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Chapter One

Dear Reader,

The day of Dark Lord's death had been celebrated and cherished throughout the Light families in the wizarding world, celebrating what was now known as 'The Day the Darkness Died'. Stories and rumors of the Boy-who-lived, otherwise known as Harry James Potter, had passed on from one person to another while the Light began to label him has their "savior," and other such rubbish. No . . . I don't believe Harry as their "savior" . . . I believe the young boy is the light's weapon, a pawn used for something no other wizard would even think of attempting entirely on their own. They want to bend him to their will, hide his fame, hide the truth! Send him to such awful muggles knowing he will be abused! All for the excuse of keeping the boy from getting "a big head" as Dumbledore puts it . . . but I don't believe in their reasons such as getting "a big head" as Dumbledore states. Rubbish! I think he want to break him, only to be fixed to do their bidding . . . such cruelty, such manipulation . . . I've seen it many times before . . . muggles have a tendency to fear what they can't explain. Sadly, there was no way I could stop it, no way to prevent what their now known "savior" had become . . . after all it's as the saying goes, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

I remember that night when they left the soundly asleep child lying on the pavement of the doorstep. He was so frail . . . so pure . . . like any other child before their innocence is taken right from under them. It was as if heaven had graced the world with not only a savior, but a pure angel . . . though I could be wrong. I didn't see behind those twinkling eyes of Dumbledore's the first time. . . and now . . . that very darkness we sot out to destroy, could form right under our noses once again!

. . . was the light really any better than the dark?

My dear reader, I am beginning to have my doubts. I have heard of . . . no, witnessed a similar situation with a former student by the name of Tom Marvolo Riddle, who is now known as none other than Lord Voldemort to this very day. Such manipulation! Forcing the boy to return to a place where he was despised and abused in submission was beyond despicable! Now that same boy, now mostly known as You-know-who, murdered countless and thousands of people! No . . . this is not murder . . . this is war, this is revolution! Voldemort is no more of a murderer than Albus Dumbledore is, and they had both had sacrificed countless lives for the victory of their side. I had warned Albus about those muggles he allowed the child to stay with! Harry may turn out to be . . . just like Tom . . .

So my dear reader, let me ask you . . .

. . . do you side with the light or dark?

I have made my choice, and that is to follow the path Harry chooses. I shall support him whether it is the light or the dark. So let this be my vow to you, dear reader. "I, Minerva McGonagall shall support Harry James Potter on whichever side he's chosen, yet must be sure to give him a fair choice in the matter without outside influence."

Hopefully Harry will have a fair choice between the light and dark . . .

-Minerva McGonagall

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