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Carlisle's POV

"NO!" The word screamed and it echoed off every room in the house, thundering all of us to run.

Alice lay on the floor holding her hand in her head and screaming for the vision to stop. Jasper was instantaneously at her side, but even his powers could not bring Alice into control.

"We need to go to Forks now!" Jasper was helping Alice to stand when Edward burst in the door. Twigs and leaves clung to him showing that he had fled immediately from the hunt. Alice's cry had brought us from far and wide.

On Edward's heels was Emmett and Rosalie. None of them stopped until they were in the front door.

"Carlisle, we have to leave now. There is no time." Jasper's arms were around Alice, keeping her on her feet.

"No Alice! I told you, you were not to look at her future." Edward, my son, balled his hands into tight fists at his side. Rage shown clearly on his face and in his eyes. I think he would have struck her if Jasper had not stood in the way.

Since leaving Bella, Alice, had fought hard to keep Edward out of her mind and with Jasper's help had become successful. Now there were three minds in the world Edward's powers could not reach, Bella's, Alice's and finally my own. It angered him that he didn't know if Alice was looking into Bella's future or not. Alice over the last year had worked with me in putting up walls around the thoughts we did not want Edward knowing.

"It would just kill you wouldn't it, to know I was looking at Bella's future for the past four years. I'm not sorry. I went with you for the sake of the family. Bella is my friend, Edward, whether you like it or not. Who I look for in my visions is none of your business. Go pick on someone who you can intimidate because you can't do it to me anymore. We have to go Edward, we don't have a choice, if we don't, the outcome will be worse."

"What did you see Alice?" Gently I went to my daughter who forced her way passed Jasper and into my arms.

"We have to go, even if he doesn't. If we don't make it, Bella's going to die, we'll lose them both." Her words came out as sobs against my chest. I rocked my daughter gently before letting Jasper carry her off to their room.

I alone in the family knew the truth. Alice had come to me with her visions.

"We leave now. Edward, come or not, I will not let Bella die when we can save her. Not even for your pain will I risk her life."


The night was to have been a celebration, more than one opportunity had come about to make everyone happier, a little wealthier, and I hope a little wiser. Too bad plans never work out the way you think they should, or hope they will.


he big buck deer came from nowhere. It bounded into the middle of the road and seemed suspended in animation. The driver of the big Suburban slammed on the brakes, but it was too late and the road was too wet. Hydroplaning the older driver lost control of the massive vehicle. Impact with the deer spun the car into the dangerous path of the surrounding forest. The barricade of trees was nothing less than a natural brick wall.

The collision was so intense the driver and his passenger wife died on impact. Flames were shooting up into the night burning the low hanging leaves wherever they touched. The overwhelming tang of gasoline said the two passengers in the backseat had but moments to live, if they could escape the metallic coffin that imprisoned them.

With hands intertwined for a second that stretched through time, those that remained alive stared at each other, the last five years of life flashing before their eyes. Both of them knew that one of them was never going to make it home again.


The smoke was becoming thick and cloying inside the cab of the truck. I knew my left leg had broken, though thankfully no bones were protruding. We had to get out, and now. It wouldn't be long before one spark hit the leaking gas and then we would all die.

He, my husband of the last four and a half years was holding my hand and just staring into my eyes. One hand was caked with blood but it didn't stop him from touching my face.

"Can you move?" The words were small but audible even over the flames. He was hurt bad, his chest shallow with the need to breathe.

"Yeah, my legs bad, but I can get out. My seat belts a little jammed." I pulled again on the strap and with his help, it pulled it free.

"You've got to go. Get out now!" Sparks were flying about from the burning leaves and the grass.

"I'm not leaving you!" Frantically I started pulling on his seat belt until it was free. Pain from my leg threatened to make me woozy. I had closed off my nose to the smell of blood, knowing that I would pass out if I did not. I had to stay focused, he needed me.

You have to go! I'm not going to make it. The seat trapped my legs." His words spoke with such finality that my heart clenched. Looking into his sorrow filled eyes I could feel the tears running down my cheeks and the burn of my nose.

"I'll get you out. I have to. I can't lose you." Using my arms I forced the rear left door open. It gave away with a groan. Scrambling I reached for his torso, trying to pull his legs out from where they wedged under the seat.

Sparks finally hit the gas sending flames up around the car. With strength I didn't know I possessed I pull with all my might. His screams with up into the night and finally were free. Flames were coming faster toward us, eating their way to the vehicles oversized gas tanks.

"I'm not going to make it! Save yourself! Tell Charlie that I love him and I'm sorry. I love you, have always loved you, will always love you. Run! Now, Go!" With the last of his strength he pushed me backwards out of the car as the flames leaped to the interior and began licking at the gas tank.

Crawling backward I watched as the flames attacked his body and looking one more time into his eyes I stood to my feet and tried to run away.

I wasn't far enough away when the tanks exploded. I felt the blast lift my body up into the air and across the road. I felt my body and head hit the trunk of the tree with such intensity that I was sure every bone in my body broke with the impact. With a last bang to my head as I fell I let the black abyss swallow me whole and I knew no more.

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