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Summary: Over 50 years ago, Otogakure fell, Akatsuki was disbanded, and eight of the nine bijuu seemed to have disappeared, allowing the world to know peace. But now, things have changed. Two new forces are rising up and planning to cause chaos across the world, and the bijuu have been reborn into the bodies of new hosts. This is the story of Kazaki Nataro, a young boy who has just recently become a genin, is the new host of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and the reincarnation of the former host, Uzumaki Naruto. There's just one question... How is that possible when Naruto's still alive?!

Disclaimer: Blu Rose does not own the Naruto series or any of its characters. She only owns her OCs and this fic.



I want...out...

Let me...out..."


#1: A New Adventure! A New Team! New Naruto?!

Over 50 years ago...

The village of Otogakure fell...

The criminal syndicate Akatsuki was disbanded...

A runaway from Konoha had been returned...

And the boy that was once seen as a demon by his people...saved them...and became their hero...

Now, over 50 peaceful years later, the legend is reborn...


The village of Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village, is still the most populated and varied ninja village in the world, even with the rise of new ninja villages and the fall of others. It had been years since a war was fought, and the village was relatively at peace with its neighbors. But would tend to be chaotic.

"WHAT THE HELL?!?" A man shouted early one morning as he stood out in front of his home/shop.

"What's the matter, honey?" His wife called from within the store.

"Somebody vandalized our store!!"

"What?!" At that moment, a woman ran out of the building along with her young son. They stood up next to the man and stared up at the message written on it in paint.

"'Vote Kazaki Nataro for Nanadaime Hokage'?" The boy asked with an arched eyebrow. "It couldn't be...!"

"What? Do you know who this vandal is?!" His father shouted as he began to pull on his hair in aggravation.

"Sure. He goes to the Ninja Academy. We're in the same class." The boy looked up at the graffiti once more. "He said 'As soon as I graduate, I'm gonna begin my campaign for the title of Hokage!' but none of us thought he was serious..."

"WHAT THE HELL?!?" Someone else shouted from down the street.

"Our house!!" A different person was heard.

"S-someone tagged my house!!" said one.

"Kazaki Nataro? Not that goofball!" said another.

"Little brat!! I'm gonna report him to the Rokudaime for this!!"


Hours later, a young boy sat in front of an old man in an office within the village's administration building. He was about 12 to 13 years old with spiky blonde hair and sky blue eyes, wearing an open short-sleeved orange jacket that had been zipped down, with a large red spiral on the back and on the shoulders of the jacket, a long-sleeved black shirt, orange pants with black zigzags running down the sides, and a pair of black goggles with orange lenses over a Konoha hitai-ate that had been tied around his forehead. The boy pouted in frustration as he sat on the wooden chair, arms folded across his chest.

"I can't believe this..." The old man dressed in white and red robes, sitting behind the desk in front of the boy, sighed and rubbed his temples, brushing aside faded blonde and gray bangs as he did. "You graduated from the Academy just yesterday, didn't you? What possessed you to do such a dumb thing after that?"

"Hey, Gramps? Can we speed this up? I've got things to do and a ceremony to attend!" The boy stated as he squinted his eyes in a fox-like manner.

"I repeat: why did you go around last night tagging just about the entire village, writing 'Vote Kazaki Nataro for Nanadaime Hokage'?" The old man asked with an arched eyebrow.

"It's for my campaign!"

The Rokudaime arched an eyebrow. "Campaign...?"

The blonde boy, Kazaki Nataro, was suddenly standing up on his seat. "My campaign for the title of Hokage!! Step one is already complete: I've graduated from Ninja Academy and I'm a full-fledged ninja now, so I can become Hokage!" He pointed a finger at the old man and gave a broad grin. "You may as well start calling me 'Nataro-sama' and give me the title of Nanadaime Hokage, old man!!"

The old man smiled and nodded knowingly. "…No can do." Nataro fell off of his chair and landed on his head. "You don't have the right...qualities to become Hokage right now."

The young blonde sat on the floor and began to grit his teeth. "I do too have the qualities to become Hokage!!"

"Do you know what those qualities are?" Nataro sweatdropped and folded his arms across his chest, muttering his thoughts out loud to himself. The Rokudaime shook his head. "If you don't know, then you're not ready to become Hokage yet!" 'Besides, I'm not sure if the people would want a vandal to become their leader,' he thought as a drop of sweat ran down the back of his head.

"Well..." Nataro looked up at him with squinted, fox-like eyes. "What do I need in order to become Hokage?"

The Hokage smiled. "I'm not going to tell you~!"

"What?! That is not fair!!"

"It wouldn't be fair if I told you, either."

The boy rubbed his chin in thought for a moment, nodding. "Yeah, I guess you've got a point there, Gramps."

The old man nodded as well. "I do... And don't call me 'Gramps'."

"Well, I best be getting to school!" Nataro said with a grin as he got to his feet and began to walk towards the door, only to be grabbed by the back of his collar by the Rokudaime. "Eh?! What's the big deal?!" He looked over his shoulder to glare at the old man, but his eyes widened from shock and sweat dripped down his face. "Gra...gramps...?"

The Hokage gave the young boy an almost demonic glare. "And where do you think you're going? You've still got to clean up your mess, you know!"

"But-but-but I don't have time!!"

"You thought you were going to get out of this easy, huh? Well, think again!!"

"Ouch!! H-hey! Stop that!! Quit it, Gramps! Ow!!"

Outside of the office, the Hokage's secretary sweatdropped at the sound of the scuffle taking place. "Y'know... With the way he acts sometimes, you'd never guess that he was almost 70..."


Much later at the Leaf Village's Ninja Academy, a class of young ninja graduates were sitting around, chatting with their friends as they waited for their sensei to walk in. Among them was a young boy of 13 with shoulder-length raven-black hair that had been tied back into a low ponytail and chocolate brown eyes, wearing a short-sleeved gray shirt with a large red and white fan on the back and black pants, the Konoha hitai-ate tied loosely around his neck.

'Where the heck is Nataro? Sensei's going to be here any minute!' The raven-haired boy known as Uchiha Hanzo thought as he sat behind his desk, waiting for his best friend to come. Why one of the smartest kids in their graduating class--and possibly the entire Academy--would want to be friends with someone like Nataro is a mystery, but they were friends. Hanzo looked up at the clock at the front of the room. 'Where are you...?'

As the young Uchiha continued to wonder where his friend was, a 12-year old boy with short, somewhat messy red hair with short bangs that hung in front of his golden orange eyes, wearing a long-sleeved blue hoodie jacket, a sleeveless black shirt and knee-length dark red shorts with his hitai-ate tied around his left arm, walked towards a student. He was among the more delinquent and troublesome students because of his pyromanic tendencies. Some of the other students wondered if the teachers allowed him to pass simply because they didn't want to deal with him anymore.

"Yo, Konjo!" The redhead known as Temashi Kazemaru held out a video case to a boy with short indigo-colored hair that was slightly messy and pupilless white eyes, wearing a short-sleeved pale blue shirt with blue wave-like designs at the bottom and dark blue shorts that were just above his knees, bandages wrapped around his legs from his knees to his ankles, and a Konoha hitai-ate tied around his right arm. "Here's your video, it was really cool, gotta go, bye!" Kazemaru spoke quickly as he shoved the video into the blue-haired boy's arms, turned around and began to walk away quickly.

"Huh? Geez, thanks! I was almost worried that you forgot about it," said 12-year old Hyuga Konjo as he opened the video case. His jaw dropped at the sight of a video tape that appeared to have been broken in half and was badly put back together with duct tape. "Wh-wh-what?! M-my video!! Not 'Trial by Fire'!! It's been completely destroyed!!" In the blink of an eye, he caught up to Kazemaru and grabbed him by the back of his hood to stop him from getting away. "Kazemaru! What did you do to my video?!" The Hyuga boy growled as he gave his classmate the Evil Eye.

Kazemaru began to sweat. "Uh...! You see, I'm really sorry that your video got broken, but I have a good explanation as to why it was broken!"

"And that would be...?"

At that moment, the door of the classroom opened and Nataro walked in, slumped over and dragging his feet with a haggard look in his eyes. He gave a groan of fatigue before proceeding up the steps. 'Damn that old man...!'

The red-haired pyromaniac frowned and pointed at Nataro. "Y'see, it's all Nataro's fault! He was running past me and knocked me down, which made me land on the video tape and accidentally crush it."

Konjo narrowed his eyes in thought. "Hmmm..." He looked up at Nataro, who was now sitting next to Hanzo in the upper seats, then looked at Kazemaru before he slumped over and sighed. "Oh... It's okay if it was an accident, I guess..."

'Score!! Thank God he's so damn gullible!' The young pyromaniac thought, allowing a smirk to appear on his face for a moment.

"You've still gotta pay, though! Either get me a new copy of 'Trial by Fire' or I'll make you pay...somehow."

Kazemaru gave the Hyuga a half-lidded stare as he arched an eyebrow. "Is that a threat, White Eyes?"

"Maybe. Maybe not. If you don't wanna know, just pay me back."

'Oooh, I'm so afraid...!' The red-haired boy thought, mentally rolling his eyes as the class' sensei walked into the room.

"I still can't believe that you actually went and tagged just about every building in town..." Hanzo told Nataro, "And you didn't get in trouble!"

"What do you mean? I still have to clean up by the end of the day or Gramps'll have my hide!" Nataro collapsed onto the desk and groaned. "Future super-cool Hokage do not clean up their messes! I've seen what his office looks like!"

The raven-haired boy sweatdropped. "Uh... Sure. Anyway, today's the day when we'll be placed onto teams, right? I wonder how they know who would make a good team...?"

"I don't know and I don't care," the blonde spoke, his speech muffled since he was lying facedown on the desk. "I just hope that I'll be on a team with you and not that weasel...!" He lifted his head to glare down at a girl who was sitting a few seats below. She had long, blue-tinted black hair set up into a high ponytail that reached the middle of her back and onyx-black eyes, and wore a sleeveless V-neck blue shirt with the red and white Uchiha fan on the back, knee-length black shorts with a pair of white vertical stripes on the sides, small Uchiha fan earrings and black elbow bands, her Konoha hitai-are tied around her forehead.

"Honestly, I don't see the point of keeping this rivalry going," said Hanzo as the Uchiha girl propped her elbow on the desk and placed her face in the palm of her hand, a bored expression in her eyes. "Once we're placed onto teams, the only way you'll see her again is if you're placed on the same team as her."

"You sure?"

"I'm sure."

"Alright, class, settle down!" The teacher spoke up as he stood before the young graduates. When they continued to mind their own business, he took a deep breath and shouted, "BE QUIET AND TAKE YOUR SEATS!!!" The children immediately quieted down and sat down in their seats. "Now then... As you all know, you are all now officially ninja of Konohagakure. As such, you're no longer children--"

"So I can get into X-rated shows and movies now?" Kazemaru called out from the back, making a couple of students laugh and snicker.

The teacher rolled his eyes. "No, Kazemaru...! It means that you all now have a responsibility: to aid the village and assist in its wellbeing. However, as you are genin and are inexperienced in missions, you'll be placed in teams of 3, led by a jonin superior who will train you." He pulled out a clipboard and cleared his throat. "I will call out the names of your team and team members. I'm only saying this once, so listen up!"

"Hmmm..." Nataro sat up and rubbed his chin in thought as the teacher began to call off teams. "Who would make an eligible 3rd member for our team?"

Hanzo arched an eyebrow. "Our team? We don't even know if we're going to be on the same team."

"I know we will! There's no better person to be my teammate than you!" The blonde said with a wink. "Just wait and see!"

"There's no changing your mind, is there?" The raven-haired teen sighed and leaned back in his seat. "Well, I guess it could happen."

"Hyuga Konjo... Sekkei Shizuka... Uchiha Inahime--"

"YES!!!" Nataro exclaimed as he jumped onto his feet. "No Ina~! No worries~!" He started to laugh and whoop, which made all the other students sweatdrop. Hanzo hid his face in his hands and sank down into his seat, face red from embarrassment.

"Nataro!! You can jump for joy when you're placed on a team!!" The teacher shouted.

"Yessir!" The blonde boy said quickly and sat down in his seat.

Hanzo glared at his friend from the corner of his eye. "Do you have to make such a big deal about it?!" He hissed.

"Now, as I was saying: Hyuga Konjo, Sekkei Shizuka, and Uchiha Inahime. You are Team 4." Konjo raised his hand. "Yes, Konjo?"

"Yeah... How come I'm the only one who gets two girls for teammates? Isn't that...unbalanced?" The indigo-haired boy asked his an arched eyebrow.

"That's not true. It's a tradition for the highest-scoring student of a class to be placed on the same team as the lowest-scoring student. For this class, the #1 student was Inahime..." At this, several students gave Ina looks of jealousy, all of which she ignored, "And the student with the lowest score was Shizuka..." At this, a blue-haired girl who sat next to Ina sank into her seat with a depressed look in her eyes. "It balances out in the end."

"Whatever..." The Uchiha girl looked at the blue-haired girl, Sekkei Shizuka, with half-lidded eyes. "Just don't drag me down."

Shizuka gulped and avoided making eye contact with Ina. "I-I-I... I'll try not to..."

Several minutes later, the majority of the class had been called, and only three students remained.

"Kazaki Nataro...Temashi Kazemaru...and Uchiha Hanzo, you're Team 14," their sensei announced. "Alright, that concludes your team call. Your squad leaders will appear after lunch and give you further instruction. But before we break for lunch, does anyone have any questions?"

Kazemaru raised his hand. "Yeah, I got a question: how come I'm paired up with a goofball like Nataro?! I can deal with Fan Boy, but still...! Can't I switch places with someone? I won't mind being on an all-girl squad, too!"

Nataro narrowed his eyes and pointed a finger up at the redhead. "Wh-what the hell?! Why, you...!" Nataro began, baring his teeth. He would've already been in a fight if it wasn't for Hanzo holding him back from behind. "Lemme at 'em!! When I get my hands on you, you're gonna fizzle out!!"

"To answer Kazemaru's question, you were placed on the same team as Nataro because you balance each other out," said the teacher.

"How the hell do those two balance each other out...?" Ina mumbled to herself with a bored look in her eyes.

"If you have problems with a teammate, you either have to resolve them or take it like a man and learn to get along! In fact...this reminds me of a time during my genin years, when I was teamed up with a pair of ninja I despised and--"

"Sensei! Who are our squad masters?" Hanzo asked. Everyone else in the class mentally thanked the Uchiha for intervening--otherwise, they would have to sit through one of their sensei's lectures for the last time.

"Hm? Oh, right! I...almost forgot!" The teacher sweatdropped as he laughed nervously. "Your jonin sensei have already been briefed on their respective teams, so do not worry about not finding your sensei. Is that all? ...Good! Class dismissed!"


Later at lunch, Nataro, Hanzo and Kazemaru were sitting down at a bench in the park nearby.

"Okay, whose smart idea was it to have lunch together?" The red-haired boy asked with an arched eyebrow and a hint of sarcasm in his voice as he opened his can of cherry-vanilla soda.

"Well, if we're going to be teammates, we may as well try getting along first," said Hanzo, picking up an egg roll from his bento box with a pair of lacquered chopsticks.

"What for? I hardly know a thing about you guys, nor do I want to know!"

"That's the point...!" The raven said with a roll of his eyes before popping an egg roll in to his mouth. "If we know each other a little better, we'll have a better chance of working together."

Nataro, who sat in-between his teammates, slurped up the noodles in his cup of instant ramen without pausing to breath. Kazemaru gave him a look of disgust when he was done and opened his mouth to say something, only to have the blonde go on to drinking the broth from the cup. When he was done with that, he gave a sigh of satisfaction and smile broadly. "Gotta love that miso!"

"Man, you're disgusting. Can you eat any louder?" Kazemaru asked before taking a sip of his soda.

The blonde boy glared at the redhead. "I can beat the crap out of you! Would you like that?!"

The taller boy arched an eyebrow. "You tryin' to pick a fight with me, Ramen Breath?"

"Maybe I am...Pyro Freak!"

The two boys immediately began a glaring contest, growling as they did. Hanzo sighed in defeat before he began to enjoy his bento lunch, ignoring his teammates. In a flash, they were both on the ground behind the raven, rolling around and shouting insults that attracted the attention of a few other students. 'Some team we're gonna be...'


As this was going on, within the Hokage's office, a pair of shinobi stood before the Rokudaime's desk.

"Please, Hokage-sama! Allow me to teach the #1 team!" Asahara Tsuki pleaded, holding her hands together. She was an attractive woman who looked somewhere in-between her late 20's and early 30's, with dark purple hair set up into a ponytail that separated into several spikes resembling pineapple leaves and lavender eyes, wearing a short-sleeved black kimono top with a dark blue undershirt that showed off her...large chest...tight black pants with slits in the sides, black hand guards and light purple eye shadow on her eyelids, wearing her Konoha hitai-ate lopsidedly around her waist on a blue cloth like a belt.

"Honestly, why are you fighting against this? If Hokage-sama says that I'm getting the #1 team, then I'm getting the #1 team! His word is law," said 35-year old Uchiha Haseo as he opened one of his closed eyes to look at the kunoichi. He had short honey-blonde hair with his bangs hiding his forehead and honey-gold eyes, and wore a long-sleeved black shirt with the Uchiha fan on the left shoulder and the Konoha spiral on the right underneath a regulation green flak vest that had the same red spiral on the back, red wrist bands and his Konoha hitai-ate tied around his waist on a red cloth.

"I have the skill to train them to be top-notch ninja!" Tsuki argued, ignoring the blonde.

"Then why can't you do that with the team I assigned to you?" The Rokudaime asked with an arched eyebrow as he opened a cup of instant ramen behind his desk, out of the sight of his subordinates.

At the mention of her team, the purple-haired jonin looked out of the corner of her eye and rubbed her arm. "Well... From what I've read in their files, they're nothing special. I doubt they'll pass the test, and even if they do, they'll probably wind up getting killed."

Haseo and the Hokage sweatdropped at how nonchalantly she spoke of such a thing. The old man snapped out of his daze and began to stir the ramen in the cup with a pair of chopsticks. "What makes you say that?"

"Because just about everyone who was on a team with the #1 rookie become famous or notorious shinobi later on in life. Just look at Haseo!" She motioned towards the taller jonin with a pout. "He's well-known outside of Hi no Kuni for far more than being a flirtatious nitwit!"

Haseo narrowed his eyes. "Flirtatious nitwit? Do I have to stand around and listen to this, Hokage-sama?"

"Hmm..." The old man stopped stirring his cup ramen and gave a nod. "That makes some sense."

"What?! My Lord, don't tell me you actually agree with her?!"

"I said it makes some sense. Don't have a fit..." He looked at Tsuki. "So, where do you think I ranked up after graduating from the Academy, Tsuki?"

"Oh, that's easy! I bet you were the #1 rookie of your genin year!"


Tsuki blinked and folded her arms across her chest. "Oh. Well, I bet you were somewhere in the top five, right?"


"Top ten?"


By this time, Haseo had an arched eyebrow. "Exactly how low could you get?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out," Tsuki muttered as she furrowed her eyebrows. "Were you an average student? Because you certainly couldn't have been among the--"

"Worst students?" The Rokudaime finished for her. "Uh-huh. At the very bottom of my class." 'Dead last.' Those words made him flinch visibly to the jonin, but he immediately slapped on a smile and continued, "And I became Hokage. So if a low-scorer like me could become the leader of an entire village, imagine what sort of shinobi you could turn those boys into!"

"Dead last...?" Tsuki whispered to Haseo.

"That would explain what Mai's dad meant when he said the Hokage was always an idiot...!" He whispered back to her.

"Come to think of it, he always said that, didn't he?"

"HEY!!" The old man shouted, making the jonin back away from fear of being struck. A vein throbbed on his forehead and his eye twitched. "Just...go. Just go to your teams and...go!"

"Y-yes, sir!" Tsuki and Haseo stuttered before they both disappeared in puffs of smoke.

"Of all the nerve...!" The Rokudaime placed his cup of instant ramen on top of his desk and began to glare at it. "If that bastard hadn't already retired, I would give him D-ranks for the rest of his life!" He sighed and relaxed a bit. "Forget about him. Time for my meager restitution..." He broke apart the chopsticks and smiled. "It's not Ichiraku's but oh well! Time to eat!" He swirled the chopsticks around in the cup, picked up some noodles, brought it up to his mouth and began to slurp it down when the door was kicked open. He almost choked on the noodles as a woman walked into the room.

"What the--?! What're you doing, Hokage-sama?!"

He pounded hard on his chest before the noodles made their way through his windpipes. The old man took a deep breath before pointing his chopsticks at the woman. "No talking. Lunchtime."


"Yes, lunchtime. That thing between breakfast and dinner," the Rokudaime stated in a flat tone before he went back to eating his noodles.

The curvaceous 20-something year old woman with the long, wavy blonde hair and ice-blue eyes, wearing a knee-length black robes with long-open sleeves and black square-lensed glasses stared at him in disbelief. "Honestly, that stuff's not good for a man your age..."

He spoke something that, if his mouth hadn't been full, would've sounded like, "You're not my doctor!"


Earlier at the Ninja Academy, we find Teams 14 and 4 are the only genin squads whose masters had yet to arrive. The two groups had separated into different parts of the empty classroom.

"What's taking so loooong...?" Nataro moaned as he rested his head on the desk.

"It's only been a couple of minutes since the other squads left with their sensei," Hanzo told the blonde with an arched eyebrow. "Don't overreact."

"Really?" Nataro's gaze drifted from the wooden paneling of the desk to the glass window where sunlight shone in. "It feels like it's been ages since I last saw the light of day! I feel like I'm gonna grow old, shrivel and turn into dust in here!"

The Uchiha sweatdropped. "Didn't I just say not to overreact?"

"Look who you're talking to, Fan Boy. We haven't even been sent on a mission yet, and he's already gone insane."

The orange-clad boy lifted his head up to shoot a glare down at Kazemaru, who had seated himself in the same spot that Ina had once occupied. "Says the guy who burned the trash in the trash cans last year!" He then calmed down and blinked. "Insane...? What're you talking about?"

The redhead shifted around in his seat so as to face his teammates and smirked. "Don't you know? Shinobi can go crazy after being sent on certain missions."

"You're lying..."

"No, he's right," said Hanzo with a nod of his head. "There is a chance of going insane during one's career as a shinobi. Some cases are caused by powerful illusions via genjutsu while with others..." He looked out of the corner of his eye. "With others...the pressures of their lifestyle causes them to snap."

Kazemaru whistled. "Man, Fan Boy! You sure do know a lot about that. You must know someone who went through junk like that."

"O-oh, no!! No! I it in a book, that's all!" The raven-haired boy responded immediately. "Right, Nataro? ...Nataro?" He looked down beside him and noticed that Nataro was missing. "Huh?" He looked towards the door and saw that the blonde was walking towards it. "Where are you going? Our sensei could be here any moment!"

"Well, I need to do something to teach that guy a lesson! I'm going to the janitor's closet to get a bucket, and then I'm going to the bathroom to fill it up with water to dunk on his head! That'll teach 'em for showing up late!"

Ina gave the blonde a half-lidded stare from the other side of the room. "You're joking, right? You honestly expect a jonin to fall for your stupid little prank?"

"Ina has a point, Nataro. They're not the elite for nothing," said Konjo, who was sitting several seats down from Ina with Shizuka, who looked a tad bit uncomfortable.

Nataro snorted and pointed a finger at the indigo-haired boy. "Look, you worry about your teacher and I'll worry about mine!" He turned on his heel, slid open the door, and walked through only to walk right into someone. The orange-clad blonde stepped back and he exchanged looks with Haseo. After a few seconds of staring at each other with confusion, the genin folded his arms across his chest. "Well, it's about time you got here!! Do you have any idea about how long we've been waiting for you?!"

Haseo arched an eyebrow and bent over so he was at eyelevel with the boy. "Right. And you are...?"

"Your student!!"

"No, you're not. My students are...Hyuga, Sekkei and Uchiha."

Nataro blinked as the jonin brushed past him and made his way towards Team 4. "Huh...?"

"Yo!" He gave the children a short salute and a smile. "I'm Uchiha Haseo, and I'll be your jonin sensei."

"Uchiha...?" Shizuka mumbled, glancing back and forth between the man and Ina.

"You're in the Uchiha clan, too? look nothing like Ina," said Konjo.

"I married into the clan." 'Because her damn father wouldn't allow Mai to become 'Shun Mai'...!' "Now then, why don't we get to know each other better outside?" He motioned for the three genin to follow as he walked towards the door. The trio followed him in a line, Ina in the back and grumbling.

"How unfair is it that I wind up with this moron for a sensei? Isn't it against the rules for relatives to teach relatives...?"

After Team 4 had left the classroom and closed the door behind them, Nataro slumped over, depressed. "Oh, man...! How long do we have to wait before our sensei comes?"

At that moment, the door opened and Tsuki walked in, scratching the back of her head. 'It's been a while since I've last been here. Took me a while to find the right room...' She then looked down to notice Nataro staring up at her--or maybe at her chest--with wide eyes. "Hm?" She looked over to the desks and saw Hanzo and Kazemaru staring at her as well, the latter blushing. "Oh... you guys must be Nataro, Kazemaru and Hanzo." She said with a smile.

"Uh-huh..." The blonde genin stated as he continued to stare at the kunoichi's breasts.

"You know our names," said Hanzo. "So're our sensei."

Tsuki nodded, her smile growing wider as she placed her hands on her hips. "Yup! My name is Asahara Tsuki, your new sensei. You may call me Tsuki-sensei... Well, I guess you're supposed to call me that out of proper manners and all."

'Wow! Our sensei's a babe!' Kazemaru thought with his cheeks tinged dark red.

'How heavy could those things be...?' Nataro asked with an arched eyebrow as he continued to stare at the woman's breasts.

Their purple-haired sensei giggled and gestured a finger. "Come on, let's go outside to get some fresh air. Then we can get to know each other."


Outside of the Academy, the newly formed Team 14 had settled in an empty training area near the forest. Tsuki was leaning against a tree while Nataro, Hanzo and Kazemaru sat in front of her on the ground.

'Well, here we are... May as well get it over with,' the kunoichi thought as she folded her arms across her buxom chest. "Now then, let's chat. I already know your names and the Academy's evaluations of you, but I wanna know more. What are your likes and dislikes, hobbies, hopes and dreams? You know, things like that. I'll choose who goes first..." She pointed at Kazemaru.

The redhead blinked and scratched his face. "Oh? Me? Okay... My name's Temashi Kazemaru, but I don't mind being called Kaze. I like music, mochi and fire. I hate the sea, snow, spinach and fire. My hobbies include...fine reading and going to the hot springs." He then gave a wide smile. "And one of these days, I'm gonna be famous!"

Tsuki arched an eyebrow. "Famous? How so?"

Kaze shrugged. "I dunno. I'll figure it out."

"Huh... Alright! Next up is you, cutie!" The jonin exclaimed as she pointed at Hanzo.

"My name is Uchiha Hanzo. I like reading ancient scrolls and stargazing. I...can't tell you all of the dislikes I have, but I can say...I don't like spicy food or alcohol."

"What about Ina?" Nataro interrupted. The raven-haired boy shifted around slightly so he could give the blonde a glare. "What?"

The Uchiha muttered something under his breath before continuing, "My goal is to become a great ninja and make my parents proud of me."

Tsuki nodded. "Uh-huh... Well, you're an Uchiha, so I suppose it won't be too hard to make succeed at your goal. After all, just look at your grandfather."

Hanzo looked out of the corner of his eye. "Uh-huh..." No one seemed to notice the sad look in his eyes.

'Speaking of his grandfather, I hope I never have to meet that awful man again...!' The purple-haired woman thought as her eye twitched and her grip on her arms tightened.

"Hey, Tsuki-sensei? You okay?" Nataro asked with a sweatdrop rolling down the back of his head. His sensei didn't seem to notice that he and his teammates were staring up at her while she muttered things under her breath.

Tsuki sweatdropped herself and smiled nervously. "Oh, I'm okay! Just remembering something..." She looked Hanzo up and down. "You look like a friend of mine did when he was young is all..." Hanzo blushed at this while Nataro and Kaze snickered in the background, trying to hold their laughter in. Their sensei ignored this and looked at Nataro. "Okay, it's your turn."

"Right!" Nataro jabbed his thumb to his chest and gave a broad grin. "My name is Kazaki Nataro! What I like is ramen! What kind? Any kind! I dislike stuck-up people who think they're all that, vegetables, and the 3 minutes it takes to make instant ramen! My hobbies are bugging Gramps while he's working and pulling pranks on people! And my dream--no, my destiny is to become the Nanadaime Hokage!!" He exclaimed with a sparkle in his eyes that made them resemble jewels.

"His destiny?" Kazemaru asked as he quirked an eyebrow. "What a lunatic...! I doubt he'll even become a chunin let alone Hokage...!"

Tsuki smiled and got a soft look in her eyes. "I see... It's nice to have big dreams. And I promise that I will help you all make your dreams come true! Now then, on to other things…"

"Wait, sensei!!" Nataro exclaimed as he waved his hand in the air excitedly. "What about you? Tell us about you!"

The kunoichi blushed and began to giggle. "Me? ...Fine. My name is Asahara Tsuki. My turn-ons are strolls on the beach at sunset and candlelit dinners, my turn-offs include..."

"Wait, wait, wait!" Nataro interrupted. "That doesn't sound right!"

"Why does it sound like something from a dating column?" Kaze asked no one in particular.

"It probably is," said Hanzo.

"Sensei!! Tell us the truth!!" The blonde genin demanded, pointing an accusing finger at their sensei.

"Oh, I was just joking, guys! Lighten up!" Tsuki cleared her throat and straightened up with a smile on her face. "My likes and dislikes are mine alone to know, as are my dreams and also my hobbies."

Silence filled the training area for a moment, save for the wind that blew through. Finally, the three genin responded, albeit mentally, and they all thought the same thing:

'We haven't learned a single thing about her...except that she might like sunset strolls and candlelit dinners.'

"Anyway, Team 14, meet here tomorrow morning at...7 AM. Bring any kind of ninja tools that you like. Oh, and if I were you, I wouldn't eat breakfast."

The three boys blinked. "Um...why not?" Hanzo asked with an arched eyebrow.

Tsuki winked at him. " don't wanna know... Dismissed!" She then disappeared in a poof of smoke.

"Man, are we lucky or what?" Kazemaru began to smile and his cheeks turned scarlet red. "Our sensei is a seriously hot babe! But..." The blush then disappeared and he slumped over with a groan. "7 in the morning...! I don't get up that early! I'm a growing boy, and I need my sleep!"

"Looking at you, I can tell that it's obviously not beauty sleep," Nataro teased as he gave the pyromaniac a half-lidded glare, which was returned with just as much intensity.

"Keep joking! You're gonna find my foot up your ass in a few seconds!"

"Oh, I'd love to see you try, Pyro Freak!"

At that moment, Tsuki appeared behind Nataro and grabbed him by the shoulder. "Whoops! Almost forgot. There was a message in your file that said I should deliver you to Hokage-sama for your punishment regarding the tagging incident." She lifted the boy off of the ground and turned him around so her stern face was only inches away from his. "By the way, my apartment building was one of the places you vandalized!"

"Um... Sorry?" Nataro asked as he chuckled nervously.

"Sorry doesn't get that paint off of my window. Now, let's go!!" In a poof of smoke, the jonin and the genin disappeared.

Kazemaru gave a cat-like smirk. "Ooooh...! Ramen Breath's in trouble~!"

Hanzo shook his head. "You know what they say: 'you do the crime, you do the time'."


"I want out...

Let me out...

I want!"

A pair of red beastly eyes suddenly opened, bloodshot with slitted pupils as a low growl echoed through the darkness.


Nataro immediately sat up straight in his bed, breathing heavily as beads of sweat trailed down his face. He took several deep breaths before he realized where he was. Not in complete darkness with those eyes looking down at him, but in his bed, in his room, in Konoha. 'What was that?' He wiped the sweat on his face off on the sleeve of his sweatshirt. 'It felt so real...'

The door opened slightly and a woman's voice floated in. "Nataro? Are you okay? I heard screaming."

The blonde boy blinked. 'Screaming? I don't remember screaming.' He scratched his head in confusion before answering, "I'm fine, Ma!! I...I thought I saw a rat!"

The door was then kicked open by a woman in her early 30's with short blonde hair that had a pair of silver hair clips holding some hair in place to the right. "R-rat?! Where?!" She searched the floor for a moment before she gave a squeal and jumped onto a nearby chair, dusting off her beige apron, yellow blouse, and blue skirt as if they were crawling with vermin.

Nataro sweatdropped. "Uh... Relax, Mom! I said I thought I saw a rat!"

Nataro's mother, Kazaki Aiko, calmed down and stepped off of the chair. "Oh... Don't frighten me like that!! You know very well how much I hate vermin!"

"Yes, m'am..."

The blonde woman gave a nod and then she smiled. "Good! Now, hurry and get dressed so you can come downstairs. I have a surprise for you~!" She spoke in a sing-song tone as she walked out of the room, humming.

Her son blinked, confused by his mother's behavior. Ever since he had told his mother his sudden dreams of becoming a ninja, she had been against it. The thought of her only boy living the dangerous, life-threatening life of a shinobi was too much. In fact, when he told her two days ago that he had graduated and became a genin, she broke down and cried for the entire night. So for her to be so happy after two days alone...something had to be up...


...And it was. Upon entering the kitchen, the newbie genin was graced with the presence of most of his favorite breakfast foods crammed onto the small round kitchen table. Nataro's jaw dropped, his eyes widened, and he froze in place in the middle of the doorway.

"Ta-da!!" Aiko exclaimed as she gestured towards the spread on the table. "I realize that how I acted after you...graduated wasn't very mature," she spoke sadly as she stared down at her feet. She then regained the happy look on her face. "So, I thought that we should celebrate now!"

"W-wow...! When did you find time to make this, Mom?" Nataro asked with wide eyes.

"I woke up earlier than I usually do. No problem," said Aiko with a nonchalant wave of her hand. Of course, her son knew it was a problem, since she usually woke up around 5 AM, but he didn't get a chance to voice this as his mother grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him over to the table. She made him sit down and clapped her hands together. "So, what do you think?"

"I think that I'm--!" At that moment, the boy's stomach growled, reminding him of his test today. "Um...I...think I'm gonna skip it." His mother's eyes widened and before she could speak, Nataro quickly added, "B-but it's not your fault! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that you've gotten over me wanting to be a ninja, but I'm doing something with my team today and my sensei said we shouldn't have breakfast. If I had known, I would've stopped you and...!"

Aiko blinked and gave him a look. It wasn't an angry look, just an unreadable one. "Oh... Okay. I understand."

"Uh... You okay, Ma?" Nataro asked, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. He could feel the increasing intensity in the atmosphere and worried if he had said something to upset his mother.

"I'm fine. It's okay... I understand. Just...go to your team meeting thing."

"You sure?"

"I'm sure. Just go."


Aiko narrowed her eyes. "Nataro...!"

"R-right!! I'm going, I'm going!" The blonde boy exclaimed as he shot out of his chair and out the room.

Aiko sat down in the chair and began to look at her feet with an unreadable expression. Seconds afterward, she buried her face into the palm of her hands and began to cry silently.


Meanwhile, all the way on the other side of Konoha, Hanzo stared at himself in the mirror, eyes half-lidded and hair loose. A bag carrying his ninja gear was on his bed, which was neatly made up, and on the floor were dozens of scrolls and books hat had been littered all over.

"Okay, no sweat. It's just a little training exercise. No big deal. It's not like...we'll be punished if we fail. We've already graduated, so we've got no problems," the raven-haired boy told himself as he tied his hair back into its normal low ponytail with a hair band. When he was done, he took a look at his reflection in the mirror and gave a nod of satisfaction. "Okay?"

"Okay," an old woman in her late 60's spoke from behind him, frightening the genin. She stood in the doorway of his room, her fading pink hair set up in a bun, save for the set of bangs that framed her face and reached past her chin, wearing a long-sleeved maroon house dress with a white frilled apron tied around her waist. She smiled when she noticed the boy's startled expression. "Breakfast is ready, Hanzo. If you don't get it soon, it'll be all gone!"

At that moment, Hanzo's stomach growled. The raven-haired boy slumped over a bit, his cheeks tinted blue. "Ugh...!" His stomach was gnawing at itself from lack of food, seeing as how he barely ate dinner last night. He spent most of the night reading the scroll that his mother, who was currently away on a mission, had gotten for him as a graduation present.

"Is something wrong, Hanzo?" The sound of his grandmother's voice brought the boy back to reality. "You don't look so good."

"I'm alright, Grandma..." His stomach growled once more.

His grandmother, Uchiha Sakura, narrowed her eyes and walked up to the boy, grabbing his arm. "You're hungry. Come on, let's get down to the kitchen before your brother eats everything."

"I-I can't eat it! It's part of a training exercise that we're doing, and my sensei said we're not supposed to eat before we do it."

"Hm..." Sakura stared at Hanzo for a moment before she laughed lightly. "I gotcha!" Her actions made her grandson stare at her in confusion, but she ignored that and began to straighten up his hair with her free hand while the other gripped his arm. "Don't mind me...! You go on your way now, okay?" The old woman kissed him on the forehead, which made her grandson blush and mumble things under his breath. Hanzo was about to walk out of the door when she grabbed him by the arm once again and pulled him back towards her. "Uh-uh! " She tapped her cheek with one finger.

Hanzo frowned. He really didn't want to do this. "Grandma..." The stern look in the old woman's eyes made him stand on the tips of his toes and kiss her on the cheek. He grabbed his bag and ran out of the room without giving her a second glance.

"You better say goodbye to Grandpa and Kotaro, too!!" The elderly woman called out with a small smile on her face. She walked up to the full body mirror and traced the wrinkles around her eyes. She gave a fond sigh as she pressed her forehead against the glass of the mirror. 'Such wonderful memories...' She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. 'So wonderful...'


Upstairs in a two-floor shop/home in another part of Konoha, Kazemaru walked into the small kitchen of his family's home, which was situated right above their bookstore. The pyromanic genin was already dressed in the same outfit he wore yesterday and carried a black backpack on his back. He immediately made a beeline towards the coffee maker on the counter and started to pour himself a cup.

"Uh... What are you doing? You do know that's coffee, right?" His brother, Temashi Yutaro, asked as the redhead continued to pour his coffee. Yutaro was about 22 or 23 years old--Kaze was never sure--with short, white-blonde hair that was styled nearly, and wore a sleeveless black shirt and black leggings with an ANBU tattoo exposed on his left shoulder.

"I know." Kaze began to drink the coffee.

Yutaro arched an eyebrow, forest green eyes reflecting confusion. "You...hate coffee."

"Ugh!!" The redhead slammed the cup down on the counter once he was done drinking it all down and shuddered, blue in the face. "Nasty! Disgusting! This stuff is awful!!"

His brother sweatdropped. "Then why'd you drink it?"

"'Cuz I can't eat and I need something to give me energy! And coffee doesn't count as food!" Kazemaru poured another cup of coffee and sipped it lightly, shuddering once again. "Ohhh, fuuuug…!"

"Okay, first of all: if it's bitter, put sugar in it. Second of all: coffee can only give you energy for so long. It'll wear off, and then you're gonna crash."

Kaze stared at Yutaro with wide eyes. "You're right..." He opened the cabinet above his head and pulled out a large bag of sugar. "If I put a lot of sugar in my coffee, I'll have a lot of energy!"

Yutaro almost fell out of his seat. When he recovered and began to sit up straight once more, he saw Kazemaru pouring several spoonfuls of sugar into his cup. "That's not what I told you!! And that's not gonna work!! Hello?!" He slumped over and sighed, scratching the back of his head. 'My pleas fall on deaf ears, huh?'


Several minutes later, Nataro walked down the street, looking down at the ground as he did. The feeling that he had done something to upset his mother, albeit unintentionally, was still there, but he was focusing on the dream he had. For as long as he could remember, his dreams were unusual. In them, he would always be fighting shinobi and monsters, and he would do such amazing, heroic things--even though he didn't know about shinobi until he was 6. Nataro was one of the very few people at the Ninja Academy that didn't have a ninja background, so that made things a bit harder since he knew only basic jutsu and had no family to practice with, but those dreams fueled his desire for his goal: to become the Hokage.

But in that last dream, he saw nothing but those weird eyes... Beastly eyes that he never remembered seeing, yet seemed so familiar. A sense of deja vu overcame him when he remembered those eyes, and the sadness he felt from upsetting his mother was replaced with anger. 'What was that...thing...?' The orange-clad blonde thought as he shoved his hands into his pants pockets and narrowed his eyes. He was so deep in his thoughts that he accidentally bumped into someone and landed on the ground on his butt. "Ow!! Watch where you're going, would ya?"

"Same to you, Ramen Breath!" Nataro looked up and saw Kazemaru in the same position as him. "Yo. How is it that out of all the people on this street, you bump into me?" The redhead jumped onto his feet and began to jog in place. "What're you doing sitting on your ass like that? We gotta go, go GO, Ramen Breath!"

The blonde got to his feet, staring at his teammate in confusion. "Uhhh... You look pretty peppy this morning."

"Yeah, well I had better be! I just had ten cups of coffee and I feel pumped! Woot!"

Nataro's jaw dropped as he gasped, pointing an accusing finger at Kaze. "Aha!! You had breakfast!! You're cheating!"

"Uh, I only drank coffee, stupid! I didn't eat a thing!" At that point, the pyromanic boy's stomach growled loudly. The sound made him slump over and hold his stomach as he jogged in place at a slightly slower pace. "Ugh...! Thanks for reminding me...!" He grumbled, giving the blonde a glare as his stomach also began to growl. "Tch...! Let's go to the training grounds. You're starting to look like a giant sausage with scrambled eggs for hair." He jogged past Nataro, who blinked in confusion once more before running after his teammate.

"Hey!! Wait for me, Pyro Freak!!"


Nataro and Kazemaru arrived at the training area to find Hanzo sitting on the grass, leaning against his bag and staring up at the sky with a dazed look in his eyes. When the two genin came closer, they stared down at their teammate.

After a few seconds of silence, Kazemaru spoke up, "Yo, Fan Boy. How long have you been here?" Hanzo didn't respond. Kaze tapped his foot in an impatient manner. "Hey!! I'm talking to you here!"

Nataro blinked. "Hanzo?" He waved his hand over the raven-haired boy's face and snapped his fingers. "I think he's out of it."

"You think he can sleep with his eyes open?"

"Huh?" Hanzo blinked and shook his head. "What?" He noticed his teammates staring down at him. "Oh, hey guys. When did you show up?" He held onto his head and yawned. "I guess I'm a little out of it..."

"Having no breakfast can put anyone out of it," Nataro pointed out. He then began to grin and punched his arm out. "But, I'm all pumped up! Ready and raring to go!"

"Same as me!! Sugar-fueled energy is a go!!" Kazemaru exclaimed, pumping a fist in the air.

The Uchiha sweatdropped. "Glad to see you've got energy..." His stomach began to growl and his cheeks became tinted with blue. "...Unlike some of us..."

"Wow... I've heard of the belly of the beast, but never the beast in the belly," Kaze stated as he stared at his stomach in awe.

Nataro nodded in agreement. "Another late-night study session, huh? Y'know...we're out of school now. It doesn't make any sense for you to do that!"

Hanzo smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of his head. "I forgot that I wasn't able to eat breakfast..."

In a poof of smoke, Tsuki appeared before the genin squad with a broad smile and a wicker basket in her hand. "Gooood morning, boys! I hope you're all ready for your first training session, because I'm going to push your limits," she said with a seductive smirk.

"Yes, sensei!!" All three boys exclaimed, immediately standing up in a straight line.

Tsuki nodded, impressed. She held out the basket with one hand and began to swing it left and right. "Inside of this basket are bento lunchboxes." At that word, the boys' eyes began to follow the basket. "We're going to do a little training exercise. Here's what you boys have to do, so pay close attention." She put the basket behind her and the genin snapped out of their daze. The jonin pulled out a pair of small silver bells dangling from a string. "Your goal is to take these bells away from me. Those who can get a bell can get lunch. And those who don't will be tied to a tree and forced to watch the rest of us eat."

The boys' mouths opened at the same time and their eyes widened in surprise as their teacher tied the bells to her pants. "WHAT?!"

The jonin kunoichi closed her eyes and smiled. "Yup! And to make things even more challenging, this exercise is timed. You have until noon to succeed in retrieving these bells. If none of you get a bell, well..." She trailed off and began to laugh softly to herself, making the genin sweatdrop.

"Wh-what? What's gonna happen?" Nataro dared to ask.

"Trust me: you don't want to know. So, you better get...." When she opened her eyes, Tsuki noticed that the boys weren't there anymore. "...Started. Huh. I guess they're smart enough to hide." 'Or at least try.' The female jonin looked around to try and spot colors of red, orange, yellow or gray in the surrounding foliage. She heard the sound of something flying towards her from behind. 'Ooh, someone's anxious!' Tsuki reached into her back pouch as she jumped out of the path of a group of shuriken. As soon as she landed, she turned on her heel to see Hanzo standing on a tree branch, holding some more shuriken in his hands. 'I didn't think he would show himself first.' With one swift hand motion, she pulled a kunai out from her back pouch and threw it in his direction.

Hanzo didn't move. He just kept staring at the oncoming kunai. It looked as if he had gotten scared and froze on the spot.

'Why isn't he moving?' The kunoichi thought, her eyes widening slightly.

The kunai flew right into his chest and embedded itself in his chest. The Uchiha's eyes widened as he fell out of the tree and landed behind the bushes below.

'Oh, crap!!' Tsuki cursed mentally as she ran towards the bushes that Hanzo had landed in. 'His family will never forgive me if he's dead!' She peeked behind the bushes and saw...nothing. There wasn't any blood, or Hanzo, for that matter. Tsuki arched an eyebrow in confusion before a look of realization flashed in her eyes. 'Wait a minute...' She grabbed the hand that had been reaching for the bells on her pants and threw the owner of that hand headfirst into a tree.

"Owww...!" Nataro moaned as he rubbed the top of his head, wincing in pain.

"Nataro. So where is Hanzo?" The jonin got her answer when Hanzo dropped down from the leaves of the tree above and attempted to drop a kick on her head. She grabbed his leg before it could even touch her head and winked at the raven-haired boy. "Nice try." She then threw him to the same spot that Nataro was lying down.

Or at least, where Nataro had been lying down. Now the blonde was gone.

"Hm. You guys are better than I thought." The jonin disappeared in time to avoid getting a jump-kick to the back from Kazemaru. Upon landing, he quickly turned around and saw a pair of breasts a few inches away from his face. "Boo." Tsuki pulled her hand back while her red-haired student stood before her, blushing, until she punched him in the face hard enough to send him skidding back into a tree trunk. The redhead sucked his teeth, the blush still vivid on his tan skin, and jumped up into the trees.

'So that's it, huh?' Tsuki thought as she looked up at the trees.

"Grrr...! Man, she's good!" Kaze whispered to Hanzo and Nataro as he wiped some sweat off of his forehead on the back of his hand. They were in a tree that was a good distance away from their sensei's current location, each boy sitting on a separate thick branch.

"I'm surprised you noticed with the way you were staring at her breasts!" Nataro hissed.

"I'm only human! Besides, if you had those things sticking into your face, you would freeze, too!"

"Ssshh! Would you two be quiet? I'm trying to think..." Hanzo hissed at his teammates. He closed his eyes and bowed his head in thought. "What we need is something that could catch Tsuki-sensei off guard long enough to allow one of us to grab the bells. Question"

Kazemaru nodded in agreement and glanced over to the branch where Nataro was seating. However, the blonde was no longer there. "Uh... Hanzo? Where's Nataro?"

The Uchiha looked at the unoccupied branch and his eye twitched slightly. "Don't tell me...!"

"HEY!!! SENSEI!!!" The two genin looked through the leaves down at the clearing below. Nataro was standing there below the tree, waving his arms like an idiot as Tsuki stood a few feet away from him. "Tsuki-sensei!! Come an' get me!!"

"Ugh...! What the heck is he doing?!" Hanzo moaned.

"He's gonna blow this exercise for us!" Kazemaru hissed.

"Come on!! Let's make this a battle worthy of the greatest warriors!" Nataro exclaimed as he pointed a finger at the female jonin.

"Nataro..." Tsuki paused as she tried to figure out what to say. "Nataro, you're an average-scoring student, so I assume that you would know...just how stupid you're acting."

"We'll see who's the stupid one!!" The blonde genin exclaimed as he charged towards her and tried to deliver a solid punch to the gut. However, she simply raised her leg and blocked the attack with her knee before kicking the blonde upside the head, sending him tumbling away from her.

"What a stupid plan. If you want your lunch, you'll have to get these bells. And if you want these bells, then you're gonna have to try something better than that."

"Tch!" Nataro got to his feet and spat on the ground. He reached into his back pouch and pulled out several kunai and shuriken. "How about this?!" First he threw the shuriken at the purple-haired woman, but she easily stopped them with a few slashes of her kunai, then he went on to throw the kunai at her, but those were also deflected. "Man...!"

"Kazaki Nataro... You're an average-scoring student. You don't come from a ninja clan, nor do you have any shinobi in your family. Do you even know any jutsu outside of what you were taught in the Academy?" Tsuki asked as she began to walk towards him, twirling her kunai in her hand. "I suppose not."

'Jutsu...?' Nataro bit his lower lip and closed his eyes. 'I need something more...!'

"So, have you given up?" The genin opened his eyes and looked up to see Tsuki looking down at him. "We could just go ahead and tie you to a tree right now." He gave a low growl and attempted to punch her in the stomach, but she disappeared in a poof of smoke and reappeared a few feet away. "Okay, I guess you're not."

The blonde boy narrowed his eyes. "I'm not gonna give up!!" Just then, on impulse, he held out his hands and formed a hand sign that seemed familiar but felt unfamiliar. "Not now! Not ever!!" In a poof of smoke, someone appeared beside him, standing on their feet. A second Nataro.

"A...bunshin?" Hanzo asked in a confused tone.

"The hell?! He thinks a bunshin is going to stand up to the might of a jonin?!" Kazemaru exclaimed as he smacked his hand against his forehead. "It's official, we're gonna fail."

"Honestly, a bunshin?" Tsuki asked with a roll of her eyes. "That may have worked a little while ago when you were still in hiding, but now that's just a dumb tactic. I thought you were smarter than this!"

"Shut up!!" The blondes shouted as the original got to his feet and the clone dashed forward with a kunai in hand. The bunshin attempted to slash her in the chest, but Tsuki easily pushed the blade aside with her own kunai. The Nataro bunshin stepped on her foot, but she braced the pain and stabbed it in the head, making it disappear in a poof of smoke.

'Interesting... Not an average bunshin, but a solid one. That's something that only someone with the chakra of a chunin could use!' Tsuki said with an impressed look in her eyes.

"Try blocking this!!" Nataro shouted as he threw half a dozen shuriken at Tsuki. She easily deflected the projectiles with her kunai and gave a bored huff as she did. As soon as the shuriken fell to the ground, they were enveloped in puffs of smoke and changed into six Nataro bunshin.


"CHARGE!!!" The clones exclaimed as they jumped onto Tsuki, forming a dog pile as they did, and a cloud of dust formed to hide their activities. Several seconds later, the real Nataro jumped into the fray. Their shouts and cries could still be heard over the sounds of beating.

"This is not how it was supposed to go," Hanzo spoke through gritted teeth. 'Why does Nataro like to mess things up?'

When the dust cleared, all of the Nataro clones had disappeared, save for the original, who was now being held up by the collar by Tsuki. Her unscathed appearance suggested that Nataro's attack had failed.

"That was pretty good...but not good enough." The purple-haired kunoichi threw her blonde student aside. He slid across the ground and hit a tree stump headfirst.

While she was doing this, Hanzo had jumped out of the tree and landed a few feet away from her, behind her back. He quickly began to form hand signs. 'I hope this works!' He took a deep breath and blew out a stream of fire. Tsuki turned around to see the approaching flames and smirked as it hit her, forming a huge fireball in the spot where she stood.

"WHAT THE HELL?!? THAT'S OVERKILL, MAN!!!" Kazemaru exclaimed from the tree.

"TOO MUCH, HANZO!!! YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO BARBEQUE HER!!!" Nataro screamed as he held onto his face in shock.

The Uchiha stopped breathing fire and his eyes widened in shock. "I-I thought she would dodge it!! I didn't mean to do it!!" Upon noticing that there was a burning log in place of Tsuki, he calmed down. "Huh? Kawarimi no Jutsu (Art of Replacement)?"

"Kawarimi?" Kazemaru asked himself seconds before a fist hit him in the face and sent him flying out of the tree. He landed on top of Hanzo, toppling the raven over, and rubbed his aching cheek. "Man...! She punches hard."

"Kazemaru... me." Hanzo spoke slowly in a dangerous tone.

"Whoops...! Sorry 'bout that." Kaze chuckled nervously and immediately got off of his teammate just as Tsuki appeared before them. She grinned and wagged a finger at the boys.

"Nothing yet, huh, boys? You had a good plan, and you may have had a chance at getting these bells..." 'But I guess I'm just too good at this!! Hahaha!!'

Hanzo and Kazemaru glared at their sensei and their stomachs began to growl. They sweatdropped as the growls increased in volume.

"Ohhh, it sounds like you guys are hungry... But, too bad!" Tsuki said with a giggle.

"CHARGE!!!" The cry of a certain loudmouth blonde genin rang out through the training area. Tsuki turned her head slightly to see about two-dozen Nataros running towards her. "ATTAAAAACK!" They all screamed as they formed a dog pile on top of the busty sensei.

Hanzo blinked in disbelief. "What is he doing?"

"How the heck should I know? He's your friend," Kazemaru spoke in a flat tone. 'Lucky bastard...!'

"YOU LITTLE PERVERT!" All the Nataros were suddenly thrown off of Tsuki, the clones disappearing in puffs of smoke. From the look of malice in her eyes, one could see that the purple-haired jonin was upset, to say the least. "Did you...just grope me?! Didn't your mother teach you any manners?!" She shook a fist at the blonde as she shouted.

The original Nataro kept grinning and laughing. "Hahaha!!"

A vein appeared above Tsuki's eyebrow. "What are you laughing at?"

The blonde kept smiling as he held up one of the bells. "Heh-heh-heh! I got one, I got one! Now I can have breakfast!"


"He's...not even thinking about us." Hanzo said flatly as he stared at the scene with half-lidded eyes.

"Some teammate he is!" Kaze spoke angrily.

'He must've taken it while one of his clones touched me!' Tsuki smirked. 'He's smarter than he looks! And that's saying a lot.' "That's all fine and dandy, but what about your teammates? You have to get both bells in order for the training to be over. And I'm not going to fall for the same trick twice!" Tsuki disappeared in the blink of an eye and reappeared in front of Nataro.

"Ah!" The blonde shinobi jumped back and ran off into the forest. Hanzo and Kaze looked at each other before disappearing into the forest as well. Tsuki giggled to herself. This was going to be fun! The jonin walked off into the forest as she hummed to herself, following the boys.


Nataro was sitting up in a tree, panting as he looked down at the bell he snatched from Tsuki. He grinned to himself and snickered softly. It looked like poor Hanzo and Kaze wouldn't be getting anything. 'Oh, well...! More for me!'


"Ack!" The azure-eyed boy jumped at the sound of another boy's voice. Nataro turned his head slightly to see Hanzo and Kaze sitting on a branch. "Oh... It's just you guys." He sweatdropped as both his teammates gave him glares.

"Can we please come up with a plan?" Hanzo said, half-demanding and half-pleading. "And without any interruptions?" He folded his arms across his stomach and looked at Nataro as he said this.

"Eh... Sorry?" The blonde asked with a wide smile.

Hanzo responded with a half-lidded glare. "Sure you are. Anyway...let's come up with a plan. Any ideas...?"


Tsuki was leaning against a tree in the middle of the forest. The jonin sensei had a look of boredom on her face. 20 minutes had passed and her students had yet to show themselves. She thought for sure they'd come at her already.

'They better do something soon, unless they want to fail.' A shuriken suddenly landed at her feet. 'Hm?' It suddenly exploded. Tsuki jumped back and looked around, fully aware of her surroundings now.

"Hyaah!" Nataro had jumped onto Tsuki's back and clung onto her. "Gotcha!" It didn't last long, though, since the purple-haired woman hit her back into a tree and got the dazed Nataro off of her.

Kaze jumped out from the bushes and performed a roundhouse kick to hit her upside the head, but she blocked it with her arm. She smirked before flipping the boy over and making him land on his back. The redhead quickly got up and did a sweeping kick. Tsuki jumped up in time and landed a kick on Kaze's head.

The red-haired genin ignored the pain in his head and started to perform a flurry of combo punches, which were all blocked by Tsuki. "Kyaah!" He pulled back his palm and hit Tsuki in the chest. A light red blush appeared on his cheeks from momentary contact with her breasts as she was pushed back, making dust rise.

Hanzo, hiding up in the trees, smirked. 'Now!' He pulled a piece of rope he had in his grasp and the hidden trap was revealed. A rope tightened around Tsuki's feet and she was pulled up into the tree. Hanzo finished tying the rope to the branch he was on and looked at the jonin, grinning. "Hi, sensei."

The Uchiha boy reached to grab the bell off of her pants when she suddenly grabbed him. "It's not that easy!" Tsuki pulled Hanzo off of the branch and he fell to the ground, landing on top of Kazemaru.

"Ouch... Get off of me!" The pyromanic genin exclaimed as he pounded his fists on the ground in anger.

"Sorry..." Hanzo spoke with a blush of embarrassment on his cheeks.

Tsuki suddenly jumped down in front of the two genin. "Close, but no cigar, boys! You're just no match for me."

Hanzo and Kaze smirked. "That's what you think, sensei," Hanzo pointed at something behind her. "Look at that."

The kunoichi looked skeptical and gave a snort. "Puh-lease! That's the oldest trick in the book. Do you honestly think I would fall for that?"

"Oh, Tsuki-sensei~!" Nataro called out, waving to her. The jonin turned her head slightly to look at him with one eye. The blonde genin grinned, "Check this out!" He made a hand sign and a cloud of smoke appeared, hiding him. When the smoke cleared, a busty, blonde girl with her hair up in pigtails appeared...wearing nothing at all with only wisps of smoke hiding her shame.

Hanzo blanched. Kaze stared at the sight with wide eyes, a little trail of blood coming out of his nose. Tsuki's eyes widened to the size of saucers.

"Oooohhhh, Sensei~! What do you think? I'm almost as sexy as you~!" The transformed blonde cooed as she rested her hands behind her head and posed.

"WHAT THE HELL KIND OF CHILD ARE YOU?!" The purple-haired woman shouted angrily. "That is sick...and WRONG!!"

"If it's wrong to be this smokin' hot, I don't wanna be right! Hmhm!"

Hanzo covered his eyes, trying to block out the images of the transformed Nataro. "Nataro... I didn't think that was your plan!!"

Kazemaru wiped the blood off on his jacket and frowned. 'Damn it! I can't believe he did that!! What kind of weirdo uses Henge no Jutsu to transform into a girl?!' The redhead suddenly remembered what he was supposed to do and snuck up on his sensei as she continued to chastise Nataro. With one quick swipe, he snatched the bell off...and copped a feel of her butt for good measure.

Tsuki slapped the boy away on impulse. The slap was strong enough to send him flying back into Hanzo. Both boys were on the ground, swirls in their eyes.

"Ay-ay-ay... What a hit." Kaze said as he stood up, swaying back and forth a bit.

Hanzo, still lying on his back, said, "I have to give regards to whoever trained her... They did it well."

Nataro transformed back to normal. He could only remember doing such as risky a move as Oiroke no Jutsu (Sexy Jutsu) in his dreams...and perhaps once in front of the Rokudaime, but it never worked as well on him as it did in the boy's dreams. 'I just hope she doesn't tell my mom about this...! She freaks out if I'm reading a swimsuit magazine! I don't wanna know what happens when she learns I've transformed into a potential centerfold!'

"I have...the weirdest team ever." Tsuki said, her left eyebrow twitching. She shook it off and a grin appeared on her face. "Congratulations! You all pass!"

The three boys looked confused. "What?"

"But Hanzo didn't get a bell," said Nataro.

"Yeah, what gives?" Kazemaru asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Sensei," Hanzo spoke, "I thought this was training. What do you mean 'Pass'?"

The purple-haired kunoichi laughed. "Oh, did I forget to tell you? Silly me! This was actually a little test. If you guys had failed, I'd have had to send you back to the Academy!"

"Uh...WHAT?!" Nataro, Hanzo and Kazemaru screamed at the same time.

"There's more stuff to it too, but don't worry, all three of you pass! So, congratulations, Team 14!! You are now officially genin!!" Some confetti began to fall from the skies, which made the three genin sweatdrop.

"Uh... Does that mean we can eat now?" Kaze asked her with his stomach grumbling.

The jonin gave them a nod and a smile. "Of course! But since there were no actual lunch boxes in that basket, I guess I'll have to take you boys out for lunch."

"Alright, food!" Nataro and Kaze pumped a fist in the air as Hanzo gave a sigh of relief.

"Finally! I'm starved," The dark-haired boy's stomach growled in response to his statement.

"Oh, one more thing before we go," Tsuki walked up to Nataro and looked at him. "...Nataro?" She said seductively.

A light blush appeared on the blonde boy's cheeks. "Y-yes, Tsuki-sensei?" The resounding sound of a slap echoed throughout the forest. Nataro was now headfirst in a tree, half-conscious. "Owww...!" Hanzo and Kaze sweatdropped and they started to inch away from their teacher, who had an aura of darkness radiating from her being.

Tsuki gave the orange-clad ninja a mad look. "Don't you ever do jutsu ever again! Got it?!"

"Y-yes, sensei..." The blonde boy spoke in a dazed tone as he got to his feet, holding onto his aching head.


Much later, as the sun was setting over Konohagakure, the Rokudaime was in his office, with his head resting on his desk and his eyes closed. He continued to sleep even as the door was kicked open and Nataro walked in. The blonde genin had his jacket tied around his waist and his goggles hanging around his neck. There were wet spots on his clothing, and as he walked towards the desk, he made wet footprints on the floor. When he approached the desk, the blonde boy stared at the Hokage.

"Gramps? Yoo-hoo, Gramps! Are you awake?" Nataro poked the old man and no response came. "...Are you dead?" His gaze traveled over to the wide-brimmed red and white hat with the kanji of Fire that rested on the far end of the desk. He picked it up with a fox-like grin on his face and placed it on his head. "Well, whatever you are, you won't mind if I take this, right?"

"As a matter of fact, I do."

"AH!!!" Nataro stumbled back in fear as the Rokudaime Hokage sat up and yawned. "G-gramps!! You're alive!!"

The old man narrowed his eyes. "Of course I'm alive! All I did was go to sleep for a few..." His eyes traveled over to the clock on the wall. "Hours?" He looked down at the paper that his head had been resting on--a bill that needed to be passed to allow something or other to become legal or illegal or...whatever the hell it was. The Hokage realized that Nataro was there. "So, have you finished?"

"Yeah, yeah...! I've cleaned off every building in town with my name on it...!" The genin said with his eyes narrowed into fox-like slits. "So now, you've got nothing to hold me back, old man!! HA!!"

"I guess so."

"Okay... See ya!" The blonde exclaimed as he turned on his heel and proceeded to exit.

"Okay..." The Rokudaime blinked and a question mark appeared over his head. "Wait a minute..." He looked at the edge of the table where his hat had been. "What the hell?! Nataro!"


"Hee-hee-hee!" Nataro snickered as he ran out of the Administration building with a fox-like smile on his face and the Hokage's hat on his head. Some people he passed did double takes as soon as he exited, but paid them no mind. He had the hat now, and there was no way that the old man could take it back!

Or at least, that was what he thought before he literally ran into the Rokudaime Hokage himself. As the young blonde stared up at the old man with wide eyes, the Hokage took his hat off of the boy's head and glared down at him. "Honestly, how juvenile can you get?"

"How'd you get down here so fast?!" Nataro exclaimed, bouncing on the balls of his feet. "I just left you up there and now, you're down here!"

"It's a secret."

"Pretty please?"

"No," the Rokudaime spoke firmly. "Just go home, Nataro. And don't pull any crazy stunts like that again. Or at least wait a few months for people to recover."

"Maybe...if I can keep the hat." From the look in the old man's eyes, Nataro flinched and put up his hands in defense. "Okay, okay! Keep the stupid hat! I'll get it myself one of these days, so watch out, Gramps!!" The blonde boy exclaimed as he ran past the old man.

"I'm not your grandpa!!" The Rokudaime shouted, getting a few looks from passersby. 'Honestly...that boy can be so irritating!' He looked up at the monument mountain and a smile broke out across his face before he turned around and began to walk towards the administration office. "But I kind of like it. It's gotten too peaceful around here… Somebody has to shake things up once in a while.


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