Hey everyone!

I understand that you all have FULL RIGHT to be extremely angry with me!

I've been gone for a whole year! :(

Believe it or not, I fee extremely bad! I'm a horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE author! You all must understand that I truly am really angry with myself. And, I deserve all the hate mail that I recieve almost every week, since last year.. Till now! I'm EXTREMELY sorry, guys! I didn't mean to dissapoint everyone like this!

This goes for all FOUR of my stories.

I haven't abandoned either of my stories... I just got extremely busy with a new marriage, college, taking care of home and stuff...

I hope you guys can forgive my soul, just this once! Please, please?

I'm willing to continue... That is, if you all still want me to! I haven't forgotten anything about the projects (stories) that I've posted here. And I do want to finish them, if it's the last thing I do. I hate to start something and leave without notice. I'm not like that.

Granted that yes, I could have dropped notes here and then to keep informing you guys that I haven't quit.. But I'm not mentioning EVERY circumstance I was in all year long. Believe me if you can, I don't lie. There were far too many things holding me down to even check my e-mail every week. Most of which filled my inbox with tons of hate mail for not continuing.

I won't mention any names... You all know who you are, and I deserve those words you said to me.

All I'm asking for is a second chance here to continue and finish what I began here in my little home of All-Human, awesome, Twilightness!

My eyes always remained open and every time I heard of anything Twilight-related, it haunted me to come back on this site and face my open-ended, still continuous stories. I did e-mail a LOT of you, though... I informed many that I was on hiatus whenever I had the time to write (Which was very little time, else I would have informed you all by a previous Author's note!).

Guys... There are simply too many words and thoughts lingering my mind and I'm mentally cursing myself ever since I've disappeared. I'll stop now, and let you all comment on my punishment and/or forgiveness.

If you all can find in yourself to forgive me.. I'll continue.

If you don't want me to.. I won't.

Please, let me know...

I'm SO sorry!

Love you guys, forever and always...