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Chapter18: The End is near

Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away
It's so unreal
Didn't look out below
Watch the time go right out the window
Trying to hold on
but didn't even know
Wasted it all just to
Watch you go

In the end- Linkin Park

Regulus, Lucius, Draco, and Severus grasped their left forearms in pain. Tom was on his feet in a moment looking at their arms. A sharp intake of air and he was pushed out of the way. "Holy shit… It's gone. The dark mark is gone. Gone!" he started laughing unable to stop until he saw Kane pale and barely moving. "He did it, didn't he? Of course he did… Kane, oh Merlin!" Tom choked on the tears that were freely dripping down his face. "Somebody help him please? Please!? Somebody… anybody…" Tom glanced around the room people were frozen in shock and not moving. The few who had collapsed earlier weren't moving either.

"Help…?" Tom said desperately. "Why aren't you moving? Just move!" He screamed in frustration. Why wouldn't they move? They weren't hurt. Just please let them move. Kane's going to die the others might already be dead… just please dear god… The hospital wing spun into darkness. Tom gasped, what was going on?

He could never help anybody even the precious seconds he had with his brother, Kane, he did nothing but cry. Who wouldn't cry? he had been thrown from Voldemort's body onto the bed with Kane. It was unexplainable. Nobody knows how it happened and now if things weren't stopped and Kane wasn't saved, nobody ever would.

Tom was bewildered, nobody was moving. They were fuckin frozen. A surge of anger overwhelmed him. Kane had saved them all and they weren't moving! Or, he had assumed Kane had saved them all, 'Cause who else would have had the balls to do it? The lights came on. "Why aren't you moving?" He screamed in rage. Nobody blinked they just paled and didn't blink. Almost as if the life were draining out of them. Tom gulped inaudibly and moved his hand in front of Narcissa Malfoys face, no movement.

He stepped back and watched the people slowly sink onto the ground and stop moving. They… they had fuckin died in front of his face… What the fuck? What was going on? Screams erupted from all around him. But still none moved. Their mouths didn't open but they screamed. Internal agony, their souls were screaming, dying and he could only watch helplessly.

A hitch in the air made Tom spin around and watch Kane's body slowly give out. Movements to his right made him turn around quickly. There, floating above the bodies, were the spirits. Laughing and smiling Tom could only look at them, not understanding. "Ha, Tom why aren't you with us?" Draco asked with a smile.

Tom could only shrug his shoulders. "Oh well sweetie come on, just give up." Narcissa said with a warm smile. "Let go."

Tom gave a shaky smile back asking a million questions with his eyes. "Tom come on Kane will join us in a few seconds. The others will too in their own time." Regulus eyes sparkled in compassion for the boy. "Just lie down and relax. Let everything go, stop fighting for your life." So Tom lay down on the hospital bed, closed his eyes and tried to let go. For hours or minutes, maybe even seconds nothing happened. When he was about to sob in frustration he felt the comfortable presence of Kane.

"Tom just search within yourself and cut off the flow of life. It's easy and painless. Come on, little brother Draco wishes to get to know you." Tom opened his eyes and saw Kane and Draco; hands entwined watching him with… amusement?

Draco saw the look he was being given and laughed, "We can hear all your thoughts." He explained to tom. Oh, Cool. Kane laughed to this time, smiling and nodding. Tom closed his eyes this time and searched within himself. Body, mind and soul. He saw a small string of bright blue essence. His essence. He grabbed it with the utmost care. And snapped it. Pain washed over his body and he heard people screaming. Suddenly like nothing had ever happened Tom was floating above his body. A laugh escaped his lips. Together with his family they floated out of the room. Chasing and laughing at each other they agreed on one thing. Being dead is so much better than being alive.

---What Happened after---

In a few hours a student will find the bodies and Aurors will be called. It won't be for a week that they determined the cause of death to be poison in the air.

Two twin red heads will still be asking questions never to be answered till the day they die. And when they do they both can't help thinking how good it will be to hold Harry in a brotherly hug again. Smiling they walked away from the devastating scene. Hearts lighter with the knowledge that they would see harry again.

Bill and Charlie had never showed at Hogwarts after Charlie was let out; they were killed by the last remaining Death Eaters. The moment they died Kane/Harry was with them, explaining. They cried, laughed and hugged him. Holding him in their arms they kissed his forehead like a baby, nobody cared they had their little brother back.

The betrayers lived their lives in Azkaban for a crime they committed some years down the road. Never understanding what had really happened. When they died they got curt words and a one way ticket down to hell.

Hogwarts was never the same after the Malfoys left it, and it never would be.

Harry James Potter walked those halls; he walked them as Kane Andrew Malfoy. He lived and Died in Hogwarts and she, the sentient being, would miss him.

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