Chapter One

An Impressionable Mind

Naruto trailed behind his classmates, who were already disappearing into the far off distance. This was not fair; he wanted to make it to the first day of school on time. Everything looked to be going okay, until he tripped and lost sight of them and their parents. "Where did they go?" he wondered, frantically searching for them.

It was almost school time and if he didn't make it before the bell rang, he was going to be in trouble. The problem was that he did not know where the school was; being only six meant that the memory of one Uzumaki Naruto was far from perfect. He asked for directions while he walked across the busy streets, "Hey, Mister, can you tell me where the Konoha Academy is?"

The man just ignored the whiskered boy and kept on walking. Naruto didn't give up, however, and asked someone else for the elusive directions; surely the first person just didn't know how to get there? The logical mechanisms of a little boy's mind were already acting as a defense system to protect the innocent child from trauma that was waiting to come. "Miss, do you know how to get to my school. I am lost, hey Miss…"

This kept going on for the better part of half an hour; Naruto would ask how to get to class and would just get ignored. The blond boy was feeling downtrodden by all this, but didn't show it. Already he could see clouds gathering in the sky. It was going to rain today, just like most days; Konoha was a rainy city, after all. That was one of the reasons why so many plants grew in the Hidden Leaf, not that Naruto was aware of this; he just didn't like getting wet by the rain.

He started to get angry. He was mad at himself at that moment for only wearing a white t-shirt and organ pants. It wasn't the best choice of clothing when dealing with cold weather. He bought an orange jumper a while ago, but he wouldn't fit into those for a very long time. Naruto took some cover near a shop that sold ramen as the rain started to fall from the sky.

Looking around through his blond locks, Naruto saw a man staring at him. The man smiled and ushered Naruto to take a seat at the stall. The six-year-old did as instructed and sat on the stool. He looked around the place and noticed this was Ichiraku Ramen stand. Up until this point in his life, Uzumaki Naruto had no idea what ramen was.

"Ever had ramen before kid?" the man asked, already making a bowl for someone. Naruto shook his head and continued to watch the bald person make noodles; he could smell the food from here and had to admit that it smelled very good.

"Hmm, well maybe I'll let you try some one day. It is high on calories, but it is rather filling. By the way, how come you aren't at school, kid?" the man asked. He looked puzzled why the Kyubi-brat was not in the playgrounds; they weren't even in the real ninja academy yet, just a branch of the academy meant to take care of little kids.

Generally speaking, the branch was not meant for learning, but was more of a daycare centre. How Naruto was not dropped off on time made the chef a bit confused. He suspected that neglect had a lot to do with it. Uzumaki Naruto was not the most liked individual in these parts; a murderer would be held with more respect than the blond six-year-old boy in front of him.

"Sir, can you tell me how to get to class? I was asking around, but no one would tell me anything," Naruto asked after a moment. He figured he would give this another try; this old man was a lot nicer than the ones he met on the streets, in either case. In addition, he said he would let him try his food someday! No one had told Naruto never to accept treats from strangers.

Teuchi was taken aback by that question. How could anyone expect a six year old child to travel half the distance of the town to get to class? And to do the feat without any instructions? Shaking his head, he let himself cool down before replying. There was no need to make the boy afraid. He looked at the blond haired toddler and shrugged. "Not that far, you are almost there. If you just go down that street and turn right, you should be there within a few minutes."

"Gee, thanks Mister!" Naruto shouted, he hopped off the stool and ran out into the rain. Teuchi called back for the kid to come back; he had forgotten his bag, but Naruto was too excited to listen to him. Teuchi put the boy's bag behind the counter and went onto making the meals for the lunchtime customers.

While he was putting the bag away, though, he noticed something wrong with it. It was just too light; there was no way that the boy was carrying the right amount of material. He opened the bag and found that he was indeed correct; there were only a few sheets of paper and one or two pencils. That didn't seem right. The boy was supposed to have some reading textbooks and crayons to help with his writing.

Scowling, Teuchi put these thoughts away and went back to making food. His first customer was a man with spiky silver hair. He recognized him immediately. "Morning, Kakashi-san."

The silver haired man just nodded and took his seat. He looked around suspiciously. "Was that Naruto I saw?"

Teuchi shrugged before answering, "Yeah that was him, seemed like a good kid to me. From the rumors, I thought he would be more hardboiled or some kind of troublemaker. Sadly, all I saw was some polite kid who just wanted to get to class on time."

"'Class on time'? Wasn't someone supposed to drop him off?" asked the masked ninja, a bit concerned.

"Well yeah, but you know life has it out for the kid. Nothing seems to go his way," Teuchi answered. He already had the silver-haired teen's food ready.

Kakashi ate in silence until Teuchi spoke up again, "You know, when I was a kid they used to make us carry this huge text book to make us learn Kanji; do they still do that?"

Kakashi nodded. He recalled that it was one of the procedures. "Yes, I remember that. We have been doing that for as long as I could remember. That has not changed. Why are you asking?"

Teuchi sighed and elaborated, "Well it seems like Mr. Uzumaki Naruto is missing his textbook. I don't think he is going to have good reading skills at this rate. First day of pre-school and he is already behind. Oh gosh, I just remembered Ayame won't be here for the lunch break! Say, Kakashi-san, are you doing anything right now?"

"No, not really. Why?"

"Mind bringing this bag to the kid's classroom? I think he might need it," Teuchi answered.

As school ended Naruto ran back home as fast as his legs could take him. He had seen too much for his own good that day. He always knew he was different from other people but until he saw the kids with their parents, he did not realize just how different he was.

Growing up at the orphanage taught him that he wasn't the only one suffering in this world. In truth, many people suffered, and some people's lives were worse than his own life. He had seen children who couldn't see, girls who couldn't talk, a boy with no legs, and even a girl with no arms and legs. All of these were leftovers from the Nine tails attack. He had seen it all and ignored their pain, just as others ignored his.

Opening the door of his apartment, he tried not to recall the day's events. Everyone in the class ignored him; he expected that, the same happened in the orphanage. What he didn't expect was to be treated with such scorn by the Shinobi Instructors. The Chunin, Suzume-sensei, who was in charge of the daycare didn't answer any of his questions and when Naruto asked for a textbook to read from, the mature lady had said, "You don't need to learn to read, you are fine or better off not bothering. Go play in the sandbox by yourself."

Naruto didn't know what to say to that. The only reason he came to school was to learn to read, since reading had power. Reading was the ability he needed to do many things, like make up lists or fill out forms. Unlike many other children, Naruto did not have the luxury of allowing his parents to do everything for him. Especially when it came to paying the bills.

This was because the orphan didn't have any parents. He had to learn to do everything on his own. No one else would help him. No one else wanted to help him. Naruto would just have to help himself, but to do that he would have to learn to read, it was that simple.

Opening a textbook that he had mysteriously found in his bag—it must have been one of those strokes of luck that he had heard people talk about—he looked up the Kanji and started to list them off in his mind. It was hard because, although the picture book was meant for kids his age, without someone to supervise him, it became twice as unlikely that he was going to learn any of the advanced Kanji he would need to read signs and letters.

He was glad the Hokage had taken the time to teach him to read the basics, that would save him lots of trouble in the near future, but Naruto's education was far from over. After going over this many times in his mind he, decided that it was time to take a rest.

He had those nightmares again, where a giant fox was destroying the city. "Not again, does this have to happen every night?" he complained, after waking up from the life-like dream.

Feeling restless, Naruto decided that a dreamful sleep wasn't his best option. On a regular day he would have went right back to sleep, but today just was not that type of day. He got off the small bed and put on some sneakers. He always went to sleep wearing the same thing he wore during the daytime; it allowed for quick escape when someone would break into his home to harass him. It wasn't that they attacked him or anything but sometimes they almost did. It was the fear that someday they would cross the line that really added a level of danger in the night.

Naruto didn't know why people did that, nor did he put that much though into it. As a child, he was wondering many things about the world and all of these ideas were painting a very harsh reality. Though, a large part of him was also blocking many of his life's memories. He recalled overhearing one day that all the Chunins were going on a rampage when they heard Naruto had been allowed into the academy.

There were so many Ninjas there in front of the Hokage Tower screaming to not let him in the academy. Naruto didn't completely understand why they were doing that to him; he hadn't done anything to them, so why did they want to make his life miserable?

He had dreams and desires just like everyone else; he was human like everyone else. It hurt to see people accuse him of being a monster when he was just a little boy. Closing the door behind him, he made his way through the steps. Like most nights it was cold and Naruto wondered why he never dressed for cold weather, he hoped he would grow into his orange jumper soon.

Taking a leap from the steps, Naruto's hands touched the sandy floor as he made impact with the ground; he looked around to see if anyone noticed that he had wandered out from his housing.

Sometimes he could feel someone watching him and see shadows and glimpses of white masks flicker in his peripheral vision, but whenever he turned around, they were not there. He had heard rumors like everyone else that there were people out there who watched people in secret, for the safety of the village, but Naruto had yet to see any of them.

Running down the streets, he looked around and saw that there was no one out; the moon was enormous and large tonight. He heard an eerie howl in the distance, which creeped him out and spurred him to run faster, getting into a jog. He hoped he could tire himself out to sleep fast; He had a big day at the academy tomorrow.

As his feet raced faster and faster down the streets, Naruto noticed that he was no longer in the Town Region, but was closer to the Forest Regions where the clans lived, he remembered from a lesson from the Hokage.

Naruto looked around the area and saw lush green forests. Large pine trees as tall as buildings were reaching into the sky and he noticed this part of the Konoha district was so much darker. Perhaps it was because there was no lighting, or perhaps it was the increase of vegetation and the absence of houses that bothered him.

He continued to run when he started hearing all sorts of creepy clicking and rusting sounds around him. He saw a giant centipede eating into the carcass of a bird in his path and didn't bother to stay and wonder how the bird died because he saw the pincers coming out from the giant thing's mouth. Scared and worried that he might become the thing's dinner soon, he raced deeper into the forests. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," he conceded to himself, his mind conjuring all sorts of monstrosities in the darkness around him.

Hearing more howls and the rustling and clicking intensifying, he thought that he might have been safer with the giant bug; at least he could have squished the bug, it was only about the size of a puppy. "But how can a bug be so big? Where am I?"

The little boy found himself in a strange new place, with strange new sounds. His vivid imagination conjured all sorts of monstrosities in the darkness for him to get eaten by, so he swerved away from any sort of movement that he could register.

He was overjoyed when he saw a light in the distance; perhaps it was a house? He could really use a house right now, even if they wouldn't let him in, the fact that he would be able to stay near there until the morning would be a great asset for his survival and everyone knew that monsters hated light.

True to his thoughts, as he neared the light the scary noises got fainter and fainter. When he got to the house, he noticed that it was enormous, a classic Japanese style Compound built for defense. Naruto had no idea to which clan's grounds he stumbled on, he was just glad that he had escaped with his hide intact.

He got closer to the compound and looked around to see if anyone was nearby. When he noticed the coast was clear and there weren't any traps, he slowly made his way near the house. As he got closer, he suddenly heard that strange howling noise from before, which drew his attention to a large dog howling at the moon in the distance, making him instantly freeze in fright. He didn't want to get eaten by the dog, just after he had escaped the creepy crawlies.

Even so, he didn't want to be back in the forest with the giant bugs; that wouldn't do. Dogs or insects, he would take the dogs. At the very least they wouldn't eat him alive, and didn't they say dog was man's best friend? The dog would not hurt its friend would it? Apparently Naruto lacked knowledge of wolves and their feeding habits.

Judging by its large size that easily dwarfed the small boy and the loudness of its voice as it howled at the moon, it might be inclined to break that one saying, mused Naruto. He just hoped that it had eaten recently.

Uzumaki Naruto was no coward, however, he went into the compound grounds and scoped out the area. He again confirmed that the coast was clear and went to the front door, hoping that someone would answer. When he reached the wooden portal, he took a deep breath and knocked once.

No one answered.

He took another deep breath and knocked again, and again, with the same results. It looked like this place was either deaf or they just did not want to answer him. He knocked on the door repeatedly, getting a bit angry by this cruel turn of events. At the very least these people could open the door and tell him to leave. Naruto knew that they probably wouldn't let him in, but he had to try.

After trying this for the better part of ten minutes, Naruto decided to see what was going on. He slowly crept onto the walls of the house, hoping to not get spotted by the large creature howling at the moon.

He tried to peer into a nearby window, but noticed that he was too short to reach it. He saw a log nearby and dragged it near the window. He looked inside the window after climbing on the log, only to notice that the place was empty. "Why isn't there anyone inside?" he wondered, getting frustrated by the constant setbacks.

Naruto then decided to try another window; perhaps he would have better luck. He tried every window on the first floor and realized that there was no one there. Since the lights were on in the house, any occupant must have been in the second floor, he figured. Naruto was determined to find this elusive person, since he really didn't want to spend the night outdoors, and decided to a way into the second floor. After a bit of searching, he found a ladder that he couldn't reach leading to a window at the second floor.

He was able to reach the ladder with the liberal use of a few logs lying nearby. After he finally climbed the ladder and could see into the room, Naruto noticed that it was very dark inside, but he could hear something in the room, a growling and some kind of moan?

Curious, he peered into the darkness and still didn't see anything. After carefully scoping the room out from the window he noticed that there was something or someone moving in the bed. He couldn't see the person very well because of the darkness, but he could make out faint outlines of spiky hair.

The spiky hair kept flinging in many different directions for some reason and Naruto wondered if the person with that hair was in terrible pain because she kept on moaning as if something was hurting her, yet at the same time she made noises that confused him.

Curious at the odd sounds, he took a step through the opened window, slowly as to not make a sound and got closer and closer to the person in the bed. It had to be a woman, though, because the pitch was too high for a guy.

The six-year-old could smell the heavy scent of musk and was attracted to it by some unknown instinct that was within his system; someday he would figure out that it was called pheromones but, at this point in his life, it was simply a strange attraction he felt towards the woman who was in the bed.

Naruto wondered if he should call out to her, that it would be okay. He would do something to ease her pain, but he wasn't sure how she would react to him just sneaking up on her while she was in the middle of doing something to herself in her bedroom.

He could tell that she was doing it to herself because he could now see through the darkness due to the open window and light coming from under the closed door. He could see that her hand was poking or jabbing at something. When he got closer, he noticed that it was somewhere near her pee pee.

"Oh yes!" the woman in the bed moaned again, releasing another shout that made Naruto almost jump. The child started crawling on the floor so that he would not draw attention to himself. He was on a mission to learn what was causing the woman to feel so good, or feel so much pain, it didn't make any sense to him and he had to know. His childish mind needed answers and this woman was going to give him those answers.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes…" she chanted, repeating it over and over. Naruto could feel the floor shake from her movements. The mattress started to make those creaky noises he would get when jumped on his mattress. The woman was thrashing violently screaming and moaning; he wondered why no one else in the house noticed this, but if they didn't notice the large creature howling to the moon outside, they probably wouldn't hear this either.

Naruto was finally close enough to get a good look at the woman's face. At first he was a bit surprised because he recognized her from today at the academy. She was Kiba's mother. There was no doubt in his mind that the woman thrashing in the bed, shifting her hands in and out of her private parts, was his mother. Spiky brown hair, olive complexion, thick dark red lips, and fangs. Naruto could clearly see her fangs, because her mouth was open as she bucked on the bedpost.

"Oh God, Oh God! I am! I am–" Naruto didn't get a chance to hear the rest as he was spotted when his head poked up from the side of the bed to get a clearer view. Tsume stared at him in shock, her lust-filled mind being unable to quite comprehend what she was seeing, but she wouldn't stop jabbing her hands into her privates. She was completely naked, but Naruto had figured that out a while ago by the large womanly counters in her chest and the thick muscular stomach below it.

"What are you doing here!" she moaned; she was almost reaching her peak and not even this invasion of privacy would stop her. She wanted to stop, but she couldn't. It seemed like this boy was about to get an education in the Sexual Arts before he even hit pre-puberty. Tsume kept pushing her fingers in and out of her flower and her spiky hair was all sweaty. Naruto watched in awe as her body changed into many different forms of red as saliva started to drip out of her mouth and she screamed, "I am cumminggg…!"

Tsume didn't get a chance to pass herself out this time, though, because who knows what this little boy was doing in her bedroom. It clearly wasn't Kiba. She had sent him out into the Aburame compound earlier. It was because of this that she was able to work off her monthly cycles. Once a month like most women, she would ovulate, and during that time she would feel a twisted desire well within her. A desire for sexual gratification.

However, she couldn't just find someone to have sex with. Too many times that ended in tragedy; she already knew Kiba's father would not be coming back, wherever he was. She wasn't entirely sure who Hana's father was to this very day. Sex carried too many potential dangerous viruses such as HIV and she could not risk getting sick when she was the sole provider of her Clan.

If she died, what would happen to her babies? She knew Hana might be able to take care of herself—she was smart—but what about Kiba? Kiba was a good boy; he had his faults, but he was still a momma's boy. She predicted he would always be a momma's boy and she liked that about him. It meant that he would treat women with respect someday, or at least that is what she hoped.

Masturbating was her way of getting rid of some of that sexual tension she felt when she knew she was ready to have a child, and it had worked for years. Until now, no one had discovered this little secret about her and if things were to go her way, no one would ever find out.

Now she had no other option but to deal with the problem in front of her. With the eyesight she had gained from years of in-the-dark training, she caught a glimpse of the large blue eyes and long spiky blond hair. The boy looked scared and afraid and he was backing away into the corner; he even tripped once but still would not keep his eyes off her.

Tsume would have felt more embarrassed if she hadn't spent the last four years breast feeding Kiba; the boy really liked his mother's milk. "What are you doing here, little guy?" she asked with a soothing voice.

Naruto stopped and looked at the naked woman before him; she was covering herself with a bed sheet and coming closer to him. He knew that peeping on people naked was wrong; he wouldn't want anyone to see his private parts either. He didn't know what to tell her so he thought the truth would have been the best option, "I-I got lost, and I tried knocking on the door but no one was home."

The Inuzuka Matriarch figured it had to be something like that; were the town's people now chasing the Kyubi-kid at night? Was he running away from some mob? That didn't seem right because she knew the Hokage would probably have people who did that killed. To her knowledge, Naruto had never been abused by anyone physically.

Mentally was a whole other story.

Tsume went to the closet nearby and put on a pair of robes, it felt good to have a double layer, she needed it to hide some of the sweat on her body; no need to keep giving this child a free show. She figured the boy would have a heart attack at some point with all the education he had received this night, the kid must be scared out of his mind seeing someone like her do that, if he even knew what THAT was.

"But why did you come into my room? You could have just knocked and I would have just answered," she asked; she got a towel from the closet and started drying her hair.

Naruto was still looking at her, his eyes never leaving her body. He felt really embarrassed but he couldn't look away. It wasn't that he was sexually attracted to her; he was far too young for that. It was more that no one ever really talked to Naruto, ever. He was a lonely child, with a lonely existence and any attention he got, he milked it for all it was worth. "I thought someone was hurting, so I thought I could help them," he shyly explained.

The mother smiled at his innocence, despite feeling somewhat annoyed that someone heard her love shouts. It wasn't meant to be heard by anyone, much less a child, but he probably must have realized that by now so no need to further cause more problems for the orphan. "That is nice of you, kiddo, but what made you think I needed your help?"

"You were screaming pretty loud."

A tick mark came up on her head and she tried not to cough thinking of how much the boy had seen; normally she would keep her squeals at minimum but sometimes she just hit the right spots and lost control. "Yeah, alright I'll buy that."

There was an odd pause between the two of them as Tsume wondered if she should explain what exactly Naruto had seen her do. She could lie to him and tell him nothing happened, that this was just some kind of training, but then he would have even stranger questions. Perhaps it was in her best interest to tell him the truth if nothing better than to get rid of the feeling of dread coursing through her.

Uzumaki Naruto had so much to deal with in his life already, so why did she have to add more confusion to it? She didn't like the prospect of letting the child know about the uglier or beautiful side of growing up and she sure as hell knew she wasn't the right person to ask for the facts of life.

"Listen, kid, I think we need to talk about what you saw today..." she trailed off. She didn't keep her eyes away from Naruto but she didn't look at him directly either.

Naruto for his part just shook his head, "I won't tell anyone what I saw, promise."

Tsume sighed in relief. The kid was smarter than he looked. Even while looking messy and afraid, he held on to somewhat of a calm demeanor when speaking to her, despite her being several heads and knees taller than the brat. He looked so small and adorable with his large blue eyes looking up at her with curiosity and something else that she couldn't exactly decipher.

"Yeah, I figured as much, but you want to know what I was doing, don't ya?" she asked. She already knew the answer, but also knew it was best to confirm it already. She shook off some of the sweat that remained in her spiky brown hair and combed some fringes with her clawed fingers. Naruto watched this in fascination and didn't take his large blue eyes off those exotic hands.

"Umm, I do, but if you don't want to talk about it, it is fine, really," Naruto pleaded, feeling mortified that she would have to explain what she was doing to herself naked. He knew something was going to go down, and it was going to come hard on him when she let him know what she was doing.

Adults always talked to kids in formal ways when they were about to deliver them some bad news.

Naruto didn't like any kind of news.

Anything any adult had to say to him in private just made him more miserable. When the Hokage talked to him in private in a formal way, he had let him know that he was an orphan with no parents and when he asked where their graves were the Hokage shook his head and said to ask it again when he was older. Later on, Naruto was held back in the orphanage and he was given a private talk that he would be moving out. He had begged the matron to let him stay, but she just shook her head and told him to pack his things.

Earlier that year his caretaker in his small apartment talked to him in private and asked him how his life was going; he said it was going all right and she smiled and said good-bye. Naruto hadn't seen her since and hadn't seen the Hokage since then either, though he knew that he was a busy man and there were a lot of people in the village. How could that person make time for him? He was just Uzumaki Naruto, a village orphan.

His past was so mysterious that Naruto often wondered what kind of dark secrets lay behind it. Every time he asked anyone about his parents things got very strenuous and people would stop talking, it felt like they were hiding a horrible secret from him, and that did not make his self esteem any better as he grew up.

Children need to know who their parents are or were, at least know that they came from mothers, that someone or something gave birth to them. Naruto didn't even have any proof, like many orphans, that he even had a mother to start with. He had been searching for the truth for the last year or so, but came up blank.

Nothing, not a single thing he could find about a female Uzumaki of any kind. It was as if all traces were destroyed, or even more frightening, perhaps he never had a mother to start with?

But that couldn't be possible could it? Everyone had a mother; every baby came from a woman, did they not? He was talking to Kiba's mom at this moment, Kiba had a mother. Sasuke had a mother. Shikamaru had a mother. Sakura had one, too.

But Naruto did not.

Tsume tapped the boy's head for a second, trying to get him to stop spacing out. "Hey kid, you looked like you just spaced out on me. Don't do that. It is sort of annoying and it probably isn't good for your brain if you over strain it too hard. Listen, go downstairs and there is a dining table, I'll meet ya there in a minute."

Naruto didn't answer her at first, but when he got the gist of what she said, he nodded his small mess of blond hair and ran downstairs. He noticed that the house was well kept, despite how ragged Tsume looked. It seemed she was some kind of neat freak, because it was not messy at all. He saw a few rooms when he was going down the steps and noticed a small white puppy sleeping in one of them.

As he got to the first floor he could see how large and spacious the house was. From the outside it looked large enough but inside it was even bigger. He could see many different types of Ninja tools mounted on the walls and was impressed at the amount of Jounin jackets where neatly saddled near the living room. It seemed Tsume had a lot of them, when she needed them at least.

The blond took his time getting to the kitchen admiring the house and almost tripped over a small dog that was curling up on the floor. He looked at it and saw that it was not one dog, but three small pups all sleeping on one another. They looked like triplets and Naruto could tell that they were probably female.

He didn't know how but his instincts told him so.

Careful not to wake them up, he went around the sleeping dogs and into the kitchen. As he expected, the kitchen was large and well kept, there was no food out or anything and he could smell the gentle scent of pine.

Tsume must have been a good mother to keep this house in such fine shape, especially with a son like Kiba. He remembered the boy spilling all his food on his jacket and crying that it was all Naruto's fault, despite the fact that Naruto was being held in for detention during lunch, for being late.

It seemed like many kids blamed him for things he did not do in school. The part that bugged him was that the teachers believed them over him. Some things were just plain ridiculous yet the Sensei still thought Naruto did it.

He wondered if he should have a talk with the Old Man one day to see if he could get better treatment. He didn't go to school to be ridiculed; he came to learn. He needed to grow up fast because no one was going to help him do anything.

Naruto sat down on one of the chairs in the kitchen and admired the handiwork. It was a lot sturdier than his chairs and looked far more expensive too. If he were to guess, it probably cost as much as his bed. He waited patiently for Kiba's mother to come downstairs.

He didn't have to wait long as she came down wearing a black t-shirt and matching black short-shorts. Naruto noticed now in the light that she had a small amount of hair on her feet; he wondered why she chose to wear such baggy clothing, but that helped explain the mystery.

Tsume looked where Naruto was looking and saw he was staring at her feet. She smiled and shrugged, "I know, I have let myself go a bit. Haven't had a lot of time to do some trimming in years. It isn't like it is going to just trim itself, but time just has this way of moving on, and before I knew it I had all these growing on my legs.

"It isn't a lot," Naruto said. "I can hardly notice it, really."

"C'mon, you're being nice, kid. Even I could tell that this is something I don't want to be looking at. Some old woman's hairy feet, damn I really need to shave," she answered. "Though I've got to say, with Hana always borrowing my razor for her pups, I guess it sort of makes sense that I haven't given a lot of attention to these bad boys."

"Why do you call your feet bad boys?" Naruto asked. "They aren't even male."

"Never mind, kid. Never mind," she laughed. Then she saw him and realized again why she came downstairs. She sat down at the head of the table opposite him. She noticed Naruto scrunching his hands on top of it and could tell he was more than just a bit nervous. "Relax, I told you I am not here to hurt you. If anything I should be the one who is afraid."

"I told you I won't tell anyone!" Naruto protested. "I keep my promises, I swear."

Again, Tsume smiled. He was a good kid. If only Kiba was as nice; she knew Kiba would probably have used that information as blackmail. She really needed to spank that boy. Hana would have done the same too; she wondered again if she was doing a good job raising her children if this is what they were growing up to be. "I know, I know. You don't have to tell me twice, I believe you, Naruto."

"That is another thing I have to ask," Naruto said immediately. "How do you know my name?"

Tsume just looked puzzled, "Cause everyone knows your name? Uzumaki Naruto: Six-Years-Old. The village troublemaker?"

"I am not a troublemaker!" Naruto said. "I didn't do it, those pranks weren't me. People kept blaming me for all those things and I didn't do it, how the hell does a kid just climb a 10 feet building and spray paint the imprints of someone's bum onto it?"

"Yeah, good point," Tsume barked. "I didn't really think you did that either. Come to think of it, weren't you in toddler classes during those times? I think I heard Ino complaining about a blond who kept asking questions?"

"That was me," Naruto mumbled, "I was behind the class in a lot of things. I needed some clarification."

"Clarification? What the hell? Kid, why do you know some big words, if you are so far behind?" Tsume wondered. "Come to think of it, you talk almost like you are some kind of adult."

"Huh, what do you mean? Doesn't everyone talk like this? I know Sasuke does," Naruto answered. "Hinata does too, come to think of it."

"That is because Sasuke is an Uchiha; their schooling is very precise and thorough. They learn things far before the rest of us get a chance to even glance at them. Kid, you talk like you are at least eight or nine years old, which I know isn't possible considering you're only the same age as my son," she said. "Though, I have to say I didn't know that about Hinata-chan, haven't heard her talk that much, ever."

"She didn't talk, more like said good bye in some formal way to some guy with a spiral on his forehead," Naruto said. "He didn't look too happy to be dropping her off; he looked downright angry, actually."

The mother processed that little tidbit, "I assumed he wouldn't be that happy. He is more or less a slave to that Clan of his, kiddo."

"Slave!" Naruto gasped. "Is that allowed in Konoha?"

"Well not exactly, but Clan affairs are Clan affairs. We aren't really allowed to interfere in those kind of things," she shrugged. "I think we are getting off topic, though, I should probably tell you what you saw today so you can get home and not talk about this, to anyone, seriously."

Naruto looked eager to learn and kept bobbing his head up and down in some single motion like some kind of pendulum, "I won't tell, promise."

"Alright, smarty," the mother grinned, feeling more than a bit nervous, "What do you know about the Birds and the Bees?"


"Well that answers my question," she muttered, nodding in approval. "Okay, to start off let me explain to you where babies come from."

"I already know where babies come from," Naruto protested looking annoyed. "I am not stupid; I know that they come from the mother's stomach. If you want to have a baby, you keep eating and eating, and your stomach gets so big that it has its own baby. Then after some time you poo out the baby and Ta-da it is born!"

Naruto looked like he answered a difficult question easily, Tsume palmed her face, but she had to admit that was actually pretty close to the truth, but not there yet, "Who told you this?"

"No one," Naruto said. "Everyone should know this, it makes perfect sense and why would someone need to tell me his? It isn't like it is some big secret or anything. You have to keep eating right, so that the baby gets bigger."

"Naruto, if say I were to just eat a lot today, would I have a baby?" she asked, she was genuinely curious what his answer would be. "Say I went to Ichiraku and ate lots of Ramen and then I was full would I have a baby? Haven't you see other girl's stuff themselves and have kids the next day? Say that Ino girl, if she eats a lot do you see her suddenly pregnant?"

"Well, umm. No. Not really," Naruto blushed. "But that can be explained. You need to be an adult and then eat to have a kid. Ino, is too small to have a baby, she is practically a baby. Babies can't have babies, it makes no sense!"

She had to admit Naruto had a point, the kid had a good imagination and the way he was using logic was a bit strange but she had to comply it sort of worked, "Okay I'll take that as a real answer. But have you ever wondered then why when you see babies there is usually a father nearby, didn't they always say that you need both a mother and a father to have a baby?"

"I have an answer for that too, the father has to be near the mother so that the baby could look sort of like the dad," Naruto nodded, "That is why the fathers always want other guys to be away from their wives, so that the mother's don't have kids that look like guys who aren't their husbands, right?"

Tsume barked, banging her fist on the table. This kid was funny, downright hilarious.

"You are absolutely right about that; no guy wants their wife to be near another guy, otherwise the kid might look like that other dude." She grinned, "Still, how about you listen to my Theory for a minute; it might be a bit more interesting."

Naruto tilted his head, "What is a theory?"

She forgets she was talking to a six-year-old, "It is sort of like an explanation. Now pay attention. Let me tell ya the story about the birds and the bees. Now there aren't any birds or bees involved in my version. I'll give it to you straight; I have work tomorrow so I can't keep doing this shit. I must get some rest."

"Okay, so then hurry up and tell me, I have class anyway," Naruto replied, looking eager.

"Alrighty then! Well, when a man likes a woman or a woman likes a man, the two starts acting strange," she said. "Basically at some point in your life when you become an adult, you start to want to get near either guys or girls depending on your gender. Eventually you get the courage to ask them out, you know to dinner and stuff-"

"Oh, I know that. Like a date!"

"Yeah, exactly like a date. You do what is called the mating ritual. All of these unneeded things to try and get the person you like to hook up with you," she winked, feeling a bit morbid for corrupting such a child, "It is a long and painful journey but the end result is that you get to mate with the person. You get to have sex with the person, and if you like them enough: you get to have a baby with them too."

"Umm, what is mate, and sex?" Naruto asked. "How does a baby get made through all this?"

"Hold your foxes, kiddo, I am getting there. Anyway, after this entire lovey-dovey process, you start to have sexual feelings for this other person and you eventually do what is called "sex". Sex is like this: you get naked and you sort of rub against one another. There are special parts in a man and women's body that fit like a lock and key," she grinned. "But you'll figure those out when you are older."

Naruto opened up his pants and looked down, much to Tsume's amusement. "So I am guessing I am supposed to be a key. I am male right?"

"Right in one smarty pants, seriously though keep those pants on, I don't want to see that," she said, laughing internally at the little boy checking out his "Key". "Anyway, when you do the act of mating, or sex, you eventually get a baby in the girl's belly."

"That is a lot to take in," Naruto said. "I should have wrote it down."

"Don't worry about it, if you get the gist of it. You are fine," she laughed. "So, any questions?"

"Yeah, that still does not explain what I saw," Naruto said.

"Oh shit! Yeah I totally forgot about that," she exclaimed, tightening her clothes a bit unconsciously; it was embarrassing to be caught like that. "Remember what I said about those special places in the girl's body?"

"The Lock?"

"Yeah, hmm, the lock… well, a key is supposed to fit into it and that is supposed to make the girl feel good," she explained, blushing a bit. "Real good."

"But then why not just use a key?" Naruto asked. He was puzzled why she was using her fingers, "Wouldn't that fit the lock better?"

"Ha Ha, yeah that is true. I probably could have used something better. Hell, I should have used something better. Had I had more time I probably would have devised something that looked more like a pen-oh right, you're only six," she caught herself saying, "I think you know enough already; did I answer your question?"

"I guess. But I still have a few more," Naruto admitted. He had tons more, like why was it bad if someone knew he saw her like this? There was more to this than what met the eye, and he had already got an eyeful.

Tsume knew exactly what he was thinking, "Fire away, but not today. Come back another time and I'll tell ya some more."

Naruto nodded. He got off the chair and stood up. "Um, I don't know how to get out of here."

"True, this place is a jungle. How did you get past the giant bugs?" she asked. "Unless the Aburame ants weren't doing their jobs, honestly they are always too busy fucking each other, lousy roaches…"

"What is fucking?"

"Forget you heard me say that," she answered, massaging her scalp at all the stress she had acquired. "If possible forget today even happened, shit, I really need to get hammered."

Naruto wanted to know what that meant also but figured he should leave, "Also, why has that dog I saw near the cliff stopped howling?"

Tsume listened to the background and heard the sounds of different types of grunts, "Kid, Kuromaru was howling for some vagina. He does this once a month, seems like he found some. If I were you I would try and stay out of his way when you are running down the forest back to town."

"What'll he do if I disturb him," Naruto asked.

"He'll probably kill you," she shrugged. Naruto looked tense. "I am kidding. I wasn't going to let a six-year-old walk through his place, anyway.

Tsume grabbed the boy and Naruto felt himself get transported outside. Another few flashes and he found himself back into the town. "What was that!" he asked with excitement.

"Shunshin, a high speed, long distance time/space Jutsu, you'll learn it at some point. It is a very useful Jutsu," she commented.

Before she left Naruto got a glimpse of the woman leaving, with the full moon out and her skin flushed, with her tight black clothing around her, she looked cool. Kiba's mom was awesome. That was something he could not deny. Kiba was lucky to have a mother like her. Hell, he was lucky to have a mom period.

Before departing, she turned her head to him and winked, "I'll see ya around, kid. Remember, tell anyone about what you saw and you're dead."

With a flash she was gone and the small boy was left to watch at the afterglow. With this new knowledge in his mind, Uzumaki Naruto's life had changed in an odd way. Questions were already going through his head about the "facts of life". He wanted to be Hokage so that people would pay attention to him, but as he saw today, there were adults who would do that without him being some kind of God among Ninjas.

He would certainly be going back to see her, that was for sure. He had to know more about this "sex" that interested adults so much.

Suzume-sensei was at a loss for words when Uzumaki Naruto, the village pariah, asked her about sex.

She wasn't having the best of days, the girls were already bullying Sakura and it wasn't even lunch time yet! She would have to sit in a detention with Ami, the class female bully, later. Yet she would trade that for having to talk about such an awkward topic with someone who should never know what half of the words coming out of his mouth meant!

"Who in the world taught him the word 'fuck'?" she wondered to herself.

"Look, I am glad you are taking an interest in your education, Naruto, but I must say this isn't a proper topic. It is not becoming of a bright young Ninja such as you to get fascinated by these things at such an early age," she told him and fixed her glasses at him. She was in her early 30's and would most likely be doing this job for a while longer; if she didn't manage to find a husband soon, that is. "How about we talk about something else, perhaps?"

"No thanks, I would much rather talk about this. I can't seem to find any information about it and when I ask an adult they damn near tried to kill me," he shuddered, "especially if I was near their daughters."

She ran a hand through her wavy dark hair, wondering how on Earth she was stuck with this brat. She hoped that new instructor, Iruka, would have better luck with the boy than she was having. He was a polite child, but he asked too many strange questions for her liking. This was just a series of things he had been asking lately; she had thought it was bad when he asked how to fill out rental paychecks, but that had nothing on how to have sex.

She felt like a pedophile talking to him about this at all.

"Look, sensei, the only other people I could ask now is the girls, and I don't think Sakura and Ino would be any help," he answered, "but if you won't help me, I guess I'll ask them."

"Wait! Don't ask Sakura or Ino!" she said, "Trust me, you'll regret that. They don't particularly like you too much Naruto."

"How about Ami then?" he replied, looking puzzled, "The two of us get along okay."

She did not want to know how the most violent girl in her class got along with one of the nicest boys in the school, that wasn't relevant. What was relevant was that Naruto not try and spread his knowledge to his classmates; she didn't need their parents coming in, telling her that the Kyubi was corrupting their precious babies. "Naruto, must you make this so hard? I told you we shouldn't discuss this and this is final," she said in exasperation.

"Fine, if you will not tell me and I can't ask the girls, then I am going to ask this nice lady I saw near my apartment that might know something about sex," he answered, looking annoyed. "I am sure she will help me out."

"Nice lady, Naruto? What does she look like?"

"Lots of lipstick and not that much clothes, but she winked at me a few times and I saw men give her money for some reason," he shrugged, "Okay I'll go home now, bye Sense-"

"Alright! I do not need to hear anymore. What do you want to know?" she said, looking panicked, her pale face getting even whiter, "Just please don't mention this to anyone, it could get me in trouble."

"Well if it could get you in trouble then I shouldn't ask," he admitted sadly, "I wouldn't want to get you into trouble, Sensei."

Suzume-sensei was genuinely touched. Despite how many times she scolded Naruto about improper questions, he still didn't want to get her into trouble. She felt somewhat bad about her earlier treatment of the lad, it took her a few weeks to understand that Uzumaki Naruto was not the demon and that revelation fed some guilt into her.

She had treated Naruto badly and she knew that he was hurt, yet he kept it bottled up.

She adjusted her white petal kimono and tried to calm down. It would not do to show how guilty she felt around someone like Naruto. He seemed far too smart to just ignore the subtle change in her emotions. The brat was smart, smart enough to know when people were ready to do something for him.

Standing up the female teacher bent down and slowly hugged him; Naruto stiffened at the contact, but after a little while hugged her back. "Thank you, Naruto. I am glad you understand that. I could be in trouble if I told you things like this. Children are not supposed to know about sex and if they find out I told you anything then I could get fired. But, if you asked a prostitute about sex, things could get even worse. Don't do it, please."

"I-I won't Sensei," Naruto said, hugging her back tightly. She whimpered a bit at his grip, it seemed too desperate and primal like he was latching onto something and would not let go. She knew he probably never got many hugs, aside from the Hokage.

She could not recall many people doing this for him. A small secret among the female mothers of Konoha was that Uzumaki Naruto was the most adorable child they had ever met. Not even one would ever admit it, but it was the truth.

Everything about him screamed, "pinch me please"; "hug me"; "love me", so much attention he needed, so much he desired. Yet he would never get it. She knew that, even if he grew up, he probably would never find someone who would accept him. This generation was already doomed to hate the vessel. Up until last week, she herself did not care too much the child either, but if anyone got to truly know Naruto, they would never let him go.

The boy was just that kind of person.

She let him loose and patted him gently on the head, taking some time to feel the soft blond hair. "Naruto, when you are ready to learn about sex come and talk to me, or ask Iruka, he is going to be in charge next year."

"I don't like Iruka, he is boring," Naruto grumbled, "and he is always yelling at me."

"Iruka has a few issues to work out," she said tactically, "Family issues."

Naruto was about to say something when he heard a knock at the door, within a few moments Iruka was already inside. He looked at the scene in front of him and asked scowling, "Did I come at a bad time?"

He eyed Naruto suspiciously. The blond backed away and got his bag. "I was just leaving, thanks again, Sensei," said the little boy, before running out of the door.

Iruka watched the little boy run away and turned back to face his supervisor. "Anything you want to tell me?" he asked.

"No, he just had a strange question he wanted to answer. Poor boy," she answered him, then after a minute she smiled, "Reminds me of another boy who used to walk these halls a few years ago."

Iruka stiffened, "I am nothing like him."

"You think so?" she asked, ignoring him and paying attention to her clean nail-polish-free fingers, "From where I am standing, I see that history repeats itself."

"Save it, Sensei, we are different; let us just drop it... Speaking of which, Hatake Kakashi came by with a report that is a bit disturbing, you might want to look at this," Iruka said, handing the folder to his supervisor, "Personally I don't believe it, but it is my job to give it to you."

After he left, Suzume looked at the report. Finishing it, she put it down and massaged her temples, "Six years old and you have been living by yourself for the last year, no parent or guardian?"

She smiled sadly at the report; it was absurd and sounded like some kind of horrible fairy tale, yet it indicated that this child lived by himself, did everything by himself, and even taught himself. How this was possible, she had no idea, but the fact of the matter was that the report was not lying. "And I didn't even notice, did I? Naruto, there is a lot about you, isn't there?"

Tsume thrashed in ecstasy as she pushed the cucumber further and further into her snatch; it was cold, making it even more sensitive to her than it was supposed to be. It was hard and it hit all the spots she needed. Her wild hair flung about in all directions and the sweat on her body was all over the sheets. She wouldn't hold back her screams this time and her toes curled up at all the heightened pleasure she was feeling.

Her free hand, the one that was not shoving the vegetable into her flower, was roughly rubbing her breasts. She even grabbed one and shoved it into her mouth, biting it softly on the brown nipple with her fangs. Her eyes were becoming more and more unfocused and feral in the dark and she couldn't help but moan out load all the nasty things she had to say, "Yes, yes! Oh God, yes! Make me cum! Hit me baby, one more time! I am a bitch, I am a slut. God, I am so fucking lonely and nasty!"

Her wild tattoo marks around her cheeks were becoming a darker shade of red, as was her tanned olive body. There was a large wet spot on the bed, where her nice firm bum was pressed.

She spread her legs and shoved the tool deeper into herself, enjoying its depth and all the fluids she was spraying from her vagina. She hit spots that she couldn't with her fingers and didn't stop there; she went on all fours and threw her plump buttocks into the air and pushed the vegetable in from behind. She thrashed about, yelling at the top of her lungs about how good it felt.

Her lonely desires were satiated. She knew this was wrong, but it felt so right. She knew this wasn't healthy, but it was safer than the alternative; she didn't want to be anyone's bitch. If she was going to be controlled, then it was she that was going to do the controlling.

Still, like with many older females, the face of the Yondaime appeared in her imagination. She could see Minato-san thrashing behind her in tune; she was his Kushina, and she was going to let him ride her all night long. Her barks and growls echoed through the walls and she panted desperately for release. So focused was she in her hormone induced state, that she did not even notice that a blond haired boy was standing right next to her bed watching everything with the focus of a Sharingan user.

That is until the boy made his move.

"Should I come back later?" Naruto asked, embarrassed that he was pulled into this scene in front of him once again. "I tried knocking, but..."

Tsume shifted her sweaty head and her eyes widened, her vagina tightened even more around the cucumber. "Holy shit, kid! What the fuck! Can't you use a Godforsaken door?"

Like last time, she was still thrusting deeper and harder into herself; like last time, she couldn't stop until she got to that ever closing peak.

As she was reaching her climax, the face of Minato and the face of little Naruto-kun started to merge and she felt herself getting even tighter. She was more than just aroused now; something about Naruto mixed into her thoughts and melded with her imagination of Minato and instead of seeing his face thrusting from behind her, she saw Naruto, not pale and tall Namikaze Minato, but a shorter, more tanned Uzumaki Naruto.

With her soft and large 34-year-old bum in the air, the image of a more mature Uzumaki treating her like the dog she secretly wanted to be, and the real orphan Naruto beside her, was all becoming too much for the mother. Her last thoughts before passing out, both disturbed and excited her. "I am getting off being peeped on by some blond toddler and it is turning me on in ways Viagra has never before. Jerking off has never been this intense before, my god! What is up with this creepy kid?" were her thoughts, right before her peak hit her without warning.

Tsume's climax hit her like it never hit her before; the sheer perversion drove the sensation into heights she didn't think possible. She had to hold onto something while the hormones surged through her body like a hydraulic pump. Her feral sex-crazed self latched onto the whimpering Naruto, who was too slow to get away, and she hugged him tight as she came like never before. It was as if someone detonated a nuclear bomb in her Chakra induced vagina and she almost crushed the little boy into a pulp as she hugged the blond plushie into her mother-sized breasts, while pushing out enough fluids to drown the mattress. Before darkness took her, Naruto barely heard the whisper that escaped out of her mouth, "Son of a bitch, somebody neuter me. I think I am becoming a fucking pedophile…and I like it. "