This is a nice re-write of my fiction entitled "Blood" based on a Tokyo Crazy Paradise!
I changed the title as I was re-writing....
I of course don't own TCP, Nakamura-sensei does this is just a fanfiction.
Fanfiction by: Lara Carter
Title:Wakai uchi go hana.... fusawashii(Youth is the spring time of life....becoming)
Rating:Not sure, may get a little dark later on!

Tsukasa yawned and raised her arms above her head and threw back the bed covers in excitement.
Today was her first day of school in this world. She dressed and then turned to look into the mirror with a frown
wishing for her boys uniform. She jumped at the sound of a car horn and grabbed her bag to meet Asa-yan.
Tsukasa's legs wouldn't hold still in the car, she couldn't wait to see the Kozuki brothers and Ryuji.
Finally the car stopped, and Tsukasa jumped out quickly.She would have ran up the school stairs,
but Asa-yan had taken her hand.

"Asa-yan!! Lets hurry!"

Tsukasa moaned giving Asago a pity look. Asago smiled held for a moment by the power she held over the other girl and
finally let go of her hand.Tsukasa started to run up the stairs yelling back at Asago to hurry. That was the reason she hadn't seen the person ahead of her until her shoe landed on his head, both her and the guy fell down unto a heap.Tsukasa started to laugh and jumped to her feet reaching a hand down to help up the other person she had taken down with her.

"Im sorry, Are you okay?"

She said offering a hand to the long haired blonde.
The hand reached up and took hers, she pulled back to help the other person up.
Tsukasa looked up and was shocked to find herself looking at Rui the druggy killer in her dream world.
This boy looked alot different from the druggy version, this one had on a nice school uniform with brushed long hair
and smiling eyes. Rui smiled down at her and said.

"Yes, Im fine Thank you!"

Tsukasa's mouth opened like a fish then closed and she smiled back .

"Whats your name? Mine is Tsukasa."

Rui seemed surprised that some one spoke to him since everyone had been avoiding him after his run in with Ryuji Shirogami.

"My name is Rui, please to meet you Tsukasa-san!"

He said glad to have a friend at last.Tsukasa asked him if he could show her around the school since Asago was accupid with some other girls and of course he said yes.Tsukasa was walking down the west wing hall with Rui when she became aware that Rui had turned a deadly white. She turned to see why and noticed the sea of students had parted. Ryuji Shirogami stood at the end looking dangerous with shoulder length hair and a smoke which he at the moment was puffing on.
He took out the smoke and dropped it to the floor not even putting it out before walking towards her and Rui.
He smirked and grabbed Rui by the laples of his coat lifting him from the ground.

"Didn't I tell you not to come back"

He said smirking up at Rui and letting one laple go and pulling back a fist to punch the smaller boy.
Ryuji's fist flew foreward , but before it could it hit Rui's face another hand reached out and stopped it.
Ryuji's eyes widened and he turned to see a girl holding his hand in place with a smirk on her face.

"Ryuji-san its not nice to fight against someone who hasn't any fight skills."

Tsukasa said chucking her tongue in mock anger.
Ryuji's eyes turned dark and he threw Rui to the ground fully facing Tsukasa.

"Who the hell you?"

Ryuji demanded in a harsh voice that said he was out for blood.
Tsukasa opened her mouth to answer but before she could the bell chimed and Tsukasa bodyguard Azuma rushed up yelling.
Tsukas turned to see but Azuma helping Rui up turning her back on Ryuji.
She turned around to confront him again, Ryuji was gone.

Ryuji watch the three from the corner and grit his teeth that girl would have hell to pay.
TBC(Sorry no Ryuji isn't a baddy!!)