~ Ancient Runes Classroom ~

"Uh, Professor Potter?"

"Yes?" Draco smiled kindly down at the timid third year Gryffindor student.

"Is it true?  Are you and, uh, the other Professor Potter…"

"Married?" Draco asked with a grin as some of the students gasped.  "Yes, it's true.  Now back to work.  I assume you all have your books Ancient Runes: A Beginners Guide To Interpretation."

The students nodded.

"Turn to chapter one and read through the first five pages before we start the practical part of the lesson," Draco instructed.

Draco shook his head with a slight smile.  It was the same every year, with every new set of students.  Luckily for him, the students didn't start their electives until third year so by then most of the students were used to seeing him and Harry around the halls.  There was always one, however, who just had to ask about their relationship. 

The students obediently opened their books and started reading.  Every now and again one of them would glance up at him with a curious expression.  Draco knew what they were wondering about.  Harry and Draco had decided to shake things up in Hogwart's a bit.  It really was getting a bit stale, he thought with a grin, all the staff are middle-aged and stuck in their ways.  Neither Harry nor Draco ever wore robes for any occasion.  Dumbledore had never commented on it so they assumed it was okay for them to wear what they liked.  For example, right now Draco was wearing the pants and boots he got married in and a white cotton shirt. 

Draco and Harry had been teaching at Hogwarts for the past five years and every year Draco marvelled that he and Harry and their friends had ever been as young and naive as the students they taught.  Harry had managed to break the curse on the DADA position and had made it though his first year without incident. 

In their second year of teaching, there had only been one incident and that had been entirely Draco's fault.  Hey, Draco thought defensively, how was I supposed to know that Harry had another class straight after the Ravenclaw fifth years?  I had a free period and I assumed he had one too.  Really, you'd think those Hufflepuff second years had gone blind, the way they'd screamed at the sight of us.  We weren't even naked!  Okay so we were half naked, but that's not the point.

Draco shook himself out of his reverie and realised that the Gryffindor/Ravenclaw class were staring at him. 

"When you've finished reading, you may chose a partner and one of you can come up here and collect a bag of Runes.  You will be interpreting a basic spread of Runes for your partner.  Take notes as you go and refer to your book.  You will be writing two feet of parchment about your partners Runes for homework to be handed in next lesson, so take comprehensive notes and concentrate."

Draco wandered around the room, helping students with their work here and there.  He really enjoyed teaching, particularly his Gryffindor/Ravenclaw classes.  Slytherin/Hufflepuff weren't too bad.  It could be worse, he thought, I could have Slytherin/Gryffindor.  Were we ever as bad as they are now?  Draco decided to ask Harry about it later. 

~ The Great Hall ~

Harry entered the Great Hall and glanced around.  There was his husband, sitting at the teacher's table (would that ever not feel weird? he wondered) chatting to Snape. 

"Good afternoon, Severus," Harry said cheerfully as he sat down next to Draco.  He kissed the blond and helped himself to some lunch.  Snape ignored him, as usual, but the look on his face was priceless.  Snape was still, after five whole years, startled when Harry addressed him by his first name, and with such exuberance.

"How was your first lesson of the day, love?" Draco asked Harry.

"Fine," he replied with a grin.  "I had the Slytherin seventh years, which is always a lot of fun.  If it weren't for the fact that I defeated Voldemort, I believe they would be a lot more vocal in their disapproval of our marriage.  That's why I always make sure to start the school year with curses.  Once they see the sheer volume of curses I know and willingly use on the students, I have no problems after that!"

"Harry!" a shocked voice said from behind them.  "I can't believe your cursing your students!"

Harry jumped up as he recognised that voice.  "Hermione!  I was wondering when you would get here.  Congratulations on getting the Arithmancy job!"

Harry swept her up into a hug.  "And you know I only use the harmless curses, the showy ones that look worse than they actually are.  I would never harm anyone and you know that."

Hermione looked relieved as Draco hugged her.  Hermione's curious gaze swept over him and then did the same to Harry.  Draco joined her in staring appreciatively at his husband.  Harry was wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt, which made him look mysterious and sexy.

"Where are your robes?" she asked them both.

"We don't wear robes, Herm.  You know that," Draco replied disdainfully.

"Not even when you're teaching?" she sounded scandalised.

"How hypocritical would that be?" Harry asked,  "Where's Ron?"

"He'll be along soon.  He's talking to Madam Hooch before she leaves in a few minutes.  Whoever would have thought that two positions would come up at the same time?"

"Yeah," Harry chimed in with a wink to Hermione and Draco.  "The Hogwart's professors are dropping like flies.  You'd better be careful, Severus."

Snape glared at the three of them.  "Thank you for your concern, Potter, but I think I can look after myself." 

"Ah, Hermione, so glad you made it at last," Dumbledore said as he joined the group.  "And where is our new flying teacher?"

"Professor Weasley is discussing teaching strategies with Madam Hooch before she leaves," Hermione said with a grin.  Ron had been so excited when he was offered this job.  He had quit his job with his father at the Ministry immediately and could talk of nothing but flying techniques and Quidditch. 

"Oh dear," Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eye.  "We have two Professor Potters and now we have two Professor Weasleys."

"I'm sure the students will cope," Draco said dryly. 


A.N. I wasn't going to continue this quite so soon, but I had an idea of how to start this chapter today when I was driving home so I decided to write it.  But I have started Chapter 11 for Lead Me Not Into Temptation but that will not be out until the New Year. 

It's not half obvious that I don't like those robes they wear, is it? *grins*  I'm sure Harry and Draco will be leading the entire school astray in no time….