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Summary: There were times where I thought I did not belong here. Being abused and barely experiencing life on my own was something I lived off. For a split moment, I was going to die on that day on the train. That is...until I met him. It was then, at that moment, that I would take the risk of losing everything, including my freedom, just to be with him, a mere teacher. However, I was unprepared for what I had in store…

Pairing: Romeo and Tybalt.

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Warning: This is a yaoi that is boy and boy action so if you don't like, leave and look no further. There will be language, some angst, and there the characters might be a little OC but their not completely cause of the story.

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"Romeo, you know you don't have to come with me if you don't want to."

"I know mother, but I want to make sure your safe. Besides, I'm 16 years old. I think I'm capable of protecting you."

Portia smiled at her son's remark, patting his shoulder as they waited at the country train station. Though they did live in the city, Portia thought it was best to use to original trains from long ago. As their assigned train approached, Romeo looked up at his mother with teal colored eyes.

"Mother...Why exactly are we leaving?" Romeo asked, for their departure was unknown to his father and was forced to hurry.

"So we can meet new people, and discover new places. And maybe if we like it, we can even live there." Portia replied softly.

Somehow, this was suspicious to Romeo, who frowned slightly. "It's because of father isn't it? You want to get away from him. I can see why, mother. He shouldn't treat you with such hatred-"

The screeching of the train tracks met their ears and passengers started getting on the train hurriedly. Portia looked at her son before they climbed onto the train and sat in their seats once the ticket man clicked both their tickets and handed them back.

"Romeo…I know you've witnessed a lot of things since I've brought you into this world, but you will experience a more greater life." Portia said Romeo, who stared right back at her as he rested his arm on the headrest since he sat on the outside.

"I'm happy, as long as your happy mother." He assured with a gentle smile.

Happiness sparkled in Portia's eyes as she smiled back and hugged her son tightly before releasing him. She then placed her bag on her lap and took out a small paperback book.

"You know, if you want to talk about Juliet, you know you always can." Portia assured Romeo, who looked at her in shock and then shook his head.

"Mother, me and Juliet are through. We're not going out anymore." Romeo explained quickly before looking out the window as the train started moving at fast speed.

Silence decided to take part for a while between Romeo and Portia, but it wasn't until Portia let out a sly smile and looked at her son once more. "Is it because of your liking to guys-"

"We're not going to discuss that subject again are we?" Romeo groaned in fear as his mother giggled at her son's reaction before kissing his cheek motherly.

"Well I'm sure you'll find a nice young man who will love you for who you are, sweetie. Just remember to use a condom on the first date-"

"Mother, I don't mean to be rude, but can we end the conversation now?" Romeo pleaded, his pale cheeks tinting red.

Portia smiled and nodded before opening her book on the marked page and started reading.

While the train moved, Romeo scanned the seats to see who was around. He turned around in his seat and looked down the aisle to see two men in brown coats and sunglasses that we're hiding their eyes. Romeo seemed uneasy about this and looked further down to see a man wearing some navy jeans and a red t-shirt.

The man looked up through black-haired bangs with blue eyes to meet Romeo's gaze. It caused Romeo to blush in embarrassment and quickly face forward in his seat.

Suddenly, one of the men in the brown coat walked towards the front where the driver was and spoke to him for a minute. Portia had also noticed this and then she saw something that made her gasp in fear.

Romeo saw his mother's fearful gaze and placed a hand on top of hers. "Mother, what's wrong-"

"Get down Romeo." She said quickly, pushing Romeo down so he sat on the floor and covered him with a blanket she had beside her.

"Mother what are you-"


Three shots were fired across the train as everyone around them screamed and panicked but did as the man in the brown coat ordered. He held a rifle in his hand and two other men dressed similar to him stood beside him with guns as well.

One of the men placed a box like machine in the middle of the aisle where Romeo was at, making him look over slightly to see the machine more closely. Then, as if hit by a powerful wave, he realized.

It was a bomb.

"Where's Portia?" The head leader asked, his voice held an accent but was very demanding, as the passengers on the train remained silent.

"WHERE'S PORTIA!" He asked once more before grabbing a male passenger's arm and pulled him up, pointing the gun at his head.

Carefully, Romeo lifted the blanket up to look at his mother, who had her eyes closed before reopening them and looked down at Romeo. Then, she mouthed 'I love you' before she stood up from her seat.

"I am Portia. You must have been assigned by my husband."

"Yup! He told us to stop you in any way possible." The man replied with a smirk, a golden tooth on the upper part of his mouth as Portia glared hard at him.

"Now come here."

Portia paused for a moment before stepping over Romeo and stood in front of the criminal. Some of the passengers whispered frightening and some crying silently.

"He said you knew where the golden chest was. He also said you knew the password. Give us that much, and maybe I'll spare you and this train."

Hearing this made Portia frown deeply but stood strong; not letting her eyes show any fear or doubt. "True, but if I tell you, your going to blow this train up either way." She says, making the leader smirk.

"Very clever for an old lady." The leader said with a dark chuckle.

"And this old lady isn't going to tell you nothing." Portia said with a glare, almost no hint of fear what so ever.

"All right then."


Romeo's eyes widened at this and finally pulled the blanket off to see his mother on the aisle in a puddle of blood. He stared at her for a moment before looking up at the man with the gun, tears stinging the boy's eyes.

"You bastard!" Romeo shouted, about to charge at him when another gunman from behind, wrapped his arm around Romeo's neck; causing the young blue-haired to struggle.

"So your Montague's little brat huh? He warned me about you. Not to worry though. I'll gladly send you to where your mom's going." The leader smirked evilly, pointing the gun to Romeo, who stared at him with anger until someone shoved the man off Romeo and knocked him unconscious.

After that, the person went to the leader and broke his wrist, making the gun drop and everyone on the train started to get up and rush towards the exit.

Little did they know that the driver of the train was dead and that the bomb was down to ten seconds.

Once Romeo stood up, the trains tilted towards the left, making the passengers fly against the wall and Romeo was forced against it; his head hit the window hard. Teal eyes started to become blurry and a trail of blood ran down the left side of his face.

The bomb started to beep, indicating that it was going to explode at any second. People on the train started to panic even though some of them were already dead. Romeo weakly went to his mother, who was on the ground dead and tears flowed down his cheeks.

"Mother…why did you have to do that?" Romeo said through his sobs until the train started to slide, going down the steep hill and away from the tracks.



"Romeo!" The mysterious man that rescued Romeo pushed him to the floor, away from his mother's body.


"Let me go!" Romeo objected, trying to get the man with blue eyes off him but the man shielded Romeo with his body.



"I promised I would protect you." The man said in Romeo's ear, making the blue haired boy become silent.




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