to rest against my bare chest. I cupped my hand to her head, rubbing my thumb in circles against the right side of her temple. My other arm was wrapped around her shoulders and arms, "Alice and Esme mostly, but we can tackle that together, or always hire someone else to do that for us."

"Hmm, no I did that for Charlie, I think it might help me adjust to being in a new place," Her voice was growing softer and it wasn't long before my Bella was asleep.


Bella's POV

The next afternoon, I picked Charlie up from the police station and drove us to our favorite roadside café. He ordered steak and potatoes and I ordered a garden salad and chicken strips. While we waited, I told him about the Island and all about scuba diving and swimming with the porpoises. "The water was like bathwater. It was so beautiful."

"I hope you took some pictures," he said as our food arrived.

My stomach had been grumbling, and I was surprised at how hungry I was. Again I'd eaten two small omelets for breakfast, and was sure I'd start gaining weight if I didn't watch it. I tried to take my time eating, listening as my dad told me about what had been going on in Forks while I was on my honeymoon.

Evidently there had been a string of break-ins around the city, including Newton's Outfitters. He and the other officers had been trying to figure out who had been doing such a thing.

"I think it's just a bunch of teens from one of the other cities. I know all the kids around here, and their parents wouldn't put up with that. You must have been starving," my dad said looking at my now empty plate. He wasn't even half done with his meal, and I felt my cheeks warming as I blushed. I had a feeling all my eating had to do with how Edward and I spent most of our time on the Island after that night I dreamed about us on the beach, and how we had spent most of the night last night after I'd gotten up to use the bathroom.

"We were busy getting things ready for the move," I explained as a waitress came by our table offering dessert. Charlie and I declined and when he finished his meal we headed out to the car, only to bump into Angela and Ben.

"Bella," she called out.

We hugged and I promised to call her later, feeling the relief that I could still keep in contact. I remembered the conflict I once felt when I was sure about Edward changing me into a vampire. I'd worried about keeping in contact with her, because of not being able to once that change took place.

After dropping Charlie off at the station I thought about Jacob. I'd promised myself the night of my wedding that I'd keep that drawer locked tight, but since arriving home it had been rattling and had opened just a little. Jacob was still my best friend and always would be, but the fact that he was still in love with me and had been ready to kill my husband was something I still wasn't over. Was it possible for me to see him or not?

At the last minute I pulled out of town and headed down the road toward La Push ever conscious of what this might do to me. I thought of Alice and me disappearing and stopped the car on the side of the road. Maybe moving would be better. The sooner I got away from here, the less conflicted I would feel. As other cars passed me by, I rested my head against the stirring wheel not knowing what to do.

That was when I jumped, hearing someone tapping on the side of the passenger door. I unlocked it when I saw Edward and he slid inside. "I'm sorry," I said feeling a hot tear trail its way down my cheek.

He unbuckled my seat belt and gently pulled me into his arms, "Don't be. I had a feeling being home would do this, and was prepared. Do you want to go see him?"

"I don't know if it's a good idea. Charlie said he's been real distant with Billy, but I keep thinking that if I did see him, maybe he would feel better. I don't know what to do Edward." I felt like a calloused, heartless bitch for wanting to see him. I was married and I loved my husband, but something pulled me to want to see Jacob.

"Why don't you try calling him firs,t and in the mean time I'll drive us home."

I could only nod as Edward shifted me to his right, helping me in the seat before he climbed over into the driver side and pulled out onto the highway. My stomach churned as the Jacob drawer grew wider, and my worries about moving away intensified.

When we got back to the house I took Edward's cell outside, and walked down the dirt path to the edge of the river. There I found a large stone to sit on and dialed Billy's house. It rang a few times before Jacob answered, sounding distant and sad.


There was a long pause, "Bella?"

"Yeah it's me. We're back in town for a couple of weeks, getting things ready for College and moving."

"You're okay?" He sounded more alive and I looked out over the river remembering his words, and how sickened he had been when he figured out that I was going to have a real honeymoon.

"Of course I am."

"Oh, but your moving?"

"College," I reminded.

"Bells, I'm glad your okay, but I need to go. Maybe, well maybe we could talk later." Before I could answer he hung up, and I didn't feel any better.

Finding a rock by my foot, I picked it up, tossing it hard but it only landed on the bank next to the river. "If you fling your hand before you let go, it will land further away," my husband said as he came to stand by my side.

"I guess I'll never be able to actually play baseball with the rest of you," I told him as I moved over so he could sit next to me.

"You could always referee. You did a pretty good job the last time."

That felt like a very long time ago, and I sighed as he wrapped his cool arm around my shoulders, "How would you like to watch a movie with me? Everyone else is gone camping for a few days so the house is all ours if you like."

Watching a movie with my husband sounded good, and as I stood up he lifted me into his arms crushing his lips against mine. Maybe we would watch a movie later, right now all I wanted was Edward.

Two weeks seemed to be going by very quickly. Jacob hadn't called me back, but I did get a chance to have lunch with Angela in Port Angeles as well as do some shopping for school. As we ate she filled me in about what was going on with her and Ben. They would be leaving in two days to head up to Seattle, and she was excited. "I can't really decide what I want to major in, but Ben is thinking about Political Science."

"Really? I never figured he would go in that direction," I said as I grabbed a fry and stuffed it into my mouth.

"Now, it's your turn, I want to know where he took you on your honeymoon."

I smiled at her, thinking back to Esme's Island and how magical that had been. "His parents own an Island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro," I began watching as her mouth fell open. She quickly shut it and pressed for all the details which I gladly gave. I told her about the beautiful house and the white sandy beaches. We talked about scuba diving and all the under sea caves, and I told her how happy I was that I was his wife.

"I can't imagine owning a whole Island but I guess his family is pretty rich. Maybe someday we could all go," she hinted and I smiled.

"Maybe," I said not so sure that would work out.

After we finished lunch we walked down to a small shop and finished getting what we needed for college. Angela drove me home waving at Edward as he opened the door. He came to the car saying hello before he helped me with my bags.

In our room I found two huge suitcases on the bed. "You've been busy," I observed looking at all the clothes packed neatly inside.

Edward smiled at me, "Alice has been busy. I convinced her to let me take most of my clothes, but I'm sure she's going to throw them out and buy new ones when my back is turned."

"I guess that's something I'll have to get used to, Alice buying me clothes."

My husband wrapped his arms around me glancing down at me before we shared a kiss. "Only if you want her too."

I giggled, "How do you intend to keep her from doing it?" So far none of us had been successful in raining Alice in on anything from our Wedding to all the lingerie she bought for my honeymoon.

My husband kissed me again, "I'll find a way."

"No you won't," her sing song voice called out from downstairs.

Edward growled but I quickly covered my mouth against his and distracted him with my kisses and my hands enjoying this part of being married.

The next morning I woke up feeling pretty tired. Edward wasn't in our bed but on his pillow was a long stemmed red rose and under it a piece of paper. First I took the rose and breathed in smelling the sweetness before I opened the note.

"My love, I've gone hunting with my brothers. I hope to be here before you wake, but if I'm not I've prepared what you need for breakfast. I won't be too long."

As much in control as my husband was he still wouldn't let me see him hunt. There were times that it bothered me because he was making a choice I felt I needed to be a part of, but for the most part I didn't mind.

Once out of bed I started for the door feeling a little nauseated, but after stopping to take in a few breaths I felt better and headed downstairs.

Alice was dancing around the front room putting fresh cut flowers in the several vases and Rosalie was sitting on the sofa painting her nails.

"Good morning Bella," Alice said as she danced passed me, the smell of fresh flowers hitting me the wrong way. I quickly ran past the stairs to the nearest bathroom and leaned over the toilet dry heaving.

Alice was suddenly behind me holding my hair back, and I felt embarrassed as my stomach continued to heave. Once it ended I sank down to the floor while Rosalie handed me a glass of water and placed a cool wash cloth against my forehead. It was strange having her help me, but I was more grateful than worried at this point.

I swished the water around my mouth and spit it in the toilet keeping my eyes closed and held my breath until it was flushed. Once I felt better, they helped me to my feet and led me into the front room to the couch. They helped me sit down and Rosalie put the cloth back on my head.

My thoughts quickly moved to Edward and I worried he would overreact, "You both have to promise that you won't tell Edward."

"But you were so sick," Alice pointed out.

"I'm better. It was probably just worry. I'm kind of nervous about moving and figuring out what the next step is for us. I've never really had a great role model with my parents, so I'm not sure what to expect," I tried to explain.

My new sisters sat beside me and I sighed taking a sip of water.

"You two will figure it out," Rosalie finally said and when I looked at her she was actually smiling. I think she liked me more now that I was choosing to stay human at least for a little bit. In no time at all we were laughing and I listened as they told me a little about what their lives had been like with their husbands. I was going to miss them when we left but they both promised they would join us soon and also promised not to tell my husband about my visit to the bathroom.


Edward's POV

The morning of our move was upon us and I woke Bella early so she could eat something if she chose to do so. While I was downstairs fixing her breakfas,t I heard her gagging and flicked the burner off before making it to her side in a seconds time. She was leaning over the toilet in the bathroom next to my room dry heaving as she had the other morning, and like the other morning she swore to me that it was just nerves.

"Bella, I really think you should let Carlisle have a look at you, just to be sure that it isn't some kind of virus."

Before she could answer she was leaning over the toilet again, and I held her hair back as she retched. By the time she finished, five minutes later, she was so weak that I knew we weren't going to make the flight out. I carried her back to our bed and when I put her down she rolled on her side shutting her eyes.

Downstairs I found Alice standing with Jasper, a guilty expression on her face, but I brushed passed her as I made a call to the airlines scheduling our flight for later on in the evening. As I was preparing to call Carlisle my sister and brother came in and my mind focused on her thoughts. My anger was quick and I controlled my voice, "Why didn't you two say anything?"

"She made us promise and we thought it might just be nerves like she said," Alice stated guilty.

I felt suddenly calm and shut my eyes, pinching my nose. This could be serious, but I couldn't really blame Rosalie or Alice. Bella was stubborn and they had both been a little conflicted.

Once I was on the phone they left and I got a hold of Carlisle's receptionist. "Ask him to call when he gets out of surgery, tell him it's urgent," I said before hanging up.

Instead of eggs, I crushed some ice and took that upstairs. Bella was still asleep when I walked to her side of the bed, setting the glass down on the nightstand. I sat down on the edge of the mattress and kissed her cheek. My wife stirred a moment before opening her beautiful brown eyes.

"Do you think you can manage some ice?"

She was suddenly alert and began to sit up, but I lay my hand on her arm until she relaxed against the pillow. "I moved our flight time to this evening," I assured her seeing the relief that washed over my love's face.

With my help she sat up, and after the pillows were propped behind her I held out a spoon and let her take the ice from it. Bella managed three bites before sinking further against the pillow, shutting her eyes.

Alice brought me my phone and I put it to my ear. "Bella has been sick again, and was sick that day Jasper, Emmett, and I went hunting."

"Do you think you can bring her here?"

"She's already asleep, but I can carry her to my car."

"No, I can bring home what I need. I won't be long," he promised.

Once Alice was gone I moved to the other side of the bed trying to figure out if something Bella had eaten had caused her to be sick or if maybe there was some sort of underlying condition like her appendix, or gall stones. If that were the case I'd need to cancel any plans on getting us to Hanover in time for school.


A half hour later when Carlisle got home, Bella was doing better. She was downstairs on the sofa watching TV with Emmett. I left them and greeted him outside. "She's doing better, what do you think this could be?" I asked trying not to feel so panicked, hating that this was something I couldn't control.

"It may be her appendix. Sometimes episodes can occur slower, well you remember in your studies. I'm going to need to take some blood from her and run that back to the hospital."

We nodded, both knowing how she reacted to the smell of blood and needles. When we got inside and my wife saw him, the smile fell from her face, "Edward, I'm fine now," she started, but I sat down pressing my fingers to her lips.

"Bella, please let him look at you. Let Carlisle make sure that you don't have anything wrong."

She shook her head. "It's just nerves."

My father sat on her other side. "Bella, there are cases of people having an enlarged appendix with the symptoms coming on slowly. I would feel better knowing that we ruled that out before you two headed off to Hanover."

We were all relieved when she agreed to let him take a sample of blood, and while Carlisle prepared her arm, she hid her face against my chest. "Tell me before he does it so I can hold my breath," she mumbled.

Carlisle told her, and as he was pulling the needle out she pulled her head away from me covering her mouth. "Alice," I said.

My sister came back with a bowl, and Bella retched into it only bringing up fluid. Rose brought me a washcloth and I wiped it over Bella's face after she was resting with her head against a pillow on my lap.

"I feel so tired," she whispered as Carlisle knelt beside us.

"Bella, I need to take your pulse, do you think you will be alright for me to do that."

She nodded once, shutting her eyes as Carlisle went to work. He took her temperature and it was a little elevated, but only by a few degrees. "Bella, do you think you can manage if we took you to the hospital?"

Her eyes flew open and once again she was retching into the bowl. Carlisle left in his car while the rest of my family worked to help my wife stay calm. Esme brought her another glass of ice chips, and she was sucking on her third mouthful doing a little better when Carlisle returned with a prescription.

"Bella, this will help with the nausea," he explained telling her to let the tablet melt in her mouth.

I heard his thoughts as he conveyed to me that he was relatively certain it was her appendix and that we needed to get her to the hospital as soon as we could manage.


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