The Twilight Saga, Esme's POV

I'm Esme Cullen, wife of the gorgeous Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

I only remember the last bit of my human life. I was in the hospital, and I had given birth to a beautiful baby boy. A few hours after his birth, he stopped breathing.

I remember the glory and victorious feeling of giving birth to a beautiful baby, let alone a beautiful baby boy. I had longed for a boy for years; to finally have a baby boy was a relief. Then he stopped breathing, and I remember the crushing feeling of depression, the reluctance to accept it at all. I held my precious baby for hours, until his corpse became cold and I was forced to accept reality. My baby…my angel…and all the plans I had mapped out for him! The doctors noticed the beginning signs of suicidal depression, and kept me in the hospital for a few days extra. Eventually, I was released, and I knew what I was going to do. I went to a cliff edge, the first I found, and jumped.

When I landed, I actually tried to die. I couldn't believe that my fall hadn't broken my neck, and I internally cursed myself for not diving headfirst. Carlisle was there in a matter of minutes, even before the ambulance arrived. I opened my eyes when I felt his breath on my neck, and I thought I had died. His face was contorted with a mixture of awe and worry, and I loved him instantly. He picked me up, and ran to the big house where he lived with Edward. As he opened the door, I saw Edward's face, speaking hurriedly to Carlisle. I felt myself being laid down on a bed, and then Carlisle's face was there. "I'm sorry for this" he whispered to me, then bit my neck as gently as a bite could be. His smooth tongue washed over the wound, sealing it shut, and then he licked the millions of other scrapes I'd gotten from my fall. The skin mended itself over where Carlisle had licked it, and then the pain began. I locked my teeth together to avoid screaming and making this angel feel guilty, and I waited to die.