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Wait… Hold up I'm a malfoy!?

Sixth year was coming in like two months and I wasn't able to go to the Weasley's! Dumbledore Forbade me. What is wrong with him? He says he has important news; life changing news. So this is what brought me, Harry James Potter, into the dursleys living room at 12:00 in the afternoon. Sitting rather uncomfortably on a chair opposite from the 'family' that was on the couch. I hadn't even completed my chores yet; there would be hell to pay. Yes I'm afraid of my uncle! Wait… who wouldn't be he's like 500lbs… the door bell rang. I got up rather quickly and instantly regretted it my broken ribs didn't like that. (Ever since the THEY found out Sirius died they beat me like hell.) "Well go get it boy hurry!" ordered Uncle Vernon. "Yes Uncle," I said. I got up slowly and walked to the front door. When I opened it at first all I saw was Dumbledore then I looked behind him and saw…the Malfoy's! "Dumbledore sir, please come in. What the hell are the Malfoy's doing here?" I asked Dumbledore.

"Ah Harry they are part of the news I have for you." Dumbledore's eyes were twinkling madly. Ugh I hate that twinkle! My body was frozen to the spot till Dumbledore's voice cut through me, "Harry let us in, please. " I moved aside automatically and let them in. Draco malfoy didn't even smirk at me. What's wrong with him? Not one single rude comment. Dumbledore conjured up more chairs for the Malfoy's. "So let's begin. Mr. Dursley, Harry is actually not related to James and Lily potter by blood-" "What!" I screamed successfully cutting him off. "Harry do not cut me off or I will cast a silencing charm upon you. As I was saying harry is not related to Lily or James by blood. So he doesn't have to stay here. Now you all have questions I'm sure. So leys answer the first one I'm guessing is 'How or what' am I correct? So let's start there was a family who had twins. While Lily and James could never have any kids so that family gave up one of their babies. It nearly killed them to do it. Harry don't hold it against them. But that also means you have a twin and are going to move in with your real family. Harry is your next question going to be 'So am I really the boy-who-lived?' Unfortunately Harry yes, yes you are. I know you all think I'm crazy. How can harry not be related to James potter when he's his look-alike. Well the answer is simple: Magic. So harry do you want to know your true name?" Questioned Dumbledore. Harry was to stunned to even move. So in the time of ten minutes I go from an orphan to having a family. Well I want to know who the parents are. Wait hold up why are the Malfoy's here? "Tell me Dumbledore." My voice came out steady even though I was dyeing inside.

"Well Harry your name is Irish. Kane Andrew Malfoy; that's your name. Don't you dare say a word yet! Your fist name means Fighter; your middle name is Greek it means manly. Don't say a word in protest go upstairs and pack right now!" Dumbledore's voice was as cold as ice. I got up slowly and winced; I think only Draco saw me wince. What's weird is he looked really sympathetic towards me. Then I heard a woman's soft voice, "Draco dear go help your brother pack." I heard Draco follow me. When I was trying to go up the stairs he had to help me. Then we finally got into my room. "Harry pull up your shirt!" I looked at him and said, "Sorry man I don't swing that way!" He looked at me in a disgusted way. "No I need to see what made you wince downstairs. Now!" I looked at him and I figured: I never really hated him. I mean hate is a strong word after all? I pulled my shirt off and heard him hiss between his teeth. I had tons of scars, bruises, even welts. He said, "Wow Harry how are you not on the floor crying right now? Wait more importantly who did this to you?" I looked at him with an emotionless face and replied, "Why the hell do you care?" He looked like he wanted to strangle me. "I care because I'm your brother; your twin! I never really hated you everything is an act!" he went to the door of my small room and yelled down the stairs, "Mum! Harry needs healing!" I grabbed everything in my trunk as fast as I could. I had everything packed for days anyways. So all I needed was my school book I was reading. I heard somebody running up the stairs, "What do you mean he needs healing!" I heard someone shout. But everything was sort of fading away. I could feel blood running down my side. Then the black depths of unconsciousness took me.

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