Chapter 4: Main Subway Line

"Gabe, whatever you do don't use grenades. The tunnel you're in is being used to transport emergency personnel. Any explosions will cause the trains to derail. Be careful." "Copy, Lian." He looked at his watch. It read 8/24/99; 12:30. It's going to be a long morning. Time to get Aramov. Logan headed down the tunnel. He saw a figure and took a shot. He heard Mara's voice. "Damn you, Logan." She's not far away. He ran up a few more feet, then he heard shots coming his way. It looks like she wasn't alone.

He took out the terrorist out with a few shots. After he heard Mara running, he ran after her. He took out a few more terrorist, while dodging trains at the same time. After a while, Logan had enough of this chasing. He took out his sniper rifle and got a bead on Mara's head. He could have just killed her right here, but he needed answers. He aimed just to the right of her head, and fired. The bullet grazed the side of her head. She went down instantly.

Logan saw that train was coming her way. He ran up to her and threw her on the area that is between the four sets of tracks. Mara got up and tried to fight, but she was just too weak. "Where's Rhoemer? Where are the other bombs?" "Ha, ha, ha. You are too late, Logan. You will never find them." "Oh yeah. We'll see." He took out his 9mm and held to her head. "Tell me where Rhoemer and the bombs are." She just stared at him for a few more seconds. He cocked back the hammer on his gun. Mara sighed. "Fine. I'll tell you. Won't do you much good, anyway. Rhoemer has already left the area. Four smaller viral bombs are scattered throughout the Washington Park. Girdeaux has the fifth one." He wanted to ask more questions, but she passed out. He had to get to the Park and help Jenkins. He turned and headed for the exit.